Republican Party

The CNN Republican Debate

Last night's debate was another fantastic example of the cable news media entirely failing to live up to its mandate -- "the press" is the only industry named in the Bill of Rights -- and turning serious politics into a game show (that's not to say the Republicans are serious, but you know).

Naturally, I never expected the proceedings to play out with any sort of deference to the extraordinarily crucial issues that are on the table: crumbling infrastructure, political brinksmanship threatening the American economy, the teetering-on-the-brink world economy, the climate crisis that's occurring as we speak, etc, etc.

Instead of analyzing the efficacy of the candidate's positions and discussing whether or not any of their plans would actually work, we get score keeping and an opening segment that played out like introduction to The Family Feud -- and I won't even get into the stage, which seemed more like the set of Love, American Style or Captain America's bathroom after he projectile vomited a collection of CNN logos.

It was a 90 minute illustration of why the conflation of money, politics and the news is hurting/destroying America.