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The Bob Cesca Show Presented By 8/18/20

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The Adults In The Room -- [Explicit Language] We recap the highlights from Day One of the Democratic National Convention; MIchelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and Biden on the train; Michelle triggered Trump; Previewing next week's GOP shitshow; The highlights from Vol. 5 of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia report; We have collusion!; Roger Stone and Manafort were the direct links; Louis DeJoy backs off, but will he reverse the damage?; Congressional hearings and 20 state lawsuits underway; Trump's attacking drop boxes now; Buzz Burbank is here; With music by Black Sugar Transmission, Alexia Chambi, and Rocky Mountain Mike; and more!

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Black Sugar Transmission – “The Resistance” from The Flowering
Alexia Chambi – “Into You” from Bolivia

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