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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Ten Pounds Of Fudge -- [Explicit Content] The latest on the election results; Joe Biden is tantalizingly close to victory; What's up with Arizona; Trump's narrow paths to 270; The Red Hats are freaking out; "Donald Trump is alive and well"; The Trump-Russia player who DM'ed Kimberley; Nevada and Fox News; Election observer says Trump is abusing his power; Perdue Ossoff race going to runoff; Moscow Mitch just boosted Dem turnout in the run-off elections for Senate; Drugs for everyone; Mark Levin's Electoral College threat; More USPS f*ckery; Jody Hamilton and David Ferguson are here; With music by Elijah Bone and Seth Adam; and more!

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Elijah Bone - “Rolling” from Elijah Bone
Seth Adam - “The Real Ones” from East Rock

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