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The Bob Cesca Show: TV Producer Jim Biederman 6/19/19

Bob Cesca
Written by Bob Cesca

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Jim Biederman -- NSFW! Jim Biederman was the executive producer on such shows as Kids in the Hall, the Howard Stern Show on CBS, the Tom Green Show, The Andy Dick Show, I’m With Busey, the Whitest Kids You Know, the Onion News Network, and my old cartoon sketch show for VH1. He’s currently working on the History Fluffer podcast with Dave Hill. Be sure to stick around for Jim's Gary Busey stories!

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  • galileo126

    Funny, but I’ve never heard the full version of the Bigfoot/Sedona story up until now. Thank gawd I didn’t have a beverage, because it would have been all over my screen! (Jim’s “Busey” voice was hilarious.)

    • I haven’t heard that story since 2003, but it’s one that I repeat whenever Busey’s name pops up.