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The Daily Banter Mail Bag: Malaysia Airlines Tragedy, the Gaza Crisis and WTF?!

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss the Malaysia Airlines crash, the Israeli-Palestinian conundrum and WTF?

The questions. Answers here.

1. I want to believe something can be done about Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 getting shot down but Putin is Putin. He’s too powerful and too unwilling to bend to the outside world. What do you think the countries of the world can and will do?
– Kate

2. This is mostly for Ben but I want to hear from Bob and Chez too. Ben you’ve written a lot this week in defense of Palestine and against Israel. What does it feel like to be a Jew who feels that way? Do you ever feel like you’re turning on your own people? Bob and Chez, what do you think about what’s going on in Gaza?
– Hector

3. What the fuck?
– Steve