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Bob Cesca
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Everything Is Great -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Vote for Stephanie Miller for the Radio Hall of Fame; Our solution to the dark, disturbing news; Trump threatens to investigate Google for treason; The racist president; Trump tells congresswomen to leave the country; Bill Barr stopped the prosecution of the choke hold cop who killed Eric Garner; Cnn says Barr also may have stopped the SDNY investigation; The NeverTrumper problem; Julian Assange set up a spy base in the Ecuadorian embassy; With music by Arachnophilia and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

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  • ranger11

    Death Metal lives…

  • (Paraphrasing Mr Wrigley) When you’ve got two guys in a discussion who never disagree, one of them is unnecessary.

    Stay at it. We have to figure out how to have these arguments without assuming the other guy – ie: that other Democrat – is some kinda ideological traitor; the enemy within. Find common ground. Make common cause. Remember we’re only arguing the details.

    Factions, and factions within factions. One of the big things Madison worried about most.

  • We can’t know what’s in 45*s heart (and I’m not assuming he has one – but that’s another story). Anyway, what matters is the shit that falls from his pie hole, and the policies that manifest from that shit.

  • mnpollio

    If we have reached the point where the election is our sole hope of some sort of justice and democracy being restored in this country, then we are screwed. We know the last election was severely impacted by the meddling of enemy foreign agents that threw the election to our current horrible leader. Not only have Trump and the Republicans not done anything to rectify this act of war, but they are actively encouraging it for the 2020 election, so the outcome of that election is highly in doubt moreso than usual. Not just do we need to worry about whether the ignorant masses in the US will get up off their bums and vote (and not use the old both sides idiocy), but we also need to be concerned that Russian and Saudi actors will corrupt the vote to keep their agent in office.

    Of course, there could be some hope if the opposition party were actually doing something substantial (instead smacking down and scolding their own people that do try to do something), but I have thrown in the towel on La Pelosi and any hope of her doing anything substantial. Of course her fervent defenders will trot out her cleverness and “she’s playing 3D chess” and she “knows more than the rest of us”…seems I heard these same defenses about her approach to Bush/Cheney and that turned out to be a disaster of monumental proportions and ended up bringing us a more corrupt and bolder Republican Party and Donald Trump. Perhaps I have not let enough time pass to truly gauge her brilliant approach – perhaps when all life has been decimated and our skeletons have turned to dust, then (and only then) will her brilliant approach to dealing with the Republicans be truly unveiled and appreciated.

    P.S. – Dear Dianne Feinstein, are you still standing by your statement that there was no reason not to rubber stamp Bill Barr’s nomination? Just curious.