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The Chinese Government Thanks You, Edward Snowden

Last week the Department of Justice charged a team of Chinese hackers with hacking into American companies to steal technology and trade secrets.

The Chinese government has now responded by citing Edward Snowden.

“America’s spying operations have gone far beyond the legal rationale of ‘anti-terrorism’ and have exposed the ugly face of its pursuit of self-interest in complete disregard for moral integrity,” the agency said. “As such, they deserved to be rejected and condemned by the whole world.”

Who wrote it? The Chinese or Glenn Greenwald?

“America must provide explanations for its surveillance activities, cease spying operations that seriously infringe upon human rights, and refrain from causing stress and antagonism in global cyber space,” the agency said in its report, called “America’s Global Surveillance Record.”

I actually laughed while reading this.

Glenn Greenwald recently revealed information about a program used to combat human trafficking in the Caribbean based on documents given to him by Snowden. Is the U.S. infringing on the “human rights” of slave traders?

It appears Saint Glenn and the Chinese have equal reverence for “human rights.”

It’s no secret that the Chinese are notorious hackers. Their notoriety reached Congress in recent years when suspicions about the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei squashed government contracts and acquisitions of U.S. companies.