Bob Cesca Show

The Bob Cesca Show Presented By 10/13/20

Written by Bob Cesca

I Feel So Powerful -- [Explicit Language] The Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings are underway; The left seems like its given up on this one; Barrett refuses to answer about the ACA and the election; COVID patient Mike Lee wouldn't shut up; Trump and pre-existing conditions; Trump's first rally since COVID; Trump says he won three or four Nobel Peace Prizes; Trump wants to kiss everyone; A word about the court packing nonsense; The terrorist plot against the Virginia governor; Bob's solution to the Facebook re-design; Nick Lutsko on tomorrow's show; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Spanish Love Songs and Marina Rocks; and more!

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Marina Rocks - “Cray Cray”

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