The Daily Banter Mail Bag Hates America

Here are this week's questions, and our answers are over here.

1. Did you read Michael Tomasky's piece in The Daily Beast about Obama's virtually assured victory via the electoral college? It seems like a fairly airtight argument. Do you think that's why Romney just lies and lies and lies? Maybe it's because he's panicking. They just don't stop even when caught out with a whopper. The just move on to the next lie and hope something sticks. It looks desperate to me. What do you guys think?
Amanda Shelby

2. Why did everyone go gaga over the latest episode of 'The Newsroom'? It was typical 'Go America!' BS. Celebrating killing anyone is pretty sick regardless of what they have done. Imagine an Iraqi had managed to kill George Bush after he fucked their entire country up. How would Americans feel about the Arab world dancing in the streets? Would Aaron Sorkin be making sappy tv shows idolizing Iraqi patriotism? I don't think so.

3. Hey guys, do you think Gingrich is really trying to get on the Romney ticket? The dude went psycho on Romney during the primary and barely gave him the seal of approval after he burnt out and lost all his money. Is Gingrich really that mental? On what planet would Newt be a good pick for VP? Maybe I am not seeing it but are there demographics he can reach that Romney needs? help me out here.
Jeff Kowalsky

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