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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The Good News Show -- [Explicit Content] The Trump Stress gave way to some really good news; Deutsche Bank handed over Trump financial documents to Cy Vance; Trump's bank and insurance fraud; The New York attorney general announces a civil proceeding to dissolve the NRA; The actual purpose of the NRA; Tony and Ezekiel; Democrats working on a fix for the Postal Service; Facebook and Twitter remove Trump's disinformation; Mike DeWine tests positive; Mayor Garcetti versus the COVID shirkers; Stink-palming the president; Florida man spits on kid for wearing a mask; Trump's Beirut Gaffe; Trump's RNC speech at the White House; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Brian Lisik and Scott Cook; and more!

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  • The yo-semites thing was so astounding that I had to go back to catch the part where he put Old Faithful in the Grand Canyon.

  • katanahamon

    The NRA also spent tons of money on politicians. Once they lacked the funds to do that, their legal issues started. I’m afraid the US is too corrupt now to change. I’m not even on social media anymore and I see “Corrupt Dem Accountability Survey” from the maga committee in my news feed ads. Do we really think Rump was so close in the last election? I don’t, sorry. Yeah, may be foil hat territory, but, if they always say elections are close, there’s never an investigation when outrageous ppl win by a few thousand votes. I can’t help it, I think R vote takers throw away D ballots, (like was documented last time) and the powers that be simply insert an algorithm that says “R votes will be more than D votes times .X.” The only way I can be convinced the system is tallying fairly is if Rump and the R’s get utterly wiped out.

    Sigh. Why do we allow all this bullshit? Why all the corruption, like we have turned into a full fledged third world country? We have a pandemic killing far more than 9-11 yet we have ppl objecting to masks..and our vaunted medical system can’ Rump telegraphs everything..talking about a “Deep State,” yet he and the R’s have installed hundreds of wacko R judges..that’s your deep state right there.

    Thanks, David. Yeah..without a dose of “WHAT THE F IS GOING ON!!!!” we would all go nuts.