The Bundy Militiamen Now Fancy Themselves as Sovereign Citizens, Want to Make Their Own Laws

Written by SK Ashby

The Bundy militiamen occupying an empty wildlife refuge in Oregon haven't exactly accomplished anything aside from procuring a collection of sex toys and lubricant and now they're turning to Plan B.

The militiamen have reportedly enlisted the support of a crackpot who appointed himself as a judge (how does that work?) in the hopes of replacing local elected leaders with their own leaders.

The Bundy-led brigade hopes to replace Harney County’s elected leaders and sheriff with people who will operate the area according to the sovereign citizen movement’s interpretation of the law. [...]

The group appears to be planning to convene a 25-person “grand jury” to hear charges against the people who currently govern Harney County. Such a proceeding would likely revolve around both the criminal arson trial that put local ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond in a California prison for the next four-plus years, but could also draw in other local grievances against duly appointed and elected officials whom anti-government radicals believe are illegitimate.

I can only marvel at the unparalleled entitlement and idiocy of these yokel cavemen.

They believe they've been mistreated to such a degree that overthrowing the local government is the only answer, but law enforcement has handled them with kid gloves from the start. People of color across the country suffer major indignities and even execution with no consequences for their state killers on a weekly basis in America, but the Bundy militiamen believe their ilk have been persecuted because two ranchers were convicted of Arson for setting federal land on fire.

If the Bundy militia consisted of anything other than middle-aged white men, they would have been arrested or killed. They wouldn't have a chance to live out their role-play fantasy of convening their own Continental Congress of Harney County.

As a reminder: the convicted ranchers have said they don't want any part of this. That's why they turned themselves in to begin serving their prison sentences. The Bundy militiamen are in this for themselves to service their own delusions of grandeur.