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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

The Kardashian Straw -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank's Hatch Act Justice League; How to report the Trump White House for Hatch Act violations; You can't win if you don't play; Trump says people from the dark shadows are helping Biden; Michael Schmidt's new book; Rod Rosenstein stopped the counterintelligence probe; Trump wanted to personally prosecute Comey and Clinton; Trump's cerebral event at Walter Reed; Don McGahn's last straw; McConnell fell asleep during Russia briefing; The latest polls and the convention bounce; Six million COVID cases so far; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Mia Montenegro; and more!

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The Bitter Elegance - “(Trapped In) The American Dream” from Twisting The Fairytale
Mia Montenegro - “Falling Apart” from Somewhere In Between

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