The Media

The Cable News Media Still Blows

I literally haven't watched cable news for months. Until yesterday.

The objective distance only served to amplify how superficial, insufferable, painful and stupid cable news has always been. I watched for hours yesterday and there wasn't a single discussion about policy, short of Rachel Maddow noting Santorum's opposition to contraception.

But I should clarify that it's not really the fault of the hosts or even the behind-the-scenes producers (I'm still a huge supporter of, in particular, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell). It's the executives at the respective networks who are too cowardly to allow their talent to engage in policy discussions for fear of appearing biased.

This vapid timidity only serves to make issues and policy into cogs facilitating a seemingly more important sports metaphor. How did he make the case (about abortion, economy, etc)? Did she relate to her audience (when she talked about socialism)? And never, His position on tax cuts is untenable and would serve to increase the deficit and debt.

And, as Jon Stewart said so long ago, it's hurting America.