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Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

Do Us A Favor Though -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; All the latest updates on the Trump-Ukraine crimes and coverup; Joseph Maguire's testimony; The whistleblower complaint; The non-transcript of the Zelensky call; Trump's attempts to cover his tracks; Trump threatens to execute witnesses; The impeachment process and the Senate trial; Barr and Rudy are screwed; With music by Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates and Kaz; and more!

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Kaz – “Stay In Touch” from Time Passed Anyways

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  • Great open.

    Next – yes, 45* made a huge bet and it looks like he’s losing. But I gotta wonder: What made 45* so sure Biden would definitely be the Dem nominee? What have them pesky Russkies been up to?
    And I wonder how it is that Biden has suddenly kinda hit the skids.
    His meteoric rise is not adequately accounted for (to me), and the reasons for his crash are not any more apparent (again, to me).

    So anyway – good show. It’s always so much more fun when we’ve gotten a coupla wins.


  • Pretty Kitty!

    Bob! I LOVE you and Buzz! You guys are great together, and I very much enjoy the show. I also love you and the Goth Ninjas. I have one complaint though. You have to STOP letting T-Rex interrupt you all the time. I like listening to your commentary on subjects that you know about, but, as soon as you start talking, David interrupts, and you never get to finish your thoughts. Please tell him to not do that! It annoys me to no end. You never interrupt him. Poor Jody can never get a word in edgewise. Keep up your fight, and good work, and no matter what, I will ALWAYS listen to your shows!

    • Thank you! We’re working on it, PK. Part of the problem is we can’t see each other for visual cues.

      • Pretty Kitty!

        Thank you for replying, Bob. I hope I didn’t come off as rude, because I really do enjoy all of you, and never miss a show. I just get a little frustrated is all. Sorry. I also didn’t realize that you couldn’t see each other. Thanks again for all that you do! Have a great weekend!