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Bob Cesca
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Impeachment Inquiry -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Nancy Pelosi confirms an impeachment inquiry is underway; The latest on Trump stupendously making things worse for Trump; The contradictory statements; Rudy's ridiculousness; The money paid out to Ukraine; The votes are accumulating; Trump's UN remarks should become a sleep tape; Greta Thunberg and the Climate Crisis; With music by Michael McDermott and Sky Seeker; and more!

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  • The Dems aren’t in the process of writing articles of impeachment – kinda, but not really – not yet.
    Pelosi has already allowed at least one – Al Green, I think – and it failed (test balloon?).
    In order to write them up for realz, the evidence has to be supportable to the point of being damned near bulletproof. (That doesn’t mean there are no drafts, btw) – at minimum, there should be dozens of drafts.

    And they have to lead with their strongest point. If you’ve got one article that you know even slugs like Meadows and Jordan are reluctant to contest, you might have something. I think maybe Pelosi is finally satisfied she has that one, and she’s proceeding as they usually do – confident that Hoyer and Clymer will have the votes in hand before anything ever reaches the floor.

    Now we have to see if we can suss out anything that might be happening in the cloakrooms over the next few weeks, with an eye out to see if Senators are paying any “special visits” to House members.

    It gets even more cloak-n-daggery from here on – this could be The Midnight Ride Of Devin Nunes On Steroids and Meth-laced LSD.

  • The KGB Ate Our Votes

    Hurray! May I be the first to wish you all a Happy Impeachment Day! And I’m laughing at Bob’s choice of photo today. WTH was up with Trump at the UN? Stroke?