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The Daily Banter Mail Bag: Alex Jones, The World Cup and Clickhole!

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss what to do about Alex Jones, watching the World Cup and The Onion‘s new Clickhole site.

The questions. Answers here.

1. Alex Jones in my opinion showed that he can do a lot of damage this week. He also showed that he’s got no intention of letting up. Is there ANYTHING decent people can do to stop this psychopath before he helps influence more violence?
– Steve

2. Will you be watching the World Cup and if so, any preferences? Ben, I assume you’re an England fan?
– Carl

3. Given how much you mock Buzzfeed what’s your opinion of the new Onion site that also mocks it… Clickhole?
– Thalia