President Obama

The Change We Believe In

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, President Obama's much-maligned former chief of staff, spoke last night in Iowa regarding the current state of the Republican field and President Obama's accomplishments during his first few years in office. The entire speech is easily quotable, but I've selected just a portion to share here.

I just want you to think about this for a second. Think of our field in 2008. At our debates in Iowa, we had Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Senator Chris Dodd, and President Obama.

Now think about their field: Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum …

I’m beginning to feel sorry for Republican primary voters.

Four years ago, at this very dinner — and many of you were in attendance — a young senator from Illinois, who was 23 points down in the polls, spoke to you in words you will never forget. With the promises he made in that speech, he began a journey that would change history — and he did it with your help. [...]

He stood on this platform, and promised to end “a war that should never have been authorized and should never have been waged.”

Republicans didn’t want to let it happen, and Democrats didn’t believe it could. Yet, tonight, the last of 170,000 of America’s finest are on their way home. The war is over.

That is the change we believed in. That is the change we worked for. That is the change our president delivered.

Four years ago, at this very dinner, President Obama promised he would take the fight to Al Qa’eda, those who were actually responsible for 9/11. He said he would bring justice to Al Qa’eda’s leaders.

Tonight, Osama bin Laden is history. Al Qa’eda has been decimated. Thanks to the bold, determined leadership of our President, justice has been done. And America is safer for it.

Typical of the person I know, President Obama did not brag. He thanked our troops and intelligence services for their excellent work, and he moved on to the next terrorist who was threatening America and brought him to justice.

He didn’t hang a banner and he didn’t pretend the mission was accomplished. He got the job done.

That is the change we believed in. That is the change we worked for. That is the change our president delivered.

Suffice to say the change we believe in, and the change we received, is competence.

You can read the full speech made by Rahm Emanuel last night at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Iowa here.

For me, President Obama's Iowa victory speech is still the most memorable speech he has ever given.