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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The Rape President -- NSFW! Jody's on vacation but TRex David Ferguson is here; Safe home, Rip Torn; Trump backs away from circumventing the Supreme Court; Trump, Epstein, and 28 girls; Migrant children molested by laughing CBP guards; The strip club charity event at Trump Doral; The Trump Gestapo to begin rounding up immigrants on Sunday; Sebastian Gorka wins journalist of the year from Dipshit Magazine; NeverTrumpers and unsolicited advice; Subpoena day in the Judiciary Committee; Music by Kaz; and more!

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  • Badgerite

    Watching Pence tour the border facility (naturally they chose one with men rather than the ones holding women and children in horrendous and dangerous conditions) he is clearly more Pontius Pilot and Christian. They make me sick.

  • Jeremy Gren

    T-Rex: Do something, Democrats!

    Democrats issue dozens of subpoenas

    T-Rex: *pff* Trump’s just gonna block those.

    (10 minutes later)

    T-Rex: Do something, Democrats!

  • Michael B

    Trumpism must be destroyed! And any GOP that sides with him against America.

  • If the NeverTrumpers want to admit their party is the biggest part of the problem – and admit that they helped create that problem – then we can start getting back to regular order, and talk about how we move forward towards that “more perfect union”.

    But David’s right about not trusting them. It sounds like they’re trying to coat-tail on the Dems’ efforts – like they’re positioning themselves to get some of the credit, or at least perpetuate the fantasy of how they just woke up one morning and were shocked to find that the GOP is a big fucked up mess.

    This remains my default: At best, they stood by for 30 years (happy to reap the benefits) as the GOP grew into a monster that left big sloppy pools of shit on my floor – they’ve got no call to bitch about how I hold a fuckin’ mop.
    (hat tip = driftglass)