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The Bob Cesca Show Presented By 8/27/20

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Jetpacks Made Of Beef -- [Explicit Language] Donald Trump's Heat Ray at the border; Republican Convention Days 2 and 3; "I Wanna Be Dan Bongino" song parody; Daniel Dale's fact check of Night 3; Donald Trump isn't president of the entire nation; More Hatch Act violations; Gaslighting about Trump's racism; Mike Pence's phone-on-vibrate speech; Trump hasn't accomplished anything; Mary Ann Mendoza speaking slot canceled due to QAnon support; Brian Kemp is nuts; The White House excludes asymptomatic people from stats; Trump and the GDP; Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson are here; With music by Marina Rocks and Soul Crackers; and more!

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Marina Rocks - “Stuck In The Mud” from The Come Back Kid
Soul Crackers - “Funky Broadway” (Wilson Pickett) from 30 Years Of Soul

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