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Bob Cesca
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Nation Of Suckers -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson fills in for Buzz Burbank today; The new Facebook alternative site MeWe; Trump doesn't know what centennial means; Trump on Fox and Friends; Trump is David Brent; Russian trolls on the march; New Rolling Stone investigation into Russian active measures; Tucker Carlson rooting for Russia; SCOTUS and Trump's taxes; Don McGahn ordered to testify; Lordy there are tapes; Pardoned SEAL Eddie Gallagher did some horrible things; With music by Young Gun Silver Fox and Fabulous Fabulist; and more!

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  • Judge Jackson says “presidents aren’t kings”, and that could actually be a direct challenge to the Roberts court to rebut, and say “Correct, but a president has the power of a king, and the king can do no wrong.”

    I don’t think Roberts would make it that obvious, but even tho he sees himself as a “centrist and an institutionalist – the guy who’s just trying to call balls and strikes” – and he doesn’t wanna be remembered as the guy who pulled the republic down, I’ll be looking for a very thinly sliced decision that comes down in favor of the Unitary Executive without sounding like it.

    Hoping against hope Bob’s right – that Roberts will see we’re at the edge of the abyss, and decide that’s close enough – we’ll stop here – for now.