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Bob Cesca
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Burning Building Of Words -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; Don't forget to vote for Stephanie Miller; Trump confesses on video that he'd accept help from a foreign government in the election; Trump's probably already done it; The Democrats are still napping; What will the FBI do; Trump tweets about the Prince of Whales; Trump doesn't know that Mark Warner and Adam Schiff are different guys; Kellyanne Conway told she needs to leave the White House; with music by The Scenic Route and John Flywheel; and more!

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  • That new plane looks like Trump’s trying to buy out American Airlines.

  • mnpollio

    Please – let’s stop with blowing smoke for Pelosi/Schumer/Hoyer. Pelosi is great at fund-raising and facilitating certain legislation. She is NOT good at confrontation or backing up threats with actions. She can troll with the best of them, but so can a lot of people – she does not do accountability or action on that front. We need people in authority at this stage that hold lawbreakers like Trump and the Republicans to account or else we will never climb out of this nightmare and it will keep happening to even worsening degrees. She and Harry Reid could not manage this with Bush/Cheney and she/Schumer/Hoyer cannot do it now. It is not in their genes – it is simply not going to happen with them. We heard this whole crap previously about giving the benefit of a doubt and trusting that Mueller knew more than we did and was playing a long game and 3-D chess…he wasn’t. Neither is Pelosi et al. She wants to kick the can and run the clock down to the election so the problem is taken out of her hands without a confrontation – and that reasoning is flawed because we cannot count on a fair election with Trump dog-whistling all over to enemy foreign powers to interfere once again. We should not be waiting at this point on anything. Pelosi/Schumer etc. took oaths to protect the Constitution and the republic – these oaths take precedence over party…period. If they cannot put country over party, then tell them to step aside so that the more passionate members of Congress that are actually living in the here and now (and not some fantasyland of bipartisanship being around the corner) can take the reigns and actually do something proactive. The Democrats should not still be playing a weak defense or no defense at all at this stage – they should be running a strong offense. It is inexcusable and there is no defense for their weakness at this stage. There comes a point where their inaction crosses the line into complicity and we are teetering on that line right now. Enough! These people are the only defense or choice we have to take down Trump and the Republicans. They will have my vote for that alone – but I would like to vote with the confidence that they are actually doing something worthwhile to bring these criminals to account and not just going through the most bare basic of motions until someone else (the voters) solves the issue for them. At this point, if they win (not a given), I have little hope that they will hold anyone to account and we will get more of Pelosi’s past milksop panaceas about “looking forward and not back” etc., which the Republicans will gleefully exploit to bring us a future candidate that will resemble Trump 2.0 on steroids.

  • One more time on Pelosi:
    I can’t presume that I know what she knows.
    So I have to presume she’s making decisions in light of information I know nothing about.
    That said, there’s nothing wrong in keeping up the pressure – but I think we need to be careful not to express frustration in terms of “She’s gutless – she’s incompetent – she’s not doing her job” etc.

    Reiteration 2:
    Pelosi owns the House, which is not a small thing, but it’s 1 part of a 6-part machine.
    Republicans own the Senate, the Executive, the Judiciary – plus a majority of State Governments and the Big Money Donors.

    Reiteration 3:
    Pelosi’s playing a strong game with a weak hand.

    We can’t get sucked into making it about “those bumbling Democrats” again. This is about the GOP, Cult45, and the 40-year project on the part of radical “conservatives” to dismantle our little experiment in self-government in order to replace it with Plutocracy.

    Stay together
    Stay focused
    Embrace the suck
    Stay in the fight

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