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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Corn Pop -- NSFW! Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast fills in for the vacationing Buzz Burbank; Corey Lewandowski testifying to the Judiciary Committee; Lewandowski's obstruction and contempt; Doug Collins' marble mouth; The Saudi oil attack and the Trump pattern; The Democrats and attacking Trump; All the president's whistleblowers; Country vs Hispanics; Sean Spicer on Dancing With The Stars and normalizing villains; With music by Mike Farley Band and Terri Morris; and more!

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  • mnpollio

    At this point, I am uncertain why the Democrats are even tolerating this BS. As a Republican on Morning Joe mentioned, if a witness had been as hostile and disrespectful as Lewandowski before a Republican-controlled House, he would have been charged with contempt five minutes later. Instead, Democrats wave their hands around and act flustered, but do nothing punitive. I mean, huh?! If they win the Senate and the WH in 2020, is this how they plan to deal with recalcitrant Repubs who block their agenda at every turn?

    Personally, I would like to know who the person is at ABC who casts this stillborn show. Overlooking the fact that the term “star” has been stretched far past the breaking point, we have been given a steady parade of conservative douchebags, including Tom Delay, Rick Perry, Tucker Carlson, and the legendary clod-hopping goon Bristol Palin…and now Sean Spicer. Find the casting director of this debacle and fire them forthwith.

  • Kimberley nailed it – the normalization of villainy.

  • Michael B

    People in Mexico are Mexicans.

    • They’re also referred to as Latinos/Latinas/Latinx.