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Bob Cesca
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Trump Is The Chernobyl Reactor -- [Explicit Language] Donald Trump and most of his inner circle test positive for COVID; Trump claims he's immune even thought he's not; Trump says he'll participate in the next debate; The deceptive doctors; The lies and propaganda; The weird return trip to the White House; The national security implications; The Rose Garden Massacre; Connections to Chernobyl; Dexamethasone is the new Adderall; Vice presidential debate this week; The latest polls show no sympathy vote for Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Matt Jaffe, and BetamaxDC; and more!

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  • Michael B

    Don’t pay attention to national polls. You only cast one vote in one precinct.

  • katanahamon

    You don’t have to have pneumonia to need oxygen..other things like inflammation can make your bronchi close enough to lower your pulse ox. Certain chemicals, drugs and biological processes can cause your pulse ox to go down. And pneumonia doesn’t always necessarily lower your pulse ox, just to cover all the bases. Also, any reasonable person who’s had to be on steroids (the kind we are talking about like dexamethasone or methylprednisolone) wouldn’t say that they make you feel great..for me, they make you so jittery it’s like you are vibrating out of our universe. Then coming down from them is even suckier.

    This whole episode culminating with his Evita Address on the balcony just shows us how close we are to a banana republic/dictatorship. His arrogance, ignorance, hypocrisy, propaganda pushing, it’s all so disgusting. How disgusting his utter disrespect for the deaths caused by COVID and the current ppl suffering from it. Even more disgusting are the sycophants and republicans parroting him, supporting him, propagandizing for Well sure..the media will show Rump..he’s a total product of the Apprentice ppl that reinvented him as a success when they well knew he was an abject failure.

    What would other countries do? There is an infrastructure that will snap into action regardless of what Rump does. We still have, after all, the most (expensive) toys for our military and aren’t afraid to use them. Along with the Regeneron and stem cell business, I wonder how many abortions Rump and all the Repub have paid for while campaigning against Roe.

    The mindset that the republicans and Rump are projecting about how only weaklings succumb to the virus is repulsive. How much farther down will we go?