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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

We Impeached Donald Trump -- NSFW! Last show of 2019; TRex David Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast his here; Donald Trump is officially impeached; We recap the historic day; Republicans act like poop flinging monkeys; The nobility and decorum of the Democrats; Pelosi scolds Democratic applause; Pelosi to hold articles until McConnell establishes a fair trial; Tulsi voted present; The civil war over Tiny Trump; The Money Man Returns From The Grave; Mark Meadows is retiring; With music by Quivvver and Lizanne Knott; and more!

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  • katanahamon

    However, the Clinton vs Trump impeachments were polar opposites in every possible way. The Republicans had to open an investigation and keep looking and looking until they uncovered something to possibly use. The democrats (weird how spell correct capitalizes Republicans vs democrats..) had literally a hundred things to choose from before even opening an investigation. We even winnowed the reasons down. I’m worried that societies on both sides of the Atlantic are now used to right wings cheating their way to victory as an accepted tactic, through things like voter suppression, gerrymandering, propagandizing, and outright cheating by changing vote totals. Yeah, sounds paranoid but I still haven’t seen any explanation of how we have any kind of verifiable chain of custody on our votes.

    Speaking still about Rump’s stupid rallies, why haven’t we stopped these? I don’t recall any other president doing these, at least every single week, and verification as to who exactly is paying for these propaganda fests..and why no outcry has been raised as to the costs of taxpayers paying for his propaganda or hundreds of millions spent on golf? Don’t worry about the nuclear football..they gave Rump an old Atari console in a briefcase. Hopefully..

  • John Simmons

    Keep Tiny Trump!!!

  • More Hodor

    Please don’t retire Tiny Trump! It is the only way I can listen to that orange stain.