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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Donnie Taters -- [Explicit Content] The great Mary Trump, psychologist, author of "Too Much And Never Enough," and niece of the president, joins us for the full hour; Trump left his supporters on a tarmac in Nebraska for hours; "We will vanquish the vaccine"; Why we should call him "Donald"; Mary advises us how best to make it to Election Day without going nuts; Brain worms on the march; The GDP is another jetpack made of beef; Tucker Carlson's attempt at a ratf*ck; Jared Kushner is a racist idiot; Jody Hamilton and David "TRex" Ferguson are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Neverwoz, and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

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Neverwoz - “Wannabe American” from The Elysian
The Bitter Elegance - “I_Rise_Up” from Hiding In The Spotlight

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