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Download our shows every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The Bob Cesca Show is a funny, fast-paced political podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously. The twice-weekly podcast is hosted by Bob Cesca (Salon, The Huffington Post, The Daily Banter, The Stephanie Miller Show). Scroll down to the 2/28/17 show for the old Bob & Chez Show archives.

1/20/22 - The Track Suit Mafia -- [Explicit Content] Exclusive "tape" of an Eric Trump phone call subpoenaed by the 1/6 committee (not really). Eric took the 5th on 500 questions. Letitia James ramps up her pursuit of the Trump Organization's corruption and fraud. Fulton County, GA, district attorney asks to empanel a grand jury to investigate Trump's election theft. Republicans block voting rights and filibuster reform. Mitch McConnell racist blurt about African-Americans. The Supreme Court sticks it to Trump. Trump's secret pillow fort meetings. Bennie Thompson looking at Ivanka Trump. You might be done with COVID but COVID isn't done with you. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Callex and JRo and the Master of One, and more!

1/19/22 - Kevin L. Johnson from Ozark -- [Explicit Language] Kevin plays Sam Dermody, the real estate agent on the hit Netflix series Ozark. Season 4, part one drops this Friday – and you might recall how at the end of season 3, Kevin's character was arrested by the FBI for helping Jason Bateman and Laura Linney launder money through their river boat casino. Everyone's wondering whether Kevin's character will make it through the series without being brutally murdered. Follow Kevin on Twitter. Meantime, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus shows on our Patreon page at Additional music by Bob Malone.

1/18/22 - Mr. Short Term Memory -- [Explicit Language] Happy Birthday, Jody Hamilton! The unspoken COVID death toll. Dr. Oz blames Biden for not ending the pandemic. Fairfax County is pushing back against Glenn Youngkin. Swing voters have a short-term memory problem. Young voters and the midterms. DirectTV drops OAN. Trump seemed to know about the forged electors. Why Republicans keep expanding voter suppression efforts. Trump's other attempts to cheat and undermine democracy. A possible Democratic plan to break the GOP filibuster of voting rights. Former Trumpers strategizing against Trump. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Freekbass and The Husht, and more!

1/13/22 - Itchy Sinema -- [Explicit Content] The supply chain thing hits the DC metroplex. Democrats find a way to circumvent the filibuster. Kind of. Republican officials forged electoral college documents. Bring on the DOJ! Kevin McCarthy is chickening out of testifying. McCarthy and removing Trump from office. "Pee all that you can pee!" Unvaxxed Glenn Beck has COVID for a second time. Long COVID is a real thing. Democrats introduce bill to ban congressional stock trades. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testifies in sex trafficking probe. With Jody Hamilton and David Ferguson and music by Equals Conquest and Dave Lebental, and more!

1/12/22 - Brian Karem's Free The Press -- [Explicit Language] White House reporter Brian Karem returns to the show to talk about journalism and his brand new book, FREE THE PRESS: The Death of American Journalism and How to Revive It. It's an outstanding look at some press history – tracking why we are where we are right now – and how best to fix journalism as we stare down the barrel of authoritarian fascism, disinformation, and the diminished role of local news. Follow Brian on Twitter here. Meantime, if you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to our bonus content at Music by Richard Turgeon.

1/11/22 - Operation Warp Peed -- [Explicit Content] The anti-vaxxers are drinking urine now. We debunk Bill Maher on liberals and COVID hospitalizations. Greg Gutfeld says the pandemic is over. Gutfeld also called for a violent attack against the government. Steve Bannon loves Big Government when social media is mean to Trump. The Republican Party has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Trump's legal defense. The Georgia prosecution of Trump is on. Cyber Ninjas are shutting down. The 1/6 committee is investigating Trump now. With Buzz Burbank and music by Rich Turgeon and Chris Matthews, and more!

1/6/22 - Oozing Carbuncle -- [Explicit Content] Our 1/6 insurrection commemoration show. President Biden's remarks from the Capitol. The insurrection by the numbers. Remarks from political reporters and observers. Ted Cruz's surprising remarks about the insurrection. Merrick Garland's speech from Wednesday. A word for the contrarian Dems who were satisfied with Biden's speech. Trump canceled his press conference. Gorka is about to go through some things. Stephanie Grisham's testimony to the 1/6 committee. Does DeSantis have COVID? Here comes Flurona. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, music by Dave Molter and Will Kimbrough, and more!

1/5/22 - Zaki Hasan -- [Explicit Language] Zaki is a “Top Critic” on Rotten Tomatoes, he's also political blogger, and a professor of communication and media studies. His film reviews have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, HuffPost, and The Philadelphia Weekly, and in 2015 he was inducted into the prestigious San Francisco Film Critics Circle. He also co-wrote Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture. You can find Zaki's work at and on Twitter here. This episode features the song "Superheroes" by Quivvver. Meantime, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

1/4/22 - Don't Look Up -- [Explicit Language] Happy New Year! We're back with all new shows for 2022. Marjorie Taylor Greene kicked off Twitter. Our New Year's Eve show. Adam McKay's Don't Look Up film. Insanity on I-95 in Virginia. Ivanka Trump in the hot seat in both New York and Congress. The talking filibuster. Alex Jones vs Donald Trump. Corpse of the Week. The GOP is against all vaccines now. Devin Nunes joins the Titanic. Big gerrymandering news. With Buzz Burbank and featuring music by Circe Link & Christian Nesmith and The Metal Byrds, and more!

12/30/21 - New Year's Eve Spectacular 2021 -- [Explicit Content] It's our second annual New Year's Eve Spectacular, starring Kimberley Johnson, Buzz Burbank, Jody Hamilton, David Ferguson, Rocky Mountain Mike, Mary and Steve in Ann Arbor, and Jody's podcast co-host Sean Barton. Our top news stories of the year; our favorite movies, shows, and music; the Best of Rocky Mountain Mike, Buzz's favorite monologue jokes; and so much more. Pop open some champagne and enjoy the New Year with us!

12/16/21 - Doughy Pantload -- [Explicit Content] Our last regular show of 2021! Jody's dentist. David's porn. And our weird holiday tradition continues with the Money Man, that's right Eddie Money. The House votes to recommend contempt charges against Mark Meadows. Jonah Goldberg, formerly known as "Doughy Pantload," reveals the Fox News duplicity about Trump. Build Back Better is being shelves in lieu of voting rights legislation. Republicans who criticized the American Rescue Plan are happy to accept the money. Biden and the push-polls about his age. COVID and Omicron. 1/6 committee requests phone records from the Rodeo Clown Caucus. With Christmas music by David Ferguson and Bob Malone, and more!

12/15/21 - Charlie Pierce For The Holidays -- [Explicit Language] Charlie Pierce from and the Stephanie Miller Show returns to talk COVID, the 1/6 committee, Rachel Maddow's future at MSNBC, the Supreme Court and abortion, the JFK assassination and whether Oswald acted alone, and more. Charlie also dropped a prediction about reproductive rights that scared the piss out of me. Meantime, you can find Charlie at And on Twitter here. And don't forget to help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

12/14/21 - Mud Wrestling For Textbooks -- [Explicit Language] The DC attorney general announced a lawsuit against the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. The 1/6 committee recommends criminal contempt charges against Mark Meadows. The Meadows text messages. Don Junior's texts to his dad. Liz Cheney's presentation last night. Trump's reaction to the insurrection. Meadows email details deployment of National Guard on 1/6. Trump wanted to "bust some heads." The Kentucky tornadoes and Alex Jones's weather weapons. The Dive for Cash stunt in South Dakota. Gavin Newsom borrowing the GOP end-around. The Supreme Court and vaccine mandates. With Buzz Burbank and Christmas music by Gypsy Moths and Marina Rocks. And more!

12/9/21 - The Weirdest Weirdos -- [Explicit Content] TRex is back! Kimberley Johnson sits in for Jody. The Trump crucifix ornament. The Mark Meadows PowerPoint detailing the White House strategy for January 6. A progress report from Liz Cheney. Public hearings and pleading the Fifth. Letitia James will depose Trump in January. Joe Biden is the Jobs President. Democrats Deliver. Mitch McConnell links Biden to the economy. Jim Cramer says the economy is booming. Turtles and Crocs. Josh Duggar guilty of possessing child porn. Tucker says COVID feminizes people. With Christmas music by Bob Malone and The Farleys, and more!

12/8/21 - Heather Timmons from Reuters -- [Explicit Language] Heather Timmons is the White House editor for Reuters, the former Asia Bureau Chief, and a former White House correspondent with Quartz. Today, we'll talk about covering politics in an age when clicks and outrage get all the attention, as well as the infuriating process by some outlets, mainly cable news, to manufacture artificial balance. How can the press inform the nation of this crisis, brought about by the Trump Republican Party, while maintaining its integrity and objectivity? You can follow Heather on Twitter here and be sure to follow Reuters here. Meantime, here are a couple must-read Reuters articles: Pro-Trump news site targets election workers, inspiring wave of menace and Inside Trump’s campaign to demonize two Georgia election workers. And be sure to subscribe to our bonus content at

12/7/21 - Doooooole! -- [Explicit Language] Buzz is back! Bob Dole, a Nun, and Buzz Burbank walk into a bar. Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to think cancer is contagious like COVID. Trump came into contact with 500 people after testing positive. Mark Meadows is refusing to testify. Trump feels betrayed by Meadows's book. Trump confessed to obstructing justice by firing Jim Comey. Nunes is quitting Congress. The latest from Trump's media company. Joe Biden is the jobs president. 60,000 hospitalized in the current Delta wave. With Christmas music by Seth Adam and Rebekkah Dreskin, and more!

12/2/21 - The Doocy Boy -- [Explicit Content] Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast sits in for TRex. Jody is here, too. The bombshell report about Trump's positive COVID test on the day of the Rose Garden superspreader event. Was Trump trying to deliberately infect Biden? The Trump family was maskless at the debate. How many people did Trump infect or possibly kill? Another case of the Omicron variant detected in the U.S. Democratic messaging and Kimberley's interactions with Jaime Harrison, chairman of the DNC. The Supreme Court oral arguments on the Mississippi abortion ban. With holiday music by Wallis and Jesse Terry. And more!

12/1/21 - Donna Halper Is Caller Ten -- "Auntie" Donna Halper returns to the show today to talk messaging, fascism, abortion rights, the news media, and of course my favorite band in the whole wide world: Rush, which Donna introduced to America back in the early '70s. If you're new to the show, you'll want to stick around -- Donna is one of the smartest, funniest, most insightful guests in the history of the show, and she always makes us laugh. She's not only a legendary radio deejay, she's also a professor of media communications, and she maintains a blog called Dialogue & Discourse. You can follow her on Twitter here. Meantime, please help support this independent podcast by subscribing to our bonus content at

11/30/21 - Three Seashells -- [Explicit Language] We're back from Thanksgiving Break. Rocky Mountain Mike sits in for Buzz today. Mike's newly adopted dog. Mike Flynn on tape saying QAnon is bullshit. Here comes Omicron. Gutfeld says Omicron is good news for natural immunity. Jim Cramer calls for national vaccine mandate. Republicans can't stop accidentally complimenting Joe Biden. Republicans cynically exploiting short-term memory. MGM has to turn over Celebrity Apprentice tapes. With Christmas music by Bob Malone and Cookie. And more!

11/18/21 - Struggle Bangs -- [Explicit Content] Last free show before the Thanksgiving break. Yesterday's interview with Dr. Redlener. Waiting for the Rittenhouse verdict. Crazy judge bans MSNBC from the courthouse. Another Republican whizzed on the electric fence. Chuck Todd stepped in a huge pile of crap. Massive upward revision in the Summer jobs numbers. Sen. John N. Kennedy is a faker and a prick. The Comptroller of Currency. House votes to censure Paul Gosar. Mask mandates return -- or not. COVID numbers are rising again, as predicted. Dopesick and the opioid crisis. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Feed Your Wolves and Matt Jaffe. And more!

11/17/21 - Dr. Irwin Redlener -- [Explicit Language] Dr. Redlener joins Bob to discuss everything you need to know about COVID as the holiday season rapidly approaches. Dr. Redlener is not only a pediatrician, he's also the director of the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative (PRRI) and he's the Senior Research Scholar for the National Center for Disaster Preparedness (NCDP) at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. You might've also heard Dr. Redlener every Thursday on the Stephanie Miller Show where he's known as "Dr. Doom." His books are “The Future Of Us” and “Americans At Risk,” and you can find him on Twitter @IrwinRedlenerMD. Meantime, if you like what you hear today, subscribe to our bonus content at

11/16/21 - Who's On First -- [Explicit Language] Our holiday show schedule. Your questions for Dr. Doom on our Patreon page. Bob is boostered. Steve Bannon is indicted. Bannon threatens Congress and the White House. Trump's statement. Trump hid and downplayed CDC warnings during the early days of pandemic. The House committee investigating the pandemic response. Laura Ingraham and the weirdest Fox News video ever. Alex Jones held liable in Sandy Hook lawsuits. Mark Meadows will be indicted next. The Ellis Memo. With Buzz Burbank and music by Emy Taliana and Brad Brooks. And more!

11/11/21 - A Network For The Dumbsh*ts -- [Explicit Language] Kimberley on the Stephanie Miller Show. Our freezing apartment. House 1/6 Committee issues 10 subpoenas to former Trump officials. The West Wing and legal fees. The exciting world of inflation and what's causing it right now. GOP candidate for U.S. Senate is the worst person in the world. The Republicans want the racist, white supremacist, misogynist vote. An update on Trump's DWAC stock. 13 Trump officials may have violated the Hatch Act. Trump and Ric Grenell appear to have violated the Logan Act. COVID rampaging across Europe. With Jody Hamilton and Buzz Burbank, and music by Elijah Bone and Joe Matera. And more!

11/10/21 - Cliff Schecter Returns -- [Explicit Language] The lovely and talented Cliff Schecter from the Unpresidented Podcast returns to discuss movies, social media, celebrity culture, Democratic messaging, vaccinate mandates, and more. Follow Cliff on Twitter and support his podcast on Patreon. Meantime, please help support this podcast by subscribing to our bonus content at

11/9/21 - Effing With The Old Man -- [Explicit Language] Buzz's appearance on Kimberley's show. The Four Seasons Total Landscaping documentary on MSNBC. Evidence of Republican voter fraud in Virginia. A Trump media stock update. Revelations from Jon Karl's new book. What's in the infrastructure law? More subpoenas issued by the 1/6 Committee. Georgia's prosecution of Trump. COVID guidelines. Kellyanne Conway whizzed on the electric fence. Headline of the Week. With Buzz Burbank and music by Stop Calling Me Frank and George Harris. And more!

11/4/21 - Too Nuts For Newsmax -- [Explicit Content] Buzz sits in for TRex, and Jody's here too. We recap Election Day 2021: the good news, the awful news, the messaging problem, the fascism problem, and how the Republicans flipped the House of Delegates, too. Big Lie election laws and Texas anti-abortion laws are next. How many Virginia Biden voters stayed home? Critical race theory. No election rigging. Ron DeSantis and the Big Lie Gestapo. GOP fascists are coming for history books. Half a million Europeans could die of COVID this winter. Newsmax reporter benched for outrageous claim about Satan and vaccines. With music by Divided Heaven and Dave Molter. And more!

11/3/21 - Wallis Schriver and Eric Boehlert -- We have two guest on the interview show this week: Eric Boehlert from PressRun.Media, and recording artist Wallis Schriver, known simply as "Wallis." Eric is here to recap the Virginia gubernatorial race and the news media's coverage of it. And then we spoke with Wallis about her young career in music, her hit Christmas song called "Lonely Christmas," and recording with her Dad, Gene, and her sisters, Maren and Soleil. The extended edition of the video for "Another Day" drops this Friday, and she's performing live this month in Philadelphia: at Switchville Crossing Jazz Fest on 11/6, Manayunk's Tree Lighting Ceremony on 11/18, and Christmas Village in Center City on 12/4. Meantime, please help support this podcast by subscribing at

11/2/21 - Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence -- [Explicit Language] The Virginia gubernatorial election. Hello, future people! Manchin's goalpost moving. Some good news about Trump's ridiculous new company. Bill Maher says the pandemic is over, illustrating why it will never end. The Red Hats have no idea what critical race theory actually is. Louie Gohmert, Chuck Grassley, and the GOP whizzed on the electric fence. The Washington Post's comprehensive report about the Insurrection. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Lonely Together and Megan McDuffee. And more!

10/28/21 - The Form Of The Destructor -- [Explicit Content] Happy Halloween! Jody as Lily Munster and the upcoming Addams Family and Munsters movies. Mitt Romney's and Kyrsten Sinema's Ted Lasso bit. More great news on Trump's next failed business. Marjorie Taylor Greene's stupid, stupid investment. More bad news for Trump on his Twitter lawsuit. Tucker Carlson's new special defends white supremacists. Senate Democrats agree on a Build Back Better framework. Cenk and progressives want to kill the bill again. More duct-tape for man-babies, please. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Jesse Terry and Blame It On Rebekkah. And more!

10/27/21 - David Pepper Returns -- David Pepper is the former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party and the current author of a brand new book titled: Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wakeup Call From Behind The Lines. As fascist idiocracy rises in America, Democratic voters -- the Normals -- have to re-focus our energy on registering new voters and dominating elections. Or else. Follow David on Twitter @DavidPepper. And let us know what you think in the comments on our Patreon page at or

10/26/21 - The Big Short -- [Explicit Language] Ted Lasso and living on the edge. Bad news for Trump is good news for democracy. Trump's social media platform might need to be rebuilt from scratch. Trump theft. Investors are already shorting Trump's media stock. Don't say anything mean about Trump on Trump's free speech platform. The Rolling Stone bombshell about congressional co-conspirators during the insurrection. Cowards refuse to accept responsibility. The insurrection war room. Big Back Better is close to passage. Congressional negotiations. With Buzz Burbank and music by Rod Fritz and Rebel Queens. And more!

10/21/21 - Eff You -- [Explicit Content] Corrections on Ron Watkins and ivermectin. Trump's new media company and social media platform. Trump's Truth Social app was already hacked. Short-selling the stock. Mimi Rocah is investigating Trump's Westchester, NY golf course. The House passed criminal contempt referral against Steve Bannon. Virginia Democrats are lagging far behind Republicans on voter enthusiasm. The Virginia firewall. The Stacy Abrams strategy. Facebook is rebranding itself, and we have a new name it can use. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Mipso and Neverwoz. And more!

10/20/21 - Encore: Mary Trump and The Reckoning -- [Explicit Language] Today we're replaying my conversation with Donald Trump's niece, Dr. Mary Trump, about her new book, The Reckoning: Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal. We talked about Star Trek, PTSD, how the Civil War era informs our politics, how to navigate an increasingly stressful world, and more. Meantime, if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

10/19/21 - Bob Hitler -- [Explicit Language] The FBI raided Oleg Deripaska's house. Manafort, Kilimnik, Deripaska, and Putin. The 1/6 committee vote on criminal contempt referral for Steve Bannon. Asking what you can do for your country. Joe Manchin versus The World. Manchin is reportedly blocking clean energy plan. Colin Powell dies of COVID. Trump's horrendous statement. Dennis Prager tests positive. Flat-earther dies of COVID. Christopher Steele and the pee-pee tape. Don't panic, Matt Gaetz is still in trouble. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Natalie and the Monarchy and Michael McDermott, and more.

10/14/21 - Stevie Ray One-Shirt -- [Explicit Content] Comedian Ben Gleib nails Charlie Kirk on abortion. Kirk's latest meme about COVID is suicidal. COVID is the number one killer of Americans 35-54. The 1/6 Committee passed criminal contempt referral against Steve Bannon. The Republican shell-game. Who's wimpy? Democratic expectations and criminal referrals. Jeffrey Rosen testified this week. Jeffrey Clark subpoenaed. Maknified Fortion revisited. Good news from the Biden White House. Why canceling Christmas isn't a real thing. The problem with the Virginia gubernatorial race and Louis DeJoy. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Leigh Thomas and Marya Zimmet. And more!

10/13/21 - Ben Cohen Returns -- [Explicit Language] Ben is the publisher of The Banter newsletter,, where I write I weekly column every Thursday. Ben's also the former publisher of The Daily Banter, the political opinion site Chez and I wrote for years ago. Today we talked about the fuckery at Facebook, how online publications can navigate all the insanity in politics these days, and we talked about Ben's experience with psychedelics. Follow Ben on Twitter @thedailybanter. Meantime, if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

10/12/21 - Fashionable Magnified Tape -- [Explicit Language] The 1/6 committee and Democratic criminal contempt referrals. Bob's After Party rant about Rick Wilson's tweet thread. Authoritarianism, the rule of law, and due process. Liberal flirtations with secession. Trump short-circuited during his Iowa rally and we try to decipher it. Allen West has COVID. Greg Abbott and banning vaccine mandates. Insurrectionist allowed to attend a football game while Black girls are arrested. Red Hat ratfucking during BLM protests. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Richard Turgeon and Flying Jacob. And more!

10/7/21 - Embargo On! -- [Explicit Content] Happy Birthday to our friend Buzz. US District judge blocks and destroys the Texas abortion ban. 5th Circuit will probably uphold it. Getting clever with anti-gun laws. Senate Judiciary Committee report confirms Trump's attempt to weaponize DOJ to overturn the election. Trump's strategy is always predictable. Where the hell is Dan Scavino? Georgia law closes in on Trump. That shocking Quinnipiac poll. AT&T helped to create OAN. Zuckerberg run Bartertown. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Silver Heels and Rene Trossman. And more!

10/6/21 - Aaron Rupar Goes Rogue -- [Explicit Language] At some point in the past several years, you've probably retweeted one of Aaron's videos -- he's been covering Trump and the Red Hat cult for as long as I can remember but now he's starting his own thing at Substack, called Public Notice. He's got an interview with The Washington Post's Brian Klaas up there right now that confirmed much of my pessimism about Trumpism. Meantime, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

10/5/21 - The Sad Mall -- [Explicit Content] Bob's brief exchange with Andrew Yang. The Facebook whistleblower and her 60 Minutes interview. Facebook's Monday outage. Why Facebook is sinister and must be regulated. Facebook's Jeffrey Wigand moment. Rudy Giuliani admitted he got his election fraud lies from Facebook. Trump asks court to restore his Twitter account. Fox News is next. A Buzz Burbank Top 10 List. COVID, Fauci, and canceling Christmas. Buzz's side effects from his Pfizer booster. With music by Matt Springfield and Maddie & Jackie, and more!

9/30/21 - Busted Bullsh*t Detector -- [Explicit Content] Everybody hates Kyrsten Sinema. The infrastructure negotiations. What's in the $3.5 trillion bill? CNBC host doesn't know the difference between Ireland and Scotland. Kristi Noem's alleged affair with Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski accused of sexual assault. YouTube bans all anti-vax content. Joe Rogan is deeply confused. Children and masks. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferrguson, and music by Dominic Romano & Michael Dayvid and Elijah Bone. And more!

9/29/21 - Tara Dublin v Matt Gaetz -- [Explicit Language] You might know Tara from her writing at The Hill Reporter and from her popular Twitter feed. Tara covered a MAGA rally and wrote about it, and then Matt Gaetz, who was a speaker at the rally, went on a Red Hat jihad against Tara on Twitter and elsewhere. We talked about what it's like to have Matt Gaetz's flying monkeys attacking her and how she's handling the fact that a sitting member of Congress is punching down in her general direction. We also talked a little bit our mutual friend, the late Chez Pazienza. Meantime, if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

9/28/21 - What's Her Face With The Face -- [Explicit Content] New revelations about Trump, Russia, colonoscopies, mushrooms, and showtunes from former Trump press secretary. We're still laughing about the fraudit results. Table 6.2 is bullshit. Tips for the House 1/6 committee. Anti-mandate protesters storm NY food court. Unruly airline passengers update. COVID is killing Trump voters. Robert Kagan's op/ed about the Trump emergency. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Snacks At Midnight and Brian Lisik. And more!

9/23/21 - Peril Remains -- [Explicit Content] TRex is back! White House to release Trump documents to House Insurrection Committee. Bob Woodward and Mugsy on our "national security emergency." The Eastman Memo and a Facebook meme. Trump wants a redo of his first term. Trump knew the election fraud claims were bogus. Subpoenas will be issued this week, according to The Guardian. Trump's lawsuit against Mary Trump and The New York Times. Shaming smokers. Mike Flynn thinks we're putting the vaccine in salad dressing. Florida Republicans are screwy. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Jody Hamilton and C.C. Grace. And more!

9/22/21 - Encore: Musician Bob Malone -- [Explicit Language] We're rewinding to April and my conversation with musician Bob Malone. Bob is a keyboardist, singer, songwriter, touring musician, solo recording artist, and all points in between. He's performed and recorded with A-listers like Ringo Star, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Avril Lavigne, Bob Seger, and he's been part of John Fogerty's touring band since 2011. His new album called "Good People" is out now. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

9/21/21 - My Interpretation Is No -- [Explicit Language] COVID deaths surpass 1918 pandemic. Congratulations to California. The Breitbart conspiracy theory about liberals and vaccines. Tucker on military vaccinations. Anti-mask Republican official in Florida dies of COVID. Laura Loomer asked for COVID and got it. Marjorie Three Toes and masking/vaxxing hypocrisy. Mike Pence temporarily located his spine. Adam Schiff's slate of presidential reforms. Ken Burns and the cultural civil war. Marginalizing Trumpism like we did with cigarette smokings. With Buzz Burbank, and music by Clint Slate & Iona James and John Flywheel. And more!

9/16/21 - Clean Your Balls -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank sits in for TRex again today. Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's ball. Gen-X Bob is totally out of touch with pop culture. Nuclear tests on the Korean peninsula. Mark Esper planned for a possible Trump nuclear launch long before General Milley. Mike Pence's conversation with Dan Quayle. Don't forget Steve Bannon. The latest Red Hat freakout over monoclonal antibodies. Jody's Facebook post about COVID. Waiting on a booster. Who's Suing Trump Today? Kids are being decimated by COVID. With Jody Hamilton, and music by Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers and Marius Billgobenson, and more!

9/15/21 - Fitness Expert Shawn Phillips -- [Explicit Language] Shawn is a fitness expert, bodybuilder, bike rider, and the author of the book, Strength For Life. You might remember reading about his brother Bill Phillips a couple weeks ago. Bill is also a bodybuilder who wrote the best selling fitness book of all time, Body For Life – and this year, Bill suffered from a severe case of long haul COVID, which landed him in a medically induced coma. So today, we'll talk with Shawn about his brother's battle with COVID, as well as Shawn's experiences with testing positive himself. And of course we'll talk about fitness, hormone replacement, bike riding, sustainability with your exercise routine, and so much more. Click here to follow Shawn on Twitter. Meantime, if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

9/14/21 - Non-Mandate Mandate -- [Explicit Langauge] General Milley says he blocked Trump from using nukes. Bob's ocular migraine. California Recall Day. Biden's vaccine mandate isn't really a vaccine mandate. Buzz's Bookmarks. Corpses of the Day. Anti-vaxxers are snorting Betadine now. New York hospital shuts down maternity ward due to anti-vaxxers. The worst doctors in the world. DC is preparing for the Sept. 18 rally by insurrection supporters. Howard Stern's rampage continues. Capital Police arrest suspected terrorist outside DNC headquarters. "Hyper-partisan left?" With Buzz Burbank, music by Alexia Chambi and Abby K, and more!

9/9/21 - Rage Room -- [Explicit Content] It's Buzz and Jody on the show today as Buzz fills in for TRex. A correction from Tuesday's show. Howard Stern has the right idea about freedom and COVID. Children now represent 26% of COVID cases nationwide. Biden announces vaccine mandate for federal workers. Ivermectin study might show fertility issues in men. Three cheers for Patton Oswalt. The latest on the Mu variant. Copycat states duplicating the Texas abortion ban. A fascinating post about body autonomy. With music by If By Whiskey and The Metal Byrds, and more!

9/8/21 - Eric Boehlert Returns -- [Explicit Language] Eric Boehlert returns to the show to talk about the press coverage of the Biden administration, and why the news media continues to overcorrect for this myth of a liberal media bias. By the way, you might know Eric from his weekly appearances on the Stephanie Miller Show, or his work for Media Matters back in the day, or from his newsletter: Pressrun.Media. Follow Eric on Twitter. Meantime – if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

9/7/21 - Everything Tastes Better On A Ritz -- [Explicit Language] Bob's last visit to NYC before 9/11. Buzz's news coverage from New York on 9/11. Someone should sue Greg Abbott for the child COVID deaths. George Carlin on Republicans and abortion. Merrick Garland intends to fight back against the Texas abortion ban. Tele-abortions. Former Florida House Speaker calls women "host bodies." The Lincoln Project's ivermectin commercial parody. Alex Jones says he has COVID. Those football crowds over the weekend. Fauci on the stadiums. With Buzz Burbank. And music by The Husht and The Bitter Elegance, and more!

9/2/21 - Anthrax And Dog Sh*t -- [Explicit Content] The flooding in New York City. The Texas abortion ban. How will bounty hunters know someone's had an abortion? Real life HIPAA violations. The Supreme Court and the consequences of third party votes. Let's prank the Texas pro-life whistleblower website. Elie Mystal's idea for retaining privacy, and creative solutions to issues. The Texas voting law passed. Kevin McCarthy's obstruction of justice. Joe Rogan has COVID and took Ivermectin because bro-science. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson. And music by Dave Molter and Chris Matthews, and more!

9/1/21 - Mary Trump and The Reckoning -- [Explicit Language] The great Mary Trump returns to the show to discuss her must-read new book, The Reckoning: Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal, about America's battle with PTSD following the Trump presidency and while the COVID pandemic continues to rage on. So, we'll talk about mental health and how we heal, and we'll talk about some of our national history -- Reconstruction and the Lost Cause in particular -- and most importantly how we can best navigate an increasingly stressful political world. Follow Mary on Twitter. Meantime – if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

8/31/21 - Phil McCracken -- [Explicit Language] Teens prank a Virginia school board meeting. Buzz was first with the "neigh" jokes. The COVID infection rate nears January levels. Ohio judge forces doctor to administer horse de-wormer to a patient. Hoax alert with Milo Yiannopoulos. Louie Gohmert pushing Ivermectin. More anti-mask, anti-vax Red Hats die of COVID. Supreme Court ends Biden's eviction moratorium. Hurricane Ida. The War in Afghanistan is over, but the concern trolling and condemnations of Biden continue. A fact check on the disinformation about equipment left behind. With Buzz Burbank, Summer Music by Our New Autumn and Trysette with 3Mind Blight, and more!

8/26/21 - Forceful With His Caucus -- [Explicit Content] Michigan judge destroys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell over The Big Lie. Wood and Powell will have to pay attorneys' fees and attend continuing legal classes. The California Recall and Dianne Feinstein. The House is requesting documents from Trump and 30 members of Trump's team. Afghanistan bombing and the lead-up to the withdrawal. Who's suing Trump today? Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are totally screwed. Igor Fruman pleads guilty. Lev Parnas is hitting on Kimberley again. Red Hat craps his pants over the mask mandate. The COVID medical debt. The Sturgis superspreader. The Red Hat endgame against Biden. With Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson. And summer music from Bob Malone and Marina Rocks. And more!

8/25/21 - Encore: Dr. Leah Torres -- In case you missed it, here's an encore presentation of my June 2021 interview with Dr. Leah Torres, an OB/GYN who also handles abortion services in Alabama, of all places. And she's not afraid to put herself out there, making her one of the most courageous people I know. Even if you've already heard this one, you should listen again. Among other things, we talked about reproductive rights, the Texas abortion ban, the Supreme Court and Roe v Wade, and more. Follow her on Twitter @LeahNTorres. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

8/24/21 - Porn Star In My Car -- [Explicit Content] Buzz's encounter with a porn star. What the cable news media is getting wrong about Afghanistan. Taliban sets an August 31 deadline. Biden's poll numbers are dipping...for now.Taliban blocks the road to the Kabul airport. U.S. military has evacuated 58,000 people since August 14. Rachel Maddow will stay at MSNBC. The FDA hammers the de-wormer morons. The latest from the Florida wave. Alex Jones turns on Trump. CNN confirms all Fox News staffers are vaccinated. With Buzz Burbank. And Summer music by WALLIS and Richard Turgeon. And more!

8/19/21 - Land War In Asia -- [Explicit Content] Late start for the show today -- we apologize for the inconvenience. There's a guy threatening to blow up three city blocks in DC today. The suspect is a white Trump supporter who thinks Trump will pardon him. Ron and Jim Watkins and Donald Trump made this. The latest on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Nikki Haley is a soulless automaton. Great news about jobs. Trump's Save America PAC grift continues. Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID. South Carolina Republican dies of COVID after criticizing masks. Trumpism in Arizona. Planet Fitness's mask policy. Ted Cruz bulk-purchases his own book. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson. And music by Prehab and Freekbass. And more!

8/18/21 - Spencer Ackerman -- You might know Spencer from his reporting for The Daily Beast, WIRED, The Guardian, and The New Republic. He's also the author of a brand new book called Reign Of Terror: How The 9/11 Era Destabilized America And Produced Trump. The book takes a hard and often harrowing look at how 9/11 led us on an inevitable path to Afghanistan, Iraq, the exploitation of fear, and the war on terror itself. We also discussed the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and whether the chaos was inevitable. Meantime, if you dig this show, make sure to sign up for our bonus content at

8/17/21 - Inevitability -- [Explicit Language] The withdrawal from Afghanistan and the inevitability of the Taliban's return. Fox News and "showing strength." Joe Biden's enormous steel balls. The American people and the Afghan people want this. The press and its outdated script. Loitering for politics. Laura Jedeed's thread. The RNC deleted the web page about Trump ending endless wars. Trump and Pompeo telegraphed all of this to the Taliban. Trump's freeing of 5,000 Taliban prisoners and Mullah Ghani. The Taliban and Camp David. The spike in reckless driving and unruly airplane passengers is real. Safe home, Fez Whatley from the Ron & Fez Show. With Buzz Burbank. And Summer music by Megan McDuffee and The War and Treaty, and more!

8/12/21 - The Alex Jones Alien Symbiont -- [Explicit Content] Judge rules Dominion Voting Systems can proceed with lawsuit against Giuliani, Lindell, and Powell. Conservative YouTube knockoff hires Greenwald and Gabbard. Rand Paul suspended from YouTube. Rand Paul's hair pieces. The Red Hat Freakout. How Biden can fire Louis DeJoy. Alex Jones talking about Bob in 2015. Frats, Sororities, and Carbs. Another way Congress can get Trump's tax returns. With Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson. And Summer songs by Feed Your Wolves and JRo and the Master of One. And more!

8/11/21 - Travis Bone from the Stephanie Miller Show -- [Explicit Language] Travis is the executive producer of the nationally syndicated Stephanie Miller Show, the greatest liberal radio show of all time. Like me, Travis is also a fan of comic book movies and related TV shows. And so we talked a lot about The Suicide Squad, the Marvel and DC multiverses, which TV series to watch, the humanizing of supervillains, Travis's work with Kevin Smith, and more. Plus, we're treated to an inside look into the making of the Stephanie Miller Show, and more. Follow Travis on Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile, don't forget to support this podcast at

8/10/21 - Marjorie Three Toes -- [Explicit Language] Andrew Cuomo resigns after charges of sexual harassment. A brief correction from last week. Louis DeJoy just gifted his former company with a multi-million-dollar USPS contract. DeJoy is trying to screw up another election. The alleged Democrat who's keeping DeJoy at USPS. Greg Abbott calls for healthcare workers from other states to help with COVID. Florida schools to defy DeSantis order against mask mandates. Anti-vax deejay dies of COVID. Dr. Fauci looks beleaguered. The IPCC report and why we're screwed. The Greek ferry footage. Freedom and collective sacrifice. With Buzz Burbank. And Songs of the Summer by Somber Mercy and Gypsy Moths. And more!

8/5/21 - The Many Cuomos -- [Explicit Content] Mary Trump calls out Meghan McCain on The View. Meghan McCain criticizes the Cuomos for nepotism. More Red Hat Cancel Culture, once again from Devin Nunes. The McCloskeys were pardoned by the Missouri governor. Trump's new fascist membership card is misspelled. Asa Hutchinson backpedals on mask mandates. The FDA is about to officially approve the Pfizer vaccine. Ted Cruz hates "papers, please" laws, except for Brown people. Vaccine passports and Don Junior. Mike Lindell isn't wearing pants. With Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson. And summer music by Elijah Bone and Matt Jaffe. And more!

8/4/21 - Rachel Bitecofer's Messaging Master Class -- [Explicit Language] The great Rachel Bitecofer returns to the Wednesday show to school the Democrats on effective campaign messaging. Plus, we discuss her new group, her forecast for 2022, and her report card for the Biden White House so far. Bear with us on some audio problems this time. And don't forget to follow Rachel on Twitter. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

8/3/21 - The Gunshine State -- [Explicit Language] Buzz on the latest from Florida's massive COVID outbreak. 70 percent of adults have at least one vaccination. Breakthrough cases and the exploitation of nuance. Lindsey Graham tests positive. Matt Gaetz threatens liberals in Florida. Kevin McCarthy "jokes" about beating up 81-year-old Nancy Pelosi. Oklahoma Red Hat compares vaccine mandates to the Holocaust. DOJ says the IRS must release Trump's taxes to Congress. Trump sues to block, again. Trump pressured the DOJ to undermine the election. With Buzz Burbank. And Summer music by Leigh Thomas and Blame It On Rebekkah. And more!

7/29/21 - Sinus Headache In Human Form -- [Explicit Content] The new streamlined opening for the show. Bring on the subpoenas. The 1/6 committee. The Republicans voted to literally defund the police. The bipartisan infrastructure deal makes it past the filibuster. Kyrsten Sinema continues to be a spoiler. Trump sabotage. The potato-shaped rodeo clown caucus tried to hold a press conference and then ran away. Joe Biden is winning the war on poverty. Trump's rally the other day. Marco Rubio's Derp of the Day. Antivaxxer urges his followers to get COVID. With music by Marya Zimmet and Freekbass. And David TRex Ferguson. And much more!

7/28/21 - Cliff Schecter In the Star Wars Cantina -- [Explicit Language] Cliff is a returning regular and the co-host of the Unpresidented Podcast at and at Today we talked about COVID, the 1/6 select committee, and the increasingly monetized disinformation industry in America, and how it's impacting the pandemic, our politics, and whether America can endure with so many people making millions on lies and nonsense. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

7/27/21 - Lock Them Out -- [Explicit Language] We discuss the first day of the 1/6 insurrection hearings in Congress -- audio from the Capitol Police testimony and more. Officer Hodges calls the attackers "terrorists." Officer Dunn refers to Trump as a hit man. DOJ says former Trump administration officials can testify. Buzz's contribution to MSNBC's coverage. Simone Biles and the Olympics. The CDC reverses its masking guidance. The most salient point to make against the antivaxxers. With Buzz Burbank. And music by WALLIS and Richard Turgeon. And much more!

7/22/21 - Chaos Is The New Cocaine -- [Explicit Content] Mary Trump returns! Her new book, The Reckoning, is out August 17. The history that led up to the rise of Trump. The impact of the Civil War and its aftermath. Jody's new jingle. Accountability for the uncontrolled pandemic last year. Post traumatic stress. Surgeon General says the CDC needs to revise its masking guidance, even for vaccinated people. Alex Jones and the insurrection. Chaos and Trump. The KKK and the Texas senate. McCarthy and the rodeo clown caucus. Charlie Kirk's whopper lie. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson. And music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Feed Your Wolves, and State to State. And so much more!

7/21/21 - Encore Interview: Andy Kindler -- [Explicit Content] Our guest for today didn't materialize, so we're rewinding to May 2021 for a replay of my interview with comedian Andy Kindler. You might know Andy from his podcast with J. Elvis Weinstein called Thought Spiral, as well as the Majority Report with Sam Seder – and you've probably seen Andy on shows like Portlandia, Maron, The Larry Sanders Show, and the animated series Bob's Burgers. His comedy album, Hence the Humor, is out now – Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

7/20/21 - Jeff Bezos And His Flying Dick -- [Explicit Content] President Biden's proclamation for Buzz's dad. Jeff Bezos went to space today and we have the mission control audio. Six vaccinated Texas Democrats test positive for COVID. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated. To worry or not to worry, that is the question. Tiny Tucker's latest lies about the vaccine. Tokyo Olympics might be canceled due to rampant infections. Reason for hope and optimism. The pendulum isn't broken yet. Bill O'Reilly and the Red Hats love cancel culture. With Buzz Burbank. And music by Luna Blu and Flying Jacob. And more!

7/15/21 - The Gospel Of The Fuhrer -- [Explicit Content] Jody's pre-cancer treatment on her face. Mary Trump will join us next week. An apparent Kremlin leak indicates kompromat on Trump, and Putin's plot to get Trump elected. The Leonnig/Rucker book describes how General Milley and the Joint Chiefs reacted to Trump's attempted coup. Liz Cheney vs Jim Jordan during the Insurrection. Secession is a quitter's gambit. The latest on Britney Spears. Democrats reach an agreement on their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. Trump plagiarized his blurb for Jesse Watters. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson. And music by Marina Rocks and Paul Melancon. And much more!

7/14/21 - John Amato from Crooks & Liars -- [Explicit Language] John is the founder of Crooks & Liars, one of the original liberal blogs dating back to the middle 2000s, and it was the first blog to feature streaming video long before YouTube existed. John's also a successful professional musician, performing with Duran Duran, Ronnie Montrose, Ringo Starr -- and even Ozzy Osbourne in a weird way. Follow John on Twitter @JohnAmato. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

7/13/21 - The Brimley Line -- [Explicit Language] We recap Bob's birthday weekend. Profanity on the show. Three cheers for the Texas Democrats. The most ridiculous things from CPAC. Republicans are telling the truth about why they're suppressing the vote. It was Rudy all along. Rudy Giuliani and the Big Lie. "Discrimination" against unvaccinated people. Trump called the insurrection a "love fest." Weisselberg removed from Trump Org posts. How COVID will continue to be a thing thanks to the refuseniks. Newsmax host says vaccines are against God. With Buzz Burbank. And music by Rocky Mountain Mike, The War And Treaty,and The Gypsy Moths. And more!

7/8/21 - Billy Wants Dove Bars -- [Explicit Content] Cosby is being embraced by the Breitbart Red Hats. Trump's lawsuit against Big Tech is a cynical cash grab. It's all about raising money to enrich fake billionaires. Trump reportedly told John Kelly that Hitler did "a lot of good things." Mike Lindell moves reinstatement date to August 13. Mike Lindell live from the wing of an airplane. The OAN disclaimer. Tucker Carlson's latest NSA tall tale: he was trying to get an interview with Putin. COVID and the Delta variant. State of emergency in Tokyo ahead of the Olympics. Candace Owens and antivaxxers. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson. And music by Logan Piercey and Divided Heaven. And more!

7/7/21 - Donna Halper is Rush's Mom -- The great Donna Halper is back! Donna is a professor and media historian as well as the broadcaster who first introduced Rush, the greatest band in the world, to American radio audiences. Today we'll discuss the passing of Geddy Lee's Mom, Mary Weinrib, we'll also dig into fake news, Tucker Carlson, soup in the Summertime, and so much more. You can follow Donna's work on Twitter, @DevorahLeah, and on her blog, Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

7/6/21 - Conspiracy Theory Weather -- [Explicit Content] We're back from the break with all new shows! The Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg indicted. Crooks are stupid. The Trumps kept two sets of books. Who will be the first to flip? Trump confessed. The 6-month anniversary of the 1/6 Insurrection and Trump is still at-large. News consumption way down. Rupert Murdoch's weather channel. COVID and the Delta Variant spreading among some vaccinated people. The new GETTR platform is flooded with anime porn. With Buzz Burbank. And music by Bob Malone and Freekbass. And more!

6/24/21 - Douchecanoe -- [Explicit Content] Rudy Giuliani's law license suspended for spreading election conspiracy theories. Our conversation about COVID-19 PTSD continues. Nancy Pelosi announces a select-committee to investigate the Insurrection. Indiana woman charged in the insurrection. A Buzz Burbank commentary. General Milley on critical race theory. The Senate's bizarre deal on infrastructure. Greg Abbott is a ghoul. OAN host called for the execution of Democrats. Curtis Sliwa is the GOP nominee for NYC mayor. Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo are running. With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson. And music by Luna Blu, Matt Jaffe, and C.C. Grace. And more!

6/23/21 - Larry Charles Returns -- [Explicit Language] Our old friend Larry Charles is back. He's the director of the first Borat movie, and he wrote some the greatest episodes of Seinfeld. He's also the host and creator of Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy on Netflix. Today we'll talk about QAnon, COVID and PTSD, the American apartheid that's underway, and the role of the media in all of it. And of course, I have to ask Larry about Kramer from Seinfeld and whether he would've been a Q adherent. Follow him on Instagram here. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

6/22/21 - Phlegmy & Coughy -- [Explicit Language] No shows the week of June 28; Bob's maskless adventures in restaurants; PTSD is real and we're going to talk about it here; Republicans blocking voting rights and what's next for the filibuster; Alex Jones and Roger Stone under investigation for insurrection; Matty the Squid is about to get pinched; Trump and kompromat; Greg Abbott de-funds the legislature and vetoes bill to protect dogs from abuse; Good news for trans veterans; With Buzz Burbank; And music by Michael McDermott and the Tomirae Brown Band; and more!

6/17/21 - The Louie Gohmert Prevention Act -- [Explicit Content] The Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act once again. The idiotic Texas challenge to the law. Trump and the congressional Republicans screwed themselves on this one. Republicans will regroup and try to repeal the consumer protections in the ACA. SCOTUS also unanimously ruled that religious adoption agencies can discriminate against LGBTQ people. Voucher Hospital. Justice is coming for Allen Weisselberg. Joe Manchin supports eliminating partisan gerrymandering. The Dems should take the deal NOW. The 21 Republicans who voted against awarding Capitol Police officers. With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson. And music by JRo and the Masker of One, and Clay Melton. And much more!

6/16/21 - Dr. Leah Torres Returns -- [Explicit Content] The great Dr. Leah Torres is here to talk about reproductive rights, the Texas abortion ban, the Supreme Court and Roe v Wade, and more. In case you're just joining us, Dr. Torres is an OB/GYN who provides abortion services in, of all places, Alabama. She's one of the most centered, knowledgeable, and quite literally one of the bravest people I have the honor of knowing. Follow her on Twitter @LeahNTorres. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

6/15/21 - They Might Be Idiots -- [Explicit Content] Jeffrey Toobin's back on CNN. The latest on the Trump DOJ's spying on Congress. House Judiciary and DOJ inspector general launch investigations. How the Senate Judiciary could issue subpoenas despite 50/50 committee. DOJ also spied on Don McGahn. Trump asked Jeffrey Rosen to say the election was rigged. Mitch McConnell is either losing his marbles or he's up to something. Joe Scarborough is wrong about Trump and the vaccines. FBI warnings about QAnon. Dan Crenshaw's first what?! With Buzz Burbank. And music by Leigh Thomas and Nick Lutsko. And so much more!

6/10/21 - Frumpkin -- [Explicit Content] We debut a new game show called America's Dumbest Dumbstupid, with Ben Shapiro, Louie Gohmert, and a crazy QAnon disciple. Brought to you by Geritol. The world feels really bleak, but there's reason for hope. Koch network pressuring Joe Manchin; House Dems have passed nearly everything we've asked for; House Dems also introduce bill to protect abortion access; Liz Cheney says Republicans feared for their lives; Trump wants to ban Twitter and Facebook; With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson; Music by Our New Autumn and Robby Bright; and more!

6/9/21 - Kevin Smokler & Christopher Boone -- [Explicit Language] Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone are the directors of a brand new documentary called Vinyl Nation. We'll talk about what killed record albums, what's creating the resurgence in vinyl, and especially how enthusiasm for the old technology is bringing people together in the age of digital downloads and streaming content. Vinyl Nation will be available on Bluray and DVD exclusively on Record Store Day. Email for a record store near you. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

6/8/21 - Shredding The Ground Bacon -- [Explicit Language] Trump's pants look like they're backwards; Shredding The Ground Bacon; Red Hat auditors move ballots to Montana for some reason; Dangerous distractions; Republicans confess that voting laws help them win; Joe Manchin continues to obstruct the Dems; Polls show West Virginians support the Biden agenda; CNN obtains secret audio of Rudy Giuliani; Spineless Mike Pence is spineless; Facebook's decision on reinstating Trump; More radio stories; With Buzz Burbank; And music by Megan McDuffee and Feed Your Wolves; and more!

6/3/21 - Justice Is Coming For The Goombahs -- [Explicit Content] Hal Sparks and hairballs; DeJoy under investigation; Trump shut down his blog; Will there be an attempt to reinstate Trump in August; Paul Gosar coordinated with the Proud Boys to stage a Brooks Bros. Riot; The House Dems and the 1/6 Commission; Trump met with a Jan. 6 organizer; The Texas election law; West Virginia's incentive for getting vaccinated; Paxton Smith's graduation remarks about the Texas abortion ban; Vasectomies and controlling women; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Astral Summer and The Bobby Showers Band; and more!

6/2/21 - Jen Kirkman Returns -- [Explicit Language] Jen Kirkman, the world's greatest standup comic, talks with Bob about returning to life after being vaccinated, the possibility of another insurrection, irritants on Twitter, and more. Jen's also the host of her own podcast called No Fun with Jen Kirkman – get it wherever you get your podcasts – and you can support her work by subscribing to her Patreon page at And if you know what's good for you, don't forget to watch her standup specials on Netflix. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

6/1/21 - Q Coup -- [Explicit Language] Buzz is back! Bob went maskless over the weekend; Mike Flynn calls for a Myanmar-style military coup to reinstate Donald Trump; What happened in Myanmar; The Republicans hate democracy; What will happen in August; Russia defends the human rights of the insurrectionists; A fact check on Matt Gaetz's "Second Amendment" blurt; Nyattanhoo has been ousted; Kamala Harris's non-Memorial Day Memorial Day tweet; Cy Vance and Little RICO; With Buzz Burbank; And music by Abby K and Freekbass; and more!

5/27/21 - My Bush -- [Explicit Content] TRex returns! Ted Cruz really ate a fly (two years ago); Cy Vance empanels a grand jury to hear the Trump Org investigation evidence; Michael Cohen on MSNBC yesterday; Poll shows supermajority of Americans don't want Trump to run again; At least one witness has been asked to testify; Republicans blocking the 1/6 Commission; Trump's pet name for George P. Bush; Gen X Gets Old; Allen Weisselberg linked to Trump inaugural grift and what that means; The Red Hat auditors moving on to Georgia and Michigan; With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson; And music by C.C. Grace and Prehab; and more!

5/26/21 - Richard Henzel -- [Explicit Language] You might know Richard from his appearances in Rocky Mountain Mike bits for the Stephanie Miller Show, and he's been performing one-man-shows and audiobooks as Mark Twain for decades now. But the role he's most known for is as one of the radio deejays in the Bill Murray / Harold Ramis movie Groundhog Day. Today we'll talk about all of that and we might even get Richard to re-enact a scene or two for us. Follow Richard's work at and on Facebook. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

5/25/21 - Performative Dumbf**kery -- [Explicit Language] Cliff Schecter from the Unpresidented Podcast sits in for Buzz Burbank. Foul-Mouthed Barack is here today, too. Plus, the new Texas gun law and its ramifications; Sen. John "Gohmert" Kennedy's NRA video; Slow-motion red state secession; Half of all American adults have been fully vaccinated; the misleading WSJ article about the Wuhan lab; Trump insists he was right all along; Debunking the WSJ article; A look back at the 2013 NSA reporting; George Will on the Republican Party's fear of Trump voters; With music by Trysette & 3MindBlight and Option Y; and more!

5/20/21 - Evil Bobby Flay -- [Explicit Content] TRex is home sick today, so we have a very special mystery guest filling in for him; Jody reunites with her Mom (Carol Burnett); Yesterday's interview show; The best news of the week; NY investigation into the Trump Org is now a criminal probe; How does Trump wiggle out of this one?; What about the IRS?; Republicans continue to stonewall a 1/6 Commission; Tim Ryan's angry remarks on the floor; Andrew Giuliani is running for governor and it's already a disaster; Greg Abbott signs new abortion law criminalizing doctors; What Obama really thought of Donald Trump; With Jody Hamilton and Mystery Guest; And music by Somber Mercy and Dave Molter; and more!

5/19/21 - Dr. Brandy Schillace -- [Graphic Content] Dr. Schillace is a medical historian, an editor, and the author of the brand new book titled Mr. Humble and Dr. Butcher, the real life story of Dr. Robert White, the neurosurgeon who successfully transplanted a monkey's head onto another monkey's body. It's an utterly fascinating page-turner – and it's a little disturbing as well. So let this be a warning: today's show might be upsetting to some people, so proceed with caution. Follow Dr. Schillace on Twitter here. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

5/18/21 - The Big Lie -- [Explicit Language] A bit of nostalgia from Bob and Buzz's radio past; Kevin McCarthy opposes the 1/6 Commission; The alleged party of personal responsibility; The lack of vengeful outrage against Trump for his crimes; Generating energy for 2022; Democracy is on the ballot; McCarthy is benefiting greatly from the American Rescue Plan; Manchin and Murkowski propose reinstating Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act; But what about the filibuster?; The Supreme Court to hear the Mississippi abortion ban case; The Handmaid's Tale; Griswold is next; With TV's Buzz Burbank; And music by Luke LeBlanc and Soul Crackers; and more!

5/13/21 - Giant Bags Of Gas -- [Explicit Content] Bob gets his second Pfizer vaccination today; Greenwald is a big dope; People need to be told not to fill grocery bags with gasoline; Liz Cheney ousted as conference chair; The disintegration of the Republican Party; 100 Republicans threaten to split from the party; Tucker Carlson and Ron Johnson admit they're pro-choice; The NRA won't be able to file bankruptcy to escape Letitia James; Wayne LaPierre's suits; Vanessa Trump cheated on Don Junior with a Secret Service agent; The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Ellis Easley; and more!

5/12/21 - Andy Kindler -- [Explicit Language] The great Andy Kindler is here today. You might know Andy from his standup comedy or his podcast with J. Elvis Weinstein called Thought Spiral – and you might've seen Andy on shows like Portlandia, Maron, The Larry Sanders Show, and the animated series Bob's Burgers. His comedy album, Hence the Humor, is out now – -- links in the description at Today we'll talk with Andy about modern standup, the Trump era, some of Andy's least favorite comedy tropes and so much more. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

5/11/21 - Tac Sac --[Explicit Content] The latest on the ridiculous Arizona ballot audit; Bob's isolation weirdness; Some clarification on the Facebook Oversight Board's decision on Trump; Another Matt Gaetz witness has stepped forward; Mitt Romney's non-threat three about Liz Cheney; Testicles for your firearm; TRAP laws but for guns; The new wolf hunting law in Idaho; Trumper Briscoe Cain schooled on Jim Crow and "purity at the ballot box"; With TV's Buzz Burbank; And music by J-Ro And The Masker Of One and If By Whiskey; and more!

5/6/21 - TV's Dr. Jody Hamilton -- [Explicit Content] Bob's embarrassing text to Jody last night; Trump's new blog is hilarious; Liberals and ignoring Trump; The Former Guy; Isolationism doesn't work; The Red Hats versus Liz Cheney; Facebook upheld Trump's ban but it won't be permanent; Facebook tricks Red Hats into supporting corporate regulations and anti-trust laws; Tucker Carlson's lies about the COVID vaccines; DeSantis signed the Florida election law; Republican cancel culture; With TV's Dr. Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Astral Summer and Richard Turgeon; and more!

5/5/21 - Encore Interview: Buzz Burbank -- Today, I thought we'd have an encore presentation of my interview with my friend and radio mentor, the great Buzz Burbank, also known as Mike Elston. This is especially for those of you who are just now discovering our podcast and want to know who's that guy with the Dad Jokes on your Tuesday podcasts? So on today's show, we'll talk with Buzz about his career, covering the news every day for the last several decades, how he got started and how he eventually ended up on the Don & Mike Show and soon after that in the brand new universe of podcasting. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

5/4/21 - Sliders And A Pfizer -- [Explicit Language] Correction on the Rudy FBI story; That pathetic Trump video in Mar-a-lago; Lin Wood thinks Trump is still in the Oval Office; The GOP vs Liz Cheney; Republicans are trying to steal credit for the American Rescue Plan; Pelosi strikes back; There's apparently a second Steele Dossier; Josh Duggar pleads not guilty to child pornography charges; The possibility of herd immunity; Vaccine shedding; Facebook likely to reinstate Trump; With TV's Buzz Burbank; Music by Blame It On Rebekkah and Elijah Bone; and more!

4/29/21 - Sex Blimps -- [Explicit Content] The Joni Ernst 'Sex Blimps' photo is a joke; We recap Joe Biden's joint session address from last; Biden declares an end to trickle down; Biden says white supremacy is terrorism; Tim Scott's weird Republican response; The CBS snap poll; COVID in India, Colombia, and Brazil; Joe Rogan tells his audience that young people don't need vaccinations; The long term side effects of COVID; The FBI raided Rudy Giuliani's home and office; The NY Post was caught publishing a fake story; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Megan McDuffee and Freekbass; and more!

4/28/21 - Senator Mazie Hirono -- The great Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is here today to talk about her brand new autobiography, HEART OF FIRE, out now wherever you get your books. Links in the description at Today, Bob will chat with the Senator about her rise from being an immigrant raised by a single mom to become one of the strongest voices against Trumpism in the U.S. Senate. We'll also talk about AAPI hate crimes and more. Also, this is a shorter show than usual but we say a lot. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

4/27/21 - Meat Based Beers -- [Explicit Language] The one year anniversary of Trump's disinfectant gibberish; Bob's behind-the-scenes video for Patreon subscribers; The universe didn't want Bob to have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine; Tucker Carlson orders his viewers to harass anyone wearing a mask outdoors; Fauci never said we don't have to wear masks any more; Joe Biden isn't coming for your hamburgers; Larry Kudlow's meat beer; Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Biden the Hamburglar; Biden's poll numbers are strong; With TV's Buzz Burbank; And music by Bob Malone and After The Fight; and more!

4/22/21 - A Gay Dolphin -- [Explicit Content] The "Florida Man" song parody by Hal Sparks; Tucker Carlson laughs like a foppish dandy; Bob gets his first Pfizer vaccine -- Star Trek style; Biden hits 200 million vaccinations in 93 days; New Zealand vs American Shirkers; The Derek Chauvin verdict; Greg Gutfeld's ridiculous take; Judge Jeanine scolds Gutfeld; Cop who shot Walter Scott denied early release; Merrick Garland announces DOJ probe into Minnesota police; The Tennessee House's new anti-choice law; Republicans are proposing and passing 81 anti-protester laws because they love free speech; With David TRex Ferguson; And music by Sister Species and Selekt Few; and more!

4/21/21 - Bob Malone -- [Explicit Language] Bob is one of my new favorites on our indie music playlist. Bob is a keyboardist, singer, songwriter, touring musician, solo recording artist, and all points in between. He's performed and recorded with A-listers like Ringo Starr, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Avril Lavigne, Bob Seger, and he's been part of John Fogerty's touring band since 2011. His new album, titled Good People, drops on May 21, and his latest single, The River Gives, drops on April 30. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

4/20/21 - Hugh G. Rection -- [Explicit Language] The Trump prank call to Mike Lindell; Professional irritant Ted Nugent tested positive for COVID after calling it a scam; The jury is deliberating on the Chauvin case; The idiotic defense arguments could sway the jury; Judge Cahill vs Maxine Waters; President Biden weighs in; Florida Republicans legalize running over protesters with cars; Texas House passes open carry without a permit; George W. Bush attacks Republican Party; China and Russia are fueling Q conspiracies; QAnon disciples are winning local offices; With TV's Buzz Burbank; And music by Cookie and Mike Farley; and more!

4/15/21 - Money For Ass -- [Explicit Content] Bob reaches the conclusion of his quest for a vaccine; The Safeway data mining operation; Pfizer recipients will have to be vaccinated again within a year; Suck it, Pooty Poot; Biden's new sanctions against Russia and Kilimnik; Minnesota police officer charged with second degree manslaughter; Derek Chauvin takes the Fifth; When will Matt Gaetz resign?; Gaetz allegedly paid "money for ass"; The COVID-19 Hate Crimes bill; Army NCO arrested for accosting a Black pedestrian; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Rigorous Proof and Terri Morris; and more!

4/14/21 - Diana Butler Bass -- You might know Diana as a regular on the John Fugelsang Show on SiriusXM, but she's also a speaker, scholar, and authority on American religion and culture. She's the author of eleven books, including her latest called FREEING JESUS, a bold exploration beyond the narrow confines surrounding the image of Jesus. Ultimately, it's an invitation to leave the Jesus wars behind and rediscover him in entirely new ways, as a teacher rather than a wrathful savior. Link in the description under this episode at Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

4/13/21 - Vaccine FOMO -- [Explicit Language] The latest in the Matt Gaetz investigation; Greenwald defended Gaetz; Bob's vaccine hunt continues; I want it now, Daddy; Johnson & Johnson vaccine pulled by FDA and the CDC; The shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota; Damn, we lost him; The 2015 shooting of Walter Scott; The pepper spraying of Caron Nazario; The school shooting in Knoxville; Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee bragged about his work with the NRA; What the hell, Japan?; Safe home, Michael Latham; With Buzz Burbank; And music by The Bitter Elegance and Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets; and more!

4/8/21 - Marijuana Entrepreneur -- [Explicit Content] Bob's video rewards for Patreon subscribers; A guy in Ann Arbor hammered a group of armed Boogaloo Bois; Matt Gaetz's travels to the Bahamas with prostitutes and a marijuana entrepreneur; Gaetz opposed revenge porn ban; Gaetz begged Trump for a pardon; Another Republican nailed on child porn charges; The crazy checkbox on the NRCC WinRed site; Arkansas legislature overrides veto of the anti-trans bill; McConnell on Citizens United; Gutfeld's new show; Steven Crowder reenacted the murder of George Floyd; Proud Boys member screws himself; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Marina Rocks and Michael McDermott; and more!

4/7/21 - Encore Interview: Chris Hansen -- [Explicit Content] With the sex trafficking allegations against Matt Gaetz in the news this week, we're rewinding to early January when I spoke with the inimitable Chris Hansen. You might remember Chris from his To Catch A Predator sting operations on Dateline NBC, in which Chris would nab sexual predators in the act of preying on underage girls. Now, Chris is the host of a new podcast called Predators I've Caught. He's also executing more sting operations on his YouTube channel called Have A Seat with Chris Hansen. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

4/6/21 - Ted Cruz Go F**k Yourself -- [Explicit Language] Bob's Vaccine Hunt; Lowest COVID deaths since March 2020; 4 million people vaccinated on Saturday alone; Major guest confirmed for Wednesday April 28; John Boehner drunkenly tells Ted Cruz to go eff himself; Trump's WinRed fundraising page engaged in fraud against his supporters; Mitch McConnell scolds corporations while forgetting about Citizens United; Good news from the Senate parliamentarian; Good news for trans people in Arkansas; Big news about Q; With Buzz Burbank; And music by State To State and Matt Jaffe; and more!

4/1/21 - High Pockets -- [Explicit Content] Jody got her first Pfizer shot; Matt Gaetz's alleged sex trafficking and extortion scam; Gaetz always makes things worst for Gaetz; The Tucker interview; Bob remembers G. Gordon Liddy; Liddy loved Hitler, guns, and Mrs. Liddy's chocolate cake; Liddy reading the newspaper; This Week in COVID History; Sarah Palin tested positive; New Jersey gym is making things worse; Trump bungled the procurement of PPO; The Chauvin defense and "Who me?"; Alex Jones denies being involved with the insurrection; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Seth Adam and Pride Fails; and more!

3/31/21 - Stuttering John Melendez -- [Explicit Content] The great John Melendez is here today – Stuttering John as he calls himself. You might know John from his legendary role on the old Howard Stern radio show and of course, there was John's brief gig as the producer of the Stephanie Miller Show. Today, John's the host of the Stuttering John Podcast, available everywhere you get your podcasts, and at Today we'll talk about John's time with Howard and John's transition into becoming a popular liberal podcaster. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

3/30/21 - The Storm Is Coming -- [Explicit Language] The weirdest part of the new Georgia election laws; The QAnon documentary series on HBO; Who is Q and why is Q?; The overlap between Infowars and the Q cult; Sunlight is the best disinfectant; The horrible anti-trans bill in Arkansas; Red Hat Republicans always punching down; A solution for a nonexistent problem; Biden investigating whether Trump manipulated climate science to suit his agenda; Biden is expanding wind farms; The story of Centralia, PA; Dr. Birx and Trump's genocide by negligence; With TV's Buzz Burbank; And music by Freekbass and Jam 'N' Slate; and more!

3/25/21 - My First Rifle -- [Explicit Content] Joe Biden's press conference; The false equivalence is back with a vengeance; The Crickett Rifle marketed to kids; The stupid, stupid commercial; Whoozy: My First Opioid; Lauren Boebert showing off her dumbness on Newsmax; The Supreme Court and bump stocks; Banning the profit motive for gun sales; An anti-cigarette campaign but against guns; Nearly 20,000 killed by guns last year; Russia's outsourcing its cyber-attacks on America; The latest on the filibuster; With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson; And music by Japan Van Damme and Kilo Bravo; and more!

3/24/21 - Eric Garland -- [Explicit Language] The great Eric Garland is here to talk about what's next for the rising autocracy in America and elsewhere, as well as the Russian attack on the United States and, of course, Trump's insurrection and its aftermath. Eric is an intelligence analyst and futurist -- and, of course, he also hosts a podcast called Game Theory Today. Find it wherever you get your podcasts and at Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

3/23/21 - America's Rifle -- [Explicit Language] The Gunsplainer; The mass shooting in Boulder; The AR-15 once again; The NRA helped to get Boulder's AR ban rescinded; Violent leaders give us violent citizens; The angry man problem; Louis DeJoy continues to sabotage the USPS; Joe Biden's new $3 trillion stimulus plan; The filibuster and reconciliation; DC statehood on the march; Sidney Powell says he remarks about the election were obvious bullshit; DOJ looking at sedition charges for insurrectionists; Georgia's election laws advance through state house; With Buzz Burbank; And music by Matt Jaffe and The Arts & Sciences; and more!

3/18/21 - Russia's Buttplug -- [Explicit Content] Dan Bongino on the rise; Vladimir Putin threatened Joe Biden after Biden called him "a killer"; The hate-crime shootings in Georgia; We recap the ODNI report about Russia's active measures against the 2020 election; The embarrassing American suckers who make it all possible; Leftist influencers, too; Republicans suing the American Rescue Plan; Biden supports reforming the filibuster; John Oliver on paying attention to villains; Bob's COVID dreams; Jody's Crazy Walk; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by I Hate You Just Kidding and CC Grace; and more!

3/17/21 - Greg Mitchell Returns -- We last spoke with Greg back in August about his book, The Beginning Or The End, and this week, Greg returns to the show to discuss his latest must-see documentary called, Atomic Cover-up, based on his book of the same name, premiering March 20-30 in the Cinequest Film Festival. Meanwhile, Greg weighed in on the movie MANK with an editorial in the New York Times, and he's also busy publishing a daily newsletter called Between Rock And A Hard Place – Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

3/16/21 - Tucker's So Racist -- [Explicit Language] Buzz's brush with celebrity; Tucker Carlson's racism is short-listing him for president; Tucker's fake outrage over Biden's TV address; How Bob checkmating Tucker on the radio; Ron Johnson might be more racist than Tucker; HBO docuseries producers know who Q really is;; A bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent; Buh-bye Louis DeJoy; Godman Sachs predicting huge economic growth this year; The death of Trickledown; With Buzz Burbank; And music by Paul Melancon and Elijah Bone; and more!

3/11/21 - Trickle Up -- [Explicit Content] The Oklahoma House legalized driving a vehicle into protesters; Biden's prime time address on COVID; More details about the American Rescue Plan; Republican Sen. Wicker taking credit for the ARP; The old photos of Bobby Jindal handing out Obama stimulus checks; Biden's American Rescue Plan saved 13,000 airline workers; Lindsey Graham belched on Sean Hannity; Voters say Biden made a good faith effort to work with Republicans; Senate confirms Merrick Garland; The difference between accountability and amplification; The effed up music industry; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Tomi Rae and Cookie; and more!

3/10/21 - Donna Halper VI -- The great Donna Halper is here today. Not only is Donna the legendary broadcaster who introduced Rush (the band) to American music fans, but she's also a professor of political communications and an incredibly gifted blogger. You can find her work at and on Twitter @DevorahLeah. Today we'll talk about the American Rescue Plan and the Biden administration, and how the Democrats can get their accomplishments to resonate in a distracted America. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

3/9/21 - Monkees Historian -- [Explicit Language] Vaccinations all around; The American Rescue Act is unprecedented; Cuts child poverty in half; 100 percent COBRA subsidies; Why the Red Roses on Twitter are saying the bill is right wing; The end of American austerity; Our spoiler-free review of Promising Young Woman; Vagenda of Manocide; Fixing the filibuster with Norm Ornstein; John Barrasshole doesn't understand math; Idiots in Idaho burn their masks; The toxic chemicals from mask burning; With Buzz Burbank; And music by Barker & Broski and Richard Turgeon; and more!

3/4/21 - This Is Us -- [Explicit Content] TRex is dealing with a family crisis so it's just Bob and Jody On The Show today; How Jody and her Mom (Carol Burnett) deal with loss; Kimberley Johnson joins the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network; The Seven Deadly Words; Lauren Boebert is a big dummy; Dr. Seuss and the Republicans jihad against cancel culture; Ronny Jackson accused of sexual misconduct, and substance abuse charges; Alex Jones is allegedly sick of Trump; Whiny insurrectionists think life is so unfair; With music by Trysette and Jesse Terry; and more!

3/3/21 - Encore Interview: Nick Lutsko -- [Explicit Language] Nick Lutsko has a new album out called Songs On The Computer, including "Boat Parade" and "I Wanna Be At The RNC," so I thought we'd rewind to October when I spoke with Nick about his career as a working musician and more. Plus, Nick performed two songs for us live on the show. Most recently, Nick's been busy naming Muppets and recording songs about Qanon. You can find Nick at and Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

3/2/21 - Andrew Cuomo Has To Go-Mo -- [Explicit Language] It's a feisty show today as we discuss Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations; The Adults in the Room; Overruling the Senate parliamentarian; The $15 minimum wage; The COVID relief checks; Why Red Rose progressives are wrong about all of it; The Voting Rights Act is about to be further eroded; Georgia law that rolls back voting rights because of Trump; Republicans love fake controversies; New sanctions on Russia; Trump's CPAC speech canceled a bunch of Republicans; Trump's target list; Attack planned for the State of the Union; With Buzz Burbank; and music by Divided Heaven and Pasha Black; and more!

2/25/21 - A Very Special Episode -- [Explicit Language] It's an emotional show today as we remember Chez; Plus, Jim Ward's battle with COVID, and a sudden loss for Jody, too; And there's an uplifting story of generosity and gratitude, too; Matt Gaetz's giant head; Trump's forthcoming CPAC speech; Biden's COVID relief bill and the minimum wage; Rand Paul doesn't understand trans reassignment surgery; Louis DeJoy needs to be fired yesterday; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; Music by Bob Malone and Vision Video; Special thanks to Tim Eldred; and more!

2/24/21 - Buzz Burbank -- [Explicit Language] My friend and radio mentor Buzz Burbank, aka Michael J. Elston, is here today. Last week was the final edition of his podcast, Buzz Burbank News & Comment, and the end of his career as a radio and podcast journalist. So I thought we'd talk with Buzz about his career, covering the news every day for the last several decades -- "town to town, up and down the dial" -- how he got started and how he eventually ended up on the Don & Mike Show and soon after that in the brand new universe of podcasting. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

2/23/21 - The Matt Schlapp Fap Fest -- [Explicit Language] ABC News and Red Hats tried to blame 100,000 COVID deaths on Biden; American idiocracy marches on; Weirdos blame Bill Gates for the "fake" Texas snow; Burning snow with a lighter; Neera Tanden and Mean Tweets; President Biden's tribute to the 500,000 Americans we've lost to COVID; CPAC this week is all about cancel culture, so they canceled a guest speaker; Georgia Republicans propose disgusting new anti-trans law; Alex Jones and Roger Stone under investigation; With Buzz Burbank; Music by Freekbass and Flying Jacob; and more!

2/18/21 - The Carnival Barker's Bitch -- [Explicit Content] Trump Plaza casino demolished; Rush Limbaugh, dead at 70; Limbaugh's legacy of right-wing extremism; Lies for profit; Limbaugh normalized racism; Texas is a block of ice and Republicans blame AOC and California; Ted Cruz goes to Cancun; No, Biden didn't use weather weapons to punish Texas; Bob lost his patience with the Lincoln Project; How to get a song out of your head; Buzz's touching story on the Tuesday show; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; Music by Revoir and George Harris; and more!

2/17/21 - Rick Beato -- [Explicit Language] Rick is an accomplished musician, educator, and record producer. His YouTube channel has more than 2-million subscribers, making him one of the most successful YouTubers around. We talked about copyright claims, fair use, and the current state of popular music in America. Subscribe to his channel, and make sure to bookmark his website. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

2/16/21 - America's Kids Got Dancing -- [Explicit Language] Buzz Burbank returns to the show! Claudia and Kellyanne Conway on American Idol; The normalization of villains; Trump was acquitted for the second time; Mitch McConnell wants it both ways; Witnesses or Not; Trump's poll numbers have gone up since the acquittal; Rep. Bennie Thompson invokes the KKK Act in lawsuit against Trump and Rudy; A 9/11 style commission in the works; The Rock for president?; Another study proves that masks work; COVID and personal sacrifice; With music by Michael McDermott; and more!

2/11/21 - You're Bastard People -- [Explicit Language] Yahoo News reporter misses the thrill of the Trump Crisis; Jack Dorsey confirms Trump is permanently banned from Twitter; Lindsey Graham is offended by the House managers; Mitt Romney barely escaped from the insurrectionists; Mike Lee is a lying weasel; Sen. Lankford was visibly upset by the insurrection videos; Rudy Giuliani served with billion-dollar lawsuit; Voting rights are being rolled back thanks to Trump; Dan Bongino screwed by judge; Sad news about Bongino; Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Bill Toms & Hard Rain and The Gypsy Moths; and more!

2/10/21 - Cliff Schecter Is Not A Cat -- [Explicit Language] The great Cliff Schecter is here from The Daily Beast and The Unpresidented Podcast on the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network. Today we'll recap the impeachment trial of Donald Trump so far, as well as Republican cowardice and how Fox News prime time hosts have managed to get away with helping to incite the insurrection, and a lot more. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

2/9/21 - Monkey See, Monkey Do -- [Explicit Content] Rocky Mountain Mike is here with a shocking announcement; Buzz returns next week; Bob's family tests positive; The COVID Shirkers are on the loose; Ron DeSantis and the self-indulgence of the American people; Super Bowl fans celebrate in the streets without masks or distancing; Joe Rogan thinks he doesn't need a vaccine; Naomi Wolf brags about maskless dinner; University of Miami frats hold pool parties; Rep. Ron Wright succumbs to COVID after declaring schools to be safe; The Second Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump; The process; The evidence; The mulligans; Lou Dobbs fired while on vacation; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Dave Molter, and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

2/4/21 - Saluting The Golden Toilet -- [Explicit Content] Fox News is being sued for election disinformation; Marjorie Taylor Greene told her followers to flood government buildings; Republicans favor Greene over Liz Cheney; Insurrectionists Richard Barnett and Jenny Cudd hit with multiple federal charges; Trump, Fox News, and COVID; Fox News didn't cover the Sicknick memorial; Fox News disinformation can't coexist with the republic; Judge orders Trump tax returns to be handed over to the NY AG; Kyle Rittenhouse disappeared; Ricky Schroeder is screwed; Space Force; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Freekbass and Richard Turgeon; and more!

2/3/21 - Freekbass -- [Explicit Language] The great funk bass player Freekbass is here today. Those of you who follow the indie music I play on the show will recognize Freek as one of my favorites. Today, we'll talk about the funk scene, his collaborations with other music legends, everything there is to know about Freek and his music -- and a little Batman conversation at the end. Plus, he'll perform -- live -- his new single "Brainwave," recorded with Doug Wimbish from Living Colour. Support his music at You can download Brainwave here. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

2/2/21 - Fauci Ouchy -- [Explicit Language] Buzz returns to the show in two weeks; Correction from last week; Bob refuses to use the phrase 'Faucy Ouchy'; Trump's new legal team is linked to Cosby and Jeffrey Epstein; We recap the New York Times report about Trump's involvement with the insurrection; A fight nearly broke out in the White House; Barr told Trump he refused to 'manufacture evidence'; Trump decided to block the congressional counting of the votes; It was Trump who wanted to march to the Capitol; Trump's Pentagon disarmed DC National Guard; Alex Jones helped; With Rocky Mountain Mike subbing for Buzz Burbank; And music by Tim Panella and Lizanne Knott; and more!

1/28/21 - CNBC Is The New Cocaine -- [Explicit Content] Bob parted ways with Salon; We explain the GameStop stock market debacle; Shorting a stock should be illegal; Watching CNBC is like doing rails of cocaine; DHS issues a national terrorism advisory; They're coming for Republicans, too; White Supremacists in the House of Representatives; Debating politics has become physically dangerous; Jimmy Dore defends insurrectionists from being de-platformed; There have been three pro-Trump insurrections since October 2019; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Sound of Science and If By Whiskey; and more!

1/27/21 - Mary Trump Returns -- [Explicit Language] Mary is of course a clinical psychologist and the niece of the ex-president. She's also the author of the must-read book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man. Link in the description at You can follow Mary's work and her brilliant political commentary on Twitter @MaryLTrump. Today we'll talk about the insurrection and its aftermath, frustrations with the Senate, how Uncle Donald is coping with losing the election, and a lot more. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

1/26/21 - Keeping Up With The Conways -- [Explicit Language] Big trouble for Kellyanne Conway; Topless photo of Conway's underage daughter shows up on Kellyanne's Twitter Fleet; Set up for a reality show?; Trump plotted to oust the acting Attorney General to overturn the Georgia election results; Trump's impeachment lawyer is a childhood friend of Bob's; Matt Gaetz doesn't understand impeachment; The storming of the SCIF; Nikki Haley wants us to give Trump a break; Another property drops Trump's name; The NYT and Biden's Rolex; McConnell caves on power sharing deal; Kayleigh to Fox News; Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for governor; With Rocky Mountain Mike; and music by Elijah Bone and Rene Trossman; and more!

1/21/21 - Democracy Has Prevailed -- [Explicit Content] We recap the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; An update from Buzz; Donald is depressed, probably, and that makes us happy; Dems know how to put on a show; The Trump damage; Joe Biden's accomplishments on Day One; The end of Keystone XL; DACA is restored; The Wall is done; We're back in the Paris Climate Accords; Ted Cruz is a slippery moron; Rand Paul is deeply paranoid; Trump's 143 pardons; The impeachment trial; Mike Flynn's brother might've had a part in the insurrection; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Divided Heaven and Ellis Easley; and more!

1/19/21 - The Distribution Of Derp -- [Explicit Language] Trump's last full day in office; An update about Buzz Burbank; Trump's night of a 100 pardons; Pardons can be secret; Trump isn't expected to pardon himself; QAnon discussed infiltrating the National Guard; Maria Bartiromo says Dems instigated the insurrection; Canceling Fox News; Parler is back, using Russian servers; Red Hats think they're being silenced; Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell and the Great Unremembering; With Rocky Mountain Mike; And music by Skyler Foley and Neverwoz; and more!

1/14/21 - A Whiter Shade Of Palin -- [Explicit Content] Donald Trump was impeached a second time; 10 Republicans voted to impeach; 197 Republicans said inciting an insurrection isn't worthy of impeachment; The Republican Excuses for Trump; Moving boxes seen being loaded into the White House; Trump's weirdo doctor is dead; McConnell won't start the trial until the 19th; Trump is refusing to pay Rudy; FBI arrested an insurrectionist who posted about it on Facebook; Navarro makes things worse; Trump's new video is pathetic and desperate; Why the Republicans need to be canceled; NYC is ending all contracts with the Trump Org; Junior and Eric don't know how to stand like humans; Ivanka thinks she might be able to run for something; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Astral Summer and Lonny Paul; and more!

1/13/21 - Chris Hansen on Catching Predators -- [Explicit Content] You might remember Chris from his To Catch A Predator sting operations on Dateline NBC, in which Chris would nab sexual predators in the act of preying on underage girls. Now, Chris is the host of a new podcast called Predators I've Caught. He's also continuing his sting operations and more on his YouTube channel called Have A Seat with Chris Hansen. Meanwhile if you like what you hear today, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus content at

1/12/21 - Take Away Their Toys -- [Explicit Language] Buzz is dealing with a family emergency so the great Rocky Mountain Mike -- Mike Hardeman from the Stephanie Miller Show is here to fill in; House Democrats introduce an article of impeachment against Trump; Will Trump be removed before the inauguration; The FBI warns of further attacks starting January 16; Alex Jones says he coordinated with the White House; Cumulus Media warns Dan Bongino, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and other Red Hats; "Silencing conservative thought"; Parler is gone; Deutsche Bank severing ties with Trump; The nation is rejecting Trumpism; The DC attorney general; Trump and pardon powers; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, L-Lo and The Masker of One, and Nick Lutsko; and more!

1/7/21 - The Invasion Of The U.S. Capitol -- [Explicit Content] The Georgia Runoff; Red Hat insurrectionists invaded the U.S. Capitol building; Trump made this; Rudy called for "trial by combat"; Josh Hawley is a ringleader; Pipe bombs found on Capitol grounds; The FBI is pursuing the culprits; The racial injustice of it; Where were the cops?; Joy Reid's rant; Joe Scarborough's rant; Chuck Schumer and other officials call for Trump's removal; Facebook suspended Trump indefinitely; Some Capitol Police history; Merrick Garland's back; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; and music by Freekbass and Luke LeBlanc; and more!

1/6/21 - Richard Ojeda -- [Explicit Language] Richard Ojeda is a retired Army Major with the 82nd Airborne, a former presidential candidate, a two-time recipient of the Bronze Star, and a former state senator from West Virginia. Today we discussed the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington, as well as Unions, healthcare, medical cannabis, outreach to West Virginia voters, and so much more. You can listen to his podcast called “Airborne” on Youtube, and you can follow him on Twitter @ojeda4america.

1/5/21 - Paint Your Bald Spot -- [Explicit Language] Our first show of 2021! Happy New Year! The Stephanie Miller crew tested positive for COVID; Larry King's cryogenic plan to cheat death; Our New Year's Eve show; The Trump phone call with Georgia's Brad Raffensperger; Trump promises to not let Biden "take this White House"; Trump is splitting the GOP; Trump "found a way"; Proud Boys leader arrested; Trump, Cleta Mitchell and Cliff Schecter; The Georgia runoff election; With Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment; And music by Rocky Mountain Mike, C.C. Grace, and Dave Molter; and more!

12/31/20 - New Year's Squirtin' Eve -- [Explicit Content] It's our very first New Year's Eve special! With Kimberley Johnson, Buzz Burbank, Jody Hamilton, TRex David Ferguson, Rocky Mountain Mike, Sean Barton, and Dave Martin from Astral Summer! Our Best of 2020 lists; The celebrities we lost in 2020; The actual worst years in history; Ask Us Anything questions from our Patreon subscribers; Rocky Mountain Mike's Salute to 2020; Two live performances by Astral Summer; and so much more!

12/17/20 - Boojahideen -- [Explicit Content] Our last free show before the holiday break; The Money Man That's Right Eddie Money is back for Christmas 2020; Chris Lavoie from the Stephanie Miller Show tested positive; Lindsey says Trump hit a "home run"; The tragedy and failure of Trump; "We want them infected"; Chris Christie's mea culpa; Pompeo quarantined; Peter Serafinowicz's Trump Christmas story; A killer Tucker Carlson impression; The cynical cash grab continues; Boogaloo Bois plead guilty to terrorism charges; Steve Schmidt registered as a Democrat; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And holiday music by The Gypsy Moths and Freekbass; and more!

12/16/20 - Furniture Guys For The Holidays -- [Explicit Language] The Furniture Guys are back! Ed Feldman and Joe E'Erario, hosts of the inimitable "Furniture To Go" on TLC and "Furniture On The Mend" on PBS back in the 1990s. You can follow their daily activities on their Facebook pages and don't miss all of the old episodes of their show on YouTube, including the new-ish episodes of the "Old Furniture Guys."

12/15/20 - Parler Plops -- [Explicit Language] Last Tuesday show before the holiday break; Our New Years Eve show on Dec 31; All the breaking news from the past 24 hours; Joe Biden is the winner of the Electoral College; Trump and the Shadow Presidency; The fake electors; Moscow Mitch screws Trump; Bill Barr fired by Trump; Parler is a geyser of Red Hat tears; Mayor Pete nominated for Transportation Secretary; Trump has the worst economic record since WWII; Empathy in the time of COVID; White House staffer loses his leg due to COVID; With Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment; And music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Dave Molter, and C.C. Grace; and more!

12/10/20 - Snot Tub Slime Machine -- [Explicit Content] Trump is in full sedition mode; The dangers of the Red Hat movement; Trump's Hanukkah superspreader event; Trump's Texas lawsuit; Trump tried to intimidate the Georgia AG; Facebook under investigation for monopolistic practices; Biden's team has to disinfect the White House; Watch out Shirkers; Where's Kamala Harris in Time Magazine's Person of the Year nominations?; Escaping to Canada in a big van; New Nick Lutsko Christmas song; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Lynda Kay & Lemmy, and Well-Known Strangers; and more!

12/9/20 -Malcolm Nance Live from I-95 -- [Explicit Language] My guest today is one of my favorite regulars on the show – the great Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot To Betray America, returns today to talk about Trump's coup, the coming insurgency, whether America recovers from the Trump Crisis, and more. Oh, and Malcolm is currently speeding north on I-95 in South Carolina somewhere, so there might be an appearance by the famous tourist trap known as South of the Border.

12/8/20 - The Ass Mask -- [Explicit Content] We're in Senior Slump mode; Correction on pot decriminalization; Cash grab or coup attempt; Trump is using the overturning of the election as a sale pitch for an obvious cash grab; The truth about Save America PAC; Jenna Ellis tests positive for COVID; Can you get COVID from someone else's farts; Lara Trump already leading in the polls; Trump is pestering governors to overturn the election; England is already being vaccinated; Fox and Friends are pissed about a mall Santa; With Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment; and music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Cookie, and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

12/3/20 - Rudy Tootie -- [Explicit Content] Stephanie Miller versus Jody Hamilton; Rudy farted during Michigan hearing; Trump's worried about dumps; Trump's star witness is a kook and a Victoria Jackson lookalike; 46 minutes of insanity; The Gabriel Sterling tape; Joe DiGenova is a scum-sucking a-hole; DOJ investigating a bribery-for-pardons scam involving the White House; Ivanka deposed in DC; Citizen accountability; Trump is defunding the military over the Diaper Don hashtag; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; And music by Marina Rocks and Flying Jacob; and more!

12/2/20 - Rocky Mountain Mike Returns -- [Explicit Language] The great Mike Hardeman, aka Rocky Mountain Mike is here today to talk about his song parodies, his photography, working from home, and we'll spend a little time talking Star Wars, too, so stand by for action. You can follow Mike's photography at and you can follow him on Twitter here.

12/1/20 - Diaper Don -- [Explicit Content] We're back from Thanksgiving break! The rumors about Trump's diapers and his tiny desk; Our Thanksgiving vacations; Trump keeps losing; Trump's cynical cash grab and the suckers who give him money; Giuliani will be pardoned; Full page ad in the Washington Times calling for martial law; Our G. Gordon Liddy stories; The Great Forgetting begins; John Cornyn steps in it; Neera Tanden and Twitter; Biden is way more popular than Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, I Hate You Just Kidding, and Zanny; and more!

11/19/20 - Tiny Dicked Rat Boy -- [Explicit Content] The Trump fuckery continues; Trump personally called Wayne County, MI officials to get them to reverse their certification; The Trump election theft in Georgia; Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk, and Candace Owens; A civics discussion about the Great Compromise and congressional representation; HHS is stonewalling Biden on COVID information; Trump wants to start a bunch of international fires to screw Biden; Rudy's "My Cousin Vinny" defense; British comedian Jonathan Pie; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Brad Brooks and Brother Other; and more!

11/18/20 - Markos Moulitsas -- [Explicit Language] Markos is the founder of His legendary blog is an American political institution -- still going strong 18 years after it first launched. Today we'll talk about what's next for elections and Trumpism as we move into the Biden administration; plus, Markos will reveal some of his “dirty secrets” as well as his theory about the deplorables, and a lot more. Follow Markos on Twitter here. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to support this show by subscribing to our bonus content here.

11/17/20 - 15 Days A Week -- [Explicit Language] A Rocky Mountain Mike tribute to Buzz Burbank; Buzz talks about his impending retirement from his podcast; Trump admitted Biden won; Rudy will represent Trump in Pennsylvania; Lindsey Graham is violating Senate ethics rules; Trump probably has kompromat on Lindsey; GSA chief Emily Murphy is job hunting; Michigan Republicans trying to impeach Gretchen Whitmer; Bob and Buzz disagree on investigations and calling out the Red Hats; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Freekbass and Astral Summer; and more!

11/12/20 - The Nuh-uh Agenda -- [Explicit Content] Buzz announced his retirement from newscasting today; One Term Biff continues to crap his pants over losing the election; Trump is making good on his threat to never speak to us again; Stephen Colbert's commercial parody for the RNC; Mixed messages in terms of what Trump will do after inauguration; The Apprentice White House; Junior wants to take over the RNC; Election officials of both parties say there wasn't any fraud; The latest from the Georgia runoff election; COVID tested positive for Corey Lewandowski; COVID hits home; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here today; With music by Will Kimbrough and Flying Jacob; and more!

11/11/20 - Cliff Schecter -- [Explicit Language] Cliff Schecter returns to talk about the election and what's next. Cliff is the co-host of the Unpresidented Podcast on the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network, and he's one of the smartest, most badass Democrats I know. Make sure to follow Cliff on Twitter here, and support his Patreon page at Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to support this show by subscribing to our bonus content here.

11/10/20 - Four Seasons Total Landscaping -- [Explicit Language] We finally have a president-elect!; Buzz and I debate the post-election calls for civility and reconciliation; Biden plans a series of executive orders to reverse Trump orders; Trump's moronic legal team; Trump needs his wubby; Trump GSA administrator blocking the transition; Resignations and firings at DOJ and DOD; Another Barr letter; The Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on the ACA; Where Bob thinks the ACA case will land; Eric Trump tells his followers to vote -- a week late; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Michael McDermott, and ALEX & Megan McDuffee; and more!

11/5/20 - Ten Pounds Of Fudge -- [Explicit Content] The latest on the election results; Joe Biden is tantalizingly close to victory; What's up with Arizona; Trump's narrow paths to 270; The Red Hats are freaking out; "Donald Trump is alive and well"; The Trump-Russia player who DM'ed Kimberley; Nevada and Fox News; Election observer says Trump is abusing his power; Perdue Ossoff race going to runoff; Moscow Mitch just boosted Dem turnout in the run-off elections for Senate; Drugs for everyone; Mark Levin's Electoral College threat; More USPS f*ckery; Jody Hamilton and David Ferguson are here; With music by Elijah Bone and Seth Adam; and more!

11/4/20 - Election 2020 Special -- [Explicit Language] Bob is joined by the great Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast to discuss where we are with the vote counting and Trump f*ckery.

11/2/20 - Kornacki -- [Explicit Language] Our special Monday election preview show; Bob's arguing with his Mom's friends on Facebook; Trump says he'll claim victory; Twitter's rules about declarations of victory; The final Rasmussen poll; Red Hats surrounded the Biden-Harris bus; The White House is locked down with a non-scalable wall; Karens are supporting Joe Biden; Trump attacks Joe Biden's legs; "Macho Man" Trump; Texas court upholds drive-in ballots; Red Hats protest at Bill Barr's house; Fauci, Haspel, Barr, and Wray will probably be fired soon; The Top 5 Things You Can Expect to Hear At Thanksgiving This Year; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, C.C. Grace, and Jason Roach; and more!

10/29/20 - Donnie Taters -- [Explicit Content] The great Mary Trump, psychologist, author of "Too Much And Never Enough," and niece of the president, joins us for the full hour; Trump left his supporters on a tarmac in Nebraska for hours; "We will vanquish the vaccine"; Why we should call him "Donald"; Mary advises us how best to make it to Election Day without going nuts; Brain worms on the march; The GDP is another jetpack made of beef; Tucker Carlson's attempt at a ratf*ck; Jared Kushner is a racist idiot; Jody Hamilton and David "TRex" Ferguson are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Neverwoz, and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

10/28/20 - Dr. Rachel Bitecofer Returns -- [Explicit Language] The Election Whisperer, the great Dr. Rachel Bitecofer, called in today to discuss her forecast for Election Day, but we ended up spending most of the time gaming out how Trump will try to disrupt the vote counting with lawsuits and other shenanigans. Plus, the possibility of Texas, long lines and voter suppression, The Doc updates us on her battle with a kidney infection, and more! You can support Dr. Bitecofer's work at and you can follow her on Twitter here. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, don't forget to support this show by subscribing to our bonus content here.

10/27/20 - No More Goddamn Coney -- [Explicit Language] Anticipating the election with one week to go; The Amy Barrett confirmation; She's been tainted by Trump's stink; The middle names of all the Supremes; Expanding the court; The ACA and the Court; The top five things you can expect to hear on Halloween this year; Rocky Mountain Mike's special election report; Trump is surrendering to COVID because he can't do the job; The 60 Minutes interview; Surprise guest on our Thursday show this week; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, State to State, and Sound of Science; and more!

10/22/20 - Gurgling And Fin Flapping -- [Explicit Content] The new Borat movie; Rudy Giuliani caught with his hand down his pants; She was 15; Rudy's excuses; Don Junior vs The Instagram Gods; The bizarre John Ratcliffe announcement; The Proud Boys and Iran; "Damaging to the president"; Trump's secret Chinese bank account; The Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed Amy Coney Barrett; Trump on 60 Minutes; Lesley Stahl isn't good at this; Trump has no idea what's in the ACA; The Papal Throne; Jody Hamilton and David "TRex" Ferguson are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Alexia Chambi and Richard Turgeon; and more!

10/21/20 - Encore: Bill Cohan On Trump's Stock Scams -- We had two last minute cancellations today so we're rewinding a year to talk with Vanity Fair's William Cohan about one of the least discussed Trump scandals -- whether the president exploited the bully pulpit to manipulate the stock market. Bill is also a contributor to The Atlantic, The New York Times, and the author of the bombshell report titled, “There Is Definite Hanky-Panky Going On”: The Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the Trump Chaos Trades. Support this show by subscribing to our bonus content on Patreon.

10/20/20 - Idiots, Fuckery, and 2016 -- [Explicit Content] Best wishes to the great Jeff Bridges; The Jeff Bridges sleep tape; Captain Scarypants returns to worry about the election; Pennsylvania polls are tightening, or are they?; Trump and Eric Bolling are spamming local news with a town hall; Buzz is Captain Calm; Jeffrey Toobin took it out; Our evolution on Joe Biden; The Pete Souza documentary; Thursday's debate and the mute button; The FBI is investigating the origin of the alleged Hunter Biden laptop; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Soul Crackers and C.C. Grace; and more!

10/15/20 - Heat Seeking Democracy Missile -- [Explicit Content] Trump's awkward dancing; Twitter suspended Kayleigh McEnany and Team Trump; The bogus New York Post article; "Burmecia"; NBC News betting on Trump for the ratings win; The Barrett hearings continue; Amy Coney Barrett couldn't remember the freedoms in the First Amendment; Lindsey Graham broke the law today on television; Bill Barr and the unmasking probe; Jody's awesome Amy Coney Barrett impression; David "TRex" Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Freekbass and Nick Lutsko; and more!

10/14/20 - Nick Lutsko -- [Explicit Language] Nick is a popular songwriter, producer, and comedian who not only writes and records serious alternative music, but you might've seen some of his amazingly funny "aggressive mockery" music videos like "RNC (Dan Bongino)", "Boat Parade", or most recently his theme song for Spirit Halloween. His work is also featured at College Humor and Netflix., or follow him on Twitter, Spotify and everywhere you get your digital music. Support this show by subscribing to our bonus content on Patreon.

10/13/20 - I Feel So Powerful -- [Explicit Language] The Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings are underway; The left seems like its given up on this one; Barrett refuses to answer about the ACA and the election; COVID patient Mike Lee wouldn't shut up; Trump and pre-existing conditions; Trump's first rally since COVID; Trump says he won three or four Nobel Peace Prizes; Trump wants to kiss everyone; A word about the court packing nonsense; The terrorist plot against the Virginia governor; Bob's solution to the Facebook re-design; Nick Lutsko on tomorrow's show; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Spanish Love Songs and Marina Rocks; and more!

10/8/20 - Insect Politics -- [Explicit Content] Big guest announcement for next week; The vice presidential debate featuring Harris, Pence, and Fly; The best and worst fly jokes; Pence's eye was filled with blood; Kamala Harris was a pro; America has a white man problem; The FBI thwarted a terrorist plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer; Donald Trump says he won't participate in the next debate; Trump blames Gold Star families for getting COVID; Trump Fatigue is real and it's here; Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Astral Summer, and Rene Trossman; and more!

10/7/20 - Author David S. Reynolds -- Professor David S. Reynolds is the author of a stupendous new volume titled “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in his Times,” but unlike other Lincoln books, Professor Reynolds approaches Lincoln in a way that's completely relevant to our divisive politics and continued racial divisions. I highly recommend this book! Link in the description under today's show at Meanwhile, if you like today's show, take some time to sign up for our bonus content at

10/6/20 - Trump Is The Chernobyl Reactor -- [Explicit Language] Donald Trump and most of his inner circle test positive for COVID; Trump claims he's immune even thought he's not; Trump says he'll participate in the next debate; The deceptive doctors; The lies and propaganda; The weird return trip to the White House; The national security implications; The Rose Garden Massacre; Connections to Chernobyl; Dexamethasone is the new Adderall; Vice presidential debate this week; The latest polls show no sympathy vote for Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Matt Jaffe, and BetamaxDC; and more!

10/1/20 - Putin's Puppy -- [Explicit Content] Rudy Giuliani tweeted "The Debat." today; The Biden-Trump debate or whatever the hell that was; Fox News Channel's John Roberts is pissed at the White House; Putin's Puppy; Kremlin propagandists concerned about Trump; Proud Boys added Trump line to their logo; More poll results from the debate; There are still undecided voters somehow; The debate commission is considering new debate rules; Amy Coney Barrett declined to recuse from election matters; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Flying Jacob and Elijah Bone; and more!

9/30/20 - Rude Pundit -- [Explicit Language & Content! Not Safe For Work or Kids!] The great Lee Papa is also known as the Rude Pundit. You might know Rude from such websites as or you might know Rude from his weekly appearances on the Stephanie Miller Show. Either way, you know Rude combines smart political analysis highlighted by expletives that'd make Sam Kinison blush, so get ready for our obscenity filled recap of last nights presidential debate in which Donald Trump was a geyser of screechy madness. Meanwhile, if you like today's show, take some time to sign up for our bonus content at

9/29/20 - The 750 Dollar Question -- [Explicit Language] How was the debate, people of the future?; Trump's tax returns revealed by the New York Times; The major takeaways in Harper's Index format; Trump is a fraud and a loser; Trump's killing Americans and taking their tax dollars to keep his failing resorts from closing; Trump paid zero in taxes for 10 of the last 15 years; Trump says the NYT article is fake news, then confirms it's real; Brad Parscale arrested in Florida; Parscale tackled by cops; Parscale under investigation for stealing millions from Trump and the RNC; Channel 4 bombshell about Trump suppression of the Black vote; Wilbur Ross is ignoring the courts; 860,000 Americans have already voted; Buzz Coney Burbank from Buzz Coney Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Brad Brooks and the Gypsy Moths; and more!

9/24/20 - Captain Scary Pants -- [Explicit Content] Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power; Brian Karem with the pivotal question; Bob is Captain Scary Pants; Trump's mask gesture; The hyperactive pig man; Trump might rig the Electoral College; Running out the clock; Protesters boo and mock Trump at the Supreme Court; The angry new song from Nick Lutsko; Brave Sir Donald Ran Away; Mary Trump news; Missouri's governor tested positive for COVID; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Dave Molter and Shea Maloney; and more!

9/23/20 - Donna Halper -- Donna returns for her fourth appearance on the Wednesday show. Donna is a blogger extraordinaire, associate professor of political communications, former radio deejay and the discoverer of Rush, my favorite band in the whole wide world. Today we'll talk about the press coverage of Trump as we approach the election; plus, we'll talk about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Biden campaign, the Four D's of disinformation, and a lot more. Follow Donna on Twitter, and on her blog.

9/22/20 - Going Nuclear -- [Explicit Language] The death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the battle for the Supreme Court; The Impeachment Gambit; Nancy Pelosi and the nuclear option; Trump needs a Bill Barr on Supreme Court; The Stephen Breyer problem; Romney never said he'd vote yes; Romney's wrong about the history of the Court; ActBlue raised $161 million in 72 hours; Amy Coney Barrett is a demon; Senate polls; Barr designated three cities as "anarchist jurisdictions"; Cy Vance hints at tax evasion probe of Trump; 200,000 dead from COVID yet Trump thinks it affects no one; Trump vs Lincoln; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by The Sound Of Machines and Luna Blu; and more!

9/17/20 - Tennis Hose Of Fireballs -- [Explicit Content] The reviews are in from our interview with Dr. Mary Trump; The headline of the week; The California fires; David's cat is sick; The USPS was going to distribute free masks until Trump stopped it; Those anti-mask kids in Florida; Taking out the blue states; The Bahrain and UAE deals were jetpacks made of beef; The vaccine and Dr. Redfield; The electoral map and the Green Party; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Freekbass and the Bump Assembly and Reno; and more!

9/16/20 - Dr. Mary Trump -- [Explicit Language] Dr. Trump is the president's niece and the author of the revelatory new book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man,” which sold nearly a million copies on its first day of release. Dr. Trump also holds a PhD in psychology, making her especially insightful when it comes to the indecency and awfulness of her uncle, the president. To quote Joe Biden, today's conversation is a big effing deal. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing at

9/15/20 - The Running Of The Idiots -- [Explicit Language] Bob's story about his confrontation with a maskless Karen; Why Bob and Buzz are all out of fucks with the shirkers and idiots; The latest Wisconsin poll and retirees; ICE is performing unnecessary hysterectomies on detainees; More revelations from Bob Woodward's book; Trump created the COVID crisis in New York; Why the "panic" excuse is horseshit; Trump's Nevada rally was illegal; 74 seconds of Tiny Trump; The Trump Middle East deals are bogus; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News And Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Michael McDermott, and Dawn O'Keefe Williams; and more!

9/10/20 - Clown Baby -- [Explicit Content] The Bob Woodward bombshell revelations about Trump, the pandemic, North Korea, and more; Trump confessed that he downplayed the virus after acknowledging its deadliness; Safe home, Cordell Garrett; Mattis slept in his clothes; We were this close to nuclear war; The letters from Kim Jong-un to his lover Donald Trump; Suckers and Losers; Michael Cohen's new book; Trump wants to be Putin; There's another whistleblower; David TRex Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Cookie, and Alex Wong; and more!

9/9/20 - Laura Flanders -- [Explicit Language] You might remember Laura from her time with Air America radio, but she's also the host of the brand new series for PBS, the Laura Flanders Show, a radically different Sunday morning program for a radically different time, bringing a different, forward-looking take on the stories affecting us all, without all the horserace crap on other Sunday shows. Follow Laura on Twitter: @GRITlaura and @theLFshow, and her YouTube channel here.

9/8/20 - Dopes On The Water -- [Explicit Language] The sound of the ill-fated Trump boat parade in Texas; Huge guest announcement for next week; It doesn't look like The Atlantic story is hurting Trump's polling; Jennifer Griffin's report for Fox News Channel; Steve Mnuchin verified it, too; Trump denied a vaccine October Surprise right after promising an October Surprise vaccine; Vaccine hesitancy; No one wants it; Colorado Secretary of State is issuing a criminal referral against Trump; Buzz in defense of the press; Bob's anger over the Friday Trump Show; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike and Selekt Few; and more!

9/3/20 - Bags Of Soup -- [Explicit Content] Trump thinks looters are hurling bags of soup; Trump urged his voters to vote twice; Bill Barr doesn't know if voting twice is illegal; Barr also said it's rare for Black people to be shot by cops; Rand Paul calls for the arrest of dissidents; The Trump plan for rounding up his opponents; Chad Wolf and Bill Barr might investigate BLM on RICO charges; 190,000 deaths from COVID; Dwayne Johnson and family diagnosed with COVID; Adam Carolla can suck it; Rick Snyder to join 100 Republicans endorsing Biden; Strong polling for Biden; Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson are here; With music by Stop Calling Me Frank and Battle Tapes; and more!

9/2/20 - Jen Kirkman on Anxiety (Replay) -- [Explicit Language] We're rewinding to June when I spoke with comedian Jen Kirkman about dealing with anxiety during the pandemic and the Trump Crisis. If you like what you hear, be sure to sign up for Jen's “Anxiety Bites” newsletter. And don't forget to follow Jen's amazing Instagram. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing at

9/1/20 - The Kardashian Straw -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank's Hatch Act Justice League; How to report the Trump White House for Hatch Act violations; You can't win if you don't play; Trump says people from the dark shadows are helping Biden; Michael Schmidt's new book; Rod Rosenstein stopped the counterintelligence probe; Trump wanted to personally prosecute Comey and Clinton; Trump's cerebral event at Walter Reed; Don McGahn's last straw; McConnell fell asleep during Russia briefing; The latest polls and the convention bounce; Six million COVID cases so far; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Mia Montenegro; and more!

8/30/20 - Indie Music Countdown, August 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from August 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

8/27/20 - Jetpacks Made Of Beef -- [Explicit Language] Donald Trump's Heat Ray at the border; Republican Convention Days 2 and 3; "I Wanna Be Dan Bongino" song parody; Daniel Dale's fact check of Night 3; Donald Trump isn't president of the entire nation; More Hatch Act violations; Gaslighting about Trump's racism; Mike Pence's phone-on-vibrate speech; Trump hasn't accomplished anything; Mary Ann Mendoza speaking slot canceled due to QAnon support; Brian Kemp is nuts; The White House excludes asymptomatic people from stats; Trump and the GDP; Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson are here; With music by Marina Rocks and Soul Crackers; and more!

8/26/20 - Carl Hoffman and the MAGA Rallies -- [Explicit Language] Carl is the New York Times best selling author of Liar's Circus, out September 1, an immensely insightful real-life story of a reporter's journey into Donald Trump's MAGA rallies. Carl attended dozens of Trump events across the country and got to know some of the Red Hat superfans who attended – so of course we'll talk with Carl about what makes these people such loyalists to a fascist tyrant, and we'll figure out whether they can come back from their brainwashing. Follow Carl on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and his own site.

8/25/20 - No Quarter For Trumpers -- [Explicit Language] Sexy Liberal Virtual Tour 3 has wrapped; We recap the awfulness from day one of the Republican Convention; No platform; Mark Meadows is a superspreader; Kimberly Guilfoyle yells at the world; Don Junior was jacked up on something; The NY attorney general is suing the Trump Org; Louis DeJoy's testimony; Kellyanne Conway is out; Trump is ignoring the Supreme Court on DACA; Maryanne Trump Barry recorded saying awful things about Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Jason Berk and Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets; and more!

8/20/20 - Thanks, Obama -- [Explicit Content] It's been a bad day for BIff; Steve Bannon arrested for fraud; We Build The Wall; Kris Kobach, Curt Schilling, Erik Prince; Dave Clarke also involved; Don Junior and Trump himself endorsed the scam; Why Barr tried to fire Geoffrey Berman in SDNY; Judge rules Tump has to turn over his tax returns; Trump files another appeal; Massive state lawsuits against DeJoy and Trump for high crime felonies and conspiracy to manipulate the election; Barack Obama's remarks at the DNC; Kamala Harris is the VP nominee; I know a predator when I see one; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Jim Wuster and Amanda Green; and more!

8/19/20 - Greg Sargent Returns -- [Explicit Language] My guest today is one of my favorite political writers going all the way back to Blogosphere 1.0. Of course I’m talking about the great Greg Sargent from the Washington Post. Today we’ll talk with Greg about the Democratic Convention, and what to expect in the Republican Convention next week. We’ll also dig into Trump’s latest attempt to cheat in the election by attacking absentee ballots, the Postal Service, and a whole lot more. Buy Greg's latest book: An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy in an Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics.

8/18/20 - The Adults In The Room -- [Explicit Language] We recap the highlights from Day One of the Democratic National Convention; MIchelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, and Biden on the train; Michelle triggered Trump; Previewing next week's GOP shitshow; The highlights from Vol. 5 of the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia report; We have collusion!; Roger Stone and Manafort were the direct links; Louis DeJoy backs off, but will he reverse the damage?; Congressional hearings and 20 state lawsuits underway; Trump's attacking drop boxes now; Buzz Burbank is here; With music by Black Sugar Transmission, Alexia Chambi, and Rocky Mountain Mike; and more!

8/13/20 - The Big Crayons -- [Explicit Content] Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's running mate; The Republicans have nothing; The racist attacks right out of the gate; Reverse Birtherism; Jeanine Pirro's drunken prediction; Trump confesses on Fox News that he's defunding the Postal Service; Trump also confirms he's de-funding Social Security and Medicare; 200,000 deaths from COVID; The CDC director says this is the greatest public health crisis in a century; Kanye West and Jared Kushner; Herman Cain tweeting from beyond the grave; QAnon in Congress; Showerheads and Trump's hair; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Jason Roach and Michael McDermott; and more!

8/12/20 - Rachel Bitecofer Returns -- [Explicit Language] Today I spoke with "The Doc" about the Lincoln Project, Kamala Harris, Trump's Postal Service sabotage, Kanye West, and a lot more. Dr. Rachel Bitecofer's forecast for the 2018 election nailed the outcome of that contest, and she’s continuing her work with the Niskanen Center and now the Lincoln Project. She also launched a brand new YouTube show called The Election Whisperer, link in the description at

8/11/20 - Unconstitutional Slop -- [Explicit Language] The Kamala Harris news dropped after the show; The election is a referendum on fascist tyranny; Trump's ineffectual executive orders; Sabotaging the Postal Service; Trump is defunding Social Security and Medicare; Trump asked if he could be on Mt. Rushmore; Trump and Gettysburg; The Supreme Court and the lame duck session; Trump on the "1917" pandemic; Trump says he's still inviting Putin to the G7; The killer new Biden ad; Russia's vaccine; Buzz Burbank is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Freekbass, and Flying Jacob; and more!

8/6/20 - The Good News Show -- [Explicit Content] The Trump Stress gave way to some really good news; Deutsche Bank handed over Trump financial documents to Cy Vance; Trump's bank and insurance fraud; The New York attorney general announces a civil proceeding to dissolve the NRA; The actual purpose of the NRA; Tony and Ezekiel; Democrats working on a fix for the Postal Service; Facebook and Twitter remove Trump's disinformation; Mike DeWine tests positive; Mayor Garcetti versus the COVID shirkers; Stink-palming the president; Florida man spits on kid for wearing a mask; Trump's Beirut Gaffe; Trump's RNC speech at the White House; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Brian Lisik and Scott Cook; and more!

8/5/20 - Glenn Kirschner -- Glenn is a former US Attorney, current MSNBC legal analyst, and Stephanie Miller Show regular. Today we'll talk with Glenn about Donald Trump’s plot to hijack the election by obstructing the use of absentee ballots, partly by slowing down mail delivery. We’ll also talk about Glenn’s concept of a Trump Crimes Commission and what Trump might do to wiggle out of legal jeopardy. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing at

8/4/20 - It Is What It Is -- [Explicit Language] Massive explosion rocks Beirut; Trump mispronounces 'Yosemite' twice; We recap the highlights of Trump's disastrous interview with Axios; 'The Guy Who Can’t Finish A Sentence'; Cy Vance closes in on Trump's bank and insurance fraud; Trump says he has the right to ban absentee ballots; Republicans are being hurt by Trump's jihad against absentee ballots; Our coronavirus numbers are a national disgrace; Dr. Birx versus Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Betsy Ade and the Well-Known Strangers and John Carbonara; and more!

8/2/20 - Indie Music Countdown, July 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from July 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

7/30/20 - Demon Semen Dreamin' -- [Explicit Content] The world premiere of David Ferguson's new single; Donald Trump proposes delaying the November 3 election; Pompeo says it's up to the Justice Department; The influence of the president; Why all the alleged distractions form a Voltron of non-distractions; How he might try to do it; The economy retracts by 32 percent; 15 percent unemployment; Herman Cain died from COVID contracted at Trump's Tulsa Rally; Louie Gohmert has COVID, too; Mike Flynn is in trouble again; High Pitch Biff talks about Putin's bounties on American troops; David TRex Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Astral Summer and Callie Cardamon; and more!

7/29/20 - Author David Pepper -- David is the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party as well as the author of the brand new book – out now – titled The Voter File, a fiction novel about foreign interference in a Wisconsin special election and a reporter’s journey to unravel the plot. One his previous books, The People’s House, accurately predicted the Russian attack against the 2016 election. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing at

7/28/20 - Operation McRib -- [Explicit Language] Buzz Burbank is back from vacation; Bill Barr's testimony in the House Judiciary Committee; Shame on you, Mr. Barr; The Dick Cheney Voice; Motormouth Doug Collins doesn't understand federalism; Barr's shell games with the numbers; Jim Jordan's Riot Porn; American Fascism is here; The truth about the Richmond riots; Tom Cotton on slavery; Junior suspended from Twitter for lying; Free speech; Trump lied about throwing out the first pitch; The Top 5 possible explanations for Doctor Fauci’s lousy opening pitch; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Cloud Party, and The Arts And Sciences; and more!

7/23/20 - Person Woman Man Camera TV -- [Explicit Content] Donald Trump's illegal invasion and occupation of American cities; Operation Legend and Operation Diligent Valor; Portland mayor tear-gassed; Arresting Black people in Chicago; What the Constitution says about a federal police force; Trump short circuits during Fox News interview; Person Woman Man Camera TV; The Panthers Organization; The United States surpasses 4 million coronavirus cases; Trump sent well-wishes to accused child sex trafficker; David TRex Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Dave Molter, and The Scenic Route; and more!

7/22/20 - Encore: The Furniture Guys -- [Explicit Language] Our scheduled guest for today had to bail out, but don’t panic. Instead, we’re replaying my interview with TV’s The Furniture Guys, Ed Feldman and Joe L’Erario, hosts of the old Furniture To Go and Furniture On The Mend shows back in the 1990s. When they’re not getting kicked off Facebook, they host a YouTube show called “The Old Furniture Guys.” TheFurnitureGuys.TV is the website, you can also find all of their old TLC and PBS shows on the YouTube as well. Okay, break out your Horse Hair and don’t forget the Spit Coat -- here comes a encore presentation of Ed Feldman and Joe L’Erario, the Furniture Guys. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing at

7/21/20 - Buddy Hinton -- [Explicit Language] Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast fills in for Buzz Burbank; John Kasich rumored to be speaking at the Democratic convention; Bob vs Charlie; Fox News anchors sued for sexual harassment; Ed Henry accused of rape; Trump is Buddy Hinton from the Brady Bunch; Gabe Sherman's amazing piece for Vanity Fair about Trump's sadness; Trump removes portraits of Bush and Clinton; Trump's sending more stormtroopers to other major cities; The daily Trump shows are starting again; How Trump will screw with the election; Trump is deliberately slowing the mail; With music by Matt Jaffe and State To State; and more!

7/16/20 - Inbred Mountain Man -- [Explicit Language] Brad Parscale demoted inside the Trump campaign; Bill Stepien from Bridgegate fame appointed to campaign manager; The Trump grift continues with thousands going to Trump wives and girlfriends; Trump insists cops beat up white people, too; Cozy Bear strikes again; Trump's Ambien Rally; CDC hospital dashboard goes dark; The new Quinnipiac and Rasmussen polls; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Spanish Loves Songs and Elijah Bone; and more!

7/15/20 - Malcolm Nance -- [Explicit Language] This is Malcolm's fourth appearance on the show. Malcolm can be seen all over MSNBC, and the paperback edition of his book is out now: The Plot To Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It. Today, we’ll talk about Putin’s bounty on American troops, we’ll get into police violence, the 2020 election, the Trump Crisis and a lot more. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing at

7/14/20 - The Washington Buzz Burbanks -- [Explicit Language] The Radio Antiques Roadshow; Ron from Ron and Fez with a great suggestion for the Washington football team name; Poland's president re-elected; The shirkers don't understand why isolating is important; Ashley Parker and the 'presidential' trope; Trump's oppo research against Dr. Fauci; Mick Mulvaney is very confused; Fiction clashing with reality again; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Richard Turgeon, and Logan Piercy; and more!

7/9/20 - One Term Loser -- [Explicit Language] Major Supreme Court victories against the imperial presidency; Mazars and others have to turn over Trump's financial documents to investigators; Additional hurdles in court; Deutsche Bank agrees to turn over documents; Too Much Information; Revisiting the New York Times investigation into Trump's tax scams; Black Lives Matter mural painted outside Trump Tower; Red Hat couple charged with hate crimes; TRex's awesome new article for The Guardian; The CDC will not revise its reopening guidelines; Tulsa is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by C.C. Grace and Stone Cold Chakra; and more!

7/8/20 - Author Greg Mitchell -- Bob's guest today is award-winning author and nuclear weapons expert Greg Mitchell. Greg’s new book, "The Beginning Or The End: How Hollywood―and America―Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" is out this week and available everywhere. BUY THE BOOK HERE. The book tells the harrowing and sometimes wacky true-life story of the first movie to mythologize the use of the atomic bomb to end World War II. And if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

7/7/20 - American Nervous Breakdown -- [Explicit Language] Back from vacation! Americans behaving like idiots and crazy people; The Grim Reaper in Florida; Revelations from Mary Trump's book; Trump cheated on his SATs; Who got PPP loans and why; It's the hypocrisy, stupid; Trump's ongoing campaign finance violations; Things Biden should do on Day One; Guilfoyle and Bolsonaro test positive; Roger Stone is begging to not be locked up; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Flying Jacob, and Monkeyhole; and more!

6/28/20 - Indie Music Countdown, June 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from June 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

6/25/20 - God's Wonderful Breathing System -- [Explicit Language] Support Jordan Ashby's fundraiser at; Congratulations, Joy Reid; Idiocracy on the march in Florida; The Alex Jones Factor; The U.S. set a new record for daily COVID cases; Another 9/11 this week; Trump is scaling back testing and the national emergency declaration; Secret Service agents quarantined; Louie Gohmert's childish disruption; North Carolina cops fired after plotting to "slaughter" protesters; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Emily McCrite and Project Leavesden; and more!

6/24/20 - Charles Johnson Returns -- [Explicit Language] Today, the great Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs returned to the show. We talked about Trump’s attack against mail-in ballots; Louie Gohmert’s ridiculousness in the Judiciary Committee; Charles’s pick for Biden’s running mate, and a whole lot more. Meanwhile, you can follow Charles on Twitter and, as always, at And if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

6/23/20 - Slow The Testing Down, Please -- [Explicit Language] More fallout from Trump's disastrous rally in Tulsa; Trump always makes things worse for Trump; Trump, Kushner and Ivanka are pissed at Parscale; Parscale might be resigning; Sloppy Steve; Trump's stupid, stupid attacks against Bolton's book; Trump is confessing; Bill Barr and his whopper lie about Geoffrey Berman; Nadler to subpoena Barr for possible impeachment inquiry; Trump lied to Mueller about Stone and Wikileaks; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Seth Adam and Synthetic Summer; and more!

6/18/20 - Department Of Jerks -- [Explicit Content] Revelations from John Bolton's new book; Trump tried to get several dictators to help him cheat; The trade war wasn't about trade; Finland and Russia; Trump censored Bolton's book; The Supreme Court's decision on DACA and Trump's horrendous reactions; Trump will blame coronavirus on migrants from Mexico; Junior's getting his dad to help him sell books; The murder of Rayshard Brooks; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Arthur Nasson and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

6/17/20 - Steve Benen from MaddowBlog -- [Explicit Language] The great Steve Benen is a producer for the Rachel Maddow Show and the writer behind MaddowBlog. He's also the author of the brand new must-read book: The Imposters: How Republicans Quit Governing and Seized American Politics. Today we talked about the fiction of the Trump era and how Republicans just don't care about policy any more. Plus, Trump's response to COVID, the Mueller Report, the 2020 Election and more! if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

6/16/20 - Jump Scare -- [Explicit Language] The latest polls on the election and police violence; The "Mike Elston" jump scare; Trump's executive order ceremony; John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch and the Title VII decision; Where the hell is the GOP convention taking place; The final six running mate choices for Joe Biden; Brad Parscale's Death Star isn't working; DOJ prosecutors to testify about Trump and Barr; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Dave Molter and Feather Trade; and more!

6/11/20 - Eight Foot Baby Gate -- [Explicit Language] Trump's speech on race authored by Stephen Miller; Trump's next rally will be held in Tulsa on Juneteenth; Trump continues to defend the Lost Cause and Confederate generals; General Milley apologized for participation in Trump's Bible stunt; 'Slavery By Another Name' and how police violence began; Sean Hannity compared George Floyd and Trump; Coronavirus cases on the rise in 19 states; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Timi and Wonderland Rangers and Vision Video; and more!

6/10/20 - Jen Kirkman -- [Explicit Language] The great Jen Kirkman returns to the show today to talk mental health during the pandemic, and so much more. She’s not only one of the funniest living standup comics, but she’s also a writer and the host of a podcast called “Having Funlessness With Jen Kirkman” – get it everywhere you get your podcasts. And don’t forget to support her show via her brand new Patreon page.

6/9/20 - Don't Get Happy -- [Explicit Language] Trump's most vile tweet ever; Trump and Infowars; OANN reporter moonlights for Sputnik; Good news in the polls; The origins of Don't Get Happy; The 'Defund the Police' slogan; Bill Barr contradicted Trump about the Bunker; Trump got into a fight with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs; Mr. Do and Mr. Don't, Good cop, Bad cop edition; Bill Barr and Pepper Spray; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Michael McDermott and Central City; and more!

6/4/20 - President Shart -- [Explicit Language] The militarization of the police and how 9/11 made it worse; GI Cops; Trump walls himself into the White House; Mad Dog Mattis finally steps up and destroys Trump in a public statement; The chairman of the Joint Chiefs instructs troops to uphold their oaths; The relentless backstopping of Trump's incompetence; Trump pulls out of Charlotte for the Republican convention; We have collusion; With Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson and music by JR Moore and I Hate You Just Kidding; and more!

6/3/20 - Encore Interview: Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer -- [Explicit Language] For today’s encore interview, we’re rewinding to April 22 when I spoke with political scientist Rachel "The Mad Genius" Bitecofer about her electoral model for 2020, and the concept of “negative partisanship.” In 2018, her election forecast nailed the outcome of the midterms. You might be familiar with her work for the Naskanen Center or you might’ve seen Rachel on a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, as well as The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.

6/2/20 - Enough -- [Explicit Language] For today's show, Buzz and I set aside the jokes and the fart sounds to have a serious conversation about where we are today as a nation -- a nation in which the president fires upon peaceful protesters in order to stage a photo-op for this campaign. With music by Soul Crackers.

5/31/20 - Indie Music Countdown, May 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from May 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

5/28/20 - The American Nervous Breakdown -- [Explicit Content] Hail Satan! The murder of George Floyd; The difference between the Minneapolis protesters and the gun-toting cosplayers in Michigan; Trump retweets "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat"; Trump considering a nuclear test; Trump goes to war against social media because Twitter fact-checked his lies; The executive order; Red Hats are threatening to shoot their dicks off to own the libs; Trump says wearing a mask is politically correct; TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Callie Cardamon and The Farleys; and more!

5/26/20 - Indie Musicians Jen And Mike Farley -- I thought we’d take a short break from politics, and instead talk with two of the most talented musicians I know: the recording duo of Jen Farley from Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets and Mike Farley from the Mike Farley Band. Mike is also a music publicist who’s introduced me to so many of the indie bands I play on the show. Today we’ll get to know the Farleys and, better yet, they’ll perform a few songs for us, too. Meanwhile, please support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

5/26/20 - Mister Do And Mister Don't -- [Explicit Content] The goofuses flocking to the beaches and swimming pools in a pandemic; The American Nervous Breakdown; New cases on the rise or steady in 40 states; WHO warns of a second peak before the Winter surge; 100,000 deaths on Trump's watch; Do Bee and Don't Bee; Trump's war on mail-in ballots continues; Trump lagging in the polls; Brad Parscale's thievery; Breaking news about Stephen Miller; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Rocky Mountain Mike, Lynda Kay with Lemmy, and Zanny; and more!

5/21/20 - Death By Stupid Shit -- [Explicit Content] Hulk smash; Trump threatens swing states that use mail-in ballots; Trump was impeached for trying this once already; Trump mangles blurts about testing and 'per capita'; The Goofus File; Sweden is in terrible shape; Southern states show increase in cases; Georgia church closes indefinitely; 39 million Americans unemployed; CDC claims inaction caused more deaths; 54,000 people died from Trump's incompetence; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Freekbass and Luna Blu; and more!

5/20/20 - Donna Halper Talks Media -- The great Donna Halper is back to talk about the news media and more. You might know Donna as the broadcaster who introduced Rush, the greatest band in the universe, to America. But Donna also happens to be a professor of political communications, so today we discussed the state of the news media during the pandemic and especially throughout the utterly destructive era of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Fox News and the flooding of the zone with disinformation. Follow Donna on Twitter and on her blog. Meanwhile, please support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

5/19/20 - Super Duper -- [Explicit Language] The Super Duper Missile; Trump announces he's going after Virginia; The truth about Virginia's new gun laws; Barr and the oranges of the investigation; How do we talk about Obamagate; Trump claims he's taking hydroxychloroquine; The side effects to watch for; The death toll due to Trump should be a bigger deal; Trump is permanently withdrawing the US from the WHO; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Paul Melancon and Keenen Blockson; and more!

5/14/20 - Dr. Johnny Woodcock -- [Explicit Language] The Rick Bright testimony in the House; Rick Bright on Trump's failures; Bright on the vaccine timeline; Trump said a vaccine will be ready by the end of the year; FREEEDOM; A Red Hats hangman at a Michigan rally; A second Trump term; Richard Burr is stepping down from Senate Intelligence; Tom Cotton might replace him; Dr. Fauci says schools shouldn't reopen yet; Trump's Obamagate scam is a huge mistake; The investigation precedent; Nikki Hapey goes Full Red Hat; Judge Sullivan vs Mike Flynn; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; "Breathe On Another" by Rocky Mountain Mike; With music by Mia Montenegro and Zerox; and more!

5/13/20 - Furniture Guy Ed Feldman -- [Explicit Language] The great Ed Feldman, fresh out of Facebook jail, returns to the show today. You might know Ed as one-half of the Furniture Guys and their series "Furniture to Go" on TLC, and before that "Furniture On The Mend" on PBS, back in the 1990s. And currently Ed and his co-conspirator Joe L’Erario are the hosts of the Old Furniture Guys on YouTube and at Today we’ll talk about whatever the hell Ed wants to talk about. Meanwhile, if you dig what you hear today, please help support our Patreon at

5/12/20 - Brave Sir Donald Ran Away -- [Explicit Language] Trump storms off after tough questioning by a reporter; Trump and Obamagate; The White House is loaded with coronavirus; Tests for the White House but no tests for the rest of us; Putin's COVID plan for Russia sounds eerily familiar; Disinformation on the march; Bad Takes on Joe Biden; What a second Trump term will look like; Biden in the polls; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Jones and Self Animation; and more!

5/7/20 - Live And Let Die -- [Explicit Language] Barr's Justice Department drops charges against traitor Mike Flynn; Supreme Court overturns Bridgegate convictions; Brad Parscale warns that the Death Star is coming; May 1 was the deadliest day and yet Trump wants to end stay-at-home orders; White House ends medical briefings; White House defies CDC guidelines; White House scales back Fauci appearances; Trump's personal valet tests positive; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by Pure Flow and The Husht; and more!

5/5/20 - Charlie Pierce Returns -- [Explicit Language] Charlie Pierce is the writer I want to be when I grow up. Charlie’s been covering politics for decades and currently publishes multiple articles a day over at -- about the Trump Crisis and more. Today we’ll talk about the 2020 election, Trump’s cannon-fodder strategy, and we’ll talk about how Charlie and I were both hit by cars. Not at the same time, by the way. Meanwhile, if you dig what you hear today, please help support our Patreon at

5/5/20 - TP For My Bunghole -- [Explicit Language] Bob's toilet paper jackpot wad; The Trump Memorial; West Virginia governor says the f-word during live news conference; Reopen Fever is going to kill thousands; Trump as commander-in-chief; New death toll estimates are catastrophic; The battleground states are next; Trump freaked out about the new Lincoln Project ad; Barr threatens to prosecute state governments; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Alexia Chambi and Tim Kniest; and more!

5/3/20 - Indie Music Countdown, April 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from April 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

4/30/20 - Dummies, Dilettantes And Suckers -- [Explicit Language] We Are The Derps; Trump and the 22 percent unemployment rate; We've reached bagel status; "A great success"; Trump keeps lying about Obama and COVID tests; Karen Pence says Mayo Clinic is lying; There's a possible medication for coronavirus; Fauci says a second round is inevitable; Trump's cronies getting PPP money; Jesse Ventura is running for president; Larry Hogan has to hide his tests from Trump; Trump nearly sued Brad Parscale; TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; With music by Logan Piercey and Selekt Few; and more!

4/29/20 - Encore Interview: Jim Biederman -- [Explicit Language] I thought we'd take a break from politics to revisit my chat with TV producer Jim Biederman. In this episode, Jim talks about producing shows for Howard Stern, Tom Green, The Kids In The Hall, Gary Busey, and a particularly weird show in China. These are some seriously hilarious stories, especially the one about Busey and Bigfoot. So sit back and enjoy my conversation with the great Jim Biederman. And if you like what you hear please help support this show at

4/28/20 - Sitting In Vomit -- [Explicit Language] Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump is limiting his Trump Shows; But he's held three in the last 24 hours; Trump moves the goalposts on the death toll; America surpasses one million cases; 1917 or 1918 was over 100 years ago; Trump just learned about sarcasm; Trump was repeatedly warned about COVID in a series of PDBs; Red Hat protests continue; North Carolina protest leader tests positive; We need another massive stimulus; Mike Pence maskless at the Mayo clinic; Biden leads nationally by 10; Rachel Bitecofer's new election forecast; With music by Sister Species and After The Fight; and more!

4/23/20 - Lightly Salted Weasel D*cks -- [Explicit Language] TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; Georgia's Brian Kemp proceeding with his reckless re-open plan; The 1918 flu epidemic; Trump disagrees with Kemp's plan; Greg Abbott, Franklin Graham, Dan Patrick and the Death Cult; Las Vegas mayor volunteers to be the control group; Embers of Corona; Trump wiped out all of the job gains since the Great Recession; Trump is muzzling all experts who aren't him; Trump says Dems are rigging the election; With music by Cookie and Mike Farley; and more!

4/22/20 - Rachel Bitecofer -- [Explicit Content] Rachel Bitecofer is one of my favorite political scientists, data crunchers, and election forecasters. You might be familiar with her work for the Naskanen Center or you might’ve seen Rachel on a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, as well as The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell. In 2018, her election forecast nailed the outcome of the midterms, and she has a new forecast dropping next Tuesday. You can follow Rachel on Twitter here.

4/21/20 - Linda Jong-un -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; What's the deal with Kim Jong-un?; Senate Intelligence Committee confirms Russia attacked the election to help Trump; Steele Dossier wasn't part of the investigation; Bill Barr won't rule out Obama administration indictments before the election; Trump worsened the coronavirus death toll by 60 percent; The phenomenal dumbness of the astro-turf protesters; Brian Kemp is re-opening Georgia this week; Barr also considering charges against governors; More running-mate speculation; With music by Lizanne Knott and Rigorous Proof; and more!

4/16/20 - Screaming Thumbs -- [Explicit Content] Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Dr. Oz and Sean Hannity are okay with killing up to 1.7 million children in order to re-open the economy; The confused Red Hat protesters in Ohio and Michigan; Tiny Trump doesn't believe the coronavirus numbers; Trump threatens to adjourn Congress to appoint his minion; Trump tries to de-fund the WHO; Confederate Flags in Michigan; Kellyanne Conway is a flaming idiot; Trump's crazy talk show idea; The Keynesian elephant in the room; With music by Gin, Chocolate & Bottle Rockets and Terri Morris; and more!

4/15/20 - Brian Karem vs Donald Trump -- The great Brian Karem, White House reporter for Playboy Magazine, returns to the show. On Tuesday, Trump referred to Brian as “nothing but trouble,” “a showboat,” and "a loudmouth," but the best part of the exchange was when Brian clearly got under Trump’s make-up slathered skin, to the point of nearly ending the entire press conference prematurely. So today we’ll ask Brian about everything that went down, and a whole lot more. Meanwhile, please support this podcast by subscribing to our bonus content at

4/14/20 - Total Power -- [Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama endorse Joe Biden; The Biden-Bernie livechat video; The most unspooled Trump Show ever; Trump declares himself to have 'total power'; Trump was cocaine-angry; Small government states' rights conservatives must be very confused today; Trump's propaganda video violated campaign finance laws; CBS's Paula Reid was a juggernaut; Trump and Mutiny On The Bounty; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Matt Jaffe; and more!

4/9/20 - Jo Jo The Monkey Boy -- [Explicit content] Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Bob cut his own hair this week; Bernie Sanders is out; Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee; We evaluate the top 11 possible vice presidential running mates; The new breakthrough drug: Imbisol; Michael McDermott performing live on our Wednesday show; Dr. Fauci estimates the death toll at 60,000; Trump's declaration of victory over a pile of bodies; Intelligence officials warned Trump in November; Wall Street Journal editorial board slams the Trump Show; Trump vs Mail-in voting; With exclusive live music by Michael McDermott; and more!

4/8/20 - Michael McDermott -- [Explicit content] My guest today is singer songwriter, Michael McDermott. The new album, What In The World, drops on June 5. In addition to chatting with Michael about his life and music, he performed three of his songs, live here on the show, and at least one will make you cry -- in a good way. We also talked about everything from drugs to Trump to Stephen King, and a lot more. I’m a total fanboy, so this was a rare privilege for me. You should be downloading his albums everywhere you get your digital music, and I assure you, you will absolutely fall in love with his work, as I have. Find him on Facebook and at

4/7/20 - Putin, Pandemic, Porn and Pee -- [Explicit content] Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Republican stock dumping; Trump fires more inspectors general; Jonathan Karl walks into the Trump propeller; Trump loves helicopters; Trump launches his attack on the veracity of the WHO; The Brain Worms Update; The Trumps have a financial stake in hydroxychloroquine; Dr. Oz is advising Trump; Peter Navarro warned Trump in January; With music by State To State and Marina Rocks; and more!

4/5/20 - Indie Music Countdown, March 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from March 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

4/2/20 - Find The Popes In The Pizza -- Explicit content! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Everyone loves foul-mouthed Jody; Georgia governor is criminally slow on the uptake; Viral Trumpism; Nancy Pelosi to form a select committee to oversee the federal coronavirus response; Pence, COBRA and Medicaid; Casey Kasem and Father Guido Sarducci; Trump has blood on his hands; Trump's MBS tweet; Feds say the stabbing of an Asian family is a hate crime; Stimulus payments won't arrive for a while; Secret Service orders more golf carts for Trump; Trump states are getting all the gear they need; Bob is nose-blind; With music by Seth Adam and Pride Fails; and more!

4/1/20 - Dana Goldberg -- Not safe for work! On today's interview show I spoke with the great Dana Goldberg, one of my favorite standup comics and one of my favorite people all together. You might know Dana from the Stephanie Miller Show and her podcast on the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network, called Out In Left Field. She’s also the host of the forthcoming Rooftop Rants podcast. Follow her work at and on Twitter. Meanwhile, please support this podcast by subscribing to our bonus content at

3/31/20 - A Very Good Job -- Not safe for work! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Haircut disasters and stay at home lockdowns; The internet community; Chris Cuomo tests positive; Stormy Daniels trolls Trump; Trump insists that 150,000 deaths will mean he's done a good job; The Scotty Gambit; Bill Mitchell is a kook; Fox News is worried about lawsuits; The Truth Commission; Judge Walton is looking into Barr's handling of the Mueller Report; With music by Brian Lisik and Rockolith; and more!

3/26/20 - Angry Jody -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; How we're dealing with the pandemic; Swimming with sharks at the grocery store; The stimulus bill; The pandemic of stupid; Jobless claims skyrocket; Trump ignored the 2016 pandemic playbook; Trump is stonewalling a UN resolution because racism; Happy Birthday to Nancy Pelosi; Trump pastor says the virus is because of the gays; A truth commission; NBC and CNN will stop airing the Trump Show; Georgia and Louisiana postponed their primaries; Texas and Ohio ban abortions; Trump's approval numbers; With music by Option Y and Quivvver; and more!

3/25/20 - Encore Interview: Robbie Rist -- NSFW! I thought we'd take a much needed break from the worsening madness all around us by rewinding exactly six months to one of my favorite shows of 2019. I'm talking about my interview with Robbie Rist, who played Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch. I spoke with Robbie on the 50th Anniversary of the premiere of the show, and he was so awesome I just had to share this episode again. We could all use the laughs, I think. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing to our Patreon page at

3/24/20 - Ain't No Curve -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; It's been one month since Trump said the virus is under control; The TV news people are helping Trump get re-elected; The Daily Trump Show is a free campaign commercial; Trump says this is war, then promptly surrenders to the so-called invisible enemy; We can't let the cure be worse than the problem; People who listen to Trump will get sick; Dan Patrick and letting old people die; Red Hats say they're willing to die for the economy; Jerry Falwell to reopen Liberty University; With music by Cougar The Tiger and Young Gun Silver Fox; and more!

3/19/20 - Put Dat Cookie Down -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here today; Stephanie Miller's Patreon; Tulsi drops out and endorses Joe Biden; Coronavirus news; Trump signs House bill with sick leave and unemployment benefits; Arnold Schwarzenegger's hilarious isolation videos; Trump's horrendous press conferences; OAN and Chinese Virus; Dana Bash falls for Trump's football trick again; Hydroxychloroquin; Trump's non-joke joke about the press; Good news about cures; Disinformation and some guy on the internet; Don Junior's latest conspiracy theory; The economy continues to melt down; With music by Richard Turgeon and Kaz; and more!

3/18/20 - John Aravosis and Cliff Schecter Return -- NSFW! Today it's the return of the great John Aravosis and Cliff Schecter for a conversation about the year of the COVID-19 pandemic -- the presidential election, the pandemic crisis, the economic meltdown and how we’re all dealing with it. By the way, John and Cliff are the hosts of the Unpresidented Podcast. Listen everywhere you get your podcasts and support them on Patreon.

3/17/20 - Wipe Your Pens -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Gatherings limited to 10 people or fewer; The stock market is this close to erasing all of Trump's gains; The Groundhog Day loop in our politics; The fundamentals of the economy are strong; Trump suddenly asks for unity and a stimulus package; Trump didn't have a coronavirus test despite his lies; Jared Kushner advised Trump the news media was exaggerating the threat; Ohio primary postponed; Monkeying with elections is a terrible idea; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Sky Seeker; and more!

3/12/20 - Partisan Pandemic -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Sarah Palin on TV again is the End Times; Trump's horrifying Oval Office address; Trump's sniffing and gasping; Trump has two open mic moments; The stock markets continue to crash and burn; Alex Jones arrested for DWI; Alex Jones says he has a cure for coronavirus; Good news about dogs and the pandemic; Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive; Coronavirus and elections; With music by Matt Jaffe and ALEX & Megan McDuffee; and more!

3/11/20 - The Furniture Guys -- NSFW! Today, Bob talked with two of the funniest living human beings on the planet: Joe L’Erario and Ed Feldman, collectively known as The Furniture Guys. Ed and Joe were the hosts of the only intentionally funny DIY shows on television: “Furniture On the Mend” on PBS, “Furniture To Go” on TLC, along with "Men In Toolbelts." And they’re currently hosting an internet show called “The Old Furniture Guys.” is the website, and you can also find all of their old shows on YouTube. If you like what you hear today, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

3/10/20 - Can't Touch Face -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; The financial collapse; After the worst day since the Great Recession, stocks rebound; Patreon subscribers fleeing; Recession imminent; The fundamentals of the economy are strong; Trump's bungled response to the coronavirus; Germany and drive thru testing; Hospitals getting creamed; Gaetz, Meadows, Collins and Cruz self quarantined; Trump is melting down; Trump can't BS his way through this one; Cocaine and bleach; Mini Super Tuesday; Biden's chances; Bernie's chances; Vice presidential possibilities; With music by Lizanne Knott and Jam 'N' Slate; and more!

3/5/20 - Rabies Cancer -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here today; Dow is down 900 points; Elizabeth Warren is out; The patriarchy runs deep; The next vice president; Senate races are looking good; Cenk loses his vanity race for Congress; Trump says he'll talk about Hunter Biden a lot; The four reasons why that will backfire against Trump; Trump won't have a thousand test kits ready as promised; Poopy Pandemic; Trump denies saying sick people should go to work; "Only" eleven deaths; Tito's Vodka and hand sanitizer; Americans less likely to vote for Trump because of pandemic reaction; Trump is suing the Washington Post now; With music by Callie Cardamon and Battle Tapes; and more!

3/4/20 - Super Tuesday Roundtable -- NSFW! Today, we're joined by Buzz Burbank and Jody Hamilton to recap the historic Super Tuesday primaries, along with a look ahead to the rest of the primary season, and, most importantly, the general election against Donald Trump. The protesters, the turnout, vice presidential possibilities, and more! If you like what you hear, please consider supporting our podcast on our Patreon page at

3/3/20 - Super Tuesday -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Super Tuesday; All the polls are wrong; Biden vs Bernie; The Warren and Bloomberg effect; Biden's potential electoral votes; Bernie's potential electoral votes; The vulnerabilities of Biden and Bernie; Mark Kelly leading Martha McSally in Arizona; Don't get happy; The Dow's dead cat bounce; Coronavirus and Mike Pence; Trump doesn't know what a vaccine does; With music by Pasha Black and Project Leavesden; and more!

3/1/20 - Indie Music Countdown, February 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from February 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

2/27/20 - Free Soloing -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network is here; TRex is under the weather; The Democratic debate; The stock market is collapsing; Is Trump profiting from the market declines; Trump's completely incompetent press conference about coronavirus; Mike Pence's HIV record in Indiana; Drunk Larry Kudlow joins Pence's team; Trump is starting to sue people who said he colluding with Russia; Justice Thomas's wife is helping to compile the enemies list; With music by Marina Rocks and Kate Mills; and more!

2/26/20 - Larry Charles Returns -- NSFW! It’s the great Larry Charles, director of such film as Borat, Bruno, and Religulous. Larry was also a writer/director on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiam, and he’s the host of the Netflix series Larry Charles Dangerous World of Comedy – add it to your watchlist now! We’ll talk with Larry about his fracas with Breitbart, as well as comedy overseas in places like Somalia and Saudi Arabia, and a whole lot more.

2/25/20 - Fun -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Chez Pazienza Day; Coronavirus; The stock market is collapsing; Despite cable news, Bernie can win in November; Bernie and socialism; Salon Comment of the Day; Trump fired the pandemic response team; Trump trying to undermine the Supreme Court; The government purge continues; Russia trying to make us tear apart democracy; Trump is losing among Catholics; With music by Coral Gables and Luna Blu; and more!

2/20/20 - The Full Babadook -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here today; The Nevada Democratic debate; Warren's big night; Bloomberg's implosion; The Office Space Printer; Bernie's medical records, and reforming the presidency; Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months; The inevitable Trump pardon; Trump is the judge and jury for all of his fanboys now; Trump tried to sell a pardon to Julian Assange; Rohrabacher confesses; The demystification of the presidency; With music by Well-Known Strangers, and Alex Wong and Jesse Terry; and more!

2/19/20 - Encore Interview: TV's Frank Conniff -- We’re rewinding one year to February 2019 when my guest was the great Frank Conniff – TV’s Frank from Mystery Science Theater and The Mads. Among other things, we talked about Frank’s firing from SiriusXM as well as his career in standup comedy and legendary shows like MST3K. You can follow Frank’s work on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out his most recent book, Codename DOUCHEBAG on Amazon and wherever hilarious graphic novels are sold. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, please consider supporting this show by pledging at least $1/month on our Patreon page at

2/18/20 - What The Eff Is This All About -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump to pardon Bernie Kerik, Michael Milken and Rod Blagojevich; The Democratic primary shovel fighting continues; John Bolton teases major revelations in his book; Trump didn't destroy 100 percent of ISIS; The Roger Stone trial; More charges to come against Lev Parnas and other henchmen; Liberals who are circulating pro-Trump propaganda; With music by Soul Crackers and Yardsale; and more!

2/13/20 - Carnival Barking Clown -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Mike Bloomberg calls Trump a 'carnival barking clown'; John Kelly finally speaks out about Trump; Trump attacks John Kelly; The rats are jumping back onto the sinking White House; Hope Hicks, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer have been rehired; Trump tries to intimidate Gov. Cuomo; The Stone prosecutors have all resigned; The first American dictator; Bill Barr is now Trump's personal lawyer; Trump fires Treasury Department official; The Trump Death Star; With music by Seth Adam and Callie Cardemon; and more!

2/12/20 - Eric Boehlert Returns -- NSFW! You might know Eric Boehlert from such programs as the Stephanie Miller Show and... this one! He also recently launched a new publishing platform called Press Run. Subscribe for free at Today we talked about America in decline, the press and soft language, the Trump Death Star's war against reality, and more. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today, please consider supporting this show by pledging at least $1/month on our Patreon page at

2/11/20 - Dixville Notch -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; All about Donald Trump's one billion dollar Death Star; The most extensive disinformation campaign in U.S. history; The Death Star is way worse than the NSA; Trump's dictatorship fetish worsens; Trump wants the death penalty for drug dealers; Bill Barr accepting Rudy's bogus conspiracy theories; Barr walks back Roger Stone's sentencing request; Whiny white guys; More "headaches"; Trump's electoral suicide by cutting Social Security; CPAC warns Romney; With music by Michael McDermott and Freekbass; and more!

2/6/20 - We're A Bunch Of Suckers -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here today; We break down Trump's whiny and incomprehensible victory lap; Trump confessed again; Trump calls America "a bunch of suckers"; Trump roasts Steve Scalise for being shot; Chaos in Iowa; Looking ahead to New Hampshire; Trump's State of the Union disaster; The door at the end of Titanic; Matt Gaetz files ethics complaint against Pelosi; Trump's destruction of countless official documents; The coronavirus; WIth music by the Jason Lee McKinney Band and John Terlazzo; and more!

2/5/20 - Cliff Schecter -- NSFW! We’ll talk with Cliff about the Iowa Caucus, Trump’s State of the Union disaster, the cable news media, Mitt Romney’s decision to vote to convict Donald Trump, and more! Cliff, along with John Aravosis, are the co-hosts of the UnPresidented Podcast. Listen wherever you get your pods. Follow Cliff on Twitter. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear today please support this show by subscribing to our Patreon page at

2/4/20 - Caucus Blockus -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Iowa Caucus debacle; The app and the paper trail; Republican concern trolling; The 2012 GOP Iowa Caucus; Russian trolls checking in; State of the Union expectations; Trump and Kansas City; Trump's childish fidgeting during the National Anthem; Trump acquittal in the Senate; Joni Ernst accidentally spills the beans; Joe Manchin and censuring the president; Iran and Headaches; With music by Mike Farley Band and I Hate You Just Kidding; and more!

2/2/20 - Indie Music Countdown, January 2020 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from January 2020, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

1/30/20 - The Mr. Underwear Show -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; The latest on the impeachment trial; Bob's decaf nightmare; Wilbur Ross's outrageous upside to the Coronavirus; The Rick Wilson clip on CNN; A section of Trump's wall was blown over; Greg Gutfeld is totally in love with Trump; Rand Paul tried to out the whistleblower again; Alan Dershowitz's moronic defense; Mitch McConnell might not have the votes; The White House is threatening John Bolton; With music by Alexia Chambi and Michael Snyder-Barker; and more!

1/29/20 - Cheri Jacobus -- You might know Cheri Jacobus from America Reads The Mueller Report, as well as her status as the very first NeverTrumper. In fact, on today’s show we'll talk about the terrifying consequences Cheri faced when she dared to criticize Trump’s campaign way back in 2015 -- plus, whether the Republicans really want to ban abortions, and some very revealing details about what happens behind the scenes at Fox News Channel. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

1/28/20 - Who's My Favorite Dictator -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump's Middle East peace plan is a failure out of the gate; The Trump impeachment defense is a huge power grab; Alan Dershowitz says quid pro quos aren't impeachable; The Bolton bombshells; Bolton and Barr said Trump is granting personal favors to dictators; The weird timing of the Soleimani strike; Dobbs and Bongino say Bolton is a liberal; Trump's plot against Yovanovitch captured on tape; With music by Jesse Terry and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

1/23/20 - With Me There's No Lying -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; The latest from the impeachment trial of Donald Trump; Trump said he's open to witnesses; Trump in Davos insists he never lies; Trump doesn't understand a question about entitlements; Bill Barr wrote that presidents can be impeached for abuse of power; The zombie lie about Obama and aid to Ukraine; Chuck Schumer's observations about the Republicans; What happens if Trump is acquitted; Jody's encounter with Randy Rainbow; With music by State To State and John Flywheel; and more!

1/21/20 - The Trial Of Donald John Trump -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is underway; The military cosplay convention in Virginia; A Very Stable Genius; Trump didn't know what happened at Pearl Harbor; Trump lobbied Abe to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize; Trump wanted to repeal the anti-bribery law; A long term and immediate danger; Flooding the zone with sh*t; Steve Bannon weaponizing the firehose of news; Putin's expanding his power; With music by The Scenic Route and Dave Molter; and more!

1/16/20 - Cocaine With Don Junior -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson is here today; Bob's trip to Colorado; Impeachment articles delivered to the Senate; The Game of Thrones Walk of Sh*t; Lev Parnas's shocking interview with Rachel Maddow; The president knew exactly what was going on; Everyone was in the loop; Trump threatened to withhold everything; The plot to assassinate Yovanovitch; FBI agents investigating Robert Hyde; GOA says the White House broke the law; With music by Richard Turgeon and Self Animation; and more!

1/9/20 - Nuclear Spooge -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Trump and your 409k; Ukrainian jetliner may have been shot down by Iran; John Kerry on Lawrence O'Donnell; Trump's sniffy, breathless Iran remarks; Trump lied again about the Iran Deal; Mike Lee and Rand Paul are fired up about Trump's military briefing; Trump falsely takes credit for reduced cancer death rate; Trump and Moscow Mitch are still trying to rig the Senate trial; 'There are so many people walking around without legs'; With music by Synthetic Chocolate and Kaz; and more!

1/8/20 - Ben Cohen, Publisher of The Banter -- NSFW! Today we’re chatting with my friend and editor Ben Cohen about Trump and Iran, as well as Facebook’s horrendousness, and the status of digital publishing in the age of social media. You can follow Ben Cohen on Twitter thedailybanter, and through The Banter newsletter at And if you like what you hear, please consider supporting this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

1/7/20 - Silent Night, Holy Crap -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Crisis in Iran; Trump didn't know who Soleimani was in 2015; Trump's madman theory; Pentagon officials gave Trump some choices, he chose the crazy one; Trump loses Tucker Carlson and Rand Paul; Esper contradicts Trump; Trump and Endless Wars; Nikki Haley will always be a Red Hat; Mike Flynn's sentencing; Moscow Mitch and witnesses; Bolton and Rudy want to testify; With music by Rigorous Proof and Suburban Gypsies; and more!

1/2/20 - The Human Academy -- NSFW! Our first show of 2020; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; The first deceptively edited video of the year has arrived; War criminal Eddie Gallagher launches his own 'lifestyle brand'; Australia, the climate crisis and reader apathy; Unredacted emails show Trump ordered hold on Ukraine aid; Justice Department's suspicious redactions; Trump and fighting impeachment in court; Julian Castro is out; Joe Biden and the Republicans; Corey Lewandowski not running for Senate; Bob's brush with a Trump-Russia celeb; Melania's New Year's Resolution; With music by Cookie and Stop Calling Me Frank and more!

12/19/19 - We Impeached Donald Trump -- NSFW! Last show of 2019; TRex David Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast his here; Donald Trump is officially impeached; We recap the historic day; Republicans act like poop flinging monkeys; The nobility and decorum of the Democrats; Pelosi scolds Democratic applause; Pelosi to hold articles until McConnell establishes a fair trial; Tulsi voted present; The civil war over Tiny Trump; The Money Man Returns From The Grave; Mark Meadows is retiring; With music by Quivvver and Lizanne Knott; and more!

12/18/19 - Naveed Jamali -- You might know Naveed from his writing at Newsweek and his appearances on MSNBC. He’s also the co-author of How to Catch a Russian Spy: The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent, which is currently in development as a feature film. Follow Naveed on Twitter @NaveedAJamali. Today we’ll dig into the impeachment, the Trump Crisis, Naveed’s work for the FBI as a double agent, and even the Snowden matter from 2013.

12/17/19 - Stephen Miller's Finger Nails -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump will be impeached this week; We were super wrong about the British election; Rachel Maddow and the Resistance striking back; The best of Rocky Mountain Mike; Goodbye Tiny Trump; OLC memo shows Trump can be indicted for impeachment crimes; It's personal with Bidon; Trump insults Nancy Pelosi's teeth; The latest polls; Ordinary Working Americans; SCOTUS and presidential immunity; Trump's crazy Manifesto; With music by Rebel Queens and I Hate You Just Kidding; and more!

12/12/19 - Bacon And Lollipops Forever -- NSFW! It's another Weird Thursday with Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; 'Miracle Christmas TRex'; Whiny homophobic judge confirmed by the Senate; The Trump Foundation vs Pocahontas; The UK is voting today; Trump and Toilet Flushing; Trump's rally in Hershey, PA; Senate GOP wants a short impeachment trial; The IG report and the deep state coup; Matt Gaetz and substance abuse; With music by The Bitter Elegance and Twisted Mojo; and more!

12/11/19 - Thom Hartmann -- NSFW! It's the great Thom Hartmann from the Thom Hartmann radio show and Today we’ll talk with Thom about his ban from Facebook and Zuckerberg's ongoing awfulness, as well as the impeachment, the Trump Crisis, a lot of history, and more. Meanwhile, if you dig what you hear, please support this show on our Patreon page at

12/10/19 - Articles Of Impeachment -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Democrats introduce two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump; Avoiding Newt's mistakes in the Clinton impeachment; Adam Schiff's remarks; Adam Schiff on waiting and cheating; The Justice Department's IG report is out; The battle between reality and fantasy; Trump didn't read the Horowitz Report; Stephanie Grisham lies about falsified evidence; Bill Barr and John Durham disagree with IG's findings; Trump bashes Chris Wray; Daniel Goldman and Eric Swalwell owned the Judiciary Committee's testimony this week; With music by Megan McDuffee and Carrie Hamilton; and more!

12/5/19 - Don't Mess With Me -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; We recap Wednesday's impeachment testimony; Nancy Pelosi requests articles of impeachment from Judiciary; Pelosi hammers a Sinclair reporter; Professor Karlan and Barron-gate; Trump's excuse for his 'do us a favor though' demand; Kamala for VP; The new Joe Biden ad is a home run; Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern; US Attorney rejects Barr's deep state conspiracy; With music by C.C. Grace and Gin Chocolate And Bottle Rockets; and more!

12/4/19 - Cliff Schecter Returns -- NSFW! The legendary Cliff Schecter is the co-host of the Unpresidented Podcast with John Aravosis, and Cliff sits on the board of one of the most important organizations of our time, the Ohio Innocence Project. Today we’ll recap the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings, and what’s next for the Democratic presidential field as New Hampshire and Iowa get closer in the window. Follow Cliff on Twitter @cliffschecter. And if you like what you hear please support this podcast on our Patreon page at

12/3/19 - The Kardashian Factor -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Our harrowing Thanksgiving holidays; Bob swarmed by the Yang Gang; Kamala Harris drops out; Democratic House Intelligence Committee impeachment report released; Buzz and 'Chicken Little Democrats'; Judiciary Committee hearings begin Wednesday; Pizzazz; Senate Intelligence Committee found no evidence of Ukraine interference in the election; Former Deutsche Bank executive commits suicide; The Sept 9 call that never happened; Barr vs the DOJ inspector general; With music by Mia Montenegro and Well-Known Strangers; and more!

12/1/19 - Indie Music Countdown, November 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from November 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

11/26/19 - Nation Of Suckers -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson fills in for Buzz Burbank today; The new Facebook alternative site MeWe; Trump doesn't know what centennial means; Trump on Fox and Friends; Trump is David Brent; Russian trolls on the march; New Rolling Stone investigation into Russian active measures; Tucker Carlson rooting for Russia; SCOTUS and Trump's taxes; Don McGahn ordered to testify; Lordy there are tapes; Pardoned SEAL Eddie Gallagher did some horrible things; With music by Young Gun Silver Fox and Fabulous Fabulist; and more!

11/21/19 - Freaks And Weirdos -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Days five and six of the public testimony in the impeachment of Donald Trump; Sondland's bombshell testimony on Wednesday; Fiona Hill and David Holmes today; Everyone was in the loop; Sean Patrick Maloney nails Sondland; Trump's chopper talk meltdown; Fiona Hill exposes the stupid CrowdStrike conspiracy theory; Holmes on the Kyiv phone call; Romney and Collins met with Trump; Vindman needs Army security after Trump tweet; With music by Pride Fails and Seth Adam; and more!

11/20/19 - Chris Lavoie and the Sondland Testimony -- NSFW! My guest is Chris Lavioe, the General Manager of SM Radio Productions, the founder of Banded Masculine Candles at, and of course from the main cast of the Stephanie Miller Show. Today we’ll recap some of the highlights from day four of the public testimony in the impeachment of Donald Trump, and a lot more. If you like what you hear today, please consider supporting the show by subscribing at

11/19/19 - A Rubber Suit And A Really Fast Car -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; It's day three of the public testimony in the impeachment of Donald Trump; We recap the testimony of Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman, as well as Maria Yovanovich's testimony; Pelosi says Trump is an "imposter"; Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi; Trump's witness intimidation; David Holmes's testimony; Trump's health scare rumors; Fart Gate on Hardball; Bob thanks his Patreon subscribers on 'Thank You, Patrons' Day; With music by Battle Tapes and Michael McDermott; and more!

11/14/19 - Public Testimony, Day One -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Junior's book was bulk purchased; We review day one the public impeachment testimony; George Kent and Bill Taylor; The Conspiracy Theory Party; Taylor's staffer heard Trump discussing investigations with Sondland; AP reports a second witness to the Sondland call; Peter Welch owns Jim Jordan; Nancy Pelosi explains 'exculpatory' to Trump; Eff you, Jonathan Allen; Laura Ingraham is outraged by water; With music by Gilt Lily and Kyle Richards And The Theme Music Collective; and more!

11/13/19 - Musicians Jesse Terry and Alex Wong -- NSFW! Jesse Terry and Alex Wong just released an EP titled “Kivalina” to raise awareness of the tragic impact of the climate crisis on a small village in Alaska, and the native Alaskans who live there. You might recognize Jesse Terry from the Bob Cesca Show – songs like Dangerous Times and Woken the Wildflowers have become staples on the show. And Alex Wong is an accomplished record producer and songwriter based in Nashville. Bookmark and for more.

11/12/19 - Eat Sh*t Bob -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; John Oliver's stupendous Bob Murray segment and 'Eat Shit Bob'; SLAPP suits; Buzz vs Twitter vs PBS; Trump bombs at the Economic Club of New York; Impeachment and the Electoral College; The public impeachment hearings; Trump stopped Bolton from pushing back against Russia in the Black Sea; Nikki Haley can't be trusted; Anonymous excerpts; Junior had to leave book event due to Red Hat heckling; With music by Jesse Terry and Prehab; and more!

11/7/19 - King Dick Of Prick Mountain -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Election Night reactions; Trump makes Kentucky all about him; The woman who flipped off Trump's motorcade won her campaign; Tiny Trump's obsessed with the whistleblower; Jeff Sessions is running again; Mark Halperin's book bombs; Fox News and author screws up criticism of Obama White House; Trump wanted Barr to hold a presser about the phone call; Intelligence officials fight back; Trump is surrounded by Austin Powers henchmen; Public impeachment hearings next week; With music by Option Y and Barker & Broski; and more!

11/6/19 - Encore Interview: Helen O'Donnell -- It's an encore presentation of my October 2018 interview with Helen O'Donnell, the author of Launching LBJ, based on the journals and tapes of her father, the late Kenny O'Donnell, chief of staff to President Kennedy. You might know Kenny O'Donnell's story from Kevin Costner's portrayal of him in the movie Thirteen Days. This is a MUST LISTEN conversation, especially if you're a Kennedy aficionado. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting this show by signing up for our bonus content on Patreon.

11/5/19 - Tiny Trump Gets Tinier -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Election Day; Chaos in the Roger Stone trial today; Trump formally withdraws from the Paris Climate Accords; Mick Mulvaney asked to testify in the impeachment investigation; Senate preparing for the trial of Donald Trump; Trump warns Red Hats about the government takeover of Medicare; Trump also says Virginia's governor executed a baby; The next government shutdown; Sondland confirms the extortion of Ukraine; Lev Parnas is cooperating thanks to Trump; Trump always makes things worse for Trump; The scary NYT battleground poll; With music by Christian Nesmith and Cloud Party; and more!

11/03/19 - Indie Music Countdown, October 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from October 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

10/31/19 - The Dan Bongino Of Steve Kings -- NSFW! Happy Halloween; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; The House passes impeachment resolution; Let's decipher what Kevin McCarthy is saying; Trump's whiny response; Vindman reveals there were sentences deleted from the non-transcript; Attorney for whistleblower is receiving death threats; Bill Taylor and Vindman will testify publicly; Trump could have a Penguin "harp from hell" moment; Deputy White House counsel moved non-transcript to the classified server; Trump is bribing senators for their support; With music by Gayle Graizzaro and Norway House; and more!

10/30/19 - William Cohan on the Trump Chaos Trades -- NSFW! William D. Cohan is a contributor to Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and the author The Last Tycoons, House of Cards, and The Price Of Silence about the Duke Lacrosse scandal. Bill also wrote the bombshell item in Vanity Fair titled, “There Is Definite Hanky-Panky Going On”: The Fantastically Profitable Mystery of the Trump Chaos Trades. The question of the hour: is Donald Trump manipulating the stock market and profiting off his own manipulations? Let's find out.

10/29/19 - It's Time To Start Popping -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; NSC official Lt. Col. Vindman confirmed to investigators the attempts at a quid pro quo; Fox News minion attack Vindman's background; Trump goons vs the NSC; Rachel Maddow's favorite news source; Barr and Trump launching criminal probe into Obama's handling of the Russian attack; Trump booed and mocked at the World Series; Trump made up the details of the raid against al-Baghdadi; Obama's announcement vs Trump's announcement; With music by Lizanne Knott and Paul Melancon; and more!

10/24/19 - Effing With The Old Man -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Trump says he's building a wall in Colorado; Cory Booker nails a Breitbart reporter about Trump and "lynching"; The Republican SCIF stunt; Judge Napolitano fact checks Fox and Friends on the House rules; Trump's lawyer argues he CAN shoot someone on 5th Avenue; Republican lawmaker says citizens could be impeached next; Zelensky knew about the quid pro quo; Ukraine also knew Trump was withholding aid; Mark Esperanto; What happened to ISIS; With music by Quivvver and Lisa Gutkin; and more!

10/23/19 - Jacki Schechner Part IV -- NSFW! Jacki Schechner is back for her 4th appearance on the interview show. For newbies, Jacki is from, the Stephanie Miller Show, and the forthcoming host of a podcast with Hal Sparks on the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network. She's also worked at CNN, Current TV, and as the communications director for Health Care for America Now. Follow Jacki on Twitter.

10/22/19 - Pierre Delecto -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; More linkage showing Trump might be manipulating the stock market; Trump says he's being lynched, that he killed ISIS, and that the emoluments clause of the Constitution is 'phony'; Explosive details about Bill Taylor's testimony; CNN's inside scoop about last week's meeting with Pelosi; Chait says Trump is like Pesci from Casino; Trump's first Pentagon briefing was a disaster; With music by Rebel Queens and The Dye; and more!

10/17/19 - Meltdown -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here today; Tony Atamanuik's Trump impression; The Trump Meltdown; Trump says "server" 8 times in 24 seconds, the Kurds are worse than ISIS, and Syria has sand; Nancy Pelosi stands up to Trump; Trump says we've been allies with Italy for thousands of years; The Harry Dunn blunder in the White House; G7 to be held at Trump Doral; Safe home, Elijah Cummings; Mulvaney confesses to quid pro quo; Vanity Fair reports on Trump's stock manipulation; With music by Listening Ritual and Rene Trossman; and more!

10/16/19 - National Security Lawyer Bradley Moss -- Bradley Moss is a DC based national security attorney, and his law partner, Mark Zaid, is representing the White House whistleblower responsible for exposing Trump’s conspiracy to coerce Ukraine into helping Trump’s campaign through an investigation into the Bidens. Today we’ll cover the myriad aspects of representing such a high profile figure, as well as the national security implications of the Trump Crisis. Be sure to follow Bradley on Twitter: @BradMossEsq. You can also read his work at The Atlantic, Politico, and the Lawfare Blog.

10/15/19 - Swampy Swamp Monster -- NSFW! Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast fills in for Buzz Burbank; Democratic debate tonight; Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden on SNL; The Oscar the Grouch sketch was perfect; The bombshell NYT report on John Bolton and the "drug deal"; Trump thinks Bolton is a leaker; Mike Pompeo's disastrous interview; Fiona Hill confirms quid pro quo for Biden probe; Trump's Batman Villains; Fraud Guarantee and Mafia Rave; The AP story about Trump's phone call; The Syria nightmare continues; With music by John Carbonara and Richard Turgeon; and more!

10/10/19 - The Ballad Of Parnas And Fruman -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton from the From The Bunker Podcast is here; Happy Birthday to my brother Jim; Trump rally tonight in "Minneanapolis"; Turkey attacking the Kurds; Tiny Trump says Kurds didn't help us at Normandy; China game Trump official dirt on the Bidens; OMB ordered to withhold Ukraine aid; Support for impeachment growing by the day; Trump asked DOJ to stop investigating Turkish money launderer repped by Rudy; Parnas and Fruman arrested on campaign finance charges; Parnas and Fruman repped Trump; Weird Eric Trump audio; Deutsche Bank loaned Trump millions without getting his tax returns; With music by Freekbass and Pasha Black; and more!

10/09/19 - Author Tom LoBianco on Mike Pence -- Bob's guest is Tom LoBianco, author of Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House. Tom has been covering Mike Pence for the AP, CNN, and the Indianapolis Star for many years now. He’s also appeared on MSNBC, NPR and Fox News. Today's show is about all things Pence, from why he calls his wife "Mother," to whether he’ll be impeached in the House investigation into Trump’s Ukraine quid pro quo, and a whole lot more – including the one question everyone asks about Pence. If you dig today’s show, please help support this podcast by subscribing at

10/08/19 - Five Liddle Straight Jackets -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Rick Wilson and Stupid People on Twitter; White House stops Sondland from testifying; Trump confesses to obstructing Congress; Sondland spoke to Trump before final text message with Bill Taylor; Trump's other perfect conversations; Trump and Turkey and the Kurds; Trump is surrounded by scapegoats; Perry's and Giuliani's scheme in Ukraine; Polls show majority support for impeachment; With music by Neverwoz and Cougar The Tiger; and more!

10/06/19 - Indie Music Countdown, September 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from September 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

10/03/19 - The Incredible Shrinking President -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Our continuing coverage of the impeachment of Donald Trump; Trump confesses again; Trump wanted snakes and gators in a moat; Trump has a meltdown in front of Finnish president; Fox News's Adam Schiff story is nonsense; Pence caught up in the Ukraine story; Trump asked Boris Johnson for help discrediting Mueller; Rick Wilson vs Rocky Mountain Mike; Lindsey Graham wrote to Italy, England, and Australia; Corey Lewandowski was drunk on Fox News; With music by Jim George and Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets; and more!

10/02/19 - Charlie Pierce -- NSFW! It's an encore presentation of Bob's July 17 interview with the great Charlie Pierce from Esquire, NPR Radio and of course the Stephanie Miller Show. Topics include: NeverTrumpers, the impact of social media on the political debate, Charlies approach to writing and covering the Trump Crisis, as well as a word or two about Star Trek. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this podcast by subscribing to our bonus content at

10/01/19 - The Prison Bus -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Our continuing coverage of the Trump-Ukraine story and Trump's coverup; Trump told Russians to keep attacking; Barr is asking other government to investigate U.S. intelligence agencies; Pompeo refusing to comply; Gorka and Pompeo go to Rome; Rocky Mountain Mike's Trump Ukrainian Homesick Blues; Rudy subpoenaed; Moscow Mitch on the trial of the president; Trump has to resign; Trump wants to arrest Adam Schiff for paraphrasing; Kevin McCarthy still can't talk; DeNiro let's fly on CNN; With music by Luna Blu and State To State; and more!

09/26/19 - Do Us A Favor Though -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; All the latest updates on the Trump-Ukraine crimes and coverup; Joseph Maguire's testimony; The whistleblower complaint; The non-transcript of the Zelensky call; Trump's attempts to cover his tracks; Trump threatens to execute witnesses; The impeachment process and the Senate trial; Barr and Rudy are screwed; With music by Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates and Kaz; and more!

09/25/19 - Robbie Rist -- NSFW! It's the 50th anniversary of The Brady Bunch, and to commemorate this milestone, I spoke with the great Robbie Rist who played Cousin Oliver in season five of the show. We talked about Robbie's time as a Brady as well as his myriad other roles including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Doc McStuffins, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so much more.

09/24/19 - Impeachment Inquiry -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Nancy Pelosi confirms an impeachment inquiry is underway; The latest on Trump stupendously making things worse for Trump; The contradictory statements; Rudy's ridiculousness; The money paid out to Ukraine; The votes are accumulating; Trump's UN remarks should become a sleep tape; Greta Thunberg and the Climate Crisis; With music by Michael McDermott and Sky Seeker; and more!

09/19/19 - Nipple Clamps -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Trump's latest national security blunder and the cover-up; Whistleblower says Trump promised something urgent and troubling to foreign leader; Could it be Trump's defunding of European defenses against Putin; The IC IG refused to answer questions in House hearing; Judiciary Committee considered contempt charges against Lewandowski; Trump sues to stop release of tax returns to New York DA; The circling of the wagons; Cokie Roberts; With music by Carrie Hamilton & Les July and Mia Montenegro; and more!

09/18/19 - Aaron Rupar -- NSFW! My guest today is Aaron Rupar from, the Batman of Twitter video, springing into action 24/7 to capture for all time the harrowing escapades of the clown dictator. Today we’ll talk about covering Trump’s speeches, rallies, press gaggles and chopper talks up close. Make sure to follow Aaron on Twitter and follow his reporting at Please help support this podcast by subscribing here.

09/17/19 - Corn Pop -- NSFW! Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast fills in for the vacationing Buzz Burbank; Corey Lewandowski testifying to the Judiciary Committee; Lewandowski's obstruction and contempt; Doug Collins' marble mouth; The Saudi oil attack and the Trump pattern; The Democrats and attacking Trump; All the president's whistleblowers; Country vs Hispanics; Sean Spicer on Dancing With The Stars and normalizing villains; With music by Mike Farley Band and Terri Morris; and more!

09/12/19 - Mom I Wanna Vape -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; Day One of the Impeachment of Donald Trump; Previewing tonight's Democratic debate; The North Carolina special election results and Dem turnout; Trump to regulate vaping to protect Melania's son; John Bolton may have leaked about Trump and nuking hurricanes; Gorka wants to be national security adviser to own the libs; North Carolina Republicans exploit Sept 11; With music by 3Force and CC Grace; and more!

09/11/19 - Tech Journalist Ed Bott -- NSFW! Ed Bott is is an award-winning technology writer with more than two decades' experience writing for mainstream media outlets and online publications. Make sure to follow his column on ZD Net as well as his award winning Twitter feed. You can browse and purchase his books here. Today we’ll talk about everything from social media propaganda to the Snowden NSA story to Deepfakes to the new version of the iPhone. If you like what you hear, please support this podcast by subscribing at

09/10/19 - A Puddle Of Self Loathing -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; John Bolton resigns; Bolton accuses Trump of lying about the resignation; House of Commons speaker John Bercow stepping down; No deal Brexit blocked by Parliament; The special election in the North Carolina 9th; Trump denies knowing anything about Air Force planes landing at Prestwick airport; Scottish officials reveal Trump Org agreement; Why did NBC News report the whereabouts of a U.S. spy; The NOAA Alabama scandal continues; With music by The Scenic Route; and more!

09/05/19 - Ordaaah! -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, TRex David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; Trump alters Hurricane Dorian map; Seven times the Trump administration had to retcon a Trump screwup; Yeorgia; You Lied About A Hurricane; England is a mess right now; Parliament disintegrates; No Deal vs Deal Brexit; IRS whistleblower steps forward against Trump and Pence; Jeanine Pirro admits she was suspended; Jacob Wohl is going to prison; Marianne Williamson's hurricane tweets; With music by Emily McCrite and Davy Dacy; and more!

09/04/19 - Encore Interview: John Fugelsang -- NSFW! It's an encore presentation of my July 2018 interview with the great John Fugelsang from SiriusXM Insight 121 and the Stephanie Miller Show. John and I will be hosting a fundraiser for Karl Frisch on September 28 in Vienna, Virginia. John is also hosting Laughing Liberally throughout the month of September. If you like what you hear today, please support this show by subscribing at

09/03/19 - Dad Jokes -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Restoring Chez Pazienza's old website; Trump's never heard of a Category 5 storm, except all the other times; A Place For Don; Trump congratulates Poland on Nazi invasion anniversary; Gun 'splainers and Buzz's Top Ten List; Texas is number one in mass shooting deaths in August; The Loudest Voice, Roger Ailes and Donald Trump; With music by Freekbass and Dave Molter; and more!

09/01/19 - Indie Music Countdown, August 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from August 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

08/29/19 - The Doy In Deutsche Bank -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Lawrence O'Donnell fumbled the Deutsche Bank story, but it still rings true; Deutsche has the documents; Trump's inescapable NDAs; Andrew Gillum's remarks about Trump manipulating the stock market; Trump aides tell CNN Trump lied about China to manipulate the markets; Deploy the nukes as Dorian heads toward Mar-a-lago; Miller and Trump ramp up the cruel whimsy; Trump to deport kids with cancer; Starve the beast is back; With music by Battle Tapes and Cloud Party; and more!

08/28/19 - Brian Karem on Gorka Gate -- Brian is a completely fearless White House reporter for Playboy as well as a CNN analyst. We last heard from Brian back in mid-June on this show, but on July 11, Brian got into a verbal scuffle with Sebastian Gorka in the White House Rose Garden and, as a result, Brian was suspended from the White House for 30 days – a suspension he’s currently fighting in court. So today I thought we’d get an update on the situation from Brian himself. Follow Brian on Twitter.

08/27/19 - Flaming Bedbugs -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Bob's silly 2020 slogan stolen; Have we nuked any hurricanes yet; Emmanuel Macron totally crushed Trump's hand; The tic-toc of Trump's G7 escapades; Trump Doral has a bedbug and emoluments problem; Joe Walsh's primary challenge of Trump is good news; Trump has an enemies list; With music by Jam 'N' Slate and Mono; and more!

08/22/19 - The Chosen One -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Trump's brain worms are on the march; Moscow Mitch is accidentally funny with his filibuster oped in the New York Times; Tom Cotton says Greenland was his idea; More drunken Larry Kudlow; Trump's attack on the 14th Amendment; Jay Inslee is out; Joe Walsh is in; Ben Shapiro is an idiot; How the Civil War and Reconstruction inform today's politics; With music by After The Fight and Pacific Standard; and more!

08/21/19 - Carlos Alazraqui -- NSFW! Bob's guest today is Carlos Alazraqui from the Stephanie Miller Show and literally hundreds of the most popular and beloved TV shows and movies around including Rocko's Modern Life, Reno 911, Cow and Chicken, Camp Lazlo, Archer, Tiny Toon Adventures and more! Meanwhile, Carlos is in post-production on a movie he wrote called Witness Infection. And Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling debuted on Netflix this month, with, of course, Carlos as Rocko.

08/20/19 - Heat Seeking Missile -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Mike Pompeo is a heat-seeking missile for Trump's ass"; Drunken Larry Kudlow on Fox News; The fundamentals of the economy are strong; Where have we heard this before; White House plans payroll tax cut; Blaming the Democrats and the news media; Here come Trump's excuses for contesting the 2020 election if he loses; Voter fraud doesn't exist; Pompeo says ISIS has strengthened since Trump became president; Scarmucci thinks Trump will drop out; With music by Paul Melancon and Young Gun Silver Fox; and more!

08/15/19 - Thawed Out Eurodisco Vampire -- NSFW! 'TRex' David Ferguson is here; No Jody today due to technical difficulties; Our 1000th Patreon subscriber gets to be on the show; Trump loves trucks and cranes; The Trump Recession is on the way; Inverted Yield Curve; Trump vs Obama on the economy; Russia is influencing Congress by investing in congressional districts; Pentagon report says ISIS has returned due to Trump policies; Eric Trump and the Popcorn Poll; With music by Prehab and Well-Known Strangers; and more!

08/13/19 - Mushroom Cloud -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Chris Cuomo freaked out when a troll called him Fredo; Jeffrey Epstein's suicide; NYT columnist reveals powerful men in Epstein's orbit; Shrieking heard in Epstein's cell; The Bill Barr investigation will be a sham; Trump's deflecting to the Clintons; Trump's Ethnic Cleansing destroys the very thing that makes America great; Nuclear explosions in Russia; With music by Twisted Mojo and St. Marlboro; and more!

08/08/19 - It's All About Him -- NSFW! TRex David Ferguson from Kompromat is here today; Jody is off this week; Trump makes it all about him with a shameless propaganda trip to El Paso and Dayton; Trump appears to grope wounded child; El Paso victims refuse to meet with Trump; White House ignored DHS warning about white supremacists; Trump attacks Joaquin Castro; We play 'Tucker Carlson or David Duke'; Trump planning executive order against social media platforms; With music by Kompromat and Bob Bradshaw; and more!

08/07/19 - Author David Neiwert -- David’s the author of The Eliminationists about the hate speech and violent rhetoric that’s overtaken the Republican Party and the White House. David’s most recent book is called Alt-America: the Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump. Today we’ll talk about the mainstreaming of fascism and racism in America and how its led to the epidemic of gun massacres here.

08/06/19 - Toledo -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The weekend massacres in El Paso and Dayton, and how we need to change as a society to end this cycle of violence as a first resort; Trump's speech was a mess; Trump says Toledo instead of Dayton, and what the hell's wrong with his mouth; Video games and mental illness; Our first weather report; Trump made it easier for mentally ill people to buy firearms; With music by Jesse Terry; and more!

08/04/19 - Indie Music Countdown, July 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from July 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

08/01/19 - Doctor Meat Pie -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; This week's CNN debates; Marianne Williamson is a chaos agent; Joe30330; CNN's debate format sucks; Time to thin the herd; Dems attack Obama for some reason; Medicare For All and killing private insurance; The American system vs England and Norway; Warren and Bernie have a peace pact; Prank callers target Sebastian Gorka's stupid show; With music by Tim Mahoney and I Hate You Just Kidding; and more!

07/31/19 - Jacki Schechner Returns -- NSFW! In addition to appearing on the Stephanie Miller Show, Jacki's a healthcare expert, a Russia expert, and one of my all time favorite people. Today we’ll talk about the Mueller testimony, the impact of Russia’s social media propaganda on past and future elections, the legitimization of racism and fascism in America, Medicare For All, and so much more. It's Jacki's third triumphant appearance on interview show. Follow Jacki on Facebook and Twitter.

07/30/19 - Moscow Mitch -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Back from vacation; Impeachment is underway; Mueller's testimony and Chuck Todd's optics; Good news for John McCain; Russia invaded all 50 states; Mitch McConnell blocked at least eight election security bills; Trump launches racist attack against Elijah Cummings and Baltimore; Some facts about the Maryland 7th district; Jared Kushner is a Baltimore slumlord; with music by ALEX and Megan McDuffee and Synthetic Chocolate; and more!

07/18/19 - Garbage Brain Shit People -- NSFW! Bob is on vacation next week; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson are here today; Trump's racist rally; Send Her Back; The Red Hats; Jesse Watters latest awfulness; Trump gets polling bump from Republicans; Jeffrey Epstein denied bail; SDNY ends its probe into the Trump Organization's hush money payments; The creepy video of Trump with Epstein; Rand Paul blocked 911 victims fund; With music by Central City; and more!

07/17/19 - Charlie Pierce -- NSFW! My guest today is the great Charlie Piece from Esquire, NPR Radio and of course the Stephanie Miller Show. Today we’ll talk about NeverTrumpers, the impact of social media on the political debate, Charlies approach to writing and covering the Trump Crisis, as well as a word or two about Star Trek. Meanwhile, if you like what you hear, please help support this podcast by subscribing to our bonus content at

07/16/19 - Everything Is Great -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Vote for Stephanie Miller for the Radio Hall of Fame; Our solution to the dark, disturbing news; Trump threatens to investigate Google for treason; The racist president; Trump tells congresswomen to leave the country; Bill Barr stopped the prosecution of the choke hold cop who killed Eric Garner; Cnn says Barr also may have stopped the SDNY investigation; The NeverTrumper problem; Julian Assange set up a spy base in the Ecuadorian embassy; With music by Arachnophilia and The Bitter Elegance; and more!

07/11/19 - The Rape President -- NSFW! Jody's on vacation but TRex David Ferguson is here; Safe home, Rip Torn; Trump backs away from circumventing the Supreme Court; Trump, Epstein, and 28 girls; Migrant children molested by laughing CBP guards; The strip club charity event at Trump Doral; The Trump Gestapo to begin rounding up immigrants on Sunday; Sebastian Gorka wins journalist of the year from Dipshit Magazine; NeverTrumpers and unsolicited advice; Subpoena day in the Judiciary Committee; Music by Kaz; and more!

07/09/19 - Airports -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is back from vacation; Everything sucks and the congressional Democrats are napping; Trump's Fourth of July wank session; Revolutionary War airports; French people chant 'fuck Trump' on Fox News; Jeffrey Epstein, Alex Acosta and Donald Trump; Trump feels badly for Acosta; Everything is shovel fight; The latest polls show Trump inside the margin of error; Swalwell out, Steyer in; With music by Chris Walla and Cover Two Cover; and more!

07/07/19 - Indie Music Countdown, June 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from June 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

07/03/19 - Bruce Bartlett -- NSFW! You probably know Bruce Bartlett from his scathingly anti-Trump tweets and Facebook statuses, but you might not know that Bruce was a top adviser in the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations. He served as the executive director of the Joint Economic Committee, and later Bruce served as a senior policy analyst in the White House’s office of policy development. We went on to work at the Treasury Department as the deputy assistant secretary for economic policy, and he’s the author of Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting this show at

07/02/19 - Danny Rising -- NSFW! Buzz is on vacation so the Goth Ninjas are here for a Tuesday show; Pence's mysterious return to DC; Ivanka Trump and the vice presidency; Ivanka Trump at the G20; Trump's North Korean blunder; Trump thinks western liberalism means California; Trump also thinks homelessness began two years ago; Sherman Tanks in DC for the Fourth; The atrocities in the migrant prison camps; House Dems sue for Trump's tax returns; With music by Cougar The Tiger; and more!

06/27/19 - Chimp In A Baseball Suit -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas, Jody and TRex, are here for the debut of their new t-shirts; We recap last night's first Democratic Debate; MSNBC's coverage; The standouts and the guys who need to quit; Donald Trump's disruptive comments; Donnie vs Lawrence; Pregnant Alabama woman shot in stomach and charged with manslaughter; The Supreme Court on gerrymandering and the citizenship question; With music by Rebel Queens; and more!

06/25/19 - There Are Four Lights -- NSFW! Despair can be fun; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here as we discuss the metastatic cancer infecting the country and how it will be at least 500 days before it can be treated; The Chuck Todd interview normalized Trump; Crickets from Mueller and Congress; We have a new press secretary; Prison camps filled with children; Trump says Jean Carroll isn't his type; With music by Richard Turgeon; and much more.

06/20/19 - Assonauts -- NSFW! War in Iran looms after American drone is shot down; Wag the Dog; Trump's campaign kickoff rally in Florida; Don Junior and Don Senior contradict each other; Hope Hicks refused to testify; House repeals the president's AUMF authority from 2001; Trump has a domestic abuse problem; Senators briefed on Navy UFO sightings; Jody Hamilton and David Ferguson are here for Threeway Thursday; More accolades for Stephanie Miller; With music by Michael McDermott and C.C. Grace; and more!

06/19/19 - Jim Biederman -- NSFW! Jim Biederman was the executive producer on such shows as Kids in the Hall, the Howard Stern Show on CBS, the Tom Green Show, The Andy Dick Show, I’m With Busey, the Whitest Kids You Know, the Onion News Network, and my old cartoon sketch show for VH1. He’s currently working on the History Fluffer podcast with Dave Hill. Be sure to stick around for Jim's Gary Busey stories!

06/18/19 - The Number Five -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Alex jones accused of sending child porn to Sandy Hook lawyers; Trump's Defense Secretary nominee withdraws in scandal; Trump threatens to send his Gestapo for millions of undocumented immigrants and migrants; More on Trump's ABC News interview; Trump and the No Collusion lie; New Fox News poll shows significant trouble for Trump; With music by Mia Montenegro and Tim Rogner; and more!

06/13/19 - Burning Building Of Words -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; Don't forget to vote for Stephanie Miller; Trump confesses on video that he'd accept help from a foreign government in the election; Trump's probably already done it; The Democrats are still napping; What will the FBI do; Trump tweets about the Prince of Whales; Trump doesn't know that Mark Warner and Adam Schiff are different guys; Kellyanne Conway told she needs to leave the White House; with music by The Scenic Route and John Flywheel; and more!

06/12/19 - Brian Karem Live From The White House -- Brian Karem is the White House correspondent for Playboy, but as you’ll learn, he’s been covering the presidency since the Reagan administration. You might also know Brian from his tough questioning of both Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump himself. Watch for his forthcoming book “Just Ask The Question.” By the way, if you like what you hear make sure to support this show by subscribing at Brian's band can be found at

06/11/19 - Forrest Trump -- NSFW! Vote for Stephanie Miller to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Judiciary Committee hearings with John Dean; The Trumpers went Full Liddy; Joe Biden thinks Republicans will behave; Trump lied about Mexico deals; Trump asked staffers to lie about campaign polling; Trump keeps getting away with it; Trump might be making money by manipulating the stock market; with music by Karousel and Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets; and more!

06/06/19 - Nuclear Sharks -- NSFW! Jody Hamilton from is here, and Rocky Mountain Mike from the Stephanie Miller Show is here to fill in for TRex; Trump was late for D-Day ceremonies; Trump's Normandy speech; Morning Joe; Pfizer buried possible Alzheimer's cure; Trump bans embryonic stem cell research at the NIH; Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC; Joe Biden's plagiarism problem; with music by Monday Favors and A Sundae Drive; and more!

06/05/19 - Ben Gleib -- My guest today is the first ever presidential candidate we’ve interviewed on the show – standup comedian and TV host Ben Gleib. You might know Ben from such shows as Chesley Lately, IdiotTest on the Game Show Network, the Last Week on Earth podcast for Kevin Smith, and the Happy Hour podcast on the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network. Ben’s campaign website is Follow Ben on twitter here. Today we’ll chat about defeating Trump and whether a comedian can bring about change in Washington when so many presidents have failed to break through the noise.

06/04/19 - Young Frankenstein -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank is here today; The New York Times vs MSNBC; Donald Trump's stupid tuxedo; Trump embarrasses America while in England; Bob included in American Conservative list of anti-Trumpers; Jared Kushner shouldn't talk; George Nader arrest for kiddie porn; Manafort's headed to Riker's; How many Trump loyalists will go to jail to protect their cult leader?; House to vote on contempt charges against Barr and McGahn; with music by Quivvver; and more!

06/02/19 - Indie Music Countdown, May 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show from May 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

05/30/19 - A Fool's Errand -- NSFW! The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; We recap Mueller's first and apparently only public statement about his report; Our political leadership is failing us during an existential crisis; Trump doesn't understand impeachment; Pelosi says impeachment is a fool's errand; Michael Beschloss on the House's responsibility to impeach; Schiff says Mueller didn't move the needle; with music by The Bitter Elegance and The Dye; and much more!

05/28/19 - High Pockets -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Bob's tumultuous Memorial Day weekend; HBO's Chernobyl mini-series; Two surprising Supreme Court rulings today on abortion and trans rights; Clarence Thomas is an a-hole; Sebastian Gorka's unintentionally hilarious video; Trump sides with Kim Jong Un over Joe Biden; Where's Mueller; Michael Wolff's latest revelation; With music by Dave Molter and Eddie Heinzelman; and more!

05/23/19 - Ben Carson's Drool Cup -- NSFW! A major thunderstorm interrupted the show; Not jokes; Ben Carson's stoned testimony; Trump's shitty week; Trump's ridiculous Rose Garden stunt; More mouth problems for the president; Nancy Pelosi's behind the scenes gambit; The Infanticide Lie; The Goth Ninjas are here, Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network and David Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast; With music by Jim George and the Cave Twins; and much more!

05/22/19 - Charles Johnson -- My guest today should be more than familiar to anyone who listens to this podcast: it’s the great Charles Johnson. Charles owns and operates, and he’s also an accomplished software engineer and guitarist, having performed and toured with legends such as Al Jarreau and Stanley Clarke. In addition to talking music, we’ll talk with Charles about impeachment, Fox News, the 2020 election, Robert Mueller and so much more. Follow Charles on Twitter here. If you like what you hear, please support this podcast here.

05/21/19 - Suck It Up, Fatbody -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank has boarded the Impeachment Train; Mueller is apparently stonewalling the Judiciary Committee; Where's Mueller; Democratic leadership is pressuring Nancy Pelosi on impeachment; Body sovereignty and abortion rights; Deutsche Bank found possible Trump and Kushner money laundering; Merrick Garland and the DC Circuit; with music by Quivvver and Norway House; and more!

05/16/19 - Uncle Jesus Dentures -- NSFW! We take a deep dive into the latest series of anti-woman, anti-choice laws recently passed in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri, and what happens next as Roe v Wade hangs by a thread; The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here, too; with music by Rellglizzy and Eytan Mirsky; and much more!

05/14/19 - Dr. Leah Torres II -- Dr. Torres is back! In case you missed her previous appearance on the show, Dr. Torres is an OB/GYN who also happens to perform abortions. On top of that, she’s a women’s rights activist, online and off, as well as specializing in the promotion of sexual health. Today, we talked about the Georgia and Alabama abortion laws and how we can argue in support of the science of fetal biology and women's healthcare. You can follow Dr. Torres on Twitter here.

05/14/19 - Land War In Asia -- NSFW! Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment returns after a two week hiatus; Buzz's handy guide for talking to Trump supporters; Everything that happened during Buzz's absence; War with Iran; Barr and Trump are investigating the investigators; Lindsey Graham suggested that Don Junior ignore his subpoena; The mysterious counterintelligence investigation; With music by Young Gun Silver Fox and Bob Bradshaw; and more!

05/09/19 - Sanctimonious Dingwad -- NSFW; It's Threeway Thursday with the Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson; The Constitutional Crisis is underway; Trump's Florida rally; Trump shouted "vagina!"; Don Junior subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Committee; Trump is a tax cheat and a loser; Trump confessed to tax evasion; Jerry Nadler cites Bill Barr for contempt; The Georgia abortion law; Trump wants to legalize female genital mutilation; Falwell's kompromat; With music by Brian Lisik and Purplebrown; and much more.

05/08/19 - Malcolm Nance III -- NSFW! My guest today is Malcolm Nance, the author of the Plot To Hack America, The Plot To Destroy Democracy and the forthcoming Plot To Betray America. Malcolm's back for his third visit on the interview show to talk about Andrew Sullivan, Matt Taibbi, the Mueller Report, Bill Barr’s sedition, the tribalism of the Red Hats, Malcolm’s experiences in the Iraq War, and so much more.

05/07/19 - Russian Meddling -- NSFW; John Aravosis from Americablog and the Unpresidented Podcast is here; Buzz returns next week; Trump is somehow polling at 46 percent; White House blocking Don McGahn from congressional subpoenas; Why are these people willing to go to jail for Trump; Trump wants two more years; Russia isn't meddling, Russia is invading; Mitch McConnell says case closed; Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment issue; Joe Biden's Ukraine problem; With music by Jeremy Dion and Richard Turgeon; and much more.

05/02/19 - Chicken -- NSFW; Bill Barr refused to appear in Congress; DOJ will not deliver an unredacted Mueller Report to Congress; Nancy Pelosi says Barr committed a crime; Mueller needs to step up; The Barr testimony; Lindsey says Trump is a fcking idiot; Kamala Harris destroys Barr; The Oleg Deripaska question; Mueller will testify this month; Hillary's China scenario; The Bidens and Ukraine; The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network and David 'TRex' Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast; With music by Tim King and Jason Revoir; and much more.

05/01/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Sarah Kendzior -- NSFW! My guest today is the great Sarah Kendzior, Russia expert and co-host of the Gaslit Nation Podcast with Andrea Chalupa, who we spoke with two weeks ago on this show. Today we’ll talk about the Mueller Report as especially the bombshell letter Mueller wrote to Bill Barr that dropped in The Washington Post yesterday. Follow Sarah on Twitter and Facebook. Brought to you by Pro Flowers, promo code BOBC!

05/01/19 - Indie Music Countdown, April 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show for the month of April, 2019, aired in the same order in which they first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands.

04/30/19 - Don't Do This -- NSFW; Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast is filling in for Buzz Burbank today; The Equal Rights Amendment hearing in Congress today; Adam Schiff issues a criminal referral on Erik Prince; Jacob Wohl tried and failed to frame Pete Buttigieg; Larry King's health scare; Bob's prank call to Larry King at Duke Zeibert's; Mueller isn't Superman; Brad Parscale reveals where Russia might attack next; Marco Rubio confirms Russia infiltrated Florida; With music by Gabe Fleck and Jesse Terry; and much more.

04/25/19 - The Island Of Unfuckable Toys -- NSFW; Joe Biden is running for president; The Cocoon Campaigns; Biden's greatest gaffes; Joe Biden and the Bankruptcy Bill; Elizabeth Warren killed in two town halls this week; What's the deal with the pee tape; The White House continues to stonewall Congress; William Jeffress and executive privilege; Trump doesn't understand SCOTUS; Mayor Pete and being smart; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; With music by ALEX and Megan McDuffee and Paul Melancon and the New Insecurities; and much more.

04/24/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Scott Dworkin -- NSFW! Scott Dworkin (@funder on Twitter) is one of the go-to champions of the Resistance, covering the Trump Crisis and the ongoing Russiagate story. Scott’s the co-founder The Democratic Coalition – home of the TrumpLeaks research team and the current effort to convince Republicans to support the impeachment of Donald Trump. Programming note: our chat began with some personal information, so Scott asked that I trim out that part due to death threats he's received. Listen accordingly.

04/23/19 - A Box Of Eggs -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; More analysis of the Mueller Report; More evidence that Russia likely handed Donald Trump the election; The Facebook plot; Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; The first article of impeachment; Democrats need to grow a backbone on impeachment; Rudy Giuliani is okay with taking stolen information from enemies during wartime; With music by Cloud Party and Sky Seeker; and much more.

04/18/19 - The Mueller Report -- NSFW; It's a special 90 minute edition of the show as we review the redacted Mueller Report; The Goth Ninjas are here; Jody Hamilton from the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network and TRex David Ferguson from the TRex Report Podcast; With music by Battle Tapes; and much more.

04/17/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Andrea Chalupa -- NSFW! Andrea Chalupa is an accomplished screenwriter and the co-host of the Gaslit Nation podcast. Andrea is one of the leading experts on both Soviet-era Russia and the entire Trump-Russia story. She's also the writer and producer of a forthcoming feature film called Mr. Jones (follow on Twitter) about a reporter who exposes an international conspiracy involving, yes, the Russians. She's also the author of Orwell And The Refugees. Today we’ll talk about the origins of Russia’s active measures as well as the mandate for impeachment of Donald Trump, and a whole lot more. Follow Andrea on Twitter here.

04/16/19 - Flying Water Tankers -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Mueller Report coming Thursday; What's in it and what's been covered up; Trump's idiotic response to the burning of Notre Dame; What's that all about; Pete Buttigieg on Maddow; Bernie on Fox News Channel; Oleg Deripaska investing hundreds of millions in McConnell's Kentucky; With music by Monkeyhole and Emily McCrite; and much more.

04/11/19 - Political Science -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here for Threeway Thursday; Julian Assange arrested; Rep Massie asked John Kerry the dumbest questions in the world; Bill Barr refuses to answer questions about the Mueller Report; Barr says the government spied on Trump; Trump vows to prosecute his enemies; IRS commissioner confirms Trump is lying; With music by Well Known Strangers and St. Marlboro; and much more.

04/10/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Eric Boehlert -- NSFW! You might recognize Eric from his work with The Daily Kos, Media Matters, Rolling Stone, Shareblue and, of course, The Stephanie Miller Show. Eric’s a news media critic and an accomplished author. His most recent book, Bloggers On The Bus, documented how the blogs and social media influenced the 2008 election. Today we’ll talk with Eric about the Trump crisis, impeachment, the news media coverage of both sides, and a lot more. Follow Eric on Twitter and read his latest at The Daily Kos.

04/09/19 - A Rainbow Of Deception -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Our first episode on the Sexy Liberal Podcast Network; Welcome to new listeners; Trump and impeachment; Trump orders federal agents to break the law and defy the courts; The DHS purge; Stephen Miller needs to be subpoenaed; He just wants to separate families; Bill Barr's testimony about the Mueller Report; Barr is the lawyer version of Dick Cheney; Adam McKay's Vice; Witnesses are terrified Trump will see their testimony; With music by Young Gun Silver Fox and C.C. Grace; and much more.

04/04/19 - Oranges -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas, Jody Hamilton and TRex David Ferguson are here; Biff Tannen; Every bombshell of that last 24 hours; Trump's brain worms; Trump keeps saying oranges; Witchiepoo and HR Pufnstuf; Mueller's investigators contradict Bill Barr's memo; The Mueller report apparently contains detailed accounts of Trump campaign contacts with Russia; House Ways and Means chairman requests Trump's tax returns; Trump vs Biden; Trump says wind turbines cause cancer; With music by the Twisted Mojo and Coral Gables; and so much more.

04/03/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Chris Walla -- NSFW! My guest today is the great Chris Walla. Chris was the original guitarist and producer for one of my favorite bands, Death Cab For Cutie, and, with them, he performed on one of the greatest songs ever recorded, Death Cab's "Transatlanticism." But Chris and I originally met through politics back during the Bush years, so Chris has always had one ear in the political world and one ear on creating inspired music. In addition to running his own recording studio in Seattle, he’s produced albums by Tegan and Sara, The Decembrists, and a solo album by the late Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip and so many other killer bands. Buy Chris's solo album "Field Manual" here.

04/02/19 - Does Not Exonerate Him -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Former staffer accuses Joe Biden of improper touching; The Alex Jones deposition; The Trump coverup continues; Trump might withhold the release of the Mueller report; Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan agree the report shouldn't be released; Trump is repeating his DACA gambit with the ACA; With music by the Chris Walla and Jam N' Slate; and so much more.

03/31/19 - Indie Music Countdown, March 2019 -- It's all the indie music we featured on the show for the month of March, 2019, aired in the same order in which they first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands.

03/28/19 - A Complete Lack Of Understanding -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas David Ferguson and Jody Hamilton are here; And it's time to fight; The Trump coverup of the Mueller Report is underway; Trump attempts to defund Special Olympics; Trump tries kill the ACA again; Calls for Adam Schiff to resign; The other collusion; Mark Corallo says Hope Hicks is lying; Adam Schiff lists the Trump crimes; Voters think there's collusion; With music by the Mike Farley Band and After The Fight; and so much more.

03/27/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Randi Rhodes -- NSFW! My guest today is the great Randi Rhodes. I’ve been a Randi listener for at least 15 years now ever since I was first glued to her show on Air America back in 2004. Randi took a break from radio but she’s back and she continues to kick all kinds of Republican ass on her show at Her show streams live every weekday at 4pm eastern. You can also listen and watch via Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes. Today we’ll talk about the Trump crisis, the Barr memo, healthcare, the climate crisis, and so much more.

03/25/19 - Horse In A Hospital -- NSFW; It's a special Monday show to discuss the Barr Report about the Mueller Report; The unanswered questions; The potential cover up; Trump's lack of response to the ongoing Russian attack; What's next for Trump; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; With music by Michael McDermott; and so much more.

03/21/19 - Cars And Hermit Crabs -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and the great TRex David Ferguson are here for Threeway Thursday; Trump can't stop saying NO COLLUSION; ISIS was supposed to be defeated last night; Devin Nunes is a whiny diaper baby; Nunes gets owned by Twitter; Cowtown Funk; Cowardly Trump keeps attacking a dead guy; Roger Stone pleads the Fifth; Hope Hicks cooperating with Nadler; The 17 Trump Russia investigations; Steve Doocy and the Electoral College; Go Andrew Gillum; With music by Substance Abuse and Monday Favors; and so much more.

03/19/19 - Ignorant, Evil And Insane -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Californians; The Gunsplainers; Senator Sandwiches just hired a familiar name; Elizabeth Warren supports the national popular vote compact; The solution for the Electoral College; Quiet vs Loud; Trump's bank fraud with Deutsche Bank; With music by Gin, Chocolate and Bottle Rockets and Cougar The Tiger; and so much more.

03/14/19 - Star Penis -- NSFW; The Goth Ninjas Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson are here; Huge bombshell from Jerry Nadler about Matt Whitaker and Trump; Manafort sentenced; Manafort indicted in Manhattan; Trump and Manafort's lawyer lied about collusion; Hecklers shout down Manafort's lawyer; Adam Schiff and Trump's money laundering; The Democratic field so far; With music by Mia Montenegro and Richard Turgeon; and so much more.

03/13/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Donna Halper on Rush -- NSFW! 45 years ago this month, the greatest rock band in history, RUSH, released their self-titled debut album. My guest today, Donna Halper, is the former rock radio deejay who, that same year, first introduced the band to American audiences on a radio station in Cleveland: WMMS. Donna's also a professor of political communication and media studies, as well as an author and a blogger. Today we'll talk about a little politics and a lot of RUSH, so get ready. You can follow Donna's work at her blog and via Twitter.

03/12/19 - Bubba The Love Sponge -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The 2020 Democratic convention city has been announced; My tweet about Bernie and the vice presidency; Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment question; Tucker Carlson said horrible things on the radio; Erik Prince totally humiliated on Al Jazeera English; With music by John Flywheel and Jim Cesca; and so much more.

03/07/19 - The Goth Ninjas -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show and David Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast are here; Alex Trebek diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; A message to our Baby Boomer listeners; Michael Cohen's suitcase of documents; Trump is a festering carbuncle; Rudy Giuliani is back; Rudy and Pardons; 'Leaving Neverland' and child sexual abuse; A conservative PAC is creating fake news websites; and so much more.

03/06/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Jacki Schechner II -- NSFW! It's another gigantic Russia update show with the great Jacki Schechner from and the Stephanie Miller Show. We’ll get caught up with everything circulating around the investigations into the Trump administration and the Trump Crime Family, as well as what we can expect in the coming weeks. You can and should support Jacki's work at Follow Jacki on Twitter here.

03/05/19 - Hickenlooper -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Why Trump's CPAC rant was profoundly dangerous; The Nexus of Fox News and Trump; Roger Ailes gave Trump debate questions in advance; Jerry Nadler seeking documents from 81 Trumpers; Dems demanding 10 years of Trump's tax returns; Congress close to overturning Trump's emergency; YES COLLUSION; The latest polls; Maxine Waters' Tweet of the Week; and more.

02/28/19 - Washing Money Like A Kenmore -- NSFW; It's another Bob Cesca Show Roundtable to discuss the Michael Cohen testimony in the House Oversight Committee; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here, too, and of course the great David 'TRex' Ferguson of the TRex Report podcast joins us for our first ever four way show coming to you from Washington, DC, Georgia, Florida and Los Angeles.

02/27/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Frank Conniff -- NSFW! Our guest today is the great Frank Conniff – "TV’s Frank" from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the former co-host of Tell Me Everything With John Fugelsang on SiriusXM radio. Today we’ll talk about Frank’s firing from SiriusXM as well as his career in standup comedy and legendary shows like MST3K. You can follow Frank’s work @FrankConniff on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out his most recent book, Codename D.O.U.C.H.B.A.G. on Amazon and wherever hilarious graphic novels are sold.

02/26/19 - Memorandum Of Understanding -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; Trump's HOLD THE DATE tweet; Michael Cohen on the Hill today; Trump says Dems want to execute infants; The Born Alive Bill; Has Trump paid for abortions; Trump vs Reality on his China trade negotiations; Jeffrey Epstein and Alex Acosta should be a bigger story; The Oscars and Green Book; The beauty of music; and so much more.

02/21/19 - Roger Stone's Pointy Head -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; We track the hearing to determine whether Roger Stone's bail is revoked; Mueller could wrap up within days; This isn't the end for criminal investigations against Trump; Coast Guard officer plotted to kill prominent liberals; The Manafort sentencing memo; Russia is resuming its social media attack against Democrats; Trump lied about a wall video; Putin threatens American with a nuclear attack; Jody's Celebrity Sighting Of The Week; and so much more.

02/20/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Driftglass & Bluegal -- NSFW! My guests today are the husband and wife team of Driftglass and Bluegal from The Professional Left Podcast. Today we’ll talk about the latest from the Trump Crisis, and we’ll dig into one of the areas where we disagree: how the left should best approach the phenomenon of Never Trump conservatives. You can follow the Pro Left Podcast at and on Twitter at proleftpodcast. Don't forget to tell all your friends! If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at

02/19/19 - White Blood Cells -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump seizes new powers then threatens his enemies with jail; Rosenstein leaving DOJ; Trump asked Whitaker to appoint a loyalist in SDNY; Trump couldn't say Venezuela during speech about Venezuela; Roger Stone is in big trouble; Bernie is running; Bernie's fatal flaw; The 20th Anniversary of Office Space; Bohemian Rhapsody; and so much more.

02/14/19 - Carol Burnett's Batphone -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton is here with an EXCLUSIVE story about singer Ryan Adams and the sex related charges against him; McCabe, Trump and the 25th Amendment; The Deep State Coup narrative kicks in; Trump begged Lou Dobbs and Hannity for help; Alex Jones will be deposed under oath; Crazies In Cars Getting Conspiracies; Paul Manafort stripped of plea deal; Direct vs Circumstantial Evidence; Trump's poll numbers are up and everything sucks; and so much more.

02/12/19 - Murders Murders Killings Murders -- NSFW; Our radio pal Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Bob goes in depth about how Facebook murdered The Daily Banter and many other publications; Trump's coked up ragegasm in El Paso; The Trump Reelection Campaign; Trump vs Beto on crowd size; Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren with Trail of Tears zinger; The Infuriating Double Standards; Steve Schmidt storms off his own show; and so much more.

02/07/19 - Matt Waterfeature -- NSFW; Theropodcaster David 'TRex' Ferguson from The TRex Report podcast is here; House Intelligence Committee and Adam Schiff getting ready to dance on Trump's head; Mommie Dearest and Fargo; The Trump Organization's odd purchases; The Eddie Haskell State of the Union; The vast disparity between Trump scandals and Democratic scandals; Elizabeth Warren and the Double Standard; The INF and NATO; Matt Gaetz is Congressman Chucklefuck; Sweaty Matt Whitaker subpoenaed; Butina's boyfriend indicted; and so much more.

02/06/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Malcolm Nance II -- NSFW! It’s the triumphant return of my favorite national security analyst, the great Malcolm Nance, author of The Plot To Destroy Democracy and The Plot To Hack America. Today, I spoke with Malcolm about the nightmarish State of the Union address, as well as the INF Treaty, the latest on Russia, NATO, and whether we’re all totally screwed. Oh, and we discussed Malcolm's badass fleet of Land Rovers. So put the kids to bed and hang on tight, and get ready for Shouty McShoutface... If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at

02/05/19 - Executive Time -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The State of the Union tonight; AIDS cure; Trump's daily schedule leaked by White House staffer; Trump's executive time; Trump refuses to listen to his intelligence briefers; The Face the Nation interview; A wonderful kindergarten; The Mueller Report; Prosecutors subpoena Trump's inaugural committee; Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax; and so much more.

01/31/19 - Saturday And Live -- NSFW; Ingénue Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here today; The Polar Vortex is also here; Intelligence community totally contradicts Trump and no one cares; Schumer sends letter to Coats demanding that he educates Trump; Don Junior's stupid thing of the day; Steve Schmidt advising Howard Schultz; Russian hackers grab Mueller documents; McConnell and Blavatnik; Another secret Trump meeting with Boss Pooty Poot; Don Junior meets with election interference firm; and so much more.

01/30/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Jen Senko -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: My guest today is Jen Senko, the director of the award winning documentary film The Brainwashing Of My Dad (watch the trailer here) about the toxic influence of Fox News and AM talk radio on some of our closest friends and relatives. I think we all have a family member who’s been indoctrinated into the Fox News cult, and Jen’s film not only details the reasons for this but also ways in which we can de-program our loved ones. By the way, the movie’s available for rent on iTunes for just 99-cents. And if you go now to @BrainwashingDad on Twitter and retweet the iTunes announcement you’ll be entered to win a movie poster and a signed DVD. Drawing takes place on February 12, so get going! If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at

01/29/19 - Eric's The Smart One -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; The polar vortex is back; The president is trolling the climate now; Trump thinks Sicario is real; The shutdown robbed the economy of 11 billion; Roger Stone arrested; Stone compares himself to Bin Laden; Stone says he read Trump's answers to Mueller; Dan Coats contradicts Trump on a variety of topics; Trump says Obama watched TV all day; and so much more.

01/24/19 - Shitdown -- NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here today; Day 34 of the Trump Shutdown; The shutdown is an abuse of power; New Lebowski project with Jeff Bridges; Trump caved to Pelosi on the State of the Union; Bob smells a recession coming on; When does it end; Biff's approval numbers are collapsing; Michael Cohen subpoenaed by the Senate Intelligence Committee; Deutsche Bank cooperating with Mueller; The Gillette Commercial; The Covington high school kids; Facebook fuckery; and so much more.

01/23/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Josh Mills on Ernie Kovacs -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: This is a special show for me. Today would’ve been Ernie Kovacs’ 100th birthday. For those of you new to the name, Ernie invented sketch comedy for television in the 1950s and 60s, taking full advantage of TV as a visual format, unlike many shows of his era. He was also the host of the Tonight Show for the better part of a year, and if you like subversive TV sketch comedy, much of the credit goes to Ernie for paving the way for not only David Letterman, but Monty Python, SNL, and so many other legendary shows and performers. To honor Ernie's life and work today, my guest is Josh Mills from -- Josh is not only an Ernie Kovacs historian but he's also the son of Edie Adams, Ernie's second wife. So, please enjoy today’s interview, if for no other reason but to honor a personality who contributed so much to TV entertainment and yet isn’t fully recognized by his own industry. "It's been real!"If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at

01/22/19 - A Stroke And A Poke -- NSFW; My radio pal Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Day 32 of the Trump Shutdown; The Buzzfeed News dispute; Rudy reveals Trump and Cohen consulted with each other; Rudy also says Trump was working on the Moscow Project through Election Day; What tapes; Rudy on his way to the shower; The Supreme Court allows DACA to continue; Supreme Court also allows Trump's transgender ban to continue; Trump doesn't understand what ahumanitarian crisis means; The grand jury runs out of money on Friday; Government websites vulnerable to hackers; and so much more.

01/17/19 - You're Dethpicable -- NSFW; The esteemed Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Giuliani says there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia; Rudy backpedals; 42 Republicans side with Russia; Why didn't Bernie vote; Cohen says Trump ordered him to rig online polls; Cohen will call Trump a mad man; The economic damage of the shutdown; Trump cancels Pelosi's trip to Afghanistan in major security breach; The State of the Union; Trump's tanking in the polls; The Atlantic calls for impeachment; Chuck Schumer and Kilimnik; and so much more.

01/16/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Dr. Leah Torres -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Dr. Leah Torres is a Utah-based OB/GYN who also happens to perform abortions. On top of that, she’s a women’s rights advocate and activist, as well as specializing in the promotion of sexual health and education. Today’s show will cover everything from abortion to anti-choice TRAP laws, and we’ll dig into human sexuality, too, with an expert in human anatomy. Hang on tight, you'll hear some things on today's show you might not have heard ever before. Follow Dr. Torres on Twitter, and be sure to follow #Docsplaining. Read more about Dr. Torres in this New York Times piece. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at

01/15/19 - Hamburders -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump serves fast food to Clemson athletes; Many, many French fries; The latest from the William Barr confirmation hearings; The FBI and Mueller investigation whether Trump is an agent of Moscow; Trump destroyed evidence; Mueller also probing Devin Nunes; Trump floated the idea of leaving NATO; Trump official wants to fire everyone; 'You fucked it all up, Mick'; Russia approved the fingering of the NRA; and so much more.

01/10/19 - Mustache Rides -- NSFW; The esteemed Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here today; Jody's recap of the Golden Globes with her Mom, the legendary Carol Burnett; We have collusion again; Trump and paying for Wall; The buck stops with everybody; Jim Acosta's report from the border; Trump's temper tantrum; TSA workers are going home; House Dems will subpoena Don Junior; Rosenstein on his way out; Michael Cohen will testify in Congress next month; and so much more.

01/09/19 - Interviews from Earth One: Steven Weber -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: My guest today is one of my favorite people ever, the great Steven Weber. You probably know Steven from his legendary roles as Brian Hackett on Wings, Jack Torrance in The Shining miniseries, Jack Rudolph on the died-too-young Aaron Sorkin series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and countless other roles on stage, screen, and even in animated GIF form. Steven also runs one of the most hilariously warped Twitter feeds anywhere. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting the show at

01/08/19 - Impeachment Club -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump to speak to the nation from the Oval Office; The Trump National Emergency; The fake invasion and the fake border crisis; TV network coverage; How the government shutdown will end; The Daily Caller's stupid gotcha story about Obama; The shutdown and the IRS; Trump repeats Russia propaganda from the cabinet room; Putin offers soy beans to China during Trump's trade war; and so much more.

01/03/19 - Computer Boards -- NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson is here today; Happy New Year; Our first show of 2019; Trump wouldn't leave us alone during the holiday; Trump's insane cabinet meeting; The Trump Shutdown Continues; Nancy Pelosi and the 116th Congress sworn in; Trump defended Russia's invasion of Afghanistan; Whitaker kissed Trump's ass; Elizabeth Warren and fighting Trump; The Romney oped; Trump and the RNC continue to copulate; Kurt Eichenwald's epic thread about Trump and Rusher; and so much more.

12/20/18 - Captain Obvious -- NSFW; The great Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Last free show of 2018; Walter Health Scare; Blocking Fox News on your parents' TV; Trump pulling out of Syria for the wrong reasons; Matt Whitaker isn't recusing himself; Nobody Knows Campaign Finance like Trump; Mueller gets Roger Stones House Intelligence transcript; It's a good day for the Steele Dossier; South Carolina rigging the primaries for Trump; The Go Fund Me for Trump's Wall; and so much more.

12/19/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Cliff & John Return -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Today we welcome back to Earth One the great Cliff Schecter and John Aravosis from the Unpresidented Podcast right here on Patreon. You might also know John from and you might know Cliff from his various cable news appearances as well as the Ohio Innocence Project. We’ll look back at 2018 in the news as well as everything that’s happening right now with Trump and Russia, as well as the forthcoming Democratic primary contest. Follow John and Cliff on Twitter.

12/18/18 - Twas The Night Before Impeachment -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Buzz's dramatic reading of Twas The Night Before Impeachment; Mike Flynn sentencing doesn't quite go as planned; Trump shuts down his Foundation slush fund; Giuliani confesses to collusion; Former Enquirer staffer admits further Trump coverups; The 17 known Trump investigations; Federal judge strikes down the ACA; Roger Stone selling Roger Stones; and so much more.

12/13/18 - Rabbit Season Duck Season -- NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson is here; Michael Cohen sentenced to three years in prison; Colbert told a familiar joke last night; Former Apprentice staffer confirms Trump horrors; Newt Gingrich and the Chief of Staff gig; Hannity deleted his tweets; National Enquirer cooperating with SDNY; New York AG pursuing Trump Org; Trump on Fox News today; Axl Rose, Phil Collins, and Vince Neil; and so much more.

12/11/18 - Weaselstein -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Happy Birthday to Chez; Trump argues with Pelosi and Schumer on camera; Trump accepts blame for the shutdown; James Fields sentenced; The Cohen Sentencing Memo; Maria Butina to enter a plea deal; The NRA is broke and doomed; William Barr might have to recuse; Trump is losing Fox News; Trump can't find a chief of staff; Da Nang Dick; and so much more.

12/06/18 - The Mueller -- NSFW; The great Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here for another Weird Thursday; The Trump Instability continues to mess with the Dow and the economy; Trump attends the Bush funeral; Trump doesn't care about the debt; The Flynn sentencing memo; Former Trumps staffer thinks Trump will go nuts; Rudy doesn't understand the internets; Don Junior thinks he'll be indicted; Alan Dershowitz thinks Mueller is one-sided; Election fraud in North Carolina; and so much more.

12/05/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Mark Hughes -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: My guest today is one of the best film journalists and movie critics working today, the great Mark Hughes. His Forbes column is a must-read, especially if you're like me and you love action/adventure movies like the Marvel and DC comic book movies. Today on Earth One, Mark and I discuss motion-smoothing; VR technology in film; the controversy surrounding the DC Extended Universe; Mark reveals some of his early favorites for Best Picture at the forthcoming Oscars; and so much more. You can follow Mark on Twitter here.

12/04/18 - Tariff Man -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We're expecting Mike Flynn news; Oh Magoo; Trump is Scott Free by day, Tariff Man by night; Trump 'looks forward' to Bush funeral; Mueller wrapping up loose ends; Trump committed high crimes on Twitter; Jerry Nadler says Trump is compromised; Republicans try to seize power in Wisconsin and Michigan; How the Russians may have rigged Florida; and so much more.

11/29/18 - What Favor? -- NSFW; The great Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying about Trump Tower Moscow; Trump denies that he did anything wrong; Why Trump hired Cohen; Randy Credico slams Trump on Twitter; Trump stupidly floats a pardon for Manafort; Deutsche Bank raided; Trump's former lawyer raided; Trump denied knowing about the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016; Trump says he has kompromat on House Dems; Trump cancels meetings; James Carville and Peggy Noonan can suck it; and so much more.

11/28/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Rocky Mountain Mike -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Mike Hardeman, better known by most of you as "Rocky Mountain Mike," is the hilarious song parody guy from the Stephanie Miller Show. Mike’s been producing song parodies and pre-recorded sketches for Stephanie’s show for many years now, but you might not know that Mike also has a long, storied career as a radio deejay. On today’s show we’ll learn about the man behind the silly songs and goofy bits. You can follow Mike on Twitter here.

11/27/18 - Playskool Tear Gas -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We have collusion; Manafort met with Assange; Manafort lied to Mueller; Trump could pardon Manafort; Trump knew about Manafort's lying weeks ago; Marcy Wheeler's theory; Kushner inflated the cost of the Saudi arms deal; Papadopoulos reports for jail; Trump fires tear gas at children; Family separation and history; Trump vs Obama and Bush; Thanks to Chris Hayes; and so much more.

11/20/18 - Lock Her Up -- NSFW; Happy Thanksgiving; Kimberley A. Johnson fills in for Buzz today; Raking the forests; Ivanka Trump caught using private email; House Democrats will investigate; Trump and Pakistan; Fox News Twitter update; Trump is too scared to visit troops; Trump's statement on Khashoggi is bonkers; Susan Collins won't defend Mueller; Trump mocks Adam Schiff; Trump insults McRaven; and so much more.

11/15/18 - Count Of Monte Crisco -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; More radio silence from Fox News and Drudge; Trump confessed to obstruction again; Trump's plot to hand over a US Resident to Turkey; Melania goes to war; Fox News and the CNN lawsuit against Trump; Trump and voter fraud; Matt Whitaker's Man Toilet; and so much more.

11/14/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Jacki Schechner -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Jacki Schechner runs the invaluable website and she's a frequent guest on the Stephanie Miller Show. I thought with the outcome of the midterms and the firing of Jeff Sessions, we'd spend an hour getting caught up with the Trump-Russia story and the Mueller investigation with a real life expert, my good friend Jacki. You can follow Jacki on Twitter: @jackischechner.

11/13/18 - Insert Breaking News Here -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Something weird is happening out there; Fox News goes quiet; Drudge deletes his tweets; Rumored indictments from Mueller soon; Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi on the chopping block; Koch Brothers declaring war on Trump; David Frum and the Coalition of Normals; Kyrsten Sinema wins in Arizona; Looking ahead to 2020; Michelle Obama; Rick Scott fails to seize voting machines; Don Junior's propaganda debunked; and so much more.

11/08/18 - Biff Has A Sad -- NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here; Trump fires Jeff Sessions; The Mueller probe in peril; RBG falls and breaks three ribs; More about Trump's insane press conference; Acosta booted from the White House; Sarah Sanders shares Infowars video; Bob v Michael Steele; Another gun massacre; The latest on the Gillum race in Florida; and so much more.

11/07/18 - Get A Pet Bunny -- Our team of untouchables is here for a special panel show: Jody Hamilton, Buzz Burbank, Kimberley A. Johnson, and me, your humble host. Today, we discuss all of the highlights and lowlights of the 2018 midterms. The Blue Wave, the consequences for Trump, the news media's reaction, Trump's horrendous press conference, and so much more! If you like what you hear, please consider supporting our show by subscribing to our excellent bonus content:

11/01/18 - Sprinkles The Pig -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Jacob Wohl and Jack Burnkman's big press conference; Burkman's wardrobe malfunction; Trump doesn't know the actual name of the Democratic Party; One last look at the midterms; Trump threatens to invoke state of emergency; Trump and the Truth; James O'Keefe tries to scam a CIA agent; Jody's finger injury; and so much more.

10/30/18 - Diphthong -- NSFW; Happy Halloween; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump threatens to repeal the 14th Amendment with an executive order; The Supreme Court will never allow it; White House won't rule out suspending habeas corpus and the Posse Comitatus Act; Trump legitimized the bigotry of the radical right; Sarah Sanders lied about the results of the 2016 election; Axios and its Trump interview tactics; Jacob Wohl spreads ridiculous conspiracy about Robert Mueller; No podcast on Election Day; Special Bob Cesca Show Roundtable scheduled for Nov 7; and so much more.

10/25/18 - Eddie Haskell -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Bombs sent to Democrats on Trump's enemies list; Trump fails to accept responsibility for inciting his fanboys; Trump blames the press; Lindsey Graham has the dumbest take; Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich weigh in; Trump continues to use a private cellphone; China and other spying on Trump's calls; Trump says phone story is fake news; Lou Dobbs can't say words; Trump orders military to the border; Posse Comitatus; and so much more.

10/24/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Greg Sargent -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Greg Sargent runs The Plum Line blog at I’ve been following his work since the Bush years and blogosphere 1.0 when he wrote for Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo. His new book is called “An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy In An Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics.” Given today's news -- bombs sent to Obama, Hillary, CNN and so forth, Greg's the perfect guest to chat with today.

10/23/18 - Not Shocking But Terrifying -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The flaws in that NBC News midterms poll; Trump makes another big promise; Trump announces a revival of our nuclear weapons program; Gorbachev slams Trump; Trump declares himself to be a nationalist; Trump vs Transgender Americans; Voter fraud doesn't exist; Trump's threat about the midterms; Americans are suckers; Trump can't keep getting away with this; and so much more.

10/22/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Tony Atamanuik -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Tony Atamanuik is the comedy genius behind The President Show and he's the funniest, most subversive Trump impressionist working today. His President Show special, The Fall Of Donald J. Trump, airs tonight at 11pm on Comedy Central, and his new book "American Tantrum" drops tomorrow. You can keep up with Tony's work on Twitter here. Oh, and you have to watch this video. And for those of you who listen to our Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday shows, you'll recognize Tony's voice as Trump shouting "GODDAMMIT!"

10/18/18 - Trump Fatigue -- NSFW; The great TRex David Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here; Don McGahn resigns; America is tired of Donald Trump; The latest on the Khashoggi murder; Jared Kushner and Trump working with the Saudi coverup; Trump likes due process again; Jared and MBS are texting buddies; The stakes in the governor races; Fusion GPS lawyer nails Fox News on the Russian attack; Trump and Lavrov exchanged makeup; Trump said Obama should be investigated; The Republican started the violent rhetoric; and so much more.

10/16/18 - Bone Saw -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Three weeks from Election Day; We review some positive indicators for a Blue Wave; Independent voters are pissed about Trump; The Reuters Poll showing indies are leaning heavily toward the Dems; Trump's $800B deficit; Mitch McConnell threatens Medicare and Social Security; Trump Fatigue is real; Trump's gibberish about Kim Jong Un on 60 Minutes; Elizabeth Warren's DNA; Trump is acting suspicious about Khashoggi; Cyber attacks against election systems; and so much more.

10/11/18 - Daddy Thinks I'm The Best -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; The Dow tanked again; Trump blames the Fed; Trump's bizarre outburst; The mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi; Trump's insane meeting with New York Magazine; Chris Wray sayd his Kavanaugh investigation was limited by the White House; John Roberts refers Kavanaugh allegations to DC Circuit; Election meddling in Georgia and North Dakota; Kanye's stupid password; Trump in 2020; Avenatti says Don Junior will be indicted; and so much more.

10/10/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Tom Nichols -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Tom Nichols is a professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval War College and, among other volumes, Tom is the author of one of the most important books of this era, The Death Of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters. He’s also a five time Jeopardy! champion, and the author of a new piece for The Atlantic, Why I’m Leaving the Republican Party. As some of you might know, Tom is a conservative, but based on his book and his article in The Atlantic, I assure you we all have more in common than you might think.

10/09/18 - Victimhood -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Big guest announcement for our interview show; Trevor Noah's magnificent speech about male victimhood; Kavanaugh confirmed; Susan Collins' ridiculous speech; The GOP Suicide; Nikki Haley resigns; Good news for the midterms; Women voters rising up; Russia might not interfere; The enthusiasm gap; The sheer volume of stupid people in America; Forming a coalition to repair the Trump disaster; and so much more.

10/04/18 - Chicken Boy -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Cat vomit and tendinitis trouble; The bombshell Trump tax fraud story by the New York Times; Don't Mess With The IRS; Fred Trump and all of Biff's bailouts; Red Hats and the Trump Sideshow; Brett Kavanaugh's FBI report is done; Senators miss the point; Kavanaugh's temperament is disqualifying; The gaslighting is over the top; Eli Lake's stupid take; Young voters and the midterms; and so much more.

10/03/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Helen O'Donnell -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Helen O’Donnell is an accomplished author and historian as well as the daughter of President Kennedy’s chief of staff Kenny O’Donnell -- you might recognize Kenny from Kevin Costner’s portrayal of him in the stellar film about the Cuban Missile Crisis, Thirteen Days. Helen’s new book -- out now -- is called Launching LBJ: How A Kennedy Insider Helped Define Johnson's Presidency, culled from Kenny O’Donnell’s tapes and journals about the early days of the Johnson administration following Kennedy’s assassination.

10/02/18 - PJ And Tobin And Squi -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Trump attacks female reporters at NAFTA press conference; Trump and Provigil; Miss Lindsey doesn't give a shit about you; Mitch McConnell confronted by activists; Don Junior's more worried about his sons than his daughters potentially being raped; Kavanaugh's bar fight; All of Kavanaugh's lies; Rape statistics and seeking help; QAnon's latest gibberish; and so much more.

09/27/18 - Mister Kurd -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; We discuss the Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh hearings as they happen; Ford's unquestionable credibility; Kavanaugh's crying and belligerence; Chuck Grassley's interruptions; Lindsey Grahama's threat; Trump's insane press conference; Trump vs Trudeau; Trump vs Mister Kurd; Larry Charles on the interview show; and so much more.

09/26/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Larry Charles -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: You might know Larry Charles as the writer and creative mind behind some of the most legendary episodes of Seinfeld -- The Outing, The Bris, The Subway, The Fire, The Library Cop and so many others. Larry also directed episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as the films Borat, Bruno, and Bill Maher's Religulous. In addition to all that, Larry has a brilliant mind for politics via his Twitter feed: @larrycharlesism. And be sure to catch his new show for Netflix: Larry Charles' Dangerous World Of Comedy.

09/25/18 - Devil's Triangle -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Sexy Liberal DC recap; Bill Cosby sentenced; The world laughed at Trump today; Trump attacks Ford at UN; The Monday morning chaos; Trump uses Rosenstein to distract from Kavanaugh; Kavanaugh's yearbook awfulness; Kavanaugh claims to have been a virgin; New allegations from two women; Michael Avenatti to represent woman who was gang raped; Choosing the next president; A final thought to the women; and so much more.

09/20/18 - From The Standpoint Of Water -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Brett Kavanaugh is an underpants gnome; Kavanaugh's twisted fraternity; Hirono Smash; Dinesh D'Souza says Christine Ford's drinking discredits her claims; Dean Heller says Ford's claims are a 'little hiccup'; Trumpers doxxing and harassing Ford; What stays at Georgetown Prep; Trump has brain worms; One of the wettest we've seen from the standpoint of water; Trump hasn't read the documents he's declassifying; and so much more.

09/19/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Brian Lynch -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One: Brian Lynch is perhaps the funniest and most successful screenwriter in Hollywood today -- Minions, The Secret Life Of Pets and the forthcoming Minions 2, as well as Hop and Puss In Boots. He's also part of Kevin Smith's Red Bank troupe, and Brian and I developed a cartoon series together called Angry Naked Pat. If you have kids, they've probably seen Brian's movies, and they'll definitely fall in love with Brian's new book, Toy Academy: Some Assembly Required.

09/18/18 - Toad -- NSFW; Charles Johnson from is here for the vacationing Buzz Burbank; Sexy Liberal DC this Saturday; Stormy Daniels described Trump's penis; Yeti hair; Mushrooms and Mario Kart; Ronan Farrow has the Apprentice tapes; Chuck C Johnson's links to Brett Kavanaugh; Rape allegations against Kavanaugh; The Dems are pushing back; Trump declassifies a series of documents regarding Russia; Ben Shapiro linked to Manafort's Yanukovych propaganda; Mitch McConnell is a troll; and so much more.

09/13/18 - Duty Station -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Woodward chapter describes Trump as stubbornly ignorant; Jesus, I told him a lot; Trump insists 3,000 Americans didn't die in Puerto Rico; Paul Ryan's spineless response; Trump gives himself an A plus for his response to Puerto Rico; Tremendously Big and Tremendously Wet; Americans are too dumb to live; The rehab of George W Bush is over; The frustrating Chris Hayes panel in Michigan; Trump and Manafort and their mutual defense agreement; Manafort negotiating a plea deal; Ken Starr's take; Letter about Kavanaugh turned over to the FBI; and so much more.

09/12/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Jen Kirkman -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, the great Jen Kirkman joins us to talk about sexism in Hollywood, Norm Macdonald, Louis CK, standup comedy, stupid network executives and so much more! You can see Jen on her Netflix comedy specials, Just Keep Living and I’m Gonna Die Alone, as well as her podcast I Seem Fun: the Diary Of Jen Kirkman. She’s also a writer on Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Jen on Twitter and Instagram. If you haven't already, please consider supporting the show by subscribing to our bonus content!

09/11/18 - Smarter Moles -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Remembering 911; Trump bragged about having the tallest building; The Fear Convention of 2004; Obama's tough love for young voters; More on the Anonymous officials inside the White House; Bob Woodward's Fear; Gary Cohn and Trump's Debt Ignorance; Pigman John Dowd said Trump is 'disabled'; Trump plans to write his own history; Midterm polling confirms the Blue Wave; Trump tweet almost precipitated another Korean War; and so much more.

09/10/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Frangela -- On today's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, two of my favorite comedians/satirists are here: it's the great Frangela duo, Frances Callier and Angela Shelton. You’ve probably heard Frangela on the Stephanie Miller Show as well as their podcast called The Final Word. And today, Frangela is debuting their all new daytime talk show Me Time With Frangela! Check your local listings for channels and airtimes. If you haven't already, please consider supporting the show by subscribing to our bonus content!

09/06/18 - Lodestar -- NSFW; Jacki Schechner from is here; The Bombshell article written by an anonymous Trump insider; Trump goes volcanic; More administration officials speak out; Who is the turncoat; Should Anonymous go public; Trump says Anonymous committed treason; The witch hunt inside the White House; Trump's response is to brag about his accomplishments; Trump always makes things worse for Trump; The beginning of the end; Kamala Harris nails Brett Kavanaugh; Cory Booker leaks Kavanaugh emails; and so much more.

09/04/18 - Crazytown -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Brett Kavanaugh hearings are off to a chaotic start; Trump and the Senate Republicans are hiding Kavanaugh's record; An agent of the Kremlin has nominated a SCOTUS justice for life; Chuck Grassley is Pete Puma; The rules and traditions; We read the EXPLOSIVE article detailing some of revelations in Bob Woodward's new book; Trump regretted criticizing Nazis; Kelly thinks the White House is Crazytown; Trump called Sessions 'retarded'; Staffers desperately trying to stop Trump from going nuts; Trump wanted to assassinate Assad; and so much more.

08/29/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Nancy MacLean -- On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk with Dr. Nancy MacLean, who you might've seen on Bill Maher earlier this month. She's a professor of history at Duke University and the author of Democracy In Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan For America. Buy the book here. We'll dig into Charles Koch and his subversive, racist plan to undermine the Constitution, and how the entire plot began with the work of a UVA economics professor named James McGill Buchanan. This might be the most important show I've ever done. If you haven't already, please consider supporting the show by subscribing to our bonus content!

08/28/18 - Trump's Funeral -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump attacks Google for liberal bias; The same old Republican trick; Both Sides; Whiny Trump refuses to acknowledge McCain's death; Too little too late; Who's the next indictment; Roger Stone is poisonous; Buzz reads a telling passage from Dickens' A Christmas Carol; Pastor John Kilpatrick says Trump is being attacked by witchcraft; Pastor Jeffress and optional Christianity; Great news about gerrymandering in North Carolina; and so much more.

08/23/18 - We Got Him -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Trump confesses to felony hush money payments; One juror was the holdout in the Manafort verdict; Republicans warn Trump against pardoning Manafort; Michael Cohen could implicate Trump and Don Junior in collusion; Nation Enquirer publisher Pecker cooperating with SDNY; Trump wants to ban flippers; Trump's bizarre 'gestate' rant; Lindsey Graham says Trump will fire Sessions; and so much more.

08/22/18 - Clever Girl -- NSFW; It's a special edition of The Bob Cesca Show featuring the great Kimberley A. Johnson and Buzz Burbank; We dig into Michael Cohen's bombshell plea deal and its ramifications for both Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, the Republican Party and, of course, the forthcoming midterms; Plus, the Fox News reaction and how Trump will try to wiggle out of these very serious federal crimes.

08/21/18 - Five Bees For A Quarter -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Manafort jury seems close to a verdict; The eccentricities of Judge TS Ellis; Michael Cohen enters a plea deal with prosecutors; Trump using security clearances as his latest obstruction weapon; Trump the game show host; McGahn cooperating with Mueller; Kavanaugh and perjury; Corrections from our Aretha episode; Christopher Steele wins libel case; and so much more.

08/16/18 - RESPECT -- NSFW; David 'TRex' Ferguson from The TRex Report podcast is here; We remember Aretha Franklin's life and music; Trump says Aretha worked for him; Trump's Enemies List; Trump asked Sessions to arrest Omarosa; Georgia Republicans eliminating polling places in a big African American county; Trump's NDAs; Mel Gibson and torture porn; Huge turnout in this week's primaries; Russians successfully interfered to help Dana Rohrbacher win; and so much more.

08/15/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Debrianna Mansini -- NSFW; On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk with Debrianna Mansini -- a wonderful character actor and a powerful voice for the Resistance online. You probably know her as waitress "Fran" at Loyola’s Family Restaurant in Breaking Bad Season 5, as well as Better Call Saul Season 2. She's also busy on tour with her one-woman show called The Meatball Chronicles. And you might’ve also seen her in the academy award winning film Crazy Heart where she performed opposite Best Actor winner Jeff Bridges. Follow Debrianna on Twitter. WATCH Debrianna on Better Call Saul and in Crazy Heart and more!

08/14/18 - Dog -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Omarosa Tapes; We called it; Trump forced staffers to sign NDAs; Omarosa says there's tape with Trump saying the N word; Omarosa book will claim Trump called Don Junior a 'fuck up'; Trump calls Omarosa a dog; Roger Stone's swastika; Sacha Baron Cohen nails another Trumper; Trump vs Primary Challengers; Kasich is more popular that Trump in Ohio; and so much more.

08/09/18 - Malcolm Nance's Thong -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Bryan Cranston as Howard Beale in Network; Sexy Liberal Announcement; The Ohio 12th special election; Greens and Voter Turnout; Trump's budget deficit is another eff you to Obama; Bill Nelson says Russia hacked Florida's election systems; Rachel Maddow's Devin Nunes audio; Don Junior's circulating a fake meme again; The Space Force; and so much more.

08/08/18 - Interviews from Earth One: John Aravosis and Cliff Schecter -- NSFW; On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk with Cliff Schecter and John Aravosis. Cliff and John are the hosts of the UnPresidented Podcast. You might also know Cliff from such shows as The Bob Cesca Show (hello!) and the Majority Report with Sam Seder. And you might know John from the great Follow Cliff and John on Twitter. Today, we dig into everything from "alpha-liberals" to the Trump crisis and both the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential election.

08/07/18 - Nuts And Trouble -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Liberty Amendments and the Koch GOP takeover of the Constitution; Alpha Democrats; Trump ordered the code red and hurled Junior under a bus; Election Day in the Ohio 12th; Alex Jones booted off Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher; QAnon might be a liberal prank; Mueller sets a low bar for Trump questions; Facebook wants your banking information; and so much more.

08/02/18 - The Pig Woman And The Yak Man -- NSFW; The great Jacki Schechner from is here; The actual U.S. law regarding collusion; Chris Coons is pulse pounding; Red Hat Suckers; Republicans block election security funding; Trump stupidly praised Kim Jong Un again; Trump is a national security threat; The QAnon conspiracy theorists; Sarah Sanders and the Steele Dossier; Ron DeSantis is a Russia linked Trump clone; and so much more.

08/01/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Jillian Barberie -- NSFW; On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk with legendary broadcaster and Resistance voice Jillian Barberie. You might know her from "The Drive Home" on KABC 790AM in Los Angeles, also from Fox NFL Sunday, Good Day LA and Maxim magazine, as well as her popular Twitter feed: @askjillian. She's one of my favorite Resistance voices and an incredibly accomplished broadcaster.

07/31/18 - Bigfoot Porn -- NSFW; The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Collusion isn't a crime unless Hillary did it; Rudy revealed additional Russia meeting; Trump vs The Kochs; Trump's secret formula isn't a secret; Trump and 3D guns; Trump says he'll meet with Rouhani; North Korea is developing new ICBMs; Trump is bailing out rich people again; Bigfoot porn and a Virginia House race; and so much more.

07/26/18 - Invisible Airplanes -- NSFW; The great Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs is here; Hack fraud holocaust denier Chuck C Johnson meeting with House Republicans; Trump is the Disruption Candidate; The Chuck C Johnson School of Hack Fraud Journalism; Freedom Caucus introduces articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein; Sean Spicer heckled at book event; Trump says we shouldn't believe what we see or read; Trump still thinks we're building invisible airplanes; Facebook is collapsing; Brave Sir Donald ran away; The Cohen-Trump tape; and so much more.

07/25/18 - Interviews from Earth One: John Fugelsang -- NSFW; On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk with comedian and political commentator John Fugelsang, host of "Tell Me Everything" on SiriusXM Insight 121. We dig into John's life, comedy in the Trump Crisis and the rise of PC culture online. John can also be heard every Friday on the great Stephanie Miller Show.

07/24/18 - The Typhon Expanse -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Carter Page FISA application; Trump stupidly conflates Page with his entire campaign; FISA document disproves Nunes report; Jim Jordan and Sarah Sanders lied about the FISA doc; The Steele Dossier hasn't been discredited; Trump screams at Iran's president on Twitter; Trump's obvious attempt to flip the script on Russia collusion; Trump embraces socialism to cover his fuckups; Sacha Baron Cohen destroys another Republican; Billy Joel is out of fucks; and so much more.

07/19/18 - Massive Head Wound Harry -- NSFW; David 'TRex' Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here; Trump knew in January 2017 that Putin ordered the attack; Tucker Carlson freaked out by 'intelligence community'; The dumbest tweet of the week; Poor Vladimir Putin; Republicans eliminate funding for election security; Voter ID; Republicans block motion to subpoena Trump's interpreter from Helsinki; Trumpers defend their leader's horrendous treason; and so much more.

07/18/18 - Interviews from Earth One: Malcolm Nance -- NSFW; On this week's episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk to national security expert Malcolm Nance -- "Shouty McShoutface," as he calls himself. Malcolm can be seen on MSNBC and heard on The Stephanie Miller Show. He's also the author of The Plot To Destroy Democracy and The Plot To Hack America. Today, we discuss everything from Trump in Helsinki to Edward Snowden.

07/17/18 - Democralypse -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; Donald Trump commits open treason in Helsinki; Trump takes Putin's side against the US government; The Republican response; Trump always makes things worse for Trump; He can't be allowed to get away with this one; We don't know what else Trump handed to Putin; Trump vs Everyone; Russian spy arrested by Mueller; The GRU stole DNC voter analytics and this could've swung the election; Collusion; Putin admits he ordered his people to help Trump win; and so much more.

07/12/18 - Point Of Order -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; It's Bob's Birthday Show; Carol Burnett nominated for an Emmy; Madness in the House Judiciary Committee testimony of Peter Strzok; The Republicans are owned by Russia; Trump threatens to withdraw from NATO; The World War III scenario; Brett Kavanaugh accumulated huge credit debt buying baseball tickets; Kavanaugh's Jim Jordan problem; Manafort's Mugshot; Manafort moves to Alexandria jail; Manafort, Kilimnik and Tad Devine; and so much more.

07/11/18 - Interviews from Earth One: John Melendez -- NSFW; On the premiere episode of The Bob Cesca Show's Interviews From Earth One, we talk to the great "Stuttering John" Melendez (The Howard Stern Show, The Tonight Show, The Stephanie Miller Show) about his historic prank call to Donald Trump aboard Air Force One. (Stay tuned from the full audio of the prank call after the end theme song.)

07/10/18 - Soy Boy Munchkin -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We're launching our Wednesday show starting this week; Trump nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court; Kavanaugh's opinion on investigating the president; How this can backfire against Trumpers; Kavanaugh's speech included obvious lines suggested by Trump; Kavanaugh's Minnesota Law Review article; The Kennedy Deal; The WalkAway campaign is a Russian op; The Trump Putin Summit; and so much more.

06/28/18 - Backbone -- NSFW; Kimberley Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice, is here; We're on vacation next week; The crisis on the Supreme Court; Anthony Kennedy retires leaving Donald Trump to create a conservative majority for generations; The Democrats must fight to win; The Deval Patrick quote; The possibilities for blocking Trump's nominee; Collins and Murkowski and Flake; The McConnell Rule; Russia is deciding the Supreme Court balance; Trump in Fargo; Trump and Putin in Helsinki; Paul Manafort owed millions to Russian oligarch; Jim Jordan beclowns himself; and so much more.

06/26/18 - Fire With Fire -- NSFW; David Ferguson from the TRex Report podcast is here; Maddow's video of a crying little girl inside a Trump internment camp; Economic anxiety my ass; Civility and Sarah Sanders; The both sides myth; The false equivalences; The Republican record on attacking civilians; The Worst Of Trump; Antichoice activists at clinics; Walgreens pharmacist denies prescription to a customer; The baker who wouldn't allow Biden in his store; The Supreme Court upholds gerrymandered maps; Mitch McConnell uses Gorsuch to troll the left; Huge news on Mueller and collusion; and so much more.

06/21/18 - Womp Womp -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Trump signs meaningless executive order regarding family separation; Young girl sexually assaulted in an internment camp; Torture chambers in Virginia camp; Melania goes to the border; Ivanka thanks her Dad for not terrorizing more children; Justin Trudeau condemns Trump; Trump says Canadians are smuggling shoes; Corey Lewandowski is a dick; The Million Micropenis March; Trump's Duluth Rally; and so much more.

06/19/18 - Child Snatching -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; How you can troll Paul Manafort in jail; Trump's child snatching policy; Pandering to the bigot vote; Debunking the repeated lies; The difference between the Obama policy and the Trump policy; Senator Mazie Hirono hammers the Republicans; The Pro Publica audio; Five First Ladies denounce the policy; Trump withdraws from UN human rights council; Stephen Miller's lifeless eyes; John Kelly might sabotage Trump; The Space Force is back; Christopher Wray says there isn't a witch hunt; Roger Stone and the Russians; and so much more.

06/14/18 - Roy Sekoff -- NSFW; Roy Sekoff, Founding Editor of the Huffington Post and the author of Lacks Self-Control: True Stories I Waited Until My Parents Died to Tell joins us for an epic 90 minutes recalling stories about Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington and the formation of Huff Post; Plus, the Trump administration's smear campaign against Michael Cohen; Trump and his kids targeted by the state of New York for operating a slush fund; and Trump's interview with Bret Baier should infuriate everyone; and so much more.

06/12/18 - Kimgasm -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The North Korea Summit in Singapore; Why this was great for Kim Jong Un and not so great for everyone else; Trump effusively praised Kim; The human rights atrocities in North Korea; Trump tells the truth about what happens if the deal falls apart; The North Korea movie trailer; The greatest memory of all time; The G7 summit was a disaster; Trump vs Trudeau; Trump pushed for reinstating Russia; and so much more.

06/07/18 - Commander Of Cheese -- NSFW; Kimberley Johnson author of Peyton's Choice is here; Huge news on the Equal Rights Amendment; Trump is the Commander Of Cheese; The mystery of Pence and the water bottle; Trump doesn't know the lyrics for God Bless America; Hannity advising Mueller's witnesses to destroy evidence; Germany and D Day; White House cuts a deal to save Chinese spy firm ZTE; Trump and 30 new pardons; We have collusion again; Ivanka and Trump Tower Moscow; and so much more.

06/05/18 - Keep The Faith, Bob -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The biggest story of the year; Trump declares himself immune from the rule of law; The letter to Mueller; The odds of Trump pardoning everyone; How Trump can pardon himself; Manafort could be going to jail; Witness tampering; Melania appeared in public last night; Putin might have dictated Don Junior's response to the Trump Tower meeting; and so much more.

05/31/18 - The Mascot -- NSFW; Jacki Schechner from is here; Trump contradicts his confession to Lester Holt; Dinesh D'Souza pardoned; Trump hits Mexico, Canada and the EU with unnecessary tariffs; Lordy there are tapes; Trey Gowdy debunks Trump's latest conspiracy theory; FBI is reconstructing Michael Cohen's shredded documents; The Deep State; Trump says visiting shooing victims will be fun; and so much more.

05/29/18 - We're Still Here -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here; Roseanne tweeted a racist remark about Valerie Jarrett; We break the news of the Roseanne series being canceled; The Confederate flag and the grievances of the Red Hats; Trump threatens to discredit midterms; Obama retaliated against Russia, Trump did not; Supreme Court rejects appeal of Arkansas abortion law; The government lost 1,500 children; Giuliani reveals Trump is preparing for impeachment; and so much more.

05/24/18 - This Is A Dark Ride -- NSFW; Author and podcaster Kimberley A. Johnson is here; Trump cancels North Korea summit; South Korea bewildered; Trump misspells Kim Jong Un; James Clapper confirms that Trump won because of the Russia attack; Constitutional Crisis Underway; Two DOJ Briefings with lawmakers; Jeff Flake nailed Trump again; Tomi Lahren hit by water; American voters are stupid; Jared Kushner gets his security clearance; Michael Cohen paid $400K by Ukraine; and so much more.

05/22/18 - Two Free Phones And A Bag Of Coins -- NSFW; Supreme Leader Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The North Korea summit might be pushed back; Trump continues to use an unsecured phone; Trump administration continues to nap in the face of Russian attacks; DHS secretary doesn't know about why Russia attacked; 13 angry Democrats; Trump continues to appease China with ZTE deal; Don Junior is so screwed; Josh Barro's horrendous column about Trump and the Clintons; and so much more.

05/17/18 - I Can't Take This Anymore -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Collusion everywhere; Senate Judiciary Committee says Putin used the NRA to collude with Trump; Senate Intelligence Committee says Russia interfered to help Trump; Rudy is lying about indicting the president; Cohen files missing from FinCen database; Michael Cohen can't take this anymore; Crossfire Hurricane; Trump Organization lawyer coordinated with Russians on messaging; Cohen Me, Cohen You; and so much more.

05/15/18 - Daddy's Little Ghoul -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump announces jobs for China after Chinese loan to major Trump project; Trump's American Kleptocracy; The disaster in Jerusalem and Gaza; Devin Nunes accidentally reveal GOP under investigation; Mike Flynn and Michael Cohen met with Qatari who bragged about bribes; Mueller looking into Russia-linked donors to Trump inaugural; Trump and Cohen might be behind exposing Schneiderman; and so much more.

05/10/18 - Tucker Carlson's Sidekick -- NSFW; Driftglass and Bluegal from the Professional Left podcast are here; Greenwald still flacking for Trump and scolding the left; NeverTrump Republicans in the age of Trumpism; Trump and Sarah Sanders repeatedly lied about a NYT article on Pompeo; Michael Avenatti vs Michael Cohen; Cohen received bribes for access to Trump; Or was the money intended for Trump; Senate Intel Committee and voter registration hacking; Hostages released from North Korea; Trump compliments Kim Jong Un; 2018 could be a rerun of 2002; and so much more.

05/08/18 - Be Best -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump pulls out of the Iran Deal; Iran threatens more nukes than ever; Trump slurring his words again; Eric Schneiderman accused of sexual assault; Bob versus the NRA; Primary day in West Virginia; Melania Trump announces 'Be Best' campaign; Melania's booklet stolen from Obama team; Trump's mock Mueller interview was a disaster; Dems to release 3,000 Russian Facebook ads; The linkage between Russia and the inauguration; and much more.

05/03/18 - I Meant To Do That -- NSFW; Jacki Schechner is here from; Rudy Giuliani totally lost his shpadoinkle on Hannity; Giuliani blabs about Trump's payoff to Stormy Daniels and refers to FBI agents as Nazi Stormtroopers; Giuliani could have implicated Trump in a federal crime; Trump and Giuliani running the show; The government tapped Michael Cohen's phones; Michael Schmidt reports Trump and Cohen aren't disclosing details to their own lawyers; Ukraine sold rockets in exchange for shutting out Mueller; Ty Cobb is out; Cambridge Analytica shuts down; and much more.

05/01/18 - Cocaine Mitch -- NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here with his annual May 1 tradition; Mueller's questions for Trump leak to the NYT; Trumper Don Blankenship attacks Mitch McConnell in new ad; Michelle Wolf, Donald Trump and the Saturday Night Comedy Massacre; Ronny Jackson threatened Pence's doctor; Bornstein's office raided by Trump's thugs; Trump will seek the death penalty for drug dealers; Another White House typo could've triggered a war; John Kelly says Trump is an idiot; and much more.

04/26/18 - The Candyman -- NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Mike Pompeo confirmed as Secretary of State; Bill Cosby convicted; Ronny Jackson withdraws his name from consideration; Ronny Jackson and the opioid crisis inside the White House; Trump went nuts on Fox and Friends this morning; Donnie Motormouth; Trump admits Cohen has done very little work for him; Trump copycat Don Blankenship; Trump wants to review documents seized from Michael Cohen; and much more.

04/24/18 - French Dandruff: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump embarrasses President Macron; Ronny Jackson's nomination to the VA is in big trouble; Trump's physical results; Trump copycats running for Congress; Ending Trumpism; Bernie Sanders campaigning to eliminate superdelegates; Democrats are suing the Trump campaign and Russia; Comey told Reince that portions of the Steele Dossier were corroborated; Trump lied about staying in Moscow; and much more.

04/19/18 - Let's Get It On: NSFW; Kimberley Johnson is here from the Start Me Up podcast and Ark Stories; Karen McDougal settles her lawsuit with the Enquirer; Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti are beautifully trolling Trump and Cohen; Stormy's Penthouse spread; Trump is getting rich from taxpayer money; Trump and Prime Minister Abe; Cohen withdraws his suit against Buzzfeed; McConnell and the GOP are owned by Russia now; Ted Cruz is Trump's cuck; Nobody's been tougher on Russia; Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un; and much more.

04/17/18 - The Taint Team: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Time for Trump to resign; Lordy there are tapes; Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's third client; Tweet of the Year; Trump called Cohen even though Cohen's phones are tapped; McClatchy reports Cohen was actually in Prague per the Steele Dossier; The McCabe report and Trump's stupid reaction to it; Rep Jim Jordan gives us a great example of gaslighting; Trump halts Russia sanctions; Polls and the Midterm Blue Wave; and much more.

04/12/18 - Mob Boss: NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Steve Bannon's plot to undermine Robert Mueller; The Republican Thumb Measuring Contest; Paul Ryan resigning from Congress; The GOP hypocrisy on the deficit; The Cohen Raid and the Access Hollywood Tape; Florida Congressman DiSantis is an idiot; Comey's forthcoming 2020 interview; Comey says Trump is a mob boss; Trump is deeply confused about Russia and the Cold War; Bring back the Czars; Joe DiGenova and his loyalty to the Mad King; and much more.

04/10/18 - Baby In A Corner: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Michael Cohen raided by the FBI; Cohen suspected of bank fraud, campaign finance violations and wire fraud; Trump whined for six minutes; Trump says the FBI broke into Cohen's house; Attorney client privilege; Agents were seeking records about payoffs to two women; Schumer and Grassley warn the president; Lindsay Graham says Trump is too smart to fire Mueller; Why Trump can't stop this investigation; Trump always makes things worse for Trump; Trump staffers communication with the president thru Fox News; and much more.

04/05/18 - Kellyanne Conway As Witchiepoo: NSFW; Kimberley A. Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice, is here; The Great Coffee Caper; Trump is eroding our sanity; Trump really hates Amazon; Trump's trade war hurts Trump voters more than anyone; McMaster vs Trump; Mueller's team questions oligarchs; Infowars stooge says Russians should attack Mueller; Bernie and MLK and Dennis Kucinich; and much more.

04/03/18 - Drug And People Flows: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Shitty Grandpa is ranting on Twitter again; Trump goes to war against Amazon; Amazon cost Trump $400 million in net worth; Sinclair Broadcasting and Fake News; Van Der Zwaan sentenced to 30 days in prison; Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate Manafort's collusion; Study shows fake news won the election for Trump; Trump will use the military to stop immigrants from entering; and much more.

03/29/18 - We Have Collusion: NSFW; Happy Easter; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Trump doesn't understand the mail; Michael Cohen's lawyer dig's Cohen's legal grave; Trump doesn't need advisers; Laura Ingraham is an asshole; John Bolton linked to the Mercers who are linked to Cambridge Analytica; Sweaty Ronny Jackson upped to Veterans Affairs; Manafort and Gates knew they were dealing with Russia intelligence officers; Pigman John Dowd discussed pardons; Julian Assange is screwed; and much more.

03/27/18 - Clever Little Bastards: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; John Bolton is terrifying; The March For Our Lives; The tenacious leadership of Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg; Repealing the Second Amendment; The dumbest pro-gun tweet of the weekend; Trolling Tomi Lahren; Republicans love to attack kids; Pennsylvania school district arms kids with rocks; The Stormy Daniels Interview; Michael Cohen confessed; Trolling the Troll-in-Chief; Pigman John Dowd resigns from Trump's legal team; and much more.

03/22/18 - Pulling The Fire Alarm: NSFW; Jacki Schechner from joins us via Skype; John Dowd resigns from Trump's legal team; The Gaslighting; House Intel Committee votes to end its Russia probe; An actual Trump distraction; Trump antagonizing China with new sanctions; Kushner compromised by the Saudis; When Obama called Putin; When Reagan called Andropov; White House staffer pulls the fire alarm; House Dems force a vote on protecting Mueller; Reverse psychology; and much more.

03/20/18 - Second String Doocy: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; We're both sick now; Michael Moore and Bernie Sanders think Russia is a distraction; Trump congratulated Putin; Trump without training wheels; The Cambridge Analytica story heats up; Facebook under fire for allowing data harvesting; The Candidate Is The Puppet; Trump fired and humiliated Andrew McCabe; Will Trump fire Mueller next; Trump's new lawyers; White House staff had to sign NDAs; and much more.

03/15/18 - Crooks Are Stupid: NSFW; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; A surprise segment you don't want to miss; Trump admits to lying to Justin Trudeau about the trade surplus with Canada; Trump's Space Force; Marine Core; Breaking news from the State Department; Michael Cohen and the Buzzfeed Maneuver; Conor Lamb wins; A rumor about the next Trumpers to be fired; Larry Kudlow and lines of Adderall; House Intelligence Democrats release Minority Report; Bob's link to the Russia probe; and much more.

03/13/18 - Operation Big Crap: NSFW;Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The madness continues; Tillerson fired possibly because he blamed Russia for UK attack; Under Sec of State also fired; Trump's personal aide fired; Election Day in PA-18; Mike Pompeo promoted to State Dept; Trump's big boy pants; Exxon Mobil and Rosneft; Another Russian exile assassinated in England; House Intelligence Committee ends Russia investigation; Adam Schiff Don't Play; Trump's North Korea folly; Don Junior loves ice cream; and much more.

03/08/18 - Flood The Zone: NSFW; Jacki Schechner from is here; Stormy Daniels NDA mentions 'paternity information'; What if Trump paid for an abortion; Sarah Huckabee Sanders pisses off Trump; Trump keeps trying to get Russia details from witnesses; John Kelly warns Trump; Nunberg finally complied; The bombshell David Corn revelations about Trump, the Agalarovs and Miss Universe; Trump and peeing; Mueller looking into 2017 Seychelles meeting; and much more.

03/06/18 - From Our Nation's Capital: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Bob's move to Washington, DC; Everything that happened last week; Sam Nunberg's meltdown; Nunberg vs Trump; Nunberg vs Huckabee Sanders; Roger Stone's dirt; The Kremlin vetoed Mitt Romney; State Dept hasn't spent any money on thwarting Russia; Belorussian escort linked to Oleg Deripaska has proof of Trump Russia collusion; Mike Flynn to sell his house; and much more.

02/22/18 - Very Weapons Talented: NSFW; The great David 'TRex' Ferguson is here; The CNN gun control town hall; Wayne LaPierre at CPAC; Trump motorboated the NRA on Twitter; Trump wants a public school arms race; Trump's listening session with massacre survivors; David Hogg getting death threats; Thomas Friedman scores with new Trump editorial; Manafort caught bribing bank official; Nunes tweets to Russian trolls; Trumpers whine about Twitter banning bots and trolls; and much more.

02/20/18 - Skadden Arps Slate Meagher and Flom: NSFW; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The youth movement in the wake of Parkland; Republicans are starting to attack the victims of Parkland; New indictment in the Russia investigation; Trump says he's been tougher on Russia than Obama; Trump goes nuts on Twitter; Pompeo and Pence lied about the Russian impact on the election results; CPAC speakers announced; and much more.

02/15/18 - Spray Like A Hose: NSFW; Jacki Schechner is here from; The school massacre in Parkland, Florida; The AR15 strikes again; Republican complicity; Trump blames the students; Trump's tacit approval of spousal abuse and white supremacy; Trump repealed the Obama Rule; Alex Jones can feel free to kill himself; House Oversight Committee to investigate Rob Porter scandal; 130 White House staffers without security clearances; Michael Cohen says he paid Stormy Daniels with his own money; and much more.

02/13/18 - Secret Sperm: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The latest on the Rob Porter scandal; The White House is keeping a lot of secrets; The FBI alerted Trump about Porter in March; Putin and Trump secretly talked on the phone again; Russian spy chiefs show up in Washington; The Susan Rice email; Sean Hannity and the Case of the Secret Sperm; Obama vs Trump and Russia; Rachel Brand quit; Kislyak's call to Flynn was recorded; and much more.

02/08/18 - Hair Flap: Not Safe For Work; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Stock market drops another 1000 points; Round of applause for Nancy Pelosi; Trump's hair mishap on the runway; Netanyahu will be indicted; House Intelligence Committee is building a wall; Trump to resume nuclear tests; ICBMs in Trump military parade; DHS confirms Russia hacked voter registration systems; DACA and the government shutdown; and much more.

02/06/18 - The Pee Wee Gambit: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump thinks Dems who didn't clap for him committed treason; Trump can't stop whining; Jeff Flake's response; The Dow loses 1172 points; Biff owns the economy; Hannity blamed Obama; The Trump strategy with the Nunes Memo; The Republicans in charge of the Russia investigation; Richard Burr validated parts of the Dossier; The Dem Memo is too long for Trump to read; Great Sleuth; Bannon could be in contempt of Congress; Trump won't answer Mueller's questions; and much more.

02/01/18 - Sleepy Grandpa: Not Safe For Work; Kimberley Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice is here today; We recap the State of the Uniom without any clips; The fire hose of news and the four aspects of Russian propaganda; Trump lied about his SOTU ratings; White House is worried Nunes memo is a dud; Nunes refused to say whether the White House helped draft the memo; An Order of Ineptitude; Chris Wray won't resign; Trump asked Rosenstein for his loyalty; Hope Hicks and obstruction of justice; Joan Walsh, Feminists and Hope Hicks; and much more.

01/30/18 - State Of The Uniom: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; David Ferguson's brush with death; State of the Uniom predictions; The Dow dropped 400 points today; Andrew McCabe fired; Trump insults McCabe's wife; Trump is refusing to implement Russia sanctions; Nunes memo will be released to the public soon; The House Intelligence Committee opened an investigation into the FBI and DOJ; Trump might prosecute Mueller; Paul Ryan wants to 'cleanse' the FBI; The new Russia Dossier; Kellyanne Conway is nuts; The Nunes memo will backfire against Trump; and much more.

01/25/18 - Shock Collar: Not Safe For Work; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; The Doomsday Clock; Trump pledges to testify under oath; Trump is Cartman; 'Secret Society' conspiracy theory has been debunked; The Nunes Memo and the Deep State; The president's Davos entourage; Rick Gates hires Tom Green; Jared is spooked; and much more.

01/23/18 - Peppy Horns: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; The Government Shutdown; Putin's puppets shut down the US government; The Winners and Losers; The Wall and DACA; Pro-Trump terrorist threatens CNN; Jared Kushner compromised by China; Kushner's links to the Kremlin; The malice of Trump and his supporters; Tips deprogramming your Trump-supporting Dad; and much more.

01/18/18 - Diverticulitis: Not Safe For Work; David Ferguson from Rawstory and Kompromat is here; It's the end of an era at Huff Post; The truth behind Trump's Fake News Awards; Trump's physical and Girtherism; Trump Fears Maddow; Mueller would keep working during a government shutdown; Stormy Daniels said Trump didn't wear a condom; Russia funneled money through the NRA; FBI agents visit Bannon's house; Mueller is investigating payments received by Kislyak and other Russians; and much more.

01/16/18 - Dildo Shaped Tower: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from the Buzz Burbank News and Comment podcast is here; The Hawaii ballistic missile false alarm; Trump and the nuclear threat; Shithole Countries; Trump says he's not a racist; This I Can Tell You; Jim Acosta booted from Oval Office; Cory Booker eviscerates Trump's DHS Secretary; The White House is lying about Trump's physical; Bannon subpoenaed by the grand jury; Trump's money laundering links to Kazakhstan; and much more.

01/11/18 - My Shoes Fell Off: Not Safe For Work; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here; Chuck Grassley is Pete Puma; Trump plans to strengthen libel laws; Sol Rosenberg; Trump's DACA repeal blocked by federal judge; The Stable Genius Act; Michael 'Says Who' Cohen is suing Buzzfeed; Mueller adds cyber crime expert to his team; US attorney nominee has ties to Deutsche Bank; and much more.

01/09/18 - Stable Genius: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from the Buzz Burbank News & Comment podcast is here; The Fusion GPS released to the public; Trump and Kazakhstan; Trump and the Mob; Trump and Sweat Shops; The Dossier; Trump claims he's a very stable genius; Trump's stupid tweets; Fire and Fury publisher hits back at Trump; Stephen Miller's meltdown on CNN; Arpaio for Senate; and much more.

01/04/18 - Fire and Fury: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here; The Slot Machine of Insanity; Rosenstein met with Paul Ryan about Devin Nunes and Russia; Manafort Sues Mueller; The bombshell Fusion GPS editorial; 'Fire and Fury' book exposes the Trump White House; Trump likes to sleep with his friends' wives; Trump sexually harassed Hope Hicks; Trump's Elvis bed sheet rule; Trump's insane tweets from the holidays; Trump's nuclear button; and much more.

12/21/17 - A Very Money Man Christmas: Not Safe For Work; Kimberley A. Johnson and Jody Hamilton are here today; We celebrate our last 2017 show with The Money Man That's Right Eddie Money; The repercussions of Trump's horrendous tax bill; Trump's real estate carve out will cost half a billion dollars; ANWAR on the chopping block; House Republicans pursuing a Deep State Coup narrative; Fox News stooge suggests the FBI is trying to assassinate Trump; Jill Stein under scrutiny; Momentum into the midterms; Winning the Senate; and much more.

12/19/17 - Vulnerable Transgender Fetus: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from the Buzz Burbank News and Comment podcast is here; House passes Tax Scam bill; The latest details in the tax legislation; The repeal of the Mandate; Trumpers can't say how repealing the mandate will improve costs and care; House Quake; The banned words inside the Trump CDC; The Trump war against Mueller; Trump can't fire Mueller; The GSA Email Fracas; The FBI warned Trump about the Russians; Hope for reestablishing net neutrality; and much more.

12/14/17 - I Have A Jew: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here; Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama; Republicans doubling down on being aholes; Roy Moore won't concede; Bannon is a disheveled drunk; Trump's FCC repeals Net Neutrality; Bad shit will happen to Trump voters too; Paul Ryan is stepping down after the midterm; Kevin McCarthy is fun; USA Today blasts Trump; Omarosa Fired; and much more.

12/12/17 - The Canoeing: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump attacks Sen Gillibrand suggesting she trades sexual favors for contributions; The response from Morning Joe, Gretchen Carlson, and Sen Gillibrand; Dems call for investigation of Trump's alleged sexual assaults; Election Day in Alabama; Roy Moore's wife talks about her Jewish lawyer; Trump could fire Robert Mueller; The impending constitutional crisis; Hopeless; Lindsey Graham and the gift that keeps on giving; and much more.

12/07/17 - Sucking Sound: Not Safe For Work; David Ferguson from Rawstory and the forthcoming TRex podcast is here; Al Franken resigns from the Senate; Al Franken vs Donald Trump vs Roy Moore; We theorize about what happened to Trump and why he was slurring his words; Trump Eating; Recognizing Jerusalem; Harold Ford fired for sexual misconduct; Don Junior and Attorney Client Privilege; The tax bill and the GOP; and much more.

12/05/17 - Cruel Whimsy: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here; Russia barred from 2018 Winter Olympics; Mueller subpoenas Trump's Deutsche Bank records; Bombshell Mike Pence story in the Atlantic; The Intercept reports Trump considering private spy firm; Liddy and Watergate; Trump's historical ignorance; Trump goes to war against the National Parks; John Oliver hammers Dustin Hoffman; and much more.

11/30/17 - Celebrity Penis Party: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here today; Matt Lauer and others accused of sexual harassment this week; Men behaving badly; Lindsey Graham on Trump; Trump's stupid Rocket Man catchphrase; Trump circulated al Qaeda propaganda; Rex Tillerson might be forced out; Trump this Mueller will be done soon; Lawsuit heats up targeting Trump's emoluments violations; The Starve The Beast strategy and the tax scam bill; and much more.

11/28/17 - Bailey v Potter: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; Bob's health insurance premiums are skyrocketing thanks to Trump; North Korea launched another missile; Hawaii and the Cold War; James O'Keefe caught by the Washington Post; Flynn is ready to flip; Trump's legal defense fund; Trump offends Navajo Code Talkers with Pocahontas insult; and much more.

11/21/17 - The Worst Kinda Pie: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; Trump's FCC targeting Net Neutrality; Net Neutrality repeal will hurt conservatives just as much as liberals; It's a series of tubes; Charlie Rose accused of sexual misconduct; Trump campaign coordinator pleads guilty to child sex trafficking; Trump is definitely under investigation; Don Junior and Jared Kushner will surely be indicted; HR McMaster calls Trump an idiot and a dope; The shopping malls of yesteryear; and much more.

11/16/17 - Harris Mint: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here today; New allegations against Al Franken; A different take on Louis CK; Roy Moore and 9th Graders; Trump interrupts speech for an awkward drink; Christopher Steele vouches for most of the dossier as factual; The US Embassy in Moscow guarded by former KGB director; Trump repeals Obama's ban on importation of elephant trophies; and much more.

11/14/17 - Disruption: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Jeff Sessions lies to Congress again; Trump fatigue returns; Chris Murphy's alarming remarks about Trump and Nukes; Don Junior colluded with Wikileaks to release stolen emails; Trump vouches for Putin again; Trump vs the Intelligence Community; Trump wants DOJ to investigate Hillary; Pompeo contradicts Trump; How Roy Moore could lead to the firing of Mueller; and much more.

11/09/17 - Rhinestone Cowboy: Not Safe For Work; Jody Hamilton from The Stephanie Miller Show is here today; Senate candidate Roy Moore accused of sexually propositioning underage girls; Trump and the Post Scandal Era; Congressional GOP trying to wiggle away from Moore; Election Day and the Huge Democratic Sweep; Women candidates emerging in force; More Republicans should embrace Trump; Trump's tweet about Roy Moore; Russian trolls on Twitter; Trump was offered five Russian hookers; InfoWars published thousands of Russian propaganda articles; and much more.

11/07/17 - Don And Mike: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; Stubbville; Rand Paul's Harrowing Lawn Fracas; Republicans might not have the votes to pass tax cuts; Another gun massacre in Texas; The AR15 and Mass Shootings; Mental health and background checks; Trump embarrasses America while visiting Japan and South Korea; Trump on Chicago gun violence; Mike Flynn and Son Next on the Indictment List; Carter Page is a glitchy mess; Don Junior and the Russian lawyer; Wilbur Ross under scrutiny for business ties; and much more.

Bubble Genius

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11/02/17 - Singularity of Madness: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner is here today; Donna Brazile's bombshell about Hillary, Bernie and the DNC; Ordinary political strategy framed as 'rigging'; The White House keeps contradicting Trump; Amazing revelations about the White House's reaction to Russia indictments; The death penalty and terrorists; Jeff Sessions lied about Russia again; and much more.

10/31/17 - Killer Bong: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank is here today; Mueller unseals first set of Trump Russia indictments; Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos Indicted; The White House reaction; Who's next; Trump continues to make things worse for himself; No dithering here; Lewandowski thinks the FBI should've warned Trump; Fox and Friends debated the cheeseburger emoji; The Greenwald Left and Russia; An update on our fight with Amazon; and much more.

10/26/17 - Grandma the Clown: Not Safe For Work; Jody Hamilton on the show; Trump is Fredo; Trump has the greatest memory of all time; Tom Coburn thinks Trump has a personality disorder; Trump in a Blender; Trumpers are clueless about the Steele Dossier; Cambridge Analytica and Julian Assange; Trump blames the generals; The JFK Files; and much more.

10/24/17 - Trump is Treason: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank is here; Protester shouts at Trump; Mueller Time; Devin Nunes to investigate uranium deal after Trump tweets; Trump cronies getting Puerto Rico contract; Jeff Flake isn't running for reelection; Bob Corker vs Trump; Trump's digital director meets with Intel Committee; and much more.

10/19/17 - Breakfast and Sex: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here today; Breitbart's infuriating new conspiracy theory; George W. Bush is miraculously making sense; Bush slams Trump without saying his name; Trump's DHS nominee is horrible; Tennessee Twitter account turns out to be Russians; Why Fusion GPS invoked the Fifth Amendment in Congress; Trump hates bailing out insurance companies while offering them tax cuts; and much more.

10/17/17 - Big Ball of Bitchiness: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank is here today; Bob's experiences in the Santa Rosa Fires; We didn't need Trump here; Trump's press conference with Mitch McConnell; Trump lies about writing to families of killed Green Berets; The Benghazi Factor; McConnell and Trump on the steps; Trump's adult daycare; The truth about Sputnik; and much more.

10/12/17 - Santa Rosa Fires: Not Safe For Work; Podcasting from the evacuation zone near the catastrophic Santa Rosa, CA firestorm. I recorded the show in my car, parked at the intersection of Piner Rd and Coffey Ln, a few blocks from the devastation shown in the attached photo. (The audio and show format are different due to recording on an iPhone without all of our usual fun noises, etc.)

10/05/17 - Incredible Trouble: Not Safe For Work; Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show and the From The Bunker podcast is here; Trump hurled paper towels at hurricane victims; Trump mixes up the Coast Guard and Air Force; Tillerson called Trump a moron; Apprentice producer accuses Trump of saying 'unfathomably despicable' things; Mueller is investigating the Steele Dossier; Jeff Merkley confirms Americans helped Russia target Michigan and Wisconsin; Senate Intel Committee issues interim updates; Republicans might add Obamacare repeal to their budget; That awful Lee Greenwood song; and much more.

10/03/17 - Oh Shoot: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank is here; Las Vegas and the continuing madness of the gun culture; AR15s and Bump Stocks; The NRA is selling products, nothing else; Trump turns 16 deaths into a positive story; Trump blaming the hurricane victims; Safe Home, Tom Petty; RT's Top 10 Russophobes; Jared Kushner's Private Email Server; and much more.

09/28/17 - Six Degrees of Sergey: Not Safe For Work; Jacki Schechner from is here; Julia Louis-Dreyfus diagnosed with breast cancer; Rachel Maddow discusses Lee Stranahan and fake news; Porn correction from Tuesday's show; The long term Russian goal; The weaponizing of Facebook; Jared Kushner registered to vote as a woman; Trump's worst day so far; Bob's twoop goes viral; Roy Moore is nuts; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/26/17 - 70s Heartthrob Graham Cassidy: Not Safe For Work; Buzz Burbank is here; Graham Cassidy is dead; Fake News and Breitbart; Bob's First Podcast Partner Linked to Russia; Six White House officials used private email for official business; 21 states targeted by Russia; Trump's horrendous tweets about Puerto Rico; Trump's Katrina; Trump talks about the Big Ocean; Thousands of Wisconsin voters blocked by Voter ID law; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/21/17 - Stop the Hammering: Kimberley Johnson is here; We're not bleeping the show any more; Not Safe For Work; Lawrence O'Donnell's totally justifiable freakout; Drudge shared Russian propaganda links; Manafort offered to give Russia oligarch private briefings; Konstantin Kilimnik and the GRU; Mueller requests White House documents; The List of 13 Things Mueller Wants; Russians used Facebook to organize rallies; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/19/17 - Rocket Man: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment joins us today; Buzz Burbank vs Hurricane Irma; Trump's horrifying address to the UN; Kim Jong Un is Rocket Man; Don Junior turns down Secret Service protection endangering national security; Paul Manafort was wiretapped under a FISA warrent; Manafort's home raided after picking the lock; The attempt to flip Manafort; Senate committee cancels Michael Cohen hearing; Mueller attains Facebook documents after issuing search warrant; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/14/17 - Quicksand: David 'T Rex' Ferguson from Rawstory is here today; Trump cut a big darn dill with Schumer and Pelosi on DACA and border security; Trump supporters are freaking out; Trump says McConnell and Paul Ryan are on board; Trump dives into another quicksand pit; Bannon, Kushner and Flynn implicated in Crown Prince meeting; Devin Nunes derps again; Mike Flynn promoted a nuclear power plant deal with Russia while serving in the White House; The exploitation of Facebook is terrifying; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/12/17 - Hey Whah Happun: The amazing Kimberley Johnson is here today; Hillary's book is out today; Hillary haters on the left; Ted Cruz liked a porn video on Twitter; Steve Bannon's throbbing dewlap; Steve Bannon on Trump and Russia; Devin Nunes derped again; Russian politician confirms attack on the election; Sputnik and RT contacted by Mueller; Bannon v Kushner; Justice Department debunks wiretapping of Trump Tower; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/07/17 - Hurricane Irma: The lovely and talented Jacki Schechner is here today from; Hurricane Irma and Jacki's parents; Catastrophic damage forecasted for east coast; Trump's weak statements on the hurricane; Don Junior keeps confessing to Russia plot; Facebook revelation could be a huge opening to the entire Russia story; Devin Nunes unrecused himself; Russian hacking more extensive than previously known; Rush Limbaugh says Irma is a hoax; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

09/05/17 - The All New Material Girl: Comedian Jen Kirkman is here today; Catch her 'All New Material Girl' tour starting this week; Back from vacation; Trump and Sessions rescind DACA; Trolling the Left; Cable news and declaring Trump to be presidential; The Pee Pee Tape; Trump's second Houston trip; Bernie trolls vs Trump trolls; the 25th Amendment; Michael Cohen is the center of the Russia conspiracy; Buy Bob's reading of the Steele Dossier via Patreon and Band Camp; and much more.

08/29/17 - Putin's Chair: TV's Buzz Burbank is here; Melania's Shoes; Holding Trump accountable; Hurricane Harvey; Joe Arpaio pardoned; Gorka fired; Trump flacks for Russia again; Trump's lawyer tried to contact Putin's spokesman about Trump Tower Moscow project during election; Trump's Russian Bank Links; Republicans trying to de-fund the special counsel; Infowars crowd pissed about militarization of the police; Trump's press conference with Finnish president; and much more.

08/24/17 - Return of the Pee Pee Tape: TV's Kimberley Johnson is here; Decision Desk's Forecast for 2018; Good news and bad news; Don't Get Happy; Bernie supporters who voted for Trump; Jill Stein's supporters love Confederates and Putin; Trump's transgender ban continues; Trump's war against McConnell and the GOP; More obstruction of justice; Trump only makes bad decisions; Impeachment and Primary Challengers; The Pee Pee Tape Dossier is back; Newt Gingrich is an idiot; and much more.

08/22/17 - The Most Powerful Eyes: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here; Trump stared into the Sun yesterday; Trump's idiotic Afghanistan troop surge; Mystery war; Trump pledges to make Afghanistan pay for the war; Laura Ingraham and Breitbart aren't happy; 'We will fight to win'; Philip Rucker suckered by the alleged pivot; Trump and George W Bush; Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan embarrassed by Trump; Tina Fey and liberal infighting; and much more.

08/17/17 - Nazi Tears: Jacki Schechner from is here; The latest on Trump's reaction to Charlottesville; The Lost Cause and Confederate Monuments; Terror attack in Barcelona; The latest polls; Crying Nazis want your sympathy; Trump defends statues via Twitter; Trump attacks Lindsey Graham; Flake Jeff Flake; Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle destroy a Trump surrogate; and much more.

08/15/17 - Trumpy Bear: Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs joins us today; Our coverage of the events in Charlottesville and Donald Trump's completely botched response; Trump's absolutely insane Tuesday press conference as it happens; Trump posts horrible meme on Twitter; Trump Bear; Jesse Watters catches his own racism; Trump praises his economic achievements during solemn remarks; Fox News reporter downplays Nazi terrorist; and much more.

08/10/17 - Fire Fire Fire: Kimberley A. Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice, joins us today; Half of Republicans are okay with postponing the 2020 election; Creepy Stephen Miller continues to crush on Trump; North Korea calls Trump's bluff; The Cuban Missile Crisis Test; Pastor Jeffress says the Bible permits nuclear attacks; Missing the ocean and hitting Guam; Paul Manafort hit with a predawn raid at his home; The next predawn raid; Mitch McConnell is Trump's Frenemy of the Week; and much more.

08/08/17 - Republican Ham Sandwich: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here; Trump threatens 'fire' and 'fury' against North Korea; Talking to Trump supporters; Eric Bolling suspended for dick pics; Trump and the GOP are lying about the economy; Disastrous poll numbers for Biff; Hannity suing Obama officials based on Chuck Johnson lies; Brian Williams and normalizing Trump; and much more.

08/03/17 - Bigotsplaining: Jacki Schechner from is here; Grand Jury formed to investigate Russia story; Stephen Miller's snippy press conference; Transcripts of Trump's calls with Mexican president and Australian Prime Minister; Trump's Wall Street Journal Interview; Trump signed the new sanctions bill; Rootless Cosmopolitan; and much more.

08/01/17 - Pudgy Pedro's Clown Noses: The great Jody Hamilton from the Stephanie Miller Show is here today; Trump fires Scaramucci; Washington Post reports Trump dictated Junior's misleading statement about Russia meeting; John Kelly is the new chief of staff; Trump hasn't signed the Russia sanctions bill yet; Trump threatens congressional healthcare; The insane Graham Cassidy Bill; War with North Korea; and much more.

07/27/17 - Free Porn: The lovely and talented Kimberley A. Johnson is here today; Lindsey Graham warns Trump; Roger Stone threatens blood in the streets; Tony Scaramucci goes to war against Reince; Boy Scouts apologize for Trump; Mario Cantone as the Smooch; Trump is more presidential than anyone; Firing Robert Mueller; Dems trying to block Trump from recess appointments; Porn star offering free porn if you call your senator about healthcare; The skinny repeal written over lunch; Obamacare opponents don't know how to use it; Recognizing Russian bots and trolls; and much more.

07/25/17 - Skinny Repeal: The great Buzz Burbank is here today; We recap the Senate vote on whether to debate Trumpcare; Skinny repeal vs full repeal; McCain and Ron Johnson voted yes; The outlook for the Democrats in 2018 is strong; Trump leaning toward firing Jeff Sessions; Ron Wyden invokes impeachment; Support for impeachment grows; The urgency of the Trump crisis; and much more.

07/20/17 - Truckgasm: The great Jacki Schechner is here today; Getting the show on SiriusXM; Japanese First Lady pretended to not speak English to avoid Trump; Trump's word salady New York Times interview; Trump indicates Jeff Sessions was supposed to shield him from Trump-Russia; Trump threatens Robert Mueller; Trump doesn't know how healthcare works; Republicans from Baltimore; Deutsche Bank turns over Trump documents; Putin's Wish List; and much more.

07/18/17 - The Boy: The great Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; Trumpcare is dead for now; Senate bill loses key GOP senators; Trump calls for repeal; Repeal fails; The disintegration of the Trump coalition; Mitch McConnell loses support; The NRA blocked Bob; Trump's lie about selling beef to China; The Wall Street Journal nails Trump's handling of Russia; Campaign donors are paying Trump's legal fees; and much more.

07/13/17 - Gossipy Little Bitch: The stupendous TRex aka David Ferguson from Rawstory is here today; Gollum reads Trump tweets; The WSJ reports that Russian money was being funneled to the presidential race; Trump making a fool of himself in Paris; Macron is playing him like a fiddle; Articles of Impeachment; Jared Kushner may have coordinated with Russian hackers; Kushner might be outing Don Junior; The new version of Trumpcare; Kellyanne Conway is losing her shpadoinkle; and much more.

07/11/17 - There's Always Time For Monkeys: The great Buzz Burbank is here today; We recap the astounding developments in the Trump Russia story throughout the last three days; Don Jr met with Russian lawyer about dirt from Russian attack; Don Jr confesses to everything; This is collusion and conspiracy; Don Jr's emails; Treason, perjury and obstruction; and much more.

07/06/17 - Crack of Doom: The great Kimberley Johnson, author of Peyton's Choice, is here today; Bob goes full Crack of Doom; Trump embarrasses America in Poland; Trump attacked Obama, the intelligence community and the free press while on foreign soil; Trump's speech; Trump wanders off again; Putin's manipulation of Trump; Felix Sater is back; Hacker talks about being recruited by GOP operative; North Korea launches ICBM; Abortion via Amazon; and much more.

06/29/17 - Twooping: The great Jacki Schechner is here today; Trump viciously attacks Mika from Morning Joe; The unpresidential behavior of Donald Trump; Trump's botched hair plugs; Trump's Tennis Shorts; Trump tweeted a huge lie about Medicaid; It's impossible for Republicans to replace Obamacare; The number of deaths from Trumpcare; Newt Gingrich thinks Trump doesn't know anything; and much more.

06/27/17 - The Evil Wizard: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News & Comment is here today; The full scoop on the CBO's scoring of the Senate Trumpcare bill; Millions will lose insurance; McConnell's confounding strategy was doomed to fail; Fox and Friends giggles at notion of people dying; Thousands of unwanted pregnancies; White House lied in Obamacare tweet; Trump attacks Obama for doing nothing to stop Russia attack; and much more.

06/22/17 - Ratf*ckery: Kimberley Johnson from the Start Me Up podcast is here today; The Trump Crisis Day 154; Trump's Iowa Rally; Trump said there aren't any tapes; Did Trump destroy the tapes?; We dig deeply into whether Russians changed the results of the election; 21 state election systems targeted by Russians; GOP data firm leaked the names of 200 million voters; Putin's fake video; The Senate healthcare bill is an atrocity; and much more.

06/20/17 - Chimp With A Machine Gun: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment is here today; The Trump Crisis Day 152; Stephanie Miller in LA Weekly; Jon Ossoff and the Georgia special election; Sean Spicer in trouble; Trump's lawyer confirms and denies Trump is under investigation; Mike Flynn worked for a company that sold spyware; Jared Kushner speaks; Witness flipping expert added to Mueller's team; Claire McCaskill hammers befuddled Orrin Hatch; and much more.

06/15/17 - A Really Clever Fascist: Cliff Schecter from The Majority Report podcast is here today; The Trump Crisis Day 147; We discuss the shooting in Alexandria and whether it'll change any GOP minds on gun control; The NRA and Mental Health; The NRA is here to sell as many guns as possible; Bombshell articles confirm Trump is under investigation for felony obstruction of justice; Trump keeps walking into his own propeller; Trump still doesn't believe the Russia story is real; Magoo does it again; and much more.

06/13/17 - Detestable Lie: Kimberley Johnson from Liberals Unite is here today; We recap Jeff Sessions' testimony while it happens; Sessions can't recall anything; Sessions and The Lord; Trump disapproval hits 60 percent; Bombshell Bloomberg story about Russians attacking election computers; Trump might fire Robert Mueller; Politico reports that 2,300 American officials were hacked by Russians; Snowden and the Russians; and more.

06/08/17 - Big Potty: It's Comey Day with the great David Ferguson from Rawstory; We review James Comey's bombshell testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee; Plus, the four heads of the intelligence community stonewalled Congress yesterday; Republicans insisted that Trump didn't know what he was doing; John McCain had a very, very senior moment; and more.

06/06/17 - Oh Magoo: It's Tyranny Tuesday with the great Buzz Burbank; Covfefe; Trump's jihad against the mayor of London; Mugsy reports that Trump will live tweet the Comey hearings; Trump and Fox and Friends; Bombshell NSA leak in The Intercept; The Intercept exposes its source; Mark Warner confirms Russian hacking worse than seen in NSA docs; Trump's tweets and Putin's plan; Trump is Mr Magoo; and more.

05/25/17 - Biggus Dickus: It's Thuggish Thursday with the great Jacki Schechner; GOP candidate assaults Guardian reporter; Rick Wilson's outstanding tweetstorm; Trump embarrasses the United States with profoundly stupid NATO speech; The brand new CBO report on Trumpcare; McConnell's worried about the votes for Trumpcare; Bob's theory on kompromat; England refusing to share intelligence on Manchester attack with America; and more.

05/23/17 - Stupid Watergate: It's Tyranny Tuesday with Driftglass and Blue Gal from The Professional Left Podcast today; The latest from Manchester; Trump sleepwalks his way through the Middle East; Trump forgets he's still in the Middle East; Trump and the Orb; Melania vs Donald; The Trump Budget is here; Trumpers who love Obamacare; John Brennan testifies on Trump Russia probe; and more.

05/18/17 - Putin Pays Trump: Feminazi Kimberley A. Johnson is here today; It's Thuggish Thursday at the White House; Roger Ailes is Dead; Robert Mueller appointed to be special counsel investigating TrumpRussia; Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn case; Trump keeps whining; House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Putin pays Trump; Trump transition knew Flynn was under investigation; and more.

05/16/17 - Tyranny Tuesday: The great Buzz Burbank is here today; Trump reveals highly classified code word intelligence to Russians; The new normal; McMaster lied and destroyed his reputation today; Trump confesses on Twitter; Intelligence came from Israel; Erick Erickson says Trump's leak is worse than we thought; Trump and the alleged Comey tapes; It's getting later earlier; The Investigation Tote Board; and more.

05/11/17 - Kislyak Brought The Lube: The great Jacki Schechner is here today; The aftermath of the firing of James Comey; The Trump, Kislyak and Lavrov threeway in the Oval Office; Prime the Pump; Conspiracy theories; TASS in the Oval but no American press; Rosenstein nearly resigned in protest; Sean Spicer hiding among the bushes; Mike Flynn's records subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Committee; Republicans flacking for Trump; Fixing Obamacare and the Marketplaces; #FattyFattyToadBoy; and more.

05/09/17 - The Brundlefly of Healthcare: David Ferguson from Rawstory is here today; The 2020 Presidential Election is underway; Sally Yates and James Clapper testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee; Underlying Behaviors; Trump brazenly lied about Clapper's remarks; Lindsey Graham wants to investigation Trump's business links to Russia; Macron wins the French election; World war averted; Trumpcare is nothing but a repeal of Obamacare; and more.

05/04/17 - Bigfoot: Jody Hamilton of the From The Bunker podcast joins us today; We recap the disastrous House vote on Trumpcare 3.0; Republican voters are screwing themselves; Billions cut from Medicaid; Congress is exempt from Trumpcare; Republicans secretly love Obamacare; Sean Spicer lied to Breitbart about Trump's wall; House plans to overturn Dodd Frank next; and more.

05/02/17 - Brave Sir Donald Ran Away: Radio god Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment joins us for the hour; The Wheel of Dictators; Trump loves autocrats and despots; North Korea is empowered by Trump's loose language; Trump says Andrew Jackson opposed the Civil War; Trump runs away from John Dickerson interview; Making Smartness Ballsy Again; Pandering to Trump voters; Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats win big; Trumpcare is about to die again; and more.

04/27/17 - Masturbation Fist Jerk: The amazing Jacki Schechner joins us for the hour; The press is fully normalizing Trump; Trump signs order to decimate the Antiquities Act and National Parks; Liberal priorities; Cenk Uygur rants about The Daily Banter for 16 minutes; The Bernie v Hillary bickering has to stop; Trumpcare 2.0 is worse then ever; Jesse Watters goes on vacation after sexist gesture about Ivanka; and more.

04/25/17 - Unintelligible: Kimberley Johnson, host of the Start Me Up podcast and author of Peyton's Choice joins us for the hour; Your calls at 707-317-6060; We review and dissect Donald Trump's insane AP interview; Donald Junior's animal hatred; What's next in the French election; Lindsey Graham's Skeet City; Jeff Sessions bags on Hawaii; and more.

04/20/17 - Summit of Assholes: Driftglass and Bluegal from The Professional Left podcast are back for the hour; Paul Harvey and 420; Bill O'Reilly fired by Fox News Channel; Sexual harassment vocabulary; Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin meet with Trump; Jason Chaffetz is out; North Korea warns a 'super mighty preemptive strike' is on the way; Where the hell is Trump's armada?; and more.

04/18/17 - Flaming Bag of Poo: Driftglass and Bluegal from The Professional Left podcast join us for the hour; Trump cut funding to stop near-earth asteroids; The special election in Georgia; Trump's Georgia Robocall; Alex Jones is a great big faker; Attorney admits Jones is a character; Conservatives on MSNBC; Liberal media bias; and more.

04/13/17 - Lando Calrissian's Co-pilot: The lovely and talented Jacki Schechner joins us for the hour; We rip apart Trump's horrendous interview with Maria Bartiromo; Chocolate cake and unmanned cruise missiles; Trump is amazed by things; Trump's obsession with wires; The White House plans to kill Obamacare by sabotaging it; Trump lied about troops going into Syria; Rex Tillerson was hired because his name is Rex; Jeffrey Lord says Trump is the MLK of healthcare; and more.

04/11/17 - Bill O'Reilly's Vibrator: David Ferguson from Rawstory joins us for the hour; Lindsey Graham says eff you; Trump's missile attack in Syria; Fareed Zakaria's normalization of Trump; Eric Trump says Trump bombed Syria because Ivanka was sad; Russia knew about the attack before it happened; North Korea makes another nuclear threat; Rex Tillerson is worthless; Russian hacker arrested in Spain; Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment settlements; and more.

04/06/17 - Great Fatness: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment joins us today; Lee Stranahan writing for Sputnik; Steve Bannon booted from NSC; McConnell nukes the filibuster; Trump might be jealous of Bannon; Trump's bodyguard goes to Iraq; Devin Nunes recuses himself from Russia investigation; Matt Taibbi and Putin Derangement; and more.

04/04/17 - The Hangover: The great Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs joins us for the hour; The links between Snowden and Russiagate; The Greenwald left questioning the validity of the Russia story; Carter Page confesses to communication with Russian spies; Susan Rice in the crosshairs again; Trump can't stop praising Egypt's dictator; Alex Jones rattles of an epic obscenity filled rant; Trump wants to dropp essential health benefits; and more.

03/30/17 - Shake Weight: The great Jacki Schechner joins us for the hour; Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare; How Trumpcare died; Why the GOP doesn't understand healthcare; Nobody Likes Paul Ryan; Trump vs the Freedom Caucus; Medicare For All; The Public Option; Tom Price can undermine Obamacare at HHS; Trump asks women empowerment summit about Susan B Anthony; and more.

03/28/17 - Bulbous Forehead: Kimberley Johnson hangs out for the hour; Trump called Mugsy; Trump won't throw the opening day first pitch; No crying in baseball; Bill O'Reilly attacks Maxine Waters; Jared Kushner to remake the federal government to look more corporate; Spicer and Russian salad tossing; White House blocking Sally Yates' testimony; Trump staffers purging their phones; Mike Flynn might've flipped; and more.

03/23/17 - The Sharper Image: Buzz Burbank from Buzz Burbank News and Comment joins us today; Fake News vs Fake News; Trump needs to step down; Gorsuch nominated by Kremlin operative; Trumpcare vote postponed; Trump's Trumpcare video and Trump steaks; Devin Nunes beclowns himself; Manafort paid by oligarch to spread Putin propaganda inside the US; and more.

03/21/17 - Bulletins From The Country Club: David Ferguson from Rawstory is back for the hour; Someone's writing Trump's tweets; Trump's approval numbers in free fall; The Comey hearings; Paul Ryan might be compromised; The Russian operative who forecasted all of this; Tillerson and Manafort and NATO; Conservative websites under investigation; American voters helped this to occur; and more.

03/16/17 - Fetuses in Food: Cliff Schecter joins us for the hour; Cliff versus Cleta Mitchell; The Left and Winning; Trump campaign chair caught having hotel sex with a minor; Latest Muslim ban thwarted by Hawaii federal judge; Trump is a political idiot; Lock Her Up; Obamacare repeal and the Medicaid expansion; Maddow and the tax returns; and more.

03/14/17 - Jody On The Show: Jody Hamilton joins us for the hour; 26 million Americans will lose healthcare under GOP bill; Paul Ryan loves the CBO report for some reason; Our healthcare nightmares; Trump and the debt ceiling; Kellyanne Conway thinks Obama used transforming microwaves et cetera; 46 federal prosecutors fired; Fox News was being investigated by Preet Bharara; Carol Burnett stories from the old days; and more.

03/09/17 - Roger Stone's Nipples: David Ferguson from Rawstory joins us for the hour; Chez, personal demons, and Trump; Update on Trump's Gitmo tweet; The Worlds Greatest Healthcare Plan; What's the deal with Roger Stone?; Roger Stone communicated with Guccifer hacking collective; Trump knows nothing about healthcare; Press Corps and the Obama wiretap conspiracy; Mark Hamill's Trumpster; Ukrainian operative met with Paul Manafort about a quid pro quo; and more.

03/07/17 - The Human Boil: New show title; Ben Cohen and Kimberley Johnson sit in; Republicans unveil horrible Obamacare replacement; Poor people are screwed; Key Republicans reject healthcare bill; Covering Trump's tweets; Trump lied about Obama and Gitmo detainees; Trump is getting his news from Doocy and Kilmeade; Mark Levin provides Trump's new conspiracy theory; and more.

02/28/17 - Goodbye: NOT SAFE FOR WORK; Bob talks candidly about Chez's passing and his legacy. The show WILL go on.

02/23/17 - Lieutenant General Chest Rockwell: Farewell, Alan Colmes; The collusion between Trump and the conservative press; Keeping Trump off Twitter; Bill O'Reilly and the Founders; Trump nominates cool names; Mayor McCheese is Very, Very Terrific; Mike Pence and Obamacare; Obamacare vs Trump; John Boehner on Obamacare; Trump's first month by the numbers; and more.

02/21/17 - Says Who: Trump's poll numbers continue to slide; Lt Gen McMaster is the new National Security Adviser; Trump's do overs; Milo Yiannopoulos is done; Trump's history of sexually creepy behavior around kids; Trump's ties to Russia grow with Sater memo about Ukraine; Trump violated the Presidential Records Act again; and more.

02/16/17 - Things Done With Uranium: Trump suffers a mental breakdown during press conference; The most ridiculous quotes; 'The leaks are real but the news about them is fake'; Drugs and candy bars; Trump exists in his own alternative reality; Trump and Netanyahu; the Bidondi Factor; Trump accidentally verifies content of leaks; Trump's Tell; and more.

02/14/17 - Flynn: Mike Flynn resigns from Trump White House; What did Trump know and when did he know it; Sally Yates blew the whistle weeks ago; The Cover Up; Trump is a national security disaster; GOP beginning to see the blood in the water; Parts of dossier confirmed by CNN; Russian spy ship off the east coast; Still no legislation passed by Congress; We have a new theme song; and more.

02/09/17 - When The Watermelon Explodes: The Trump Crisis continues; We have a new affiliate and a new server; Jeff Sessions confirmed; Trump doesn't know what START is; Mitch McConnell makes Elizabeth Warren into a legend; Nevertheless, She Persisted; Trump lies about Sen Blumenthal and Neil Gorsuch; The Bombshell HuffPost Article; and more.

02/07/17 - Haters: The Chris Lavoie Suites and Casinos; SNL and Melissa McCarthy kicked serious ass; Betsy DeVos confirmed; Trump says the most unpatriotic thing ever; Trump still pushing fake voter fraud scam; The jihad against the Judiciary; The so called president; Reversing the tennis ball machine; Trump accuses press of not covering terrorism; Alex Jones is responsible for terrorism coverage story; and more.

02/02/17 - Sweet Meteor of Death: Bob spilled coffee on his technology; Trump easing sanctions on Russia; White House reportedly disabled phone recording system; Trump goes bananas during Prayer Breakfast; Trump threatens to invade Mexico, threatens war in China, offends Australian prime minister, and puts Iran 'on notice'; Trump's incompetent Yemen raid; Trump doesn't know who Frederick Douglass is; and more.

01/31/17 - Monday Night Massacre: There won't be an impeachment; Bob forecasts how Trump will resign; The Monday Night Massacre; Sally Yates fired for not following Trump's Muslim ban; Nixon and Trump; Muslim ban forces decline in stocks and dollar; Trump's voter fraud source in trouble; Trump might be afraid of stairs; and more.

01/26/17 - Sea of Love: The Trump Crisis Day 89; Trump threatens martial law, North Korea will test fire a nuclear missile; Trump is mentally unfit to lead; Trump on nonexistent voter fraud; The Alex Jones Presidency; Trump can't stop obsessing about his crowd size; Take The Oil; Trump thinks torture works; and more.

01/24/17 - Spicer Land: The Trump Crisis Day 87; China is saber rattling with ICBMs; The Dakota Access Pipeline and KeystoneXL are back on; Trump rants to congressional leadership about conspiracy theories; Trump's White House leaking like a bucket with no bottom; The pointless executive orders; Trump embarrasses himself at CIA headquarters; Sean Spicer's battle with facts and Dippin Dots; and more.

01/19/17 - Potential Grizzlies: The Trump Crisis Day 82; Trump gets the nuclear codes tomorrow; Numerous intelligence agencies probing Russia, money and Trump; Trump's war on the press; Infowars gets scammed; Roger Stone insists he's being poisoned; Elijah Cummings sounds the alarm; Trump isn't writing his speech; Betsy DeVos is worried about bears in schools; We call Paul Ryan's office about Obamacare; and more.

01/17/17 - Pee Pee Tape: The Trump Crisis Day 80; Putin reignites the Russia urination story; Trump under investigation for espionage; Bravo to SNL, Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels; Nobody Likes Trump; Trump says polls are rigged; Infowars might get press credentials; Trump vs John Lewis; Monica Crowley steps down amid plagiarism allegations; and more.

01/12/17 - Golden Showers: The Trump Crisis Day 75; Russia Gate Gets Worse; CNN reports Russia has blackmail material on Trump; Trump never read PDB addendum with blackmail info; Did Buzzfeed do the right thing; Trump vs CNN vs Godwin's Law; Senate moves to repeal Obamacare; Republicans add trillions to the debt they claim to hate; and more.

01/10/17 - Mystery Meat: The Trump Crisis Day 73; Jeff Sessions will likely be confirmed; Obama's farewell address tonight; Mark Hamill reads Trump tweets as The Joker; Trump's rant against Meryl Streep; Bernie again; Chuck C. Johnson is advising the Trump transition; Paul Ryan's latest plan for repealing Obamacare; A touching word from one of our listeners; and more.

01/05/17 - Tiny Hands Off My Obamacare: We're back from vacation and illnesses; The Trump Crisis Day 68; Republican calls CBO numbers 'fake news'; Hearings on Russia hacking underway; Trump's bromance with Putin; Chez is drinking too much; Bourdain predicted the Trump Putin alliance; Trump is writing his own inaugural; GOP authorizes trillions added to debt; Trump voters realizing they're losing their healthcare; and more.

12/22/16 - Click Farm: Last show of the year; Trump wants more nukes; Trump Trolls on the March; Trump is lying to himself about the popular vote; The Death of Being Presidential; Cranky racist lady banned from JC Penney; Guy accosts Ivanka on a JetBlue flight; Trump will sign the First Amendment Defense Act; Trump is obsessed with how people look; and more.

12/20/16 - Taking A Stand For Christ: Stupid Trump meme says Obama banned Christmas; Trump voters are badly misinformed; 52 percent say Trump won the popular vote; FBI and DNI agree with CIA about Russia hack; Kellyanne Conway says it's unpatriotic to believe Russia story; Greenwald is completely wrong on Russia; Trump says China should keep the drone; and more.

12/15/16 - The Threshold of Hell: Trump is the Grinch; White House says Trump knew about Russian hacking; Kellyanne Conway exploiting gullible Trumpers; Putin supervised hacked emails; Celebrity Electoral College video; Trump is historically unopopular; and more.

12/13/16 - Anything Can Happen: Chez is back; The Bombshell Russia CIA Story; Trump goes to war against the CIA; Russia can blackmail Trump and the RNC; Putin exploited American stupidity; Czars vs Hackers; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; Alex Jones actually thinks conspiracies require evidence; Kanye West at Trump Tower; Chez and free speech; and more.

12/08/16 - Pap Smear: Kellyanne Conway is an evil genius; Conway warns that Trump can manipulate the stock market; Alex Jones' list of fake news sites; Pizzagate; The latest Trump nominations; Fast food CEO will run the Labor Department; The Ohio Anti-Abortion bill; We call State Senator Steve Oroho to schedule a pap smear; and more.

12/06/16 - China: The Trump Dictatorship Day 21; Kimberley Johnson fills in for Chez; Trump's Carrier deal is a huge mistake; Ben Carson tapped for HUD secretary; China responds to Trump's Taiwan call; The way forward for the Democratic Party; Texas GOP electors walking away from Trump; The Louisiana Senate race no one is talking about; and more.

12/01/16 - The Meat Wagon: Hillary Clinton's popular vote margin keeps growing; The latest news from the recount; Trump outperformed his polling in nearly every state he won; Mitt Romney grovels to Trump; Steve Mnuchin is the new Treasury Secretary; Trump bribes Carrier to keep factory in Indiana; The Trump Victory Tour; Good news and bad news on healthcare; and more.

11/29/16 - The Golden Turd: Our big plan to troll Donald Trump; The Trump Dictatorship Day 14; Our new Imperial March clown car music; Trump threatens to deport or imprison flag burners; The Recount in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania; Obamacare Opponent Tom Price taking over HHS; The cultural rot in America; The Delta airlines Trumper; Trump's double chin photos; and more.

11/23/16 - Young Online Activists: Hacking the Election; Study shows votes may have been siphoned off Hillary's totals in Wisconsin; Nazi hackers vow to personal intimidate anti-Trump voices; The Electoral College outlived its usefulness; Trump won't prosecute Hillary; Ben Carson for HUD; Recount in North Carolina; and more.

11/21/16 - Tennis Ball Machine: Back from Vacation; The Trump tennis ball machine keeps firing; Gaming out various Trump disasters; Trump vs Hamilton; Trump keeps whining; Trump demands equal time from SNL; Eff the Trump voters; Outreach to racists; The creeping Trump autocracy; Repealing Obamacare; Privatizing Medicare; Russia rigged the election; and more.

11/09/16 - The Bad Guy Won: We review the election of Donald Trump with a bare-bones show; The ramifications for American democracy, decency, rationality; How to block the Trump agenda, and the way forward; and more.

11/08/16 - Election Day 2016: Our predictions for Election Night; The final poll aggregators show a big Hillary victory; Bruce Springsteen gets wonky for Hillary; The Democratic Rock Stars; Will Trump Concede; Trump stole speech lines from Napoleon Dynamite and Independence Day; Dixville Notch; Bob's Top 10 Most Ridiculous Trump Quotes; Alex Jones' Final Argument Against Hillary; and more.

11/03/16 - Puppy Dogs: Five Days to Go; Some good polling news for Hillary; Bob's Twitter fight over stupid crap; Congratulations to Cubs fans; A show exclusive about Hillary's ground game; The left is turning against Nate Silver; Trump attacking NBC's Katy Tur; Kellyanne Conway flummoxed; Trump struggles to stay on message; and more.

11/01/16 - Spinbot: One week to go; The FBI Email Story; The race is definitely tightening; Trump could win all the tossups and still lose; The brilliant New York Magazine profile of the Trump campaign; 17 months versus four years; The Ironic Kellyanne Conway Tweet of the Day; Hacking the vote; The Evan McMullin Robocall; and more.

10/27/16 - Fascinated with Sex: The Latest Polls and Democrats Getting Too Happy; Republicans are embracing Trump; Spineless Jason Chaffetz endorses Trump; McMullinmentum; Megyn Kelly destroys Newt Gingrich about Trump's sexual assaults; Trump surrogate threatens Kelly; Trump will imprison and audit journalists; and more.

10/25/16 - No Puppet No Puppet: Two Weeks to Go; The Latest Polls; Good news from Arizona; Audio of Trump praising Hillary in 2008; The 282 People, Places, Things Trump Insulted on Twitter; Obama reads Trump's Mean Tweet; Kellyanne Conway scolds Trump; Trump TV is underway; and more.

10/20/16 - Bad Hombres: The Third and Final Debate; Trump threatens to not concede the election; Hillary's best debate so far; Trump says 'Bad Hombres'; Trump can't stop whining; Hillary says Trump is a puppet; Trump is Charlie Cheswick; You're a nasty woman; Trump praises Putin again; and more.

10/18/16 - Cornucopia of Horrors: The latest polls show a dead-heat in Alaska; Millennials lined up for Hillary; James O'Keefe is back and just as ludicrous as ever; Whiny Trump keeps complaining about how the system is rigged for wealthy white celebrities; Trump says voter fraud is very common; Trump vs CNN; Melania says Trump is like a little boy; Trump supporter says Hillary should be taken out; Pepe the Frog; and more.

10/13/16 - Flukeman: The Ultimate Trump Meltdown; Trump accused of sexual assault by more women; Trump groped a woman on an airplane; Trump molested a People Magazine reporter; Trump ogles a 10 year old girl; Trump ogles Miss Teen contestants; Trump suing The New York Times; Rudy Giuliani Goes There; Trump wants you to vote on November 28; and more.

10/11/16 - The Second Debate: Trump recorded by Billy Bush admitting that he's molested multiple women; The Christian right defending this monster; Republicans jumping ship; We recap the second presidential debate; Trump pledges to arrest Hillary; Trump acts like recess bully; Trump can't stop sniffing; Trump on cocaine; Trump supporters are crazier than Trump himself; and more.

10/04/16 - Rocktober Surprise: Trump's psychotic rant in Pennsylvania; The horrendous congressional vote on JASTA is the dumbest thing ever; Wikileaks' October Surprise is canceled; Trump hasn't paid any federal income taxes; Marla Maples might've leaked; The latest polls and Don't Get Happy; and more.

09/29/16 - Unbreakable: Bombshell Newsweek story about Trump doing illegal business with Castro; The Frontline special about Hillary and Trump; Hillary is a juggernaut; Hillary's ultimate boss battle; Gary Johnson can't name any world leaders; Millennials and Bush vs Trump; False equivalence on Good Morning America; and more.

09/27/16 - The First Debate: It's a complete recap of the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump; Birtherism; Trump's temperament; Trump's tax returns; The Iraq War; Hillary's presidential look; Trump's excuses; The Eff You Election; and more.

09/22/16 - Librarian from Outer Space: Ben Cohen from The Daily Banter fills in for Chez; The Terence Crutcher Shooting in Tulsa; Systemic issues behind police shootings; Tusla officer's excuse; Instapundit Suspended from Twitter; The protest in Charlotte; Trump wants to deny constitutional rights to prisoners; Michelle Obama's impression of President Obama; Arresting Journalists; The dangerous Jill Stein voters; Trump's national stop and frisk plan; and more.

09/20/16 - Silver Bullet: There's no metaphorical silver bullet to defeat Trump; Terrorist attack in Chelsea, NYC; Trump takes credit for predicting the attack, then blames Obama and Hillary; Trump finally anoints Obama as an official American citizen; Two sets of rules; Mark Halperin and the Origins of the Birther Movement; and more.

09/15/16 - Gestures At Our People: Maybe it's time to panic; Trump and Hillary tied in the polls; Trump threatens to attack Iran; Debate expectations; Trump's pick for the Supreme Court; Trump on Dr. Oz; Trump attack's Hillary's health and stamina; Alex Jones says Hillary possessed by 911 ghosts; and more.

09/13/16 - Basket of Deplorables: Hillary attacks Trump supporters as deplorable; Trump demands and apology; Hillary hurts Trump's fee-fees; Mike Pence is outraged; The World Against Trump; The political press is turgid now; Hillary's bout with pneumonia; The Hillary passing out video; Buckwheat has been shot; Alex Jones feels vindicated; Hillary conspiracy theories continue to fly; and more.

09/08/16 - Brain Damage: Gary Johnson Botches Syria Question; The NBC Commander in Chief Forum; Softball Questions from Matt Lauer; Trump's Brain Damage; Trump's Secret Plan for ISIS; Trump's New Military Court; Admiral Loaf and General Omarosa; Trump Talks About The Cyber; Update on the Website Outage; Happy 50th to Star Trek; and more.

09/06/16 - Greenwalded: Jill Stein Fanboys and Glenn Greenwald Swarm Against Bob; Helping Trump by Wrongly Emphasizing Hillary's Negatives; Paul Krugman Scolds the Press; Soledad O'Brien Joins the Fray; False Equivalences; The Clinton Foundation and the Trump Foundation; and more.

09/01/16 - Pokeball: Trump Goes to Mexico; Vicente Fox Calls Out Trump for Lying; Trump's Ground Game Sucks; Trump Supporters Are Pissed at Bob; Chris Christie Needs to Untuck His Shirts; Morning Joe versus Trump; Glenn Greenwald Thinks Romney and McCain Weren't Threats to America; and more.

08/30/16 - The Waco Kid: Farewell Gene Wilder; Anthony Weiner Caught Sexting Again; Huma Abedin Announces Separation; Trump Accuses Hillary of Violating National Security; Operation Taco Bowl; Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles and the End of Satire; Trump Misspells Judgment; The Angry Left; and more.

08/25/16 - Pickle Jar Truthers: Alex Jones Says Hillary's Pickle Jar is a False Flag; Debunking the Awful Clinton Foundation Story; More Shoddy Journalism for Clicks; Trump Calls for a Special Prosecutor; Trump Changes His Immigration Policy Again; Trump on Hannity; HA Goodman Destroyed on Reddit AMA; Trump's Secret Voters; and more.

08/23/16 - Very Very Tremendous Pants: More Bad News About the Climate Crisis; Hillary was Hilarious on Jimmy Kimmel; Rudy Giuliani and the Stupid Hillary Health Rumors; Trump's Black Outreach Isn't an Outreach After All; Trump's Rallies Are Being Routinely Canceled; Trump's Immigration Policy is Obama's Immigration Policy; and more.

08/18/16 - Says Who: Let Trump Be Trump; Trump Hires Breitbart Stooge to Run His Campaign; Roger Ailes Taking Over Trump's Debate Prep; Who is Steve Bannon; Trump's Lawyer Denies the Polls on CNN; Screw Intelligence; Trump is Mr. Brexit; Polls vs Yard Signs and Crowd Sizes; and more.

08/16/16 - Obloquy: Chez is Back; Trump Spokesperson Thinks Obama Started the Afghanistan War; Rudy Giuliani Thinks 911 Never Happened Under Bush; Trump's People Are Dumber Than He Is; Conservative Talk Show Host Criticizes the Post Reality Bubble; Hillary Defies Breitbart Poll Trolling; Trump Deploying a Goon Squad to Monitor Elections; No One Loves Hannity; and more.

08/11/16 - The Hokey Pokey: No Chez Today; Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs Joins Bob in the Second Half of the Show; Trump's Second Amendment Remark; Trump Says Obama is the Founder of ISIS; Alex Jones Amazed That Trump is Using His Material; The Eliminationists; How the Alt Right Has Been Using Assassination Talk All Along; Mark Foley Attends Trump Rally; and more.

08/09/16 - Team of Steves: Trump Said 'Titties'; Trump Attempts to Reboot His Campaign; Rebooting Shouldn't Erase Previous Horrors; The Last Ten Trump Things; Republican National Security Expects Renounce Trump; Trump is a Mafia Enforcer; Trump Sites Publishing Obviously Fake News Stories; and more.

08/04/16 - The Yokel Whisperer: The Trump Implosion and the Trump Surge; It's Not Over Yet; Trump Probably Won't Step Down; Hillary's Poll Lead Expanding; Trump Discusses Top Secret Iran Video; The 400 Million; Trump Hits Megyn Kelly and Serge Kovaleski Again; Trump Fumbles the Zika Virus; Trump vs Fire Marshals; and more.

08/02/16 - The Evel Knievel of Racism: Where Do We Begin?; The Trump Meltdown Continues; Trump Threatens to Hit DNC Members; Trump and Surrogates Attack Parents of Dead Soldiers; Trump Supporters Boo Air Force Mom; Trump Doesn't Know Russia Invaded Ukraine; Fareed Zakaria Drops a Bomb on Trump; Trump Says the Election is Rigged; GOP Selling Out Its Patriotism to Prop Up Trump; A Horrifying Peek Inside the Trump Bubble; and more.

07/28/16 - Homegrown Demagogues: We Review President Obama's Triumphant DNC Address; History is Made Again; Passing the Baton; Making the Case for Hillary; Trump Isn't a 'Plans' Guy or a 'Facts' Guy; Obama and Reagan; Trump's Russia Scandal Deepens; Trump Hopes Russia Hacked Hillary's Email; Trump Has Brain Worms; The Dangers of Authoritarianism; and more.

07/26/16 - Trump Putin 2016: Putin and the Russians Behind the DNC Leak Story; The Story of the Year; Bernie or Bust People Aren't Seeing the Big Picture; Sarah Silverman Nails Busters; The Progressive Party Platform; Bernie Sanders and The Real World; Tim Kaine is Hillary's VP Nominee; Debbie Wasserman Schultz Steps Down; and more.

07/21/16 - Generalissimo Trump: We Recap the RNC Days Two and Three; Ted Cruz Booed for Refusing to Endorse Trump; Eric and Donald Trump Junior Speeches; Rudy Giuliani's America; The Mike Pencebot Accepts His VP Nomination; Republican Contradictions; Clint Webb for Senate; Ben Carson Says Hillary is Pro Lucifer; Michael Moore's Prediction for the Election; and more.

07/19/16 - Word Is Bond: Back from Summer Vacation; The Republican Convention is a Disaster; Melania Trump's Speech was Stolen from Michelle Obama; Delegations Walk Out; Republicans in Denial; The TrumpPence Logo; TP for My Bunghole; Mike Pence's Bizarre 60 Minutes Interview; Steven King Supports White Supremacy; Scott Baio and Antonia Sobato; Rudy Giuliani is Nuts; and more.

06/30/16 - The Trump Suicide Vest: Active Shooter at Joint Base Andrews; Trey Gowdy's Benghazi Report; Conspiracy Theorists Turn Against Gowdy; Trump May Have Solicited Money from Foreign Leaders; Jihadists For Trump; Hillary Leading in Key Swing States; Gun Store Raffling Off an AR15; Alex Jones is Worried About Trump and Goblins; and more.

06/28/16 - Spooning with Hillary: Benghazi Committee Clears Hillary of Wrongdoing; The Supreme Court's Historic Abortion Ruling; The Unhinged Wingnut Reaction; Greg Abbott and Other Conservatives Reveal the Truth About HB2; Trump Has a New Communications Director Who Thinks Trump is Sleazy; Trump Humiliated by Lester Holt; and more.

06/23/16 - Bring Out The Gimp: The Democratic Sit-in on Gun Control; Bernie Supporters Think It's All About Them; Paul Ryan Thinks It's All a Publicity Stunt; Louie Gohmert Goes Bananas Again; Steve King on Gun Grabbers; The Trump Bros; Corey Lewandowski Hired by CNN; Alex Jones and Roger Stone Wearing Ball Gags to the RNC; and more.

06/21/16 - Human Centipede of Supermodels: Drunken Chez Live from Palm Springs; The Trump Trainwreck is Underway; Trump Fires Top Staffer; Trump is Out of Money; Trump Spent Millions on His Own Businesses; Trump is The King of Debt; Trump Backpedals on Orlando Remarks; Trump Accused of Rapin Underage Girl; and more.

06/16/16 - The Gunsplainer: The AR15 and Gunsplainers; Hunting for Food; Sovereign Citizen Shoots Three People with an AR15; Lawmaker Holding Another AR15 Giveaway; Hank Williams Jr Endorses Hillary; John McCain Blames Obama for Orlando Massacre; Steve King Thinks Suspected Terrorists Should Be Armed; The Dems Filibuster Lack of Gun Legislation; University of Missouri Vigil Turns Into an SJW Guilt Fest; and more.

06/14/16 - Orlando: We get serious and discuss the gun massacre in Orlando for the hour; Trump's horrifying response; The Republican response is totally incoherent; Attacking ISIS versus banning assault weapons; Fox News Channel's Gretchen Carlson supports an assault weapons ban; The Fox News Bubble illustrated; Trump goes to war against Marty Baron and The Washington Post; Chris Christie calls for the bombing of something; Maybe something positive will happen this time; and more.

06/09/16 - Delete Your Account: Hillary is the Presumptive Nominee; Obama Endorses Hillary; Bernie Pledges to Help Hillary Defeat Trump; The Most Ridiculous Comments of the Day; Elizabeth Warren to Endorse Hillary; Trump Slams Obama's Endorsement; Hillary's Excellent Reply to Trump; Explosion in a Target Bathroom; and more.

06/07/16 - Caleefonya: The AP Calls the Primaries for Hillary; Bernie's Big Three Options; Superdelegates and Conspiracy Theories; Bob's Voting Experience in California; Guess Who's Running for Governor of Rhode Island; The Trump Campaign is Imploding; Republicans Retracting Their Endorsements; Megyn Kelly Nails Trump Again; and more.

06/02/16 - Juggernaut: Hillary Clinton's Scathing National Security Speech; Relentlessly Attacking Trump; Trump's Stupid Response; CNN Fact Checked Trump in Real Time; Paul Ryan Genuflects to Trump; Cenk Uygur Says He Doesn't Have a Bernie Bias; and more.

05/31/16 - Believe Me: We Debate the Killing of Harambe the Gorilla; Trump Denies the California Drought; Trump Fails to Show Evidence of Donations to Veterans; Trump Calls Reporter A Sleaze; North Korea Endorses Trump; Road Sign Echoes Alex Jones Conspiracy; and more.

05/26/16 - Gay Mosquitoes: The Trump Versus Bernie Debate; Trump Gets Played; Jimmy Kimmel Subverted Trump Then Humanized Him; Trump's Best Words About Farmers; The Libertarian Billionaire Behind the Gawker Lawsuit; Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has to Go; Louie Gohmert's Epic Rant About Gay Space Colonists; and more.

05/24/16 - Woody Johnson's Apparatus: Trump Accuses Hillary of Fighting a War on Women; Roger Stone on Alex Jones; Trump Invokes Vince Foster Conspiracy Theory; Trump Does or Doesn't Think There Should be Guns in Schools; Haley Barbour Doesn't Know if the Clintons Are Murderers; The GOP's Plan to Overhaul Their Primaries; Open vs Closed Primaries; Chewbacca Mom; and more.

05/19/16 - Great Hate and Sickness: Trump's Robotic Press Secretary; Trump is Surrounded by Incompetence; Trump isn't Hitler, He's Nixon; The Saturday Night Massacre; Defending Our Friend Stephanie Miller; The Nevada Convention Mayhem; No Evidence of Violence; No Evidence of Fraud or Disenfranchisement; and more.

05/17/16 - He's Not Hitler: Hillary's Strategy Against Trump; Melania Trump Says Her Husband Isn't Hitler; Trump Considering Palin as His Running Mate; Trump Surrogate Says CNN Should Lose Its FCC License; Trump's Golf Course Scam; Republican Accidentally Reveals Porn Preferences; Alex Jones Says Michelle Obama Killed Joan Rivers; and more.

05/12/16 - Snot Walker: Trump's Butler Posts Insane Facebook Message; Paul Ryan Meets with Trump; Republicans Kiss Trump's Orange Butt; Trump's Name is Mentioned Thousands of Times in the Panama Papers; Trump's Nickname for Bernie Sanders; Stephen Colbert Interviews Trump's Insult Adviser; John Boehner Calls Freedom Caucus Knuckleheads; and more.

05/10/16 - The Best Words: Trump has the Best Words; We Attempt to Shame and Ridicule Trump Supporters; Rush Limbaugh Agrees that Trump is an Internet Troll; Trump Appoints Chris Christie to Run His Transition Team; The Results of a Disturbing PPP Poll; Trump is Less Popular Than Lice; Small Government Conservatives Want to Regulate Facebook; and more.

05/05/16 - Big Bowl of Meat: Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump; Ted Cruz Drops Out; Cruz's Stupid Concession Speech; We Recap Trump's Greatest Hits; Steve Schmidt Blasts the Conservative Movement; Trump Getting CIA Briefings Now; Trump's Word Salad on Abortion; Trump's Ridiculous Cinco de Mayo Tweet; Alex Jones Goes Off About George Will Literally Raping America; and more.

05/03/16 - Fish Monster: The Indiana Primary; Bernie's Bizarre Delegate Math; Ted Cruz Admits to Beating His Children; Protester Calls Ted Cruz a Fish Monster; Carly Fiorina Falls Through a Trap Door; Trump Suggests Ted Cruz's Dad Was a JFK Conspirator; Ryan Grim Fights Jesse Watters; and more.

04/28/16 - Lucifer: We Have a Democratic Nominee; Cenk Uygur and HA Goodman Hoping for the FBI to Make Bernie the Winner; Donald Trump is Close to the Nomination; The Woman Card; Nate Silver's Electoral Vote Tally; Ted Cruz Announces His Running Mate; Fiorina Sings; John Boehner Hates Ted Cruz; Ted Cruz Screws Up Hoosiers Movie Reference; Dennis Hastert Gets 15 Months; and more.

04/26/16 - Literally: Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries; Bernie Math; Alex Jones and His Black Friend Agree that Beyonce is Eating Baby Brains; Literally; Alex Jones is Gullible; Ted Cruz Lying About Transgender People; Ted Cruz and History; Trump Has Another Twitter Meltdown; Second Amendment Solutions; and more.

04/21/16 - Iconoclast: We Remember Prince and His Legacy; The Music of Generation X; Obama's Statement on Prince; Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on the Twenty; Conservatives Respond; Fox and Friends Asks New Yorkers About Tubman; Wolf Blitzer and Purple Haze; and more.

04/19/16 - Seven Eleven: We're Sick of the Democratic Primary Campaign; Silly Season is Thick; Bernie's Fingers and Hillary's Hot Sauce; Ted Cruz Won't Ban Sex Toys; Trump Refers to 911 as 711; Who's Attacking Us Now; When MSNBC Was Republican; Fox News Continues Fictitious Makers vs Takers Nonsense; and more.

04/14/16 - Bob Something: Ted Cruz Once Argued Against the Sale of Dildos; Bernie Surrogate Complains About 'Democratic Whores'; The Young Turks Strike Back Against Chez; We Don't Candy Coat Anything; Bernie Correctly Says Voter ID is Like Jim Crow; Donald Trump and Joe Paterno; and more.

04/12/16 - The Slut Shaming Committee: Back from Vacation; Bernie v Superdelegates; The North Carolina LGBT Law; The GOP's Obsession with Bathrooms; Tennessee Republican Accused of Sexual Harassment; Missouri Republican Wants a List of Women Who Had Abortions; Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks Makes an Ass of Himself at the Airport; and more.

03/31/16 - The Hell Organization: Correction on Bill Maher's Emory University Story; Michelle Fields Stalked by Trump Supporters; How Facebook is Creating Mini-Echochambers; Trump on Punishing Women Who Have Abortions; Trump Speaking the Truth; Fox News Channel Doofus Blames Hillary for Trump Abortion Remarks; Missouri Republican in Solidarity with Embryos; The Devil; Teen Protester Groped and Attacked with Pepper Spray; and more.

03/29/16 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong: No Shows Next Week; Susan Sarandon Joins the Bernie or Bust Effort; The Underpants Gnome Business Model; The Two Party System; Trump's Campaign Manager Turns Himself In; Trump's Campaign Manager's Lawyer Allegedly Bit a Stripper; Charles Blow Responds to Sarandon; The Revolution; Guns at the GOP Convention; Bill Maher Attacks Emory University Snowflakes; Gen X Accountability; HA Goodman's Stupid Headline of the Day; and more.

03/24/16 - No Flipping: We Remember the Great Garry Shandling; The Mental and Emotional Side of Doing a Show; Letterman's Kooky Beard; Trump vs Cruz vs Melania vs Heidi; We Review 'The Brainwashing of My Father'; Trump vs Obama on Women; Paul Ryan's Astonishing Remarks About Makers and Takers; The Poverty Trap; and more.

03/22/16 - Weekend at Russert's: Terror Attacks in Brussels; Donald Trump Bungles Response to Brussels; The Trump WaPo Transcript; Tim Russert's White Board; The Cruelty of All Religions, Including Islam; Alex Jones Says Brussels is a False Flag; Gaffes and the Clintons; and more.

03/17/16 - Millionaires and Billionaires: Thank You for Making Us 15th on iTunes; Correction on Trump's Free Media; Trump Condones Rioting at a Brokered Convention; The News Media Needs to Nail Trump; The Delegate Math; Marco Rubio Not Running for Reelection; The GOP Business Model; Obama Says It's Time for the Dems to Heal; Alex Jones Goes Berserk About Aliens and Floors; and more.

03/15/16 - Thuggery Stuff: Super Tuesday 2: Electric Boogaloo; Democrats Denying Reality; Palin and Trump Don't Understand the Constitution; Mark Halperin Praises Trump; Here Comes the Trump Army; The Trump Loyalty Oath; Trump Broke the Law for Ben Carson's Endorsement; and more.

03/10/16 - The Problem with Fruit: Indiana Passes Nightmarish Anti-Choice Law; Trump Supporter Sucker-Punches African-American Protester; Trump Campaign Goon Abuses Reporter; The CNN-Univision Democratic Debate; Bernie Attacked on Cuba; Fox and Friends on the Soviet Holocaust; CNN Conservative Doesn't Understand American History; and much more.

03/08/16 - Riotous Clusterfuck: The Fox News Democratic Town Hall; Bernie Nails it on Healthcare; Do Not Interrupt The Bernie; Michigan and Mississippi Primaries; No Path to Victory for Bernie; Bernie Defends Firearm Corporations; Why is Bernie Against TARP; Trump Endorsed by Sandy Hook Truther; Louis CK on Trump, Hilter and the GOP; and much more.

03/03/16 - He Whose Shoulders: The Republican Civil War Begins; Mitt Romney Delivers Scathing Anti-Trump Speech; Patrick Bateman vs Patrick Bateman; Trump Responds with BJ Remarks; Sarah Palin Weighs In with Gibberish; Romney to Challenge at the Convention; GOP National Security Leaders Line Up Against Trump; Brian Kilmeade Can't Say Hyperbole; Ben Carson is Out; and much more.

03/01/16 - Stump Speech: Super Tuesday is Super; We Kind of Know the Outcome; John Oliver's Mole Joke; Samantha Bee Should Host the Daily Show; Marco Rubio Attacks Trump's Penis; Trump Lies About His Hands and the KKK; Jesse Ventura Torn Between Trump and Bernie; Sick of the Clintons; and much more.

02/26/16 - The Poorly Educated: Special Friday Show; Loud Noises at the CNN Republican Debate; Ben Carson's Fruit Salad; Lindsey Graham Nails Trump's GOP; Trump Pledges to Sue the Media; Biff Tannen was Based on Trump; Trump's Supporters Oppose the Emancipation Proclamation; Ted Cruz Wants to Pardon Anti-Choice Video Pranksters; Bob Fights Pro-Hillary Propagandist; and much more.

02/23/16 - Water Boring: Trump Wins the Nevada Caucus; Senate GOP Pledges to Not Hold Hearings on Obama SCOTUS Nominee; Obama's New Plan to Close Gitmo; Trump Attacks NBC Reporter; Jeb is Out of the Race; Are the Dems Prepared to Run Against Trump?; Ben Carson Proposes Truth Serum Instead of Waterboarding; Ben Carson Says Obama Isn't Black Enough; and much more.

02/18/16 - The Almighty Zuckerberg: Rare Species of Dolphin Killed by Selfie Seekers; Humans Suck; Trump Gets into a Pissing Match with the Pope; Mika Brzezinski Nails Trump; Facebook Controls the Election and the Internet; Bernie's Legislative Road Map; New Polls Showing Hillary Victories in March Primaries; Hillary Barked Like a Dog; and much more.

02/16/16 - Emergency Transmission: Antonin Scalia is Dead; This Changes Everything; The Republican Obstructionist Reaction; Ted Cruz Vows to Filibuster; Obama on a Moderate Nominee; Ted Cruz Baffled by Reality; Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Donald Trump Think Scalia was Murdered; Everything Fake is Real, and Everything Real is Fake; The CBS News GOP Debate; The Republicans Are Little Children; and much more.

02/11/16 - White Privilege: The Oregon Standoff is Over; Cliven Bundy and Other Militiamen Arrested; The Brainwashing of My Dad; The Intersection of the Far Left and Far Right; Activist Bernie Supporters Planning to Disrupt the Dem Convention; Superdelegates; The Underpants Gnome Business Model; Bernie Criticizes Obama's Leadership; and much more.

02/09/16 - Big Beautiful Dick: Big Announcement from Bob; The Hilariously Ridiculous GOP Debate; Marco Rubio Crashes and Burns; The New Hampshire Primary; Trump Calls Cruz the P word; Hillary Scolding Millennials; Alex Jones Attacks Bernie Supporters; Best SNL Episode in a Long Time; and much more.

02/04/16 - Please Clap: Jeb Bush's Droopy Campaign; Old School Republicans vs The Reality Show Era; Rand Paul and Rick Santorum Pull Out; Last Night's CNN Town Hall; Previewing the Maddow MSNBC Debate; The Real Progressive Purity Test; 100 percent Establishment Guy; Newspaper Calls for Audit of Iowa Results; Bernie's Youth Vote; Jesse Ventura on Campaign Finance; and much more.

02/02/16 - Turn Those Machines Back On: Our Complete Recap of the Iowa Caucus; Hillary Narrowly Defeats Bernie; Ted Cruz's Insane Victory Speech; Cruz Is Going to Be an Ever Bigger Jerk Now; Trump Is Absolutely Still Alive; Coin Toss Truthers; Millennials and Trophies for Everyone; Undecided Caucusgoer Says the F Word on MSNBC; Third Place Failures; and much more.

01/28/16 - The Hairless Bigfoot: Farewell to the Tarp Man; The Oregon Militia Takes Its First Casualties; Oregon Militia Doofus Screams About the Cops; Trump vs Fox News Channel; Trump Fans Tweet Sexist Slurs at Megyn Kelly; Sarah Palin Defends Trump Against Fox News; Robert Reich's Bernie Sanders Video; and much more.

01/26/16 - Pooping in Heaven: The Most Hilariously Ridiculous Fox and Friends Clip Ever; Anti-Choice Planned Parenthood Video Producers Indicted; The Irony of the Charges; The GOP Won't Stop Pretending the Videos Are Real; The States That Have Exonerated Planned Parenthood; Ted Cruz Lied About His Healthcare; Ted Cruz Spanks His Daughters for Lying; Rush Limbaugh Says Bernie is Worried Hillary Will Murder Him; Political Reality and Giving Ammo to the GOP; and much more.

01/21/16 - Bitter Clingin' Proud Clingers: Sarah Palin Endorses Trump with Authentic Frontier Gibberish; The Most Ridiculous Clips from Her Speech; Palin Blames Obama for Her Son's Domestic Violence Arrest; Bernie v Hillary, Dawn of Losing the General Election; The Latest Polls from Iowa; Lindsey Graham Continues to Make Sense; BBC; Carly Fiorina Ambushes Kids with Anti-Abortion Propaganda; and much more.

01/19/16 - The Ted Kruzz: Can Bernie Sanders Win the General Election; Thom Hartmann Discusses Chez's Bernie Article; Bernie's Single Payer Plan Revealed; Sarah Palin Endorses Trump; Trump Bungles His Liberty University Speech; Sad Martin; Rand Paul's Insane New Ted Cruz Cartoon; Ted Cruz Did Another JFK Impression; and much more.

01/14/16 - Poofy Little Douche: We Recap the State of the Union; Nikki Haley's Clenched Response; Steve King Prays for the Unborn; Fetuses Attending the State of the Union; Oregon Militia Putting Local Officials on Trial; Reactions to Our Bernie Segment; Planned Parenthood Suing Video Producers; Trump's Freaky New Campaign Song; Ted Cruz and Phil Robertson Hunt Ducks; and much more.

01/12/16 - Leave the Dicks In: Oregon Militia Not Happy With Their Packages; Hilarious New Oregon Video; Remembering David Bowie; Breaking News from Iran; Judge Punishes Ammon Bundy; Previewing the State of the Union; Bob's Short Review of The Big Short; Bernie versus Hillary; The Latest Dem Polls from Iowa and New Hampshire; and much more.

01/07/16 - It's A Tarp: The Latest from the Oregon Standoff; The Oregon Tarp Man Wants Freedom; Trump's Solution to Oregon; Trump Campaign Chairman Joins Oregon Militia; Ted Cruz's Natural Born Citizenship Problem; Obama's Executive Order on Guns; Republicans Attack Obama's Tear Ducts; Bob's NRA Membership Letter; and much more.

01/04/16 - Corn Patritos: First Show of 2016; Special Monday Edition; The Militia Standoff in Oregon; The Militias Need Snacks; Dan Bidondi's Patritos; White Privilege On Display; Just Another Cliven Bundy; Militia Member's Hilariously Sappy Farewell Video; Alex Jones Thinks It's Another False Flag; Grabass and Laser Tag; and much more.

12/17/15 - The Money Man: Last Free Show Until January 5, 2016; Martin Shkreli the Pharma Bro Arrested for Securities Fraud; We Recap the CNN Republican Debate; The Press is Seriously Hurting America; Ted Cruz Gets Totally Owned by Fox News; Tea Party Congressman Prank Called on CSPAN; Debunking the 911 Truther Conspiracy About Jet Fuel; and much more.

12/15/15 - Astonishingly Excellent: We Preview the Las Vegas GOP Debate; Hate Mail of the Week; Ted Cruz Will Not Be the Nominee; Trump is Destroying the GOP; Trump's Hilarious Doctor Report; Trump Says He Would've Stopped the Paris Terrorists with His Gun; and much more.

12/10/15 - Joe Lies: Another Day, Another Active Shooter; Gun Massacre Conspiracies; Planned Parenthood Shooter is Totally Crazy; Trump Attacked By Eagle; Ted Cruz's Doughy Body; Too Many Americans Support Trump's Muslim Ban; Trump Supporter Goes Bananas About Liars; Trump Gets Butthurt Over Criticism of His Hair; and much more.

12/08/15 - Trump Trolls: Trump Wants to Ban Muslims; Joe Scarborough Hammers Trump; Lindsey Graham Sounding Reasonable Again; Ted Cruz's Roommate Talks About Creepy College Cruz; Ben Carson's Forced Birth for Rape Victims; The Injustice of the Abortion Debate; Erick Erickson Literally Shot The New York Times; and much more.

12/03/15 - America Sucks Less: The Latest Gun Massacre; The San Bernardino Shooting; Repealing the Second Amendment; We Agree with Geraldo; Shep Smith Speaks the Truth; BBC's Overseas Reaction to America's Gun Fetish; Gun Distributors Bask in Profits; Trump's Post-Massacre Polling; Trump Insults Jews; Trump Appears on Alex Jones; The Trump and Nugent Ticket; and much more.

12/01/15 - Beach Balls: The Terrorist Attack Against Planned Parenthood; New Dan Bidondi Audio; Dan's Analysis of the Shooting; Republican Accountability for Inciting Violent Extremism; Republican Lies About the Planned Parenthood Videos; The South Dakota Law that Connects the GOP to Domestic Terrorism; Ted Cruz Blames Liberal Rhetoric; Joshua Feuerstein Calls for Killing Abortion Doctors; and much more.

11/24/15 - Do These Chickens Have Large Talons?: Last Show Before Thanksgiving; Russian Jet Shot Down Over Turkey; Black Lives Matter Protesters Gunned Down By Douchebag Military Cosplayers; Trump Says He's The Least Racist Person In The World; Trump Doesn't Fact Check Himself; Ben Carson Doesn't Know Anything About the Constitution; St. Elmo's Fire; and much more.

11/19/15 - Big Beautiful Safe Zone: The Latest on the Syrian Refugees and the GOP Response; House GOP Blocks Refugees; Obama Nails GOP Cowardice; Ted Cruz Asks Obama to Say It To His Face; Trump's Big Beautiful Safe Zone; Trump Wants IDs for Muslims and Mosque Closures; Ben Carson's Campaign is a Disaster; Ben Carson's Ridiculous Map Gaffe; Big News About Our Patreon Page; and much more.

11/17/15 - I Sez: We Recap Chez on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour; Bob's Shirtless Offer; Listener Reaction to Our Mizzou Rant; The Latest on the Paris Attacks; Breaking News from Germany; GOP Governors Demonizing Refugees; Bible Verses That Mandate Allowing Refugees to Come to America; Texas Lawmaker Spills the Beans About Texas Gun Laws; Hannity and Bo Dietl on Surveilling Mosques; and much more.

11/12/15 - Mizzou: We Deconstruct the University of Missouri Protests; Chez Participates in Happy Hour; Bob Said the S-Word on the Stephanie Miller Show; Our Recap of the Fox Business Debate; Rand Paul Won the Debate; Philosophers versus Welders; GOP Declares War on the Consumer Protection Bureau; The Deadly Tasering of Linwood Lambert; and much more.

11/10/15 - Jetpacks Made Of Beef: We Preview the GOP Fox Business Debate; Ben Carson in Full Meltdown; Ben Carson's Press Conference Freakout; The GOP are Bullies Turned Victims; The Complete List of Ben Carson Lies; Ben Carson's Weird Jesus Painting; Hugh Hewitt versus Joe Scarborough; Starbucks Cups and the War on Christmas; and much more.

11/04/15 - Eighteen Wheeler Transport: Special Wednesday Show; We Recap the Good News and the Bad News from Election Day 2015; Erick Erickson Calls LGBT Citizens Perverts and Liars; Goodbye Obamacare in Kentucky; Pot Legalization Fails in Ohio; Carson and Trump and the Nuclear Button; Ben Carson Admits Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel of a Car; Jon Stewart Moving to HBO; Afghani Woman Stoned to Death for Adultery; We Rant About Radical Islam and Whether It's Barbaric; and much more.

11/03/15 - Conservative Principles: Obama Razzes the Republicans on CNBC and Vladimir Putin; Republican Demands for Future Televised Debates; Megyn Kelly Rips the GOP's Childish Demands; Ben Carson's Unnecessary Surgery Disqualifies Him for President; Hackers Trick the Left; Why Ohioans Should Pass Pot Legalization on Election Day; and much more.

10/29/15 - Magic Beans: Our Comprehensive Recap of the CNBC Republican Debate; Lies and Lying Liars; Nonsensical GOP Policy Ideas; Trump Lied About Rubio; Fiorina Lied About Everything; Ben Carson Lied About Corporate Affiliations; Ted Cruz Acted Like A Whiny Diaper Baby; Ben Carson Wants Fewer Gotcha Questions; What Happens When The Bubble Is Cracked; CNBC Is NOT Liberal; and much more.

10/27/15 - Heal Inspire Revive: Ben Carson Takes the Lead Nationally; Ben Carson's Ridiculous New Commercial; Ben Carson Pranked on Wikipedia; Donald Trump Doesn't Like Iowans; Ben Carson is Stabby; Hannity and Trump Suckered by Fake Website; The Tea Party is Rapidly Dying; Liberalism in College; Jesse Watters Kicked Off Cornell University Campus; and much more.

10/22/15 - Adult Monchichi: Charles Johnson Joins Us to Discuss Benghazi, Chuck C. Johnson and Dan Rather; Hillary Clinton Testifies at Trey Gowdy's Ridiculous Benghazi Committee; Fox and Friends Blames Hillary for the Hearings; Getting a Conservative Radio Show; Debunking the Benghazi Myths; Ben Carson is Winning Iowa; Ben Carson Says Hillary is Going to Jail; Plus a Visit from Paper Willy; and much more.

10/20/15 - Paper Willy: Back to the Future Day; Jim Webb Drops Out; More Reasons Why Joe Biden Shouldn't Run; Ben Carson's Imaginary Running Mate; Ben Carson Doesn't Know Anything; Jesse Ventura Compares Trickle-Down to 1980s Wrestling; The Star Wars Trailer and the Boycott Star Wars Hashtag; and much more.

10/15/15 - Get The Pikers Out: Recapping the Democratic Debate; Pandering to Gun Rights People; Stephen Colbert on Bernie Sanders; Ben Carson and Racism; Yard Signs and Crowd Sizes Don't Predict Election Success; Fox and Friends on the Dem Debate; Louie Gohmert Freaks Out; Jesse Ventura's Big Announcement; National Grouch Day; and much more.

10/13/15 - Poop Flinging Monkeys: Previewing the First Democratic Debate; Trump Thinks It's Going to be Boring; And It Should Be; Ben Carson Thinks He Can Stop the End Times; Dildos Not Guns; Bill O'Reilly and Eric Bolling Think Democrats Are Racist Against Ben Carson; Lindsey Graham Sounded Totally Reasonable on the Climate Crisis; and much more.

10/08/15 - Popeye's Organization: Republicans in Disarray; Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Speaker Race; Speaker Election Postponed; Boehner Begs Paul Ryan to Run; Ben Carson Is Totally Bananas; Ben Carson's Popeye's Stick Up; Ben Carson Doesn't Understand the Debt Ceiling; Babbleocity from Rocky Mountain Mike and Mary in Ann Arbor; Trump and the Colombian Woman; Jesse Ventura on the Two Party System; and much more.

10/06/15 - Batman Villains: Wingnuts and Racists Don't Want Obama in Oregon; Keith Olbermann MSNBC Rumors Emerge; Why Joe Biden Shouldn't Run for President; The Presidential Line of Succession; Carly Fiorina's Foundation Tied to Planned Parenthood; Ben Carson Goes Totally Nuts on Gun Rights; Trump Thinks Mass Shooters Are Geniuses; and much more.

10/01/15 - Pretty Much Hopeless: The 294th Mass Shooting in America This Year; Chuck C. Johnson Publishes 14-Year-Old's Phone Number; Terrorist Attack on California Planned Parenthood; Huckabee Derps on Benghazi; And the Next Speaker of the House is a Flaming Moron; Kevin McCarthy Says Benghazi Hearings are All About Hillary; and much more.

09/30/15 - Reagan: The 13 Most Punchable Faces in Politics; Republicans Mansplain and Hector Planned Parenthood President; Jason Chaffetz Gets Owned by Cecile Richards; Carly Fiorina Caught Lying Again; Ted Cruz is Butthurt; Ted Cruz Makes Crazy Yalping Noises; Trevor Noah on The Daily Show; Bob's Russian Movers; and much more.

09/24/15 - Colossal Baby Pricks: Republicans and Fox News Continue to Freak Out About the Pope; Carly Fiorina and Smoking Weed; Shep Smith Totally Nails the GOP Outrage; Stupid TV Producer Posts Nazi Symbol on Yom Kippur; Morning Joe Blames Hillary for Birther Movement; Jeb Bush Needs to Quit the Race Now; and much more.

09/22/15 - Find The Popes In The Pizza: Wheels Down for the Pope in the United States; The GOP's Incoherent Rage About the Pope; Religious Hypocrisy; Obama Bowed to the Pope; The GOP of 1980 versus the GOP of 2015; Worst Person in the World; Hedgefund Douchebag Jacks Up the Prices of HIV and Cancer Drug; Big Pharma and Repressing Cures for Profit; Jesse Ventura Schools Huckabee on Religion and the Constitution; and much more.

09/17/15 - No Cheese for You: Our CNN Debate Special; We recap Wednesday night's CNN debate; Damn it was a long one; Jeb Bush on keeping us safe; Trump's most ridiculous moments; Fetus fetishes; Fetuses versus immigrant children; The truth about Rosa Parks; Trump and Carson on vaccines; Effing that 911 chicken; Bad dudes are here; Rand Paul comparatively sounded reasonable; and much more.

09/15/15 - President Sleep Tape: Kanye West Has a SuperPAC Now; Donald Trump Coming Out of Your Ears; Ben Carson is Catching Up with Trump; Mark Halperin and Conventional Wisdom; The CNN Debate; Chris Christie Slams John Kerry; Kim Davis is the Clerk of Constant Drama; Obama Says College Students Shouldn't Be Coddled; Twitter vs Matt Damon; and much more.

09/10/15 - So Much Winning: Colbert's Debut on The Late Show; Christian Sharia Law on the March; Shep Smith for the Win; Sarah Palin's Incoherent Iran Speech; Huckabee Says Dred Scott is Still the Law of the Land; Trump Will Have So Much Winning; You Are the Ball Lickers; Oath Keepers Protecting Kim Davis; Ben Carson Knows About Kidneys; and much more.

09/08/15 - Position Flexible: Kim Davis Released from Prison; Will the Same-Sex Marriage Issue Lead to a Constitutional Crisis; Trump Says Military Prep School was Better Training Than Actual Military Experience; Sarah Palin Invents Her Own Language; Palin Wants to Shut Down the Department of Energy; Joe Biden Needs to Cut the Crap; Dan Bidondi's Artificial Penises; Planned Parenthood Attacked by Terrorists; and much more.

09/03/15 - American Reporter in America: Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Becomes an Anti-Gay Martyr; Huckabee, Cruz and Eric Erickerick Rush to Davis' Defense; Rand Paul's App is Spying on You; Trump Attacks Jeb Bush for Speaking Spanish; Fox News Channel's Brian Kilmeade is Totally Confused by Spanish; Bernie Sanders' Surprising Opinion on Drones; The New Biblical Assault Rifle; Trump Signs Irrelevant Loyalty Pledge; Chris Christie Bullies Little Girl; and much more.

09/01/15 - Bing Bing Bing Bong Bong: The GOP Goes Full Obama Derangement Syndrome Over Mt McKinley Name Change; The Stupid Party; Chris Christie's Immigration Plan; New GOP Poll Shows Republican Voters are Dumber Than Ever; Predicting the 2016 Outcome; Trump Rants About Hillary, Calls Anthony Weiner a 'Perv'; Bob's Internet Screw-up; Chez's Daughter Makes a Guest Appearance; and much more.

08/27/15 - Tragedy Pimp: The Shooting in Virginia; Bob Takes on Gun-Worshiping Facebook Troll; Alex Jones Reacts to Virginia By Attacking Hillary Clinton; Chez Has Had Enough of Everything; The Second Amendment is the NRA's Skeleton Key; Dan Bidondi in Trouble with the Law; and much more.

08/25/15 - Titillates: Trump versus Fox News Channel; Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs Joins us to Discuss Chuck C Johnson's Latest Hack Fraud News; Chuck Johnson and Ashley Madison; We Actually Agree with Glenn Greenwald; Lindsey Graham Wants to Fight Trump; Trumps Latest Polling; Biden Joining the Race; Trump's Hat and Making America Great; and much more.

08/20/15 - One Wittle Wee Wee: Bad Lip Reading the GOP Debate; Josh Duggar Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack; Hackers are Still Hackers No Matter Who's Exposed; Bill O'Reilly and Sarah Palin React to Trump's Immigration Plan; The Mainstreaming of Slavery; Anchor Babies; Deez Nuts for President; Bionic Dan Bidondi's Bionic Italian Gynecologist; and much more.

08/18/15 - 19 Butt Demons and Counting: Nobody Wants Al Gore to Run; Hillary versus Bernie; Fox News Channel's Insufferable Douchebag Jesse Watters Wants Slave Labor; Marco Rubio Decks a Kid with a Football; Lindsey Graham Wants to Pound Iraq; Ex-Gay Porn Star Says Demons Come Out of the Butt; Duggars Pitch a New Show; Hillary versus Black Lives Matter; and much more.

08/13/15 - I Ain't Got Time to Concede: Black Lives Matter vs Bernie Sanders; Will Trump Pick Jesse Ventura as His Running Mate?; Ben Carson Performed Research on Aborted Fetuses; Dan Bidondi Freaks Out Over Mandatory HPV Vaccines; Trump Goes to War Against Rand Paul; and much more.

08/06/15 - Jackass: Chez on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour; Farewell to Jon Stewart and the End of Late Night Satire; The First GOP Debate; The Fake Story About Drinking Games; Jeb Bush Rips Donald Trump; Fox News Focus Group Goes Nuts About Trump; Jesse Ventura Goes Off About the GOP Debates; and much more.

08/04/15 - Machine Gun Bacon: Trump Will Rule the Debates; Chris Christie Made Us Feel Barfy; Bobby Jindal is a Dumbstupid; Two States Exonerate Planned Parenthood; CNN Treats Fake Sting Videos Like They're Real; Jeb Bush is Not Smart; A Tomato with a Feather Sticking Out of It; Ted Cruz Makes Machine Gun Bacon; The Fox News Debate Lineup; and much more.

07/30/15 - Phil: Sarah Palin Gets Totally Confused with Bill O'Reilly; The Insufferable Jesse Watters Punches More Hobos; It's Possible to Care About Cecil the Lion and Other Issues at the Same Time; Bob's Latest Twitter Battle with Dan Bidondi; The Bionic Dan Bidondi Bionic Italian Airlines; and much more.

07/28/15 - Kill Everyone In The World: InfoWars Goon Dan Bidondi on Flat Earth vs Round Earth; That Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion is a Sociopath; Trump is Winning in New Hampshire; Trump Wants Sarah Palin in His Cabinet; Palin's Ridiculous Attack Against Planned Parenthood; Chez's Daughter Stops By; and much more.

07/23/15 - Tell 'Em Uhhhh That We're Liars: Alex Jones Attacks Bob for his Planned Parenthood Article; Dan Bidondi Defends Trump's John McCain Remarks; Ben Carson Thinks Planned Parenthood is Eliminating Black People; Trump Might Run as a Third Party Candidate; Jeb Bush's Head Deflates, Says Medicare Should Be Phased Out; and much more.

07/21/15 - Shark Repellent: Black Lives Matter at Netroots Nation; We Recap Our Interview with InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Dan Bidondi; Dan Talks About Us Again on His Podcast; Dis and Dat and All of Doze Dings; Trump Attacks Lindsey Graham; Trump is Winning; Fox & Friends Derps on the Australian Shark Attack; and much more.

07/16/15 - Satanic Blood Lust: InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist and Alex Jones sidekick Dan Bidondi joins us for the hour to talk about Common Core, dildos, the Boston Marathon bombing, journalism, Sandy Hook, 9/11 Truth, abortion, the Second Amendment, religion, terrorism and much more.

07/09/15 - Fudge and Nuts: Fox and Friends Tell Gay People to Get Their Cakes from a Nonexistent Cake Shop; Fox News A-hole Keith Ablow on Gender Equality; Ted Nugent Weighs in on the Confederate Flag; Subway Guy Questioned About Child Porn; Diff'rent Strokes Kiddie Porn Episode; Crazy Jesse Ventura Takes Down Every GOP Candidate; and much more.

07/07/15 - Brownface: Paula Deen's Latest Racism Controversy; Sarah Palin Apparently Quitting The Sarah Palin Channel; Dinesh D'Souza Posts Fake Hillary Photo; Trump is a Whiny Diaper Baby; Ben Carson Blames Obama for the War on Women; Bernie Sanders News; and much more.

06/30/15 - Crazy Cooter: Dukes of Hazzard Cast Member Defends Confederate Flag on Fox News; All New and Totally Crazy Sarah Palin Audio; Jim Webb is Running for President; Rand Paul Meets with Cliven Bundy; Steve King Wants to Impeach Supreme Court Justices; Rush Limbaugh's Butthurt Balm; Crazy Christian Facebook Lady is Crazy; and much more.

06/30/15 - Blow Blow Blow: The Most Vile Fox News Channel Segment Ever; Chris Christie is Running; Donald Trump Fired by NBC; Lindsey Graham Talks About His Girlfriends; Ben Carson is Bored with His Own Campaign; Bobby Jindal Wants to Eliminate the Supreme Court; Farewell, Chris Squire; and much more.

06/25/15 - Jiggery-Pokery: With Guest Co-host Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs; Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson's Continued Descent into Obscurity; Bobby Jindal is Running; Chris Christie is Running; Good News for Donald Trump; Obamacare Upheld by the Supreme Court; Scalia is Insane; Plus, all about Charles Johnson's Music Career and Entry into Political Blogger; and much more.

06/23/15 - Todd Libtard: Fox and Friends Host Hits a Guy With an Axe; Chez Live from Las Vegas; Obama Says the N-word, Outrage Ensues; Fox and Friends Can't Say Marc Maron's Name; Why is the Confederate Flag Still an Issue; Haley Barbour and Lindsey Graham Defend the Confederate Flag; Lindsey Graham's South Carolina Skeet City; Trump is in Second Place; Gohmert Jokes About Running; and much more.

06/20/15 - June 20, 2015 Mini-Show: God is an A-Hole! Crazy California Republican blames the drought on abortion and liberals. Brought to you by!

06/18/15 - Gareth Keenan: We get serious about gun violence and the massacre in Charleston; Why we'll never pass new gun legislation; Fox and Friends are evil monkeys; Alex Jones says this is the beginning of a race war; Lindsey Graham and Steve Doocy say this is a war on Christians; Brian Kilmeade tries to do math; and much more.

06/17/15 - June 17, 2015 Mini-Show: Trump is Running! Our comprehensive coverage of the greatest day in comedy history. Brought to you by!

06/16/15 - Shooting Skeet: Donald Trump is Officially Running for President; The Clown Car Has a Driver; Trump's Announcement Speech; Lindsey Graham Shooting Skeet; Crazy California Politician Blames Drought on Abortion; God is an A-hole; Ben Carson is the Frontrunner; The Rachel Dolezal Controversy; Alex Jones Rants About Hillary's Voice; and much more.

06/15/15 - June 15, 2015 Mini-Show: Ben Carson Can't Talk About Gay People! Ben Carson says that gay rights have nothing to do with civil rights. Which is insane. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

06/11/15 - Doocy in the Box: Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Twitter Headquarters Then Gets Suspended Again; The Texas Cop Resigns, and O'Reilly Blames MSNBC; Steve Doocy Repeats RNC Talking Points Verbatim; The Doocy in the Box; The Duggars in Trouble Again; Huckabee's Co-Author Accused of Child Molestation; Ben Carson Derps on Gay Marriage Again; Lindsey Graham is a Ghoul; Abortion Rates Down in Pro-Choice States; and much more.

06/09/15 - Hit Him With A Shank: A McKinney Texas Cop Draws Gun and Abuses Teen Girl; Fox News Channel Making Excuses for the Texas Cop; Sean Hannity Worried that the Texas Cop Might Be Hit with a Shank; Lindsey Graham's Gun; Bionic Dan Bidondi's Bionic Italian Deli Summertime Specials; Fox News Also Continues to Spin for the Duggars; Pastor Jeffress Defends Duggars and is Destroyed by Keith Ablow; and much more.

06/08/15 - June 8, 2015 Mini-Show: Cultapraxapro! We discuss the drug cocktail that kept the Duggars so emotionally vacant during their Fox News interview! Brought to you by our Patreon page!

06/05/15 - June 5, 2015 Mini-Show: Chez's New Music Countdown. Chez presents his favorite songs from May, 2015! Brought to you by our Patreon page!

06/04/15 - Improper Touching: We Recap the Fox News Interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar; Pedophilia versus Improper Touching; White Trash; The Duggars are Totally Vacant and Emotionless; Cultapraxapro; Rick Perry's Ridiculous Theme Song; Scott Walker Derps About Rape; Huckabee Scrubs Duggars from Website; The Chuck C. Johnson Tapes; Your Tweets and Comments; and much more.

06/03/15 - June 3, 2015 Mini-Show: Miss Lindsey's Running for President. Lindsey Graham announces his campaign for president and praises Reagan's policy of peace through stren'th! Brought to you by our Patreon page!

06/02/15 - Stren'th: Privacy Champion Rand Paul Collects Private Info from Supporters and Flip-Flops on ISIS; Mike Huckabee is a Serious Perv; Conservative Obsession with Molestation; Lindsey Graham Enters the Clown Car; The Trump N' Rand Hair Replacement System; Rush Limbaugh Slams John Kerry for Being a Healthy Person; Rick Santorum on Single Moms and Sodomy; and much more.

06/01/15 - June 1, 2015 Mini-Show: The Michelle Duggar Baby Cannon. The latest news from the Duggar scandal, plus a new product for birthing unlimited babies! Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/28/15 - Circular Reasoning: InfoWars Sidekick Dan Bidondi Rants About Seat Belts While Driving Recklessly; Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum Beclown the Clown Car; Trump's Big Announcement; Duggar Update; The Duggars Are a Cult; TLC Developing Duggar Spin-Off; The Michelle Duggar Baby Cannon; Chuck C Johnson is Back on Twitter; and much more.

05/27/15 - May 27, 2015 Mini-Show: Bionic Dan Bidondi's Bionic Italian Deli. Our commercial for InfoWars goon Dan Bidondi's new deli. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/26/15 - Hack-Fraud Journalism: Chuck C. Johnson Banned from Twitter; Good Guy Charles Johnson from Joins Us in Studio; Duggar Update; Josh Duggar's Incest Joke; Jim Bob Duggar's Views on Rape and Incest; Bionic Dan Bidondi's Bionic Italian Deli; New Candidates Entering the GOP Clown Car; Who is Martin O'Malley; Mike Huckabee Redefines Judicial Review; and much more.

05/21/15 - God's Little Helper Monkey: Republicans Blame Obama for Iraq; Louie Gohmert Thinks Bush Wouldn't Have Invaded if He Knew Obama Would Be President; Bush to the Future; Rand Paul's Non-filibuster Filibuster; Jeb Bush is Very Serious; The Duggars' Child Molestation Scandal; Josh Duggar Molested His Sisters; Michelle Duggar's Transphobic Robo-Call; and much more.

05/20/15 - May 20, 2015 Mini-Show: Ground and Pound Beef Smokin' Monster. Dan Bidondi auditions for the WWE Tough Enough challenge and it goes about as well as you'd expect. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/19/15 - Five Piece Suit: Bill O'Reilly Accused of Dragging His Wife Down the Stairs; The Bill O'Reilly Neck Lift; Marco Rubio Loses His Shpadoinkle on Iraq; Racists Tweet Horrible Things to Obama's New Twitter Account; New Bidondi Audio; Alex Jones Can't Stop Interrupting Bidondi; and much more.

05/18/15 - May 18, 2015 Mini-Show: The Chuck C Johnson School of Hack Fraud Journalism! Chuck Johnson gay bashes and race baits on his Amtrak coverage and continues to ruin jounalism. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/15/15 - May 15, 2015 Mini-Show: You're Gonna Get Evil Scum! Epic Dan Bidondi clip in which he directly takes on Bob and Chez for ridiculing him. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/14/15 - Demonic Mustaches: Sponsor our show via Patreon; The Amtrak Crash and Hack Fraud Chuck C. Johnson's Horrible Coverage; The Chuck C. Johnson School of Hack Fraud Journalism; Republicans Cut Amtrak Funding; Obama Versus Fox News Channel; Alex Jones Rants About Mustaches; The Columbia University Students Who Are Triggered by Mythology; and much more.

05/13/15 - May 13, 2015 Mini-Show: Crazies in Cars Getting Conspiracies! We imagine Alex Jones and Dan Bidondi in their own internet TV show similar to Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/12/15 - Beef Smokin' Monster: Our First Tuesday Show; Sponsor our show via Patreon; Alex Jones, ABC News and Jade Helm; Jones Snubs ABC; Our exclusive audio from Alex Jones' surveillance camera; Sy Hersh and the Bin Laden Truther Conspiracy; Bionic Dan Bidondi's WWE Audition; Crazy Allen West is Crazy; and much more.

05/11/15 - May 11, 2015 Mini-Show: Ben Carson is The Sleeper! Ben Carson is either the most boring public speaker in the history of American politics or he's trying to hypnotize his audience. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/08/15 - May 8, 2015 Mini-Show: Chez's New Music Countdown! Chez counts down his top 10 favorite songs from April. Hear the uncensored version on the subscriber-only After Party. Brought to you by our Patreon page!

05/07/15 - Evil Scum: Epic New Dan Bidondi Audio; Dan Really Doesn't Like Us; The Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theory; Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz Spread the Jade Helm Fear; Crazies in Cars Getting Conspiracies; We're Doing New Full Length Shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays Now; Sponsor the Show; Ben Carson is The Sleeper; Rick Santorum is Running; Hillary's Poll Numbers; and much more.

05/06/15 - May 6, 2015 Mini-Show: Conservative Avengers! It's our exclusive trailer for the Summer blockbuster superhero movie featuring crazy people like Rick Santorum and Rand Paul. Plus, Donald Trump thinks he can solve racial tensions. Brought to you by our Link!

05/05/15 - May 5, 2015 Mini-Show: Frontier Gibberish! Sarah Palin weighs in on the Baltimore Mom slapping incident with another delicious serving of word salad. Brought to you by our Link!

05/04/15 - May 4, 2015 Mini-Show: Randy Boning! Anti-gay GOP legislator caught sending naked pics of himself on Grindr. Plus, the new How Old age recognition app is very wrong. Brought to you by our Link!

04/30/15 - When Shatner Dies: Baltimore in Crisis; The Baltimore Mom and Spanking; Conservatives Blame Obama for Baltimore; Palin's New Word Salad; The Return of the Conservative Avengers; Bernie Sanders is Running; Bernie vs Hillary; Anti-Gay Republican Outed on Grindr; The Nerd Prom and the Humorless Press Corps; and much more.

04/29/15 - April 29, 2015 Mini-Show: The NSA Mascot! We call the NSA to talk to the serial killer who designed the NSA's creepy recycling mascot cartoon. Plus, Bob's mini-tribute to Stephanie Miller. Brought to you by the Bowen Law Group!

04/28/15 - April 28, 2015 Mini-Show: Rand-splaining! Rand Paul pulls a Pee Wee Herman and says it's liberals who are the real sexists. Plus, CNBC is the home of spazzy white guys in lower Manhattan. Brought to you by our Link!

04/27/15 - April 27, 2015 Mini-Show: Dan Bidondi and LAX security! InfoWars conspiracy goon Dan Bidondi bungles his way through a rant about Sandy Hook and abortion clinics. Brought to you by our Link!

04/24/15 - April 24, 2015 Mini-Show: Doocy in the Box! We rewind to January when Fox and Friends said that Obama's free tuition proposal is terrible because college sucks. Plus the origins of Eeyore. Brought to you by our Link!

04/23/15 - Oxyhypocritemoron: Loretta Lynch is Finally Confirmed; Rand Paul Channels Pee Wee Herman; We Call the NSA About Its Horrifying New Recycling Mascot; Walter Cronkite on Earth Day; Brand New Dan Bidondi Clips; Dan on the Sandy Hook Parents; Dan Goes Full Terrorist; and much more.

04/22/15 - April 22, 2015 Mini-Show: Both Sides Meme! With Hillary's candidacy the "both sides" contrarians are out in force, plus the lesson of the 2000 election. Brought to you by our Link!

04/21/15 - April 21, 2015 Mini-Show: Marco Rubio Mouth Moistener! Marco Rubio is running for president, but he forgot to tell his cotton mouth. Brought to you by our Link!

04/20/15 - April 20, 2015 Mini-Show: Skinny Juice! Alex Jones is selling a ridiculous diet supplement and showing ridiculous before and after pics of himself, plus our exclusive new Alex Jones commercial. Brought to you by our Link!

04/17/15 - Super Vitality Male: Friday Bob; We Recap Bob's Fun Time with Stephanie Miller; Liberal Radio; The Chris Lavoie Bump; Alex Jones is Selling Diet Supplements; We Reveal an Exclusive New Alex Jones Product; Marco Rubio's Cotton Mouth; Hillary Derangement Syndrome; Steve King's Crazy Talk on Immigration; and much more.

04/16/15 - April 16, 2015 Mini-Show: Bidondi's Hands of Liberty! InfoWars goon Dan Bidondi tries to describe what it means to be a real liberal and a real conservative and naturally can't do either. Brought to you by our Link!

04/15/15 - April 15, 2015 Mini-Show: Alex Jones defends Tsarnaev! Alex Jones goes off on an epic rant about his Boston Marathon Bombing conspiracy theory. Brought to you by our Link!

04/14/15 - April 14, 2015 Mini-Show: House Hunters! Alleged serial killer Robert Durst's childhood home is up for sale so we imagined what it'd be like if Durst was on HGTV's House Hunters. Brought to you by our Link!

04/13/15 - April 13, 2015 Mini-Show: Bibi Nyattanhoo! Chris Matthews accidentally says one of our favorite Dan Bidondi mispronunciations; Plus Bobby Flay's verbal gaffes and other commonly mispronounced words. Brought to you by our Link!

04/10/15 - April 10, 2015 Mini-Show: Gohmert! Congressman Louie Gohmert thinks the separation of church and state is a one-way wall. Whatever the hell that means. Brought to you by our Link!

04/09/15 - Rand Paul Flip Flops: Rand Paul is Running for President; Rand's Disastrous First 24 Hours; Rand Paul's D-Move; The Execution of Walter Scott; Chris Matthews Says Nyattanhoo; Alex Jones Says Tsarnaev Was Totally Set Up; Robert Durst's House Hunters; and much more.

04/08/15 - April 8, 2015 Mini-Show: Mike Pence and Anti-Gay Discrimination! We discuss the recent religious freedom laws and conduct a fake phone interview with Indiana governor Mike Pence. Brought to you by our Link!

04/07/15 - April 7, 2015 Mini-Show: Patton Oswalt, Trevor Noah and Twitter Outrage! We review the outrage surrounding Trevor Noah's tweets and discuss how Patton Oswalt totally nailed online outrage. Brought to you by our Link!

04/06/15 - April 6, 2015 Mini-Show: Senator Tom Cotton thinks you're stupid! Tom Cotton said that gay people should be grateful that the United States doesn't execute them like in Iran. Brought to you by our Link!

04/02/15 - George: Our Exclusive (Fake) Phone Interview with Governor Mike Pence; Mike Pence's Disastrous Interview with George Stephanopoulos; The Latest on the Discriminatory Religious Freedom Laws in Indiana and Arkansas; Tom Cotton Says At Least Gays Aren't Executed Here; The Stupid Base; The Trevor Noah Controversy; World War III Averted; Ted Cruz Wins; Happy Easter; and much more.

04/02/15 - April 2, 2015 Mini-Show: Billy the NRA Hipster! The NRA tries to humanize firearms by hiring a waifish hipster named Billy to convince us that guns are just bits of metal and plastic. Brought to you by our Link!

04/01/15 - April 1, 2015 Mini-Show: Bill O'Reilly Keeps Lying! He's the biggest April fool around if he expects us to believe that high ratings equals public trust in his obvious series of lies. Brought to you by our Link!

03/31/15 - March 31, 2015 Mini-Show: Ted Cruz Loves and Hates Obamacare! Ted Cruz continues to lie and engage in doublespeak about signing up for Obamacare, plus our exclusive speech excerpt. Brought to you by our Link!

03/30/15 - March 30, 2015 Mini-Show: The Pence-Bot! Indiana's religious freedom law is really all about legalizing discrimination against LGBT citizens. Brought to you by our Link!

03/27/15 - March 27, 2015 Mini-Show: Bidondi Provocacates! InfoWars conspiracy goon Dan Bidondi lashes out at gun control advocates in the wake of the Canadian Parliament shooting. Brought to you by our Link!

03/26/15 - Ted Cruz the Pajama Boy: Ted Cruz is Signing Up for Obamacare; Ted Cruz Loves and Hates Obamacare; The Press Should Actually Read the Law; The Pence-Bot Signs Religious Liberty Law in Indiana; Legal Discrimination; The Saddest Weather Report Ever; Rand Paul Proposing Huge Increase in Defense Spending; Bill O'Reilly Lies on Letterman; The Fox News Business Model; Chuck Johnson Attacks John Boehner; and much more.

03/26/15 - March 26, 2015 Mini-Show: Guns n' Racism! A vendor in at a midwestern gun show was selling targets with a cartoon of an African-American man. Because there's always racism at gun shows. Brought to you by our Link!

03/25/15 - March 25, 2015 Mini-Show: Ted Cruz Gets Obamacare! We're live today discussing Ted Cruz's astonishing announcement that he and his family are enrolling in an Obamacare health insurance plan. Brought to you by our Link!

03/24/15 - March 24, 2015 Mini-Show: Ben Carson's Pop Quiz! GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson fumbles two foreign policy questions on the Hugh Hewitt Show and we relentlessly tease him for it.. Brought to you by our Link!

03/23/15 - March 23, 2015 Mini-Show: Bilderburgers! We imagine InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in his own zany sitcom set in a fast food restaurant called Bilderburgers. Brought to you by our Link!

03/20/15 - March 20, 2015 Mini-Show: Absolutely! Donald Trump asks Meat Loaf whether he should run for president. Plus, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and the Democratic field for 2016. Brought to you by our Link!

03/19/15 - The Crazy Show: We're Nominees in the Podcast Awards! Vote for us!; MSNBC's Phil Griffin is Crazy; That Crazy Lady Shouting at Rick Santorum; Crazy Trump Pretending to Run for President Again; The Crazy Racist Gun Show Vendor Selling Racist Targets; Crazy Alex Jones' Latest Stunt; Crazy Alex Jones in the Wacky Sitcom 'Bilderburgers'; Ben Carson Flubs Questions from Crazy Hugh Hewitt; and much more.

03/19/15 - March 19, 2015 Mini-Show: Bill Cosby and Minstrels! Fox News reacts to Ferguson shootings by comparing protesters to minstrels, and Rudy Giuliani thinks Obama should be more like Bill Cosby. Brought to you by our Amazon Link!

03/18/15 - March 18, 2015 Mini-Show: Fast Food in Purgatory! Sarah Palin delivers authentic frontier gibberish while discussing Elizabeth Warren and fast food wages. Brought to you by the Bowen Law Group!

03/17/15 - March 17, 2015 Mini-Show: Peter Dinklage is the Leprechaun! A special St. Patrick's Day Mini-Show featuring a clip from the After Party podcast about Dinklage starring in a leprechaun movie, plus the hilarious leprechaun news story from Mobile, Alabama. Brought to you by our Amazon Link!

03/16/15 - March 16, 2015 Mini-Show: Come here, Meechum! The press is turninig the Clintons into Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards. Stick around for our hilarious House of Cards sketch. Brought to you by!

03/13/15 - March 13, 2015 Mini-Show: Strong Hardcore Men! Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loses his mind over net neutrality and we relentlessly cut him to shreds for it. Brought to you by our Amazon Link!

03/12/15 - House of Clintons: The News Media's Desperate Scandal-Mongering on Hillary Clinton's Emails; Frank and Claire Underwood meet Bill and Hillary Clinton; Rachel Maddow Nails the Press Coverage of Emailghazi; Trey Gowdy's Personal Email; Turmoil in Ferguson; Cops Shot then Sent Home; Greg Gutfeld Describes Protesters as Minstrels; Rudy Giuliani and Bill Cosby; The Senate GOP's Awful Iran Letter; Political Precedent; We're Nominees in the Podcast Awards! Vote for us!; and much more.

03/11/15 - March 11, 2015 Mini-Show: Relentlessly Peckin' at Peace! InfoWars goon Dan Bidondi explains why a crow and a seagull attacked the Pope's doves at the Vatican. From our May 8, 2014 show. Brought to you by the Bowen Law Group!

03/10/15 - March 10, 2015 Mini-Show: F Her in the P! MSNBC falls for a prank caller again, this time in the middle of its Delta plane crash story. Brought to you by our Amazon Link!

03/09/15 - March 9, 2015 Mini-Show: The Hillary Clinton Email Non-Scandal! The shoddy reporting and the kneejerk outrage surrounding the Clinton email story, plus Bill and Hillary plot their evil empire. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

03/06/15 - March 6, 2015 Mini-Show: Hillary and Star Wars! Recorded exclusively for the Mini-Show, we review the latest revelations in the Hillary Clinton email non-scandal, plus we geek out over the description of the next Star Wars trailer. Brought to you by our Amazon Link!

03/05/15 - The Hillatron 9000: We're Nominees in the Podcast Awards! Vote for us!; The Hillary Clinton Email Fiasco; Hillary's Alleged Homebrew Email Server; Dinesh D'Souza With the Irony of the Week; Bob and Chez Coming to Vegas; Fear and Loathing; MSNBC Pranked During Delta Coverage; Ben Carson Speaks Very Slowly; and much more.

03/05/15 - March 5, 2015 Mini-Show: Let's Do It Live! Bill O'Reilly barely contains his rage after revelations emerge that he lied about the suicide of a CIA operative connected to the JFK assassination. Brought to you by!

03/04/15 - March 4, 2015 Mini-Show: Ron Paul Goes Full Racist! The libertarian evangelist follows his secession remarks by noting that black members of Congress are only anti-war because war takes money away from food stamps. Brought to you by!

03/03/15 - March 3, 2015 Mini-Show: Prime Minister Benjamin Nyattanhoo! To commemorate Bibi Netanyahu's speech in Congress, we wheel out InfoWars "false flag" goon Dan Bidondi to explain the Israel-Gaza conflict. Badly. From our July 24, 2014 show. Brought to you by the Bob & Chez CafePress store!

03/02/15 - March 2, 2015 Mini-Show: The Conservative Avengers! We describe and discuss the ridiculous superhero names and even more ridiculous superpowers of all the conservative speakers at this year's CPAC.

02/27/15 - February 27, 2015 Mini-Show: Llamas, Llamas, Llamas. We discuss the llama chase and that crazy dress, plus Ken Silverstein's explosive Politico article about The Intercept, Greenwald, Scahill and First Look.

02/26/15 - Comic-Con for A-holes: Bill O'Reilly Lied About the Falklands and the JFK Assassination; Do It Live; Hugh Hewitt is a Douchebag; Net Neutrality is Happening; The Conservative Avengers and Their Superpowers; Ron Paul Goes Full Racist; Chris Christie Panders at CPAC; and much more.

02/26/15 - February 26, 2015 Mini-Show: Rudy Giuliani's Real America. We rip Rudy Giuliani to shreds after his remarks about how Obama doesn't lover America. Plus, attacking an Obama who doesn't exist.

02/25/15 - February 25, 2015 Mini-Show: We flash back to the time when "false flag" goon Dan Bidondi was outraged by a fake story about Common Core and a sex toy.

02/24/15 - February 24, 2015 Mini-Show: Chuck Johnson is a Hack Fraud! We discuss right-wing blogger Chuck Johnson and his vile outing of rape victims and his childish post about toxic shock syndrome; plus the decline of digital journalism.

02/23/15 - February 23, 2015 Mini-Show: It's Happening! We discuss Ron Paul's prediction that secession is happening and that it's a good thing; Plus, George W. Bush and Roscoe P. Coltrane.

02/19/15 - Secession Fever: Ron Paul Says Secession is Coming and It's Good News; How Ron Paul Gets Away with Saying Horrible Things; Latest Presidential Polling Numbers; Dinesh D'Souza Trolling for Attention; Rudy Giuliani Says Obama Hates America; Chuck Johnson Wants You to Pay Him to Do His Job for Him; Breaking MSNBC News; and much more.

02/12/15 - Wah-Waaaah: Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show; Possible Stewart Replacements; Brian Williams vs Tom Brokaw; The Stupidity of Williams; Debbie Schlussel is the Worst Person in the World; Schussel Calls ISIS Victim a Bitch; New Website Features Including a Discussion Board; and much more.

02/05/15 - Call of Duty: The Brian Williams RPG Controversy; Ronan Farrow's Horrible Ratings; The Worst Things About Cable News; I Wanna Know What You Think, America; Glenn Greenwald Thinks America is Worse than ISIS; Big News About the After Party; and much more.

01/29/15 - He Going Rogue: The GOP Abandoning Sarah Palin After Disastrous Speech; Steve Very Strong, He Going Rogue; Hilarious New Dan Bidondi Audio; John McCain Slams Code Pink Protesters; Andrew Sullivan Quitting; The Jonathan Chait Controversy; Bill Maher Flummoxes the Banter; and much more.

01/22/15 - The Brain Room: The State of the Union; Joni Ernst's Breadbag Response; Republican Butt Hurt; Vindication for Obamabots; The Awful GOP Abortion Bill; Legitimate Rape; Bobby Jindal Sticks with the No Go Zones Myth; Fox and Friends Thinks College is Too Hard; Chez is Eeyore; Nominate Us for the Podcast Awards; and much more.

01/15/15 - Swap Meet Sally: Two Terrorist Attacks Thwarted; 2015 is Shaping Up to Suck; Obama Didn't Go to Paris; Obama Didn't Say Radical Islam Except When He Did; Jon Stewart; American Satire; Liam Neeson on Guns; The Star Wars Prequels; Judge Jeanine's Unhinged Rant on Muslims; and much more.

01/08/15 - Hillbilly Justice: The Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack; Bob Gets Liquored Up with Stephanie Miller; Sarah Palin and Her Step Stool Dog; Islamic Extremism; To Publish Muhammad Cartoons Or Not; Rush Limbaugh Blames Attack on Benghazi; Judge Gohmert and Hillbilly Justice; and much more.

12/18/14 - Taepodong: Last Show of 2014, Back Again on January 8, 2015; The Sony versus North Korea Situation; Hackers and Hacktivists; Standing Up to Terrorists; Greenwald Attacks Elizabeth Warren; Jeb Bush is Running; Mitt Romney Again; And a Holiday Dramatic Reading of a Twitter Fight Between Chez and Dan Bidondi; and much more.

12/11/14 - God Bless Those Mental Kids: Happy Birthday, Chez; New Audio from Conspiracy Theory Stooge Dan Bidondi; Bidondi and Those Mental Kids; Snowden Document on Angela Merkel Might Be Fake; The Torture Report; The Morality of War; Chuck C Johnson is Why We Need the Gatekeepers; and much more.

12/04/14 - Criming While White: The Death of Eric Garner; A Mostly White Grand Jury Fails to Indict the Chokehold Cop; The Brutal Video; The Media Reaction; The Stats Behind the Black vs White Crime Rate; Pete King Blames Garner's Obesity; Rand Paul Blames the Cigarette Tax; Jon Stewart is Speechless; The Criming While White Hashtag; and much more.

11/20/14 - Strong Hardcore Men: Obama's Immigration Executive Order; Reagan's Views on Executive Orders, Amnesty and Border Fences; The Netflix Eagles Documentary; Sonic Highways; Rand Paul Fumbles NSA Reform; Alex Jones Loses His Mind Over Net Neutrality; Rush Limbaugh Accidentally Tells the Truth; The Best Bill Maher Rant Ever; and much more.

11/13/14 - Series of Tubes: Back from Computer Hiatus; Editor of Greenwald's The Intercept Jumps Ship; Matt Taibbi Speaks Out About First Look Media; The Midterms; Meme Culture Wins; Democrats and Backbone; Net Neutrality; Framing the Debate; Federalizing Elections; Boogie Nights; and much more.

10/30/14 - Racket: Halloween III; Disarray at First Look Media; Matt Taibbi Departs First Look; Greenwald and Company Toss Taibbi and Omidyar Under the Bus; Potential for Legal Action; Taibbi Accused of Misogyny and Insubordinate Behavior; Alex Pareene Responds, Contradicts Greenwald; Press Freedom, Whistleblowers and James Risen; Liberal Hyperbole; The Pope and Evolution; and much more.

10/23/14 - I Like Fun: Bob Defeats Sarah Palin; Audio Recording of the Palin Family Brawl; Expensive Fashion Accessories; Charles Bowen's Fair-Use Guide for Bloggers; The Palins and Their White Trash Stretch Limo; Remembering Ben Bradlee and Real Journalism; The NRA Hipster; Guns are 'Bits of Plastic and Metal'; and much more.

10/16/14 - Robo-Snowden: Shep Smith's Fantastic Ebola Monologue; News Media Continues its Irresponsible Ebola Hype; Chuck Todd and the Kentucky Senate Race; Rick Scott Freaks Out Over Charlie Crist's Fan; The New Foo Fighters Documentary; Glenn Greenwald's Nothing To Hide Challenge; The New Snowden Documentary; Snowden On A Stick; and much more.

10/09/14 - End Times: Big Announcement on Bob's YouTube Copyright Fracas with Sarah Palin; Ebola and The End Times; Drudge Report Has Gone Full Apocalypse; Cable News is Disgraceful; Dr. Oz is Inciting Panic; Sam Harris and Bill Maher Versus the World; Greenwald Trolls; and much more.

10/02/14 - Hot For Teacher: Bill O'Reilly is Really Angry; Sarah Palin is Gonna Sue Bob; Teachers Having Sex with Students and Victimhood; Secret Service Asleep on the Job; Bill O'Reilly's Ridiculous Mercenary Force; How to do a Bill O'Reilly Impression; and much more.

09/25/14 - Artificial Penis: Syria airstrikes underway; GOP and Fox News focus on Obama's coffee salute; Undermining the Commander-in-Chief; Silly Scandals; Meme Culture takes over; Eric Holder resigning; NSFW! - InfoWars Conspiracy Goon Dan Bidondi is outraged by a story that turns out to be fake; and much more.

09/18/14 - All Things Scottish: Ben Cohen From The Daily Banter Joins Us; Banter's Campaign to Unfcuk the Internet; Scottish Independence; George RR Martin Campaigning for Tom Udall; Obama Investigating Wall Street Banksters; Chez's Controversial Troll-Baiting Posts; The Danièle Watts Arrest; and much more.

09/11/14 - Kobayashi Maru: Brand New Dan Bidondi Tape: Gun-Grabbin' Senator Part 2; Obama's Plan for ISIS and Syria is a No Win Situation; The Middle East Conundrum; Domestic Chez Goes to PTA; Remembering 9/11 and Replaying it on Television; Michael Moore is Disappointed in Obama; The New U2 Album Reviewed; and much more.

09/04/14 - Gates of Hell: ISIS Beheads Another Journalist; Biden's Gates of Hell Reaction; Glenn Greenwald Jokes About US Response to Beheaded Journalists; This is the Real Greenwald; Conspiracy Theorists Insist Obama is Giving ISIS Part of New Mexico; Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Discusses ISIS on Hannity; Rand Paul Can't Stop Flip-Flopping; and much more.

08/28/14 - The Cricket: 9 year old Girl Shoots Man in Face with an Uzi; The NRA and Marketing Guns to Kids; The Gun Culture; 7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at a Shooting Range; Romney for President Again; Big Deficit News; James Foley Beheading and New Social Media Rules; and much more.

08/21/14 - Live From Ferguson: Chez Broadcasts Live from Ferguson, Missouri; Ben Cohen from The Daily Banter Joins Us From Washington, DC; The Story on the Ground; Police Militarism; Chez Pepper-Sprayed by Cops; The Aftermath; The Reality of Ferguson Versus the Stereotypes; and much more.

08/14/14 - The Continental: Back from Hiatus; The World is Going Nuts; Racial Turmoil in Ferguson, MO; Overreaction in Ferguson Versus Underreaction at the Bundy Ranch; Al Sharpton on the Scene; Rep Steve King Calls Ferguson Citizens 'Continental'; Sarah Palin Incoherently Mumbles About Fast Food and Purgatory; Colorado Republican Praises Flammable Tap Water; and more.

07/24/14 - The Gospel of Bidondi: No Show Next Week, Vacation Time; Refueling the Outrage Tank; John Boehner is Confused and Confusing; Obama and the Border Crisis; Bill O'Reilly's Berlin Wall; The Militia and Operation Normandy; The Rasmussen Conspiracy Theory Poll; Dan Bidondi Explains the Crisis in Gaza; and more.

07/17/14 - Uncle Rico: Malaysia Airlines Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine; Pro-Russia Separatists to Blame; The World is Going to Line Up Against Putin; Putin is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite; Howard Stern Prankster Calls MSNBC During Ukraine Coverage; NBC News Replaces Its Gaza Reporter with Richard Engel; Qualifications to be a Writer for First Look Media; Rush Limbaugh Disagrees with Rush Limbaugh About Impeachment; and much more.

07/10/14 - Spectacular Multicolored Hues: Glenn Greenwald's NSA Grand Finale; Maybe; Good Journalism versus Bad Journalism; Godwin's Law; Outrage is in The Gaps; The Alex Jones-ification of News; Trolls and Colon Cancer; Alex Jones' New Conspiracy Theory About Michelle Obama; Dan Bidondi's Campaign Website; Bidondi's Insane Job Qualifications; and much more.

07/03/14 - Mr. Potatohead Glasses: The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision; Fox News Lying About Contraception; The Religious Pandora's Box; Bob Fights Eric Bolling on Twitter; Greg Gutfeld's Tiny Glasses; Elbow-Checking Gutfeld; Madonna and the 1980s; Chez Meets Phoebe Cates; Obama Isn't Really the Worst President Since 1945; Stupid Americans; and much more.

06/26/14 - Seconds to Spear: Man Locks His Boy in a Hot Car for 7 Hours, Internet Embraces Man; Neil Cavuto Destroys Michele Bachmann on Fox News Channel; The Side of the IRS Scandal You Don't Know About; InfoWars Goon Dan Bidondi is Running for Rhode Island State Senate; Greenwald vs Paul Rieckhoff on Bill Maher; and much more.

06/19/14 - FUBAR: Chez Back from the Dead; Brian Schweitzer 'Outs' Eric Cantor, Compares Diane Feinstein with a Whore; The Worsening Iraq Crisis; Troops Returning to Baghdad; Dick Cheney and the Neocons Were Wrong on Everything; Lindsey Graham's Incoherent Strategy; The Middle East is FUBAR; Sectarian Violence with US Casualties or Without US Casualties; Obama's Mistake; and much more.

06/12/14 - The Best of Bidondi: Chez is sick this week, so instead of entirely skipping the show, we thought we'd assemble a "best of" episode featuring all of our Dan Bidondi segments, packaged into one convenient show. In case you're just joining us, Dan Bidondi is the conspiracy theorist who hosts his own radio show and contributes to Alex Jones' He's also known for infiltrating the Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and Naval Yard press conferences and disrupting them with allegations of "false flag" conspiracies. Enjoy!

06/05/14 - Bergdahl: The Bowe Bergdahl Story; Republicans Turn POW Homecoming Into a Scandal; Bush vs Obama on Gitmo Recidivism; Bergdahl Would've Been Killed if the Swap Leaked; Greenwald Doesn't Understand POWs and the Rules of War; Sympathy for American POWs Versus Taliban Prisoners; Chez's Daughter in Studio; David Lee Roth is Amazed By Tattoos; Oliver Stone to Direct New Snowden Movie; The NRA Weirdo-Gate; and much more.

05/29/14 - Truther Truthers: The Latest on the Sandy Hook Truther Sign Theft; The Rise of the Sandy Hook Truther Truther Movement; Chez and Banter Are Part of an Elaborate Hoax; Truthers Breed More Truthers; The Thin Skin of Glenn Greenwald; Why The Press Genuflects To Greenwald; The UCSB Massacre; NRA Hypocrisy; The Constitutionality of a Mental Illness Database Versus a Gun Registry; and much more.

05/22/14 - Deepthroat: Exclusive Breaking News; Chez Breaks Story of Truther Vandal Who Stole Sandy Hook Memorial Signs; The Timeline; The Bizarre Phone Calls; The Photos; The Psychosis of the Conspiracy Theory Truther; Michael Kinsley's Review of Greenwald's Book; Wikileaks' Threat; First Look Donates Thousands to Organization with Greenwald as Board Member; It's Summertime; and much more.

05/15/14 - Pee Wee: Greenwald's First NSA Revelation from His New Book is Hooey; The Press Treatment of Greenwald; The Greenwald and Snowden Movie Produced by Zero Dark Thirty Studio; Anonymous Hackers Similar to MLK; The Government Will Be Overthrown on Friday; Sandy Hook Truther Vandalizes Memorial Then Calls Victim's Mother; InfoWars Goon Dan Bidondi Interviews Mentally Ill Truther for Alex Jones; and much more.

05/08/14 - Relentlessly Peckin' At Peace: New Audio Clip from InfoWars Doofus Dan Bidondi; Bidondi Interprets the Pope Dove Attack; Glenn Greenwald Attacks Intervention to Rescue Kidnapped Nigerian Girls; Greenwald Doubles-Down on Twitter; Is Greenwald an A-Hole?; The Bundy Ranch Militia Confronts a BLM Worker on the Highway; and much more.
05/01/14 - Civil War: 45th Anniversary of Fred Rogers' Senate Testimony; The Botched Execution of Clayton Lockett; Fix the Death Penalty or Stop Doing It; Rush Limbaugh Blames Don Sterling Scandal on Obama; The Latest from the Bundy Ranch Saga; Right-Wing Crank Calls for Civil War; The GOP Legitimized the Crazies; Sarah Palin, Waterboarding and Baptism; and much more.

04/24/14 - The Negro: Scofflaw Libertarian Rancher Cliven Bundy Knows About 'the Negro'; Conservative Entertainment Complex Hero Blurts Racist Remarks; Sean Hannity's Reaction; Nothing is Worse Than Slavery; Erick Erickson Says Hillary's Face Can't Be Stretched Back More; Two Brand New Tapes from InfoWars Stooge Dan Bidondi; Bidondi on Journalism and Bidondi on Benjamin Netanyahu; and much more.

04/17/14 - Not Joke: Harry Reid and the Bundy Ranch Terrorists; Alex Jones and Ron Paul Inciting Armed Conflict; Edward Snowden's Big Wet Mouth Kiss to Putin; Glenn Greenwald and The Guardian Win the Pulitzer Somehow; Obamacare Surpasses 8 Million Enrollments; The 2014 GOP Midterm Strategy; Greg Gutfeld's Ridiculous Rant; and much more.

04/09/14 - Converservative: Another Special Wednesday Show; Tax Time; Senate Campaign Ad Threatens to 'Blow Your Balls Off'; The Crazy Arms Race; Eric Holder versus Louie Gohmert; Cast Aspersions on My Asparagus; The Sound City Documentary; Texas is Insane; Ron and Rand Paul are Now Mainstream Republicans; New Radio Clip from Alex Jones Sidekick Dan Bidondi; Our Dan Bidondi Theme Song; and much more.

04/02/14 - One Way Wall: Another Special Wednesday Show; Another Fort Hood Mass Shooting; Supreme Court Decides to Allow Unlimited Campaign Contributions; The Naivete of the Chief Justice; Greenwald on Citizens United; Rand Paul Defends Tax Cheats; Bob's Obamacare Success Story; Unskewing the Obamacare Enrollment Numbers; Fox News Accuses Administration of Cooking the Books; Louie Gohmert Explains that Wall Between Church and State is Somehow a One Way Wall; and much more.

03/26/14 - Bidondi: Special Wednesday Show; Alex Jones Sidekick Dan Bidondi Told to Go Eff Himself; The Alex Jones Shibboleth; 911 Truthers; Crazy GOP Midterm Ads Have Begun; GOP Candidate Shoots Obamacare Law; Iowa Candidate for Senate Used to Castrate Pigs; Prog Rock; Ronan Farrow and MSNBC Teleprompters; The Narrative Rabbit Hole of Rachel Maddow's Opening Segment; and much more.

03/13/14 - Lincoln's Potty Jokes: Paul Ryan's Inner City Remarks; GOP Dog-Whistles; Rush Limbaugh Says Republicans Are Paralyzed in Fear of a Black POTUS; Between Two Ferns Gate; Bill O'Reilly Isn't Really a Lincoln Expert; Lincoln's Ethan Allen Story; 'Cosmos' and the Crazy Evangelical Reaction; Presidents Being Silly; and much more.

03/06/14 - Putin's Hairless Manboobs: RT Network's Abby Martin Criticizes Russian Invasion; Greenwald Defends Obvious Russian Propaganda Outfit; The Daily Banter Gets Mixed Up in RT Scandal; 911 Truthers; Liz Wahl Resigns from RT While On the Air; Republican Putin Fanboys; Republican Fashionistas; Putin's Ridiculous Horseback Pic; Obama and 911; House Bill to Allow Congress to Sue Obama; Steve Stockman Loses Campaign, Probably Didn't Actually Run; Stockman's Meta Crazy; and much more.

02/27/14 - Lieutenant Steve: Anti-Gay Arizona Law Vetoed; Tea Partier Imagines Phallic Wedding Cakes; Crazy Doctor Open to Death Penalty for Homosexuality; Anti-Gay Candidate Tweets Pro-Gay Post; Erick Erickson Steps In It Again; Maine Lawmaker Thinks Rape is Better Than Abortion; Bob's Childhood Pretend Radio Show; We Remember Vinyl Albums; Everything the GOP Has Said About Obamacare Is Wrong; New Snowden Revelation is Actually Creepy; and much more.

02/20/14 - The Thing: Snowden Author's Book Mysteriously Deleted; The Death of the Headline; Obama Abandons Chained CPI; Motley Crue Farewell Concert; Jesus and His AR15; Other Jesus Weapons; Bryan Fischer Loves Black Males; Chez Participates In Panel; The Facebook Videos; Matt Taibbi Moves to First Look Media; Bob Feeds the Trolls; Chevron's Free Pizza; and much more.

02/13/14 - Underpants Valium: Snowden Stole Passwords to Access Documents; Greenwald's The Intercept; NSA and Drones; The Day the Surveillance Rally Fizzled; Steve Stockman Sues Super PAC Over Underpants Allegations; The Latest GOP Lie About Obamacare; and much more.

02/06/14 - Snowden's Russia: Ben Cohen from The Daily Banter Joins Us for the Hour; The Misreporting of the CBO Obamacare Report; Digital Journalism Fail; Philip Seymour Hoffman; Russian Spying and Hacking at Sochi; Wikileaks and Greenwald Shill for Russia; 13 Bizarre Things from the New Guardian Book; Hacktivists; and much more.

01/30/14 - Dick Pound: State of the Union Recap; Zoo Animals and Stunt Guests; Dictator Obama's Totally Legal Executive Orders; Huckabee Leading Among GOP Presidential Hopefuls; Olympic Committee Member Dick Pound Shrugs Off Russian Anti-Gay Laws; Also Dick Pound; GOP Boycotts MSNBC; Another Troll Gives Away an AR15; Boston Marathon Bomber Might Get the Death Penalty; and much more.

01/23/14 - Uncle Sugar: The Worst Day for Cable News; MSNBC and CNN on the Bieber Arrest; Huckabee Says Dems Think Women Need Uncle Sugar; The Snowden Live Chat; The Fallout from the Snowden Australia Spying Revelation; David Sirota's Journalism Derp; Glenn Beck's Demons; Miracles; Mobsters Arrested for Famous Lufthansa Heist; and much more.

01/16/14 - Sun Dress: The Florida Theater Shooting; Carrying a Firearm is Like a Superpower; Sirota Lectures an African-American Writer on Communities of Color; Salon Goes After the Lone Survivor Movie; Anti-War Movies; More Stories Break About Chris Christie's Retribution; Greenwald on Obama's NSA Reforms; Van Halen's 1984; and much more.

01/09/14 - Girl from Ipanema: We're Back; Chris Christie's Bridge Scandal; Who Would Christie Appoint to His White House Staff; David Wildstein's Petty Vengeance; What Other Scandals Haven't Been Uncovered; Technical Difficulties and Internet Outages; The Greenwald Corporate Business Model is Fascinating; How Real Reporters Behave; Gun Fail in Kentucky; 2013 Was a Terrible Year for Gun Control; and much more.

12/19/13 - Hand Loads: Silly Season Continues; Duck Dynasty is a Thing Now; Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal Don't Understand the First Amendment; Gay Members of the US Olympic Delegation; Steve Stockman's Creepy Condemned Headquarters; Christmas Decorations; Jack Kingston Wants Poor Kids to Work for Their School Lunch; and much more.

12/12/13 - Black Santa: Angry Black Lady Returns; Twitter's New Blocking Changes; It's Silly Season; Fox News and White Santa Claus; Sinterklaas, Zwarte Piet and Krampus; Greenwald, Charlie Pierce and Paranoia; White Privilege; The Michigan Rape Insurance Law; Alex Jones and Conspiracy Theorists Go Nuts Over Plane Crash; and much more.

12/04/13 - Sarah Palin's Mouth: We're in Holiday Mode; The Obama's Dog Accused of Tackling a Kid; Martin Bashir Fired from MSNBC Over Sarah Palin Remark; Erick Rush Wants to Assassinate Obama; Alex Jones Rejects a Conspiracy Theory; The Paul Walker Truthers; Amazon Drones; Plan-B is Not the Same as Abortion; and much more.

11/20/13 - Magic Gate Ball: Gettysburg is Obama's Katrina; Darrell Issa to Investigate Jobs Numbers; Bob Woodward is the Magic Gate Ball; Republicans Deliberately Sabotaging Obamacare; Sarah Palin Loves Rafael Cruz; The Greatest Rush Limbaugh Clip Ever; Michele Bachmann is Confused About the Internet; Chez's Trans Controversy; and much more.

11/13/13 - Nice Needed Powerful Gun: Another School Shooting; Pro-Gun Thugs Intimidate Moms in Dallas; Who's Attacking Bob Now; The Obamabot Meme; The Obama Wiretapped Romney Conspiracy Theory; Bill Clinton Isn't Helping on Healthcare; Sarah Palin Word Salad on the Today Show; Sarah Palin's Christmas Audiobook; and much more.

11/06/13 - Eff Those Koch Brothers: Back from Vacation; Obamacare Horror Stories Debunked; The President Didn't Really Lie About Keeping Your Insurance; Derpy Will Cain on CNN; Frank Gaffney Thinks Voting Equals the End of America; Rand Paul's Plagiarism Scandal; Ron Paul Endorses Nullification and Armed Revolt Against the Government; Keeping Up with the Blogs; and much more.

10/16/13 - You Lose: Imani Gandy the Angry Black Lady joins us for the hour; We Enjoy Some Schadenfreude at the Expense of the Tea Party; The Government Shutdown is Over; The Debt Ceiling Will Be Lifted; Statements from Ted Cruz, John Boehner and Pete King; Rush Limbaugh Says GOP is Irrelevant; Matt Drudge Welcomes Nancy Pelosi Back to the Speakership; The Weekend Tea Party Rally Featuring Stockman's Derp Face; Bob Helps Ted Cruz's Speechwriter with Some Math; Congress is Dumb; and much more.

10/09/13 - Maranatha: The Debt Ceiling Crisis; Impending Financial Apocalypse; The Republican Lies About Debt Default and Obamacare; Rand Paul and Sarah Palin Derp; Debating on Facebook; Mandatory Sterilization; Jon Stewart Fail; Kathleen Sebelius Fail; Unions are Not Waived from Obamacare; The Importance of the Individual Mandate; and much more.

10/02/13 - Shutdown: The Government Shutdown; The Tears of Boehner; How Can the Tea Party Win; Obamacare Launches; People Will Love Obamacare; The Whopper Lie About Congress Being Exempt from Obamacare; This Week In Derp; Rand Paul and Benghazi; Gohmert is Clueless; Greenwald's Lack of Self Awareness; Unskewed Polls Guy Says Obama is Secretly a Gay Muslim; and much more.

9/25/13 - Angry Black Lady: Blogger Imani Gandy aka Angry Black Lady Joins Us for the Hour; ABL versus Greenwald; The Ted Cruz Filibuster; The Realities of Obamacare; Finally Affordable Healthcare; Chez and ABL Tumor Stories; The Creepy Rapey Koch Brothers Ad; Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi on Kenya; Wayne LaPierre is a Talking Bumper Sticker; and much more.

9/18/13 - Shake and Bake: The Navy Yard Massacre; The Background Check System is Broken; The Same Old Script Isn't Working; Is Gun Control Dead; Alex Jones and Everything is a False Flag; Chuck Todd Says It's Not His Job To Correct GOP Lies; Michelle Obama Promotes Drinking Water; Rush Limbaugh Comes Out Against Water; John Cusack's Sappy Hagiography of Greenwald et al; and much more.

9/11/13 - American Accents: The Daily Banter Editor Ben Cohen Joins Us for the Hour; The President's Syria Address; The Disarmament Deal; Team Obama is Not the Stooges Fixing the Plumbing; The New Greenwald Snowden Revelation is Full of Gaping Holes; The Wall Street Journal NSA Story is Old News; The Consortium of Left Libertarians and Hackers Disguised as Journalists; and much more.

9/04/13 - Vast and Pernicious: War in Syria; McCain Adds Regime Change Language to AUMF; The Potential for Quagmire; Getting Involved in the Middle East and Africa; Rep. Jeff Duncan's Hillbilly Benghazi Tirade; The Convergence of Drudge, Assange, the Far-Left and Far-Right; PRISM Fantastico; NSA Spying on Brazil; Greenwald's Quid Pro Quo; and much more.

8/28/13 - The Professional Left: We welcome fellow podcasters and first guests on the show Blue Gal and Driftglass to discuss podcasting and the NSA story; The Crisis in Syria; The President's Address at the March on Washington Anniversary; Steve Lonegan is Overcompensating for Something; Cory Booker's Excellent Response; Death Penalty for Nidal Hasan; This Week in Guns; and much more.

8/21/13 - Bad Journalism: Bradley Manning Sentenced; FISA Court Oversight Revealed; Greenwald's Husband Detained and Questioned; The Guardian Is Imploding; The Ridiculous Computer Smash-Up Caper; Botching a News Story That Happened In A Newsroom; The Thwarted Atlanta School Shooting; The Secret NRA Gun Registry; The President's New Dog is Black; New Huff Post Comment Policy; and much more.

8/14/13 - Ghostery: Bradley Manning Apologizes for Hurting America; Cory Booker Wins Senate Primary; The Far Left Doesn't Understand Political Reality; Greenwald and White Privilege; The Awfulness of Allowing Republicans to Win; Corporate Data Trackers at The Guardian; Our David Sirota Experiment; The President's Executive Order and Other Whistleblower Protections; and much more.

8/07/13 - Eff Time Warner: Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Might've Bought Endorsements; Time Warner Cable Interferes in the Show; Breaking Up the Cable and Electricity Monopolies; Bob's Solar Energy Plan; Chez Loses a Close Friend to Cancer; Suing the Cable Companies; The Best Colbert Segment Ever; Glenn Greenwald's Lie About Whistleblower Punishments; The Conspiracy Theory Nexus; We Don't Know Anything about 2016; and much more.

7/31/13 - Barrel of Skeletons: Anthony Weiner's Campaign Implodes; Weiner Staffer Blasts Former Intern with Profane Rant; Weiner's Poll Numbers Collapse; The Bradley Manning Verdict; Responsible Whistleblowing vs Indiscriminate Leaking; The War on Whistleblowers; The Latest Snowden Bombshell Is Predictably Bogus; The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act; The Greenwald Con; and much more.

7/24/13 - "Ernesto Badass": The Sequel to the Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal; Weiner Believes He's the Teflon Dong; The Slate Sexting Name Generator; Weiner and John Edwards; Our Generation Has Destroyed Privacy; Snowden's Lawyer Connected to Intel Agency; The Snowden Effect; The Heinous Reactions to Obama's Trayvon Remarks; More Babies with Guns for Steve Stockman; and much more.

7/17/13 - The Racism Show: The Zimmerman Verdict; Salon's David Sirota Compares Obama to Zimmerman; Smart Accountability; The Bad Optics of the Greenwald Faction; White Privilege; Ted Nugent's Racist Remarks About Trayvon; The Other Trayvon Shooting; Greenwald Calls Bob a Drooling Idiot; Rush Limbaugh Says He Can Say Nigga; and much more.

7/10/13 - Recap of Recent NSA News; Snowden Video Weirdly Edited; FISC Reform; Snowden to Venezuela; Cenk Uygur Attacks Bob; Greenwald versus Serwer; Losing Perspective and Rationality on NSA; Rand Paul's On-going Racism Problem; The New Wisconsin Abortion Law; Ultrasounds; A Repeat of the Texas Filibuster; and much more.

6/26/13 - Rand Paul Agrees with Glenn Beck on Man-on-Dog; Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA; Supreme Court Dismisses Prop 8; Supreme Court Destroys the Voting Rights Act; Scalia is Nuts; Judicial Review; Leviticus; The List of Chez Abominations; Racism and Pre-Clearance; Michele Bachmann's Reaction to DOMA; The Dramatic Filibuster of the Texas Abortion Law; and much more.

6/19/13 - The NSA Eavesdropping Story Week 2; The CNET Meltdown; Snowden's G20 Surveillance Leak; Irresponsible Journalism; Link Bait; All the President's Men; The FBI Uses Surveillance; Masturbating Fetus Drones; The Growing Division on the Left; and much more.

6/12/13 - The NSA Eavesdropping Story; Snowden Leaks to Hong Kong Press; A Million Questions; Greenwald's Agenda; Misleading Reporting; Where Was the Tech Vetting; Chez's Media Guide; Direct Access is is an FTP Server; Credibility and Transparency; Where Do We Draw the Counterterrorism Line; Greenwald Blocked Bob; Ron Paul and Drones; and much more.

6/05/13 - Michelle Obama Confronted By Heckler; Bobby Kennedy Remembered; Ineffectual Protests and Activism; Right-Wing Racism; Breitbart Reactions to Susan Rice Appointment as NSA; The Morton Downey Jr. Phenomenon; Tea Party Racist Accidentally Speaks the Truth; Racist Judge Attacks African Americans; Glenn Beck Interviews Glenn Beck; and much more.

5/29/13 - Michele Bachmann Leaving Congress; Michele Bachmann's Greatest Hits; Crazy Sells; The Fox News Mole on Bill O'Reilly; Jan Brewer Actually Did Something Good; The Five Demands Obama Focus on the Scandals; John Boehner and the Lazy Shiftless President; MSNBC's Ratings and Headline News; and much more.

5/22/13 - The London Terrorist Beheading; The Oklahoma Monster-Tornado; The Climate Crisis and Extreme Weather; Alex Jones Thinks a Weather Weapon Was Used in Oklahoma; James Inhofe is Incompetent; Chris Christie and the Climate Crisis; Turning Fox News into a Victim; The Second Term Curse; and much more.

5/15/13 - The IRS Scandal and Citizens United; John Boehner Demands Jail for Culprits; No Jail Time for Bush and Culprits of Iraq, Torture, Etc; The AP Phone Records Scandal and Watergate; Benghazi-Gate Continues; ABC News Rocks the Political World; CNN Discovers ABC News Report Was Seriously Flawed; Benghazi-Gate Screamers Don't Know Where It's Located; 935 False Statements About Iraq; and much more.

5/08/13 - Benghazi-Gate Returns; The Motivations of the Benghazi Inquisition; The Bush Era Embassy Attacks; The Reagan Era Embassy Attacks (via Facebook friend Max McGloin); Republican Hypocrisy; The Benghazi Trolls; The Branding of Patriotism; Dick Cheney claims he kept us safe on September 11; InfoWars Reporter Dan Bidondi's Illiterate Message; The Latest Tragedies Involving Babies with Guns; The Psychotic NRA Convention; Exotic Game Hunters Are Closet Serial Killers; and much more.

5/01/13 - Ron Paul's Senile Rant About Boston; Fox News and Louie Gohmert Think Obama is With the Terrorists; Sarah Palin for Senate; Another 'Baby with a Gun' Shoots and Kills His Sister; New Suspects Arrested in Boston Marathon Bombing; Bill Hader is the Funniest Thing on All of NBC; and much more.

4/24/13 - CNN is hurting America by resurrecting Crossfire; Perhaps Jeff Zucker still works for NBC; Rand Paul doesn't know what the hell he thinks about drones; Republicans blame Boston Marathon bombing on the president; Republicans blame Boston Marathon bombing on welfare; Neil Cavuto's Hot Tub; Faith Healing and Negligent Homicide; and much more.

4/17/13 - Our reactions to the Boston Marathon bombing; Desensitized to Horrible Things; Carnage video on endless loop; CNN and cable news botches the coverage; Three Stooges on CNN; Alex Jones and the Info Wars Cuckoo's Nest; The ridiculous conspiracy theories; Hugely popular background checks legislation fails to pass the Senate; the NRA wins again; Steve Stockman and babies with guns; and much more.

4/10/13 - President Obama's Social Security Cuts; Chained CPI; Very Serious Budget Hawks; The Gun Control Bill Keeps Moving Through Congress; Regulating Knives; Ted Nugent Still Talking About Shooting People; Chickhawks; Pretending to Be In the Military; Mitch McConnell, Ashley Judd and the Mother Jones Tape; and much more.

4/03/13 - Special Wednesday Show; Bill O'Reilly Finally Accepts Secular Laws Over Private Beliefs; Punishing Anti-Government Red States; Ken Cuccinelli's War on Sodomy; Louie Gohmert Compares Gun Control to Bestiality; Florida Republican Charged with Kiddie Porn; The Anti-Drone Hoodie; Sam Harris Versus Glenn Greenwald; Islamophobia and Bigotry; and much more.

3/28/13 - Same-Sex Marriage, DOMA and the Supreme Court; The Most Homophobic Quotes of the Week; 'Shame on Us' for Forgetting Sandy Hook; New Information About Adam Lanza's Arsenal; Rand Paul's Next Filibuster; Star Trek TNG vs Star Trek TOS; Greenwald is Anti-Gun Control; Josh Marshall is Apparently a Drone Apologist; Zero Dark Thirty Isn't Pro-Torture; and much more.

3/21/13 - Democrats Cave on Assault Weapons; Harry Reid and the NRA; The Senate Cooling Saucer; Michele Bachmann is Back and Crazier than Ever; Benghazi the Board Game; The Return of Death Panels; Man Kills Himself While at a Gun Safety Class; Conservative Strategy to Infiltrate Liberal Blogs as Imposters; Threadjacking the Debate; and much more.

3/14/13 - More Drone Hysteria; Huff Post Commenter Outrage; Drones Versus Toys; Chez Versus David Sirota; CPAC Crazy Quotes from Gohmert, Allen West and Marco Rubio; Republicans Can’t Let Go of Old News; Ted Cruz and Birtherism; Anti-Gay Marriage and Anti-Miscegenation; Republicans Target ‘Obama Phones’; and much more.

3/7/13 - Eric Holder and Drones On American Soil; Rand Paul’s Filibuster; Ted Cruz and Bombing Starbucks; Greenwald and Drone Hysteria; Dead Baby Photos; The Most Ridiculous Pro-Gun Law So Far; Roger Ailes’ Dog Whistle; States Can’t Run Elections; House Republicans Defund Nonexistent ACORN; and much more.

2/21/13 - MSNBC Hires Gibbs and Axelrod; MSNBC Makes Bob Look Bad; Right Wing Talk Radio Versus the Liberal Internet; Is it constitutional to sell guns for a profit; Bring a Gun Get a Discount on Pizza; State and Local Politics; Ellinger and the Assault Weapons Ban; Racism and Republicans and Joe Ricky Hundley; and much more.

2/14/13 - Obama is not worse than Bush; Huff Post commenters are worse than everyone; State of the Union; Gun control legislation appears dead for now; Marco Rubio represents Republican tokenism; Rubio on Medicare; Fox News and Republican Party deliberately tricking people on the deficit and debt; and much more.

2/7/13 - President Obama and the Drones; The Brennan Code Pink Protests; Blurring the Line Between the Right and Left; Presidential War Powers; American Citizens Who Take Up Arms Against the U.S.; Bill Maher’s Remarks About Good Guys with Guns; Americans are Really Confused About Gun Control; Bob Wants to Be on the NRA’s Enemies List; and much more.

1/31/13 - The Tennessee law that would out gay teens; All politics is state and local politics; Another school shooting; Old man shoots Hispanic man in Georgia; Doomsday Bunker Gunman; Guns and Video Games; Skeet Shooting Truthers; Electoral Vote Theft scam is quickly dying for now; and much more.

1/24/13 - Inauguration Recap; The Historic Lines; The President and First Lady Feel Vindicated; First Lady’s Eye-Roll; Al Roker Scared the Hell Out of Us; Republicans Trying to Rig the Electoral Vote; Republican Gerrymandering; Republican Annihilation; Ted Nugent’s Threat Against the President; and much more.

1/17/13 - Lance Armstrong’s Confession; The Second Amendment is Obsolete; Second Amendment Written to Protect Slavery; President Obama’s Gun Control Proposals; Fighting the NRA Until We Win; Glenn Beck’s Grifter Theme Park; The EPA Deliberately Fumbled a Fracking Emergency; and much more.

1/10/13 - Alex Jones on CNN; Another School Shooting; Armed Guards Clearly Don’t Work; Biden’s Task Force Recommendations; Chris Christie More Popular Than Democrats; Congress Less Popular than Nickelback; Jack Lew Nominated for Treasury; Hagel Nominated for Defense; The Hottest Year Ever; The Tea Party is Dying; Karl Pilkington Was Right; and much more.

1/3/13 - First Show of 2013; New Year, Same Republican Insanity; The Fiscal Cliff Deal; The Reaction from the Left and the Right; The Poorest Workers and the Bush Tax Cuts; Democrats Should be Very Afraid of Chris Christie; Republicans Allow Violence Against Women Act to Expire; No One Wants to Hear About Gun Control Anymore; Our Tolkien Fracas; and much more.

12/20/12 - Last Show of 2012; The Sandy Hook Massacre; How to Cover These Tragedies as Journalists; The Loss of a Child; Worse than September 11; Breaking the Gun Culture; Media Censorship versus Restricted Access; Video Game Violence; The Association of Masculinity and Guns; Teachers with Guns; Megan McArdle and Charlotte Allen are Part of the Problem; Jefferson and Our Founding Flaws; and much more.

12/13/12 - The American Gun Fetish; Susan Rice Withdraws From Consideration; Why John Kerry is a Bad Choice; Speculating About the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations; Reactions to Last Week’s Show; Ted Nugent; The Oregon Shooting; Jovan Belcher; Mark Halperin and the Sequel to Game change; and much more.

12/6/12 - We spend the whole hour vigorously debating whether MSNBC has a so-called pro-Obama bias. Bob says no, Chez says yes, and we fight about it.

11/29/12 - Back from a Week Off; Fox News Nailed by Thomas Ricks; Benghazi Gate Continues; MSNBC and the Alleged Pro Obama Bias; Fox News and Hard News; Rick Warren and His Latest Homophobic Remarks; Religion and Bigotry; Bob Loves the Christmas Season.

11/15/12 - Romney says Obama won because he gave people free stuff; Romney staffers tried to gin up a Benghazi Gate Deep Throat character; John McCain and his Benghazi Witch Hunt; Hilarious Republican Outreach to Latinos and Women; Secession Fever Grips Thousands; The Petraeus Scandal; and much more.

11/8/12 - Our Election Recap; President Obama Re-elected; Dean Chambers Blames Bob for His Attack on Nate Silver; The Moneyball Election; Fox News Fights Itself; Rove Crapped His Pants; Republicans Will Never Become More Moderate; Republican Tokenism; and much more.

11/1/12 - Last show before the election; Benghazi Gate; Impeaching the president; Anti-Obama progressives and voting third party; The latest polls and Nate Silver; Hurricane Sandy; Christie and Obama at Brigantine; Mitt Romney failed the leadership test again; Sandy and the climate crisis; and much more.

10/25/12 - Richard Mourdock and Rape; Reason for the Rape Talk; The Republican Abortion Strategy; Obama and Debate Bounces; The State of Polling; Romney is a BSer; Undecided Voters; CNN and Hormone Voters; and much more.

10/18/12 - The Second Presidential Debate; Romney and His Historic Blunder on Libya; Debate Highlights; Epistemic Closure; Dennis Miller; Romney is Neither Good nor Decent; The Weird New Gallup Poll; Bain Capital and Vulture Capitalism; and much more.

10/11/12 - Paul Ryan as Skinny Fred Durst; The Vice Presidential Debate preview; Changing the election narrative; We know where Obama stands; The Obama record of deficit reduction; Indulgent Republican comfort food followed by the smart Democratic diet plan; Americans are stupid; and much more.

10/4/12 - First Debate Reactions for the Entire Hour; Fact checking Romney; Romney and PBS; PBS Spending versus Corporate Welfare; Why Obama Lost the Debate; Romney Shipped Jobs Overseas; John Sununu Said Obama is Lazy; and much more.

9/27/12 - Netanyahu and Super Mario; Obama Adds 5 Million Jobs in 30 Months; Republicans in Denial About Polls; The Liberal Math Conspiracy; Poll Results and the Voter Disenfranchisement Conspiracy; Flashback to 2008 Poll Numbers on this Date; Healthcare and Mitt Romney; and much more.

9/20/12 - The Romney Meltdown Continues; Romney and the 47 Percent; Which Candidate is More Consistent and Steady; Chez on Huff Post Live; The Polls Are Beginning to Widen; Anti-Redistribution Versus Skin In The Game; Romney is a Less Sweaty Nixon; and much more.

9/13/12 - The crisis in North Africa; Mitt Romney and his buffoonish response to Libya and Cairo; Bluster and loudness do not equate to competence; The Vanity Fair article about Obama; The latest edition of Romney Fever; Stop posting photos of dead people; Norah versus Paul Ryan on Defense Cuts; and much more.

8/30/12 - The Republican Convention Lies and Lying Liars; Fact Checking Paul Ryan’s Lie-Filled Speech; America’s Post-Fact Politics; Lindsey Graham Accidentally Tells the Truth About the GOP Base; Chuck Todd’s Astonishing Quote; George W. Bush Has Romney Fever; and much more.

8/23/12 - We Debate False Equivalence Versus Fair Criticism; Todd Akin and The Radical Republican Platform; Predictions for the Republican Convention; Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Convention; We Built This City on Rock and Roll; Ireland’s President Takes Down a Tea Party Radio Guy; Crazy Texas Judge Predicts Civil War; and much more.

8/15/12 - Special Wednesday Show; Romney Picks Paul Ryan; Superficial Republican Politics; Paul Ryan Isn’t Reasonable or Moderate or Gen-X; The Big Steaming Pile of Deficit Hypocrisy; Paul Ryan’s Extremist Anti-Choice Positions; The Huge Romney Medicare Lie; Soledad Versus Sununu; The Lie-Filled Medicare Ad; and much more.

8/9/12 - Back from Vacation; Mitch Hedberg; The Romney Lie Machine; Ohio Early Voting Law; Welfare Reform; The Nexus of Bain Capital, Cancer and Romneycare; Bob on the Geraldo Rivera Radio Show; Super PACs and Corporate Money; Newt Gingrich Goes Full McCarthy for the VP Nomination; American Political Tribalism; The Conservative Inability to Compromise; and much more.

7/26/12 - Our thoughts and reactions to the Aurora massacre; Kneejerk reactions to tragedies; Terrorism and the illusion of safety; The Romney Campaign leans on the Red Dawn Wolverines Red Scare button; The unofficial Mitt Romney campaign song; Pennsylvania and Voter ID; Bob and Airline Travel; No show next week; and much more.

7/19/12 - Our One Year Anniversary Show; Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Whereabouts; Mitt Romney’s Mysterious Tax Returns; Mitt Romney as the Reaganomics Poster Boy; Voter ID Laws and Jim Crow Disenfranchisement; Rush Limbaugh is Really Confused About Batman and Bain Capital; Ann Romney’s ‘You People’ Remarks; Everything We Didn’t Get To will be Featured on The After Party Tomorrow; and much more.

7/12/12 - Mitt Romney Flirts with the Southern Strategy; Republican Dog-Whistles; Programming Notes and Summer Vacations; Lemon Wet Good; The Real Welfare Queens; Reagan and Tax Loopholes; Fox and Friends and Rove Politics; The Biggest Tax Hikes in the Universe; Everything We Didn’t Get To will be Featured on The After Party Tomorrow; and much more.

6/28/12 - Healthcare and the Supreme Court for the Full Hour; Right-Wing Justices Attacking the 20th Century; Conservative Reaction; Cable News Flubs; Americans Don’t Know What’s in the Law; Confounding Healthcare Poll Results; Capitulating to Republican Tantrums; Everything We Didn’t Get To will be Featured on The After Party Tomorrow; and much more.

6/14/12 - Michigan Lawmaker Barred for Saying Vagina; Right-Wing Talk Radio; What Motivates Corporate CEOs; G. Gordon Liddy is Retiring; Bob’s Personal Confrontations with Liddy; Mitt Romney’s Biggest Gaffe Yet; Public Sector Jobs vs The Private Sector; Drowning the Government in the Bathtub; Santorum Has Romney Fever; Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC; Everything We Didn’t Get To will be Featured on The After Party Tomorrow; and much more.

6/7/12 - Wisconsin Recall Post Mortem; Democrats and Liberals Undermine Themselves; Romney Could Win This Election; Republican Economic Sabotage; Romney the Tea Party Sock Puppet; Republican War Against Pensions; Guess Which Republican Commercial is the Fake One; America is Doomed; The New Karl Rove Commercial; Everything We Didn’t Get To Today Will Be Discussed on the After Party; and much more.

5/31/12 - The Fox News Channel Propaganda Video; Republican Lies About the Deficit and Debt; Where Are All the Jobs; The New CBO Report on the Stimulus; Illinois Republican Loses His Shpadoinkle; Homophobia Across America; Why Are Some Straight Men So Threatened by Gay Men; Everything We Didn’t Get To Today Will Be Discussed on the After Party; and much more.

5/24/12 - Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Mafia-style Bust Outs; Cory Booker and False Equivalences; No More Mob Shows; Republican Lies About the Deficit; Real Deficits and Regular Old Deficits; The New Karl Rove Commercial is Silly and Stupid; Everything We Didn’t Get Today to Will Appear on the After Party This Afternoon Including the Republican Lies About the Climate; and much more.

5/17/12 - Race, Racism and Media Double-Standards; How Should the Press Report on News with a Racial Component; Bill O’Reilly Compares Norfolk Assault to Trayvon Case; Drudge and Zombie Breitbart Spread Birther Story; Wingnut Suggests Obama is Gay; Everything Else from Today Will Be Covered on Tomorrow’s After Party; and much more.

5/10/12 - President Obama Announces His Support for Same-Sex Marriage; Romney Still Opposed to Marriage Equality; The Republican Wedge Issue; Young Romney Bullied a Gay Student in Prep School; Thrice Divorced Rush Limbaugh Announces The War Against Marriage; This Is Not the Best Country to Raise a Child; and much more.

5/3/12 - Shepard Smith and Politics is Weird; Roger Ailes and the Fox News Channel Mission; Al-Qaeda Thinks Fox News Should 'Die in Her Anger'; John Edwards is a Scumbag; Michele Bachmann Endorses Romney; Limbaugh and Flight Suits and Osama Bin Laden; The 2004 Fearmonger Edit; Composite Girlfriend Gate; and much more.

4/25/12 - Wednesday Show This Week; The Dumbest Show on Fox News Ever; Campaign Finance Reform; Citizens United; Fox News Liberals; Social Security Isn't Broke; John Boehner Is A Lying Liar; Student Loans and the Democrats; A Farewell To A Very Good Friend; and much more.

4/19/12 - Ted Nugent is An Irrelevant Chickenhawk; The Stupid General Election Has Begun; Dog Meat Gate and Republican Outrage; Older Americans and Anti-Obama Racism; The Medicare Part-D Donut Hole; Sunday Shows Featuring Republican White Guys; BP Oil Spill Two Years Later; and much more.

4/11/12 - One Day Early This Week; George Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder; Hannity and Zimmerman are Pals and Confidantes; Santorum Drops Out; Allen West Goes Full McCarthy; Gawker Has a Spy Inside Fox News Channel; The Spy Might Have been Smoked Out; Low-Effort Thinking Leads to Conservatism; Abstinence Education; Strip Club Observations; and much more.

4/5/12 - Keith Olbermann Fired from Current TV; Behind the Scenes TV Psychology; Howard Stern at Sirius vs Keith Olbermann at Current; President Obama and False Equivalences; Who Will Be Mitt Romney's VP; Santorum or Paul Ryan; RNC Chairman Says War Against Women is Fiction; The Long List of Attacks on Women; Bob is a Little Hung Over; and much more.

3/29/12 - NRA Hoodies and Gun-Toting Runway Models; White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon's Email; Republican Bullying; The New Zimmerman Video; The Italian Supreme Court Justices are Morons; Conservatives Don't Trust Science; Sarah Palin and the Shifting Party Platforms; Hot Dogs Don't Contain Actual Dogs; and much more.

3/26/12 - The Anwar Al-Awlaki Killing and Bob Debates Greenwald on Twitter Again; Ron Paul's Mercenary Army; The Contradictions of War and Politics; Healthcare Reform in the Supreme Court; The Individual Mandate Defined; Alexandra Pelosi's New York Welfare Video; False Equivalences; Right Wing Hypocrisy; and much more.

3/15/12 - Dow Closes Above 13,000; Why the Stock Market is Good for Everyone; Pennsylvania Governor's Misogyny; Crazy New Arizona Anti-Choice Law; Free States and Anti-Woman States; Hillary Clinton and Extremists; Sarah Palin and Game Change; Bill Maher's Mississippi Interviews; and much more!

3/1/12 - We Talk About Andrew Breitbart for the Full Hour; Political Reactions; Sherrod ACORN and Planned Parenthood; The Obama Killed Breitbart Conspiracy; How Do We Memorialize Someone Who Was Loathsome in Life; Where's the Ethical Line Between Punditry and Pain; Legislating the Breitbart Prank Videos; and much more!

2/23/12 - Mitt Romney Loves Lamp; The Tea Party Wagging the Republican Dog; Romney Briefly Made Sense on Spending; No Transvaginal Ultrasound Law in Virginia; The Muslim Rumors Are Back; Pat Buchanan is a Cry Baby; Racism and the GOP; Politifact is a Disaster; and much more!

2/16/12 - Santorum's Grumpy Old SuperPAC; Republican War Against Women; The Birth Control Debate Continues; Legislative Rape in Virginia; How Contraception Laws Become Abortion Laws; Rush Limbaugh's Prescription Medication; Nancy Grace and Her Stupid Whitney Houston Conspiracy; Fox News Channel's Economic Conspiracy Theory; and much more!

2/9/12 - Contraception and Catholics; The New Obama-Muslim Meme; The Republican War Against Women Continues; Feminism Twitter War; Roland Martin Suspended and Erickson Still Employed; Homophobia; Media People Say Stupid Things; Ron Paul to Kill National Parks; Americans Screwed Themselves; and much more!

2/2/12 - Romney Loves Trump; The Clown Car Gets Clownier; Badgering Newt Gingrich; Medicare For All in California; Komen and Planned Parenthood; The Dead Fetus Super Bowl Commercial; Joe Biden Almost Does Apu; Who Will Be the Next Obama; and much more!

1/26/12 - The State of the Union; Ron Paul's Homophobia; Debates Aren't Supposed to be Exciting; All of the Above Energy Policy; Assaulting Public Figures; Newt Gingrich Screws Up the First Amendment; Gingrich's Moon Base; Video Games; Bob is an Angry Old Man; and much more!

1/20/12 - Marijuana Legalization; Progressive Priorities; Newt Surges in the Polls; Newt's Open Marriage Request; South Carolina and The Southern Strategy; Inspiration for Blogging About Politics; Mitt Romney's 1% Problem; Andrew Sullivan's Newsweek Cover Story; Convincing Progressives of Obama's Successes; and much more!

1/13/12 - Mitt Romney is the Presumptive Nominee; The Weakness of Romney; Romney is Not Like President Obama; We Continue to Tweak Ron Paul Supporters; Bob on Television; The Politics of Envy; The First Lady of Progressivism; Wall Street in the White House; and much more!

1/6/12 - We Launch on Washington, DC Radio (see above); Rick Santorum's Racist Remarks; The Cult of Ron Paul; Newt Gingrich is a Whiny Diaper Baby; The Southern Strategy is Back; Who's Really on Welfare; CNN's Ridiculous Coverage; Mitt Romney Off Prompter; and much more!

12/16/11 - Last Show of 2011! Indefinite Detention; Habeas Corpus; The National Defense Authorization Act; The Exorcist III; Debtors' Prison; Exploiting Post-Recession Pain; Robotic Customer Support Operators; The War Against Christmas; Marketing Christianity; The Bob and Chez After Party Begins Next Month; and much more!

12/9/11 - The Obama Administration and the Morning After Pill; The Obama Record on Women's Health; The Godfather; Bob's Super Stupid Ladder Story; The VA Tech Shooting; Gun Control; Santa and His AR15 Assault Rifle; Tetris Syndrome; Dinner With Unfrozen Larry King; and much more!

12/2/11 - Occupy Wall Street and the Homeland Security Conspiracy Theory; Michael Moore and Naomi Wolf Rumor-Mongering; Progressive Outrage; Twitter Fights; Bob Has 30 Days to Find a New Apartment; Computer Meltdowns; The President Didn't Kill the Public Option; The All New Bob & Chez After Party; and much more!

11/18/11 - Herman Cain's Brain Fart; Other Cain Nonsense; Newt Gingrich Skyrockets to the Top; John Boehner Has A Serious Crying Problem; The Protect IP Act Will Kill the Internet; NBC Hires Chelsea Clinton and Anyone With A Famous Name; and much more!

11/11/11 - Rick Perry's Latest Brain Fart; Republicans Often Elect Idiots; The Michigan Bullying Law; The History of Republican Bullying; Limbaugh Attacks 13-Year-Old Boy; Joe Walsh Loses His Shpadoinkle; The Penn State Fiasco; and much more!

11/4/11 - The Republican Meltdown; Herman Cain and Sexual Harassment; Mitt Romney and Mormonism; Rick Perry and His Inability to Form a Sentence; Tea Party Loudness; Teleprompters; More Right Wing Radio Nonsense; The Stupid Czar Attack; Tea Party Racism and Support for Cain; Tea Party Attacks on Elizabeth Warren; More Violent Rhetoric from the Republicans; Naked Body Scanners; and much more!

10/28/11 - The End of the Iraq War; The Vanity of Liberal Perfectionism; Compromising with the Republicans; Political Reality; The Right Doesn't Buy Votes; Pat Buchanan and His New Book; The Weird Herman Cain Commercial; Nancy Grace Nipple Complaints to the FCC; and much more!

10/19/11 - Special Wednesday Show! The CNN Republican Debate; Competitive Patriotism; Lapel Pins and Bumper Magnets; Right-Wing Talk Radio; Occupy Wall Street Is Not Anti-Capitalist; Wall Street Corporate Crime; Obamabots Article in Politico; Smart Accountability; Herman Cain Said Jesus Was A Conservative; Tea Party Urges Businesses To Stop Hiring; and much more!

10/14/11 - We Introduce the Show to The Huffington Post Audience; Herman Cain and his Ridiculous 999 Plan; News Media Policy Coverage; Corporate Media Monopolies; Michele Bachmann and the Hero Worship of Saint Reagan; Tax Rates in the 1980s; The Values Voters Summit and the 'Cult' of Mormonism; Senate Republicans Filibuster the American Jobs Act; and much more!

10/7/11 - We Talk About Chez's Mom's Battle with Breast Cancer; Chez's Personal Cancer Scare; Steve Jobs and The Apple Revolution; The Occupy Wall Street Movement and Police Brutality; OWS Comparisons with the Tea Party; Sarah Palin Isn't Running for President; and much more!

9/29/11 - We dedicate the entire show to discussing liberal dissatisfaction with President Obama; Progressive Racism?; The Melissa Harris-Perry Column; The President's Accomplishments; What Motivates Progressive Anger About the President?; and much more!

9/23/11 - Rick Perry's New Michael Bay Trailer; Republican Branding of Patriotism; Keeping Up with the News; Ralph Nader is a Troll; The Death Penalty and Troy Davis; Dick Move with Bobby Flay; and much more!

9/16/11 - The Greatest Sitcom of All Time; Bob's Apartment Crisis; Adult Life Versus Teenage Life; Chez's Marriage, Rehab and September 11 Experiences; Regrets and Embarrassments; The CNN Republican Debate; Cable News Is Huring Democracy; Rick Perry and HPV; Anthony Weiner is an Idiot; and much more!

9/9/11 - We Review President Obama's Jobs Speech to a Joint Session; How Can Republicans Vote Against American Jobs?; Firebagger Reaction; The Republican Debate; Rick Perry is Bush Rebooted; Stop Flirting with Huntsman; September 11 Memories; Dick Cheney's Order to Shoot Down Civilian Flights; and much more!

9/2/11 - Bob's Crappy Day; Footloose Rebooted; Ten Mile Oil Slick; Outrage Fatigue; Food Reform and Eating Habits; The President's Jobs Proposal; Divided Government; Al Sharpton Train Wreck; Repubican Socialism; and much more!

8/25/11 - Hurricane Irene; The East Coast Earthquake and Nuclear Power; Global Warming is Happening Now; The Latest from Fukushima; The Nexus of Rick Perry and George W. Bush; The Rick Perry Abstinence Tape; and much more!

8/18/11 - Another Stock Market Crash; Liberal Blogger Reaction to the Firebagger Email; Progressive Careerism and Whining; Opposing the President for Fun and Traffic; Rick Perry and Republican Cowboy Dress-em-Up; More Right Wing Extremism; Tom Coburn Plays the Affirmative Action Card; and much more!

8/12/11 - DeNiro in Scorsese's The King of Comedy; Stock Market Madness; The Spazzy White Guys on CNBC; Dylan Ratigan Loses His Shpadoinkle; President Obama and Big Speeches; Liberal Expectations; Al Sharpton's Teleprompter Malfunction; Boom Goes the Dynamite; The Bachmann Newsweek Photo; Rick Perry Loves Socialism; The Republicans Love Socialism; Fewer Americans Love the Republicans; and much more!

8/5/11 - Exhausted from the Stupid; The Debt Ceiling; Mitch McConnell and Terrorism; Wall Street Crash; Conservatives vs Liberals; Message Discipline; Primarying President Obama; Republican War Against Cartoons; Recession Indicators; and much more!

7/29/11 - One Flew Over the Debt Ceiling; The Madness of the Debt Negotiations; Boehnerville; John McCain and the Tea Party Hobbits; John McCain Created the Tea Party; Republican Violent Rhetoric and Right-Wing Extremism; Paul Broun Wants to Bend the Laws of Physics; Michele Bachmann's Husband; Religion and the Norway Massacre; Stupid Palin Thing of the Week; and much more!

7/22/11 - Chez Pazienza ( Replaces Elvis; Cenk Uygur Fired from MSNBC; Ratings Don't Matter on Cable News; The DC Media Cocktail Party Circuit; Huffington Post and The New Civility; The Debt Ceiling; Americans Want Tax Increases; Deficit Shmeficit; Tea Party Nihilism; Rush Limbaugh Denies the Existence of Heat; Allen West is a Serial Killer; and much more.

7/1/11 - Elvis Has Quit the Show; The Future of the Podcast; Chez Pazienza ( About Being Fired from CNN, Blogging About Reality and Divorce; Cable News Wrong Again About the President and the Economy; Mark Halperin Suspended for Calling the President a Dick; NBC Predator Catcher Chris Hanson Caught Cheating on Camera; and more!