The Disestablishment

(Cartoonist - David Horsey)

In other news, interns who work for the Tennessee state legislature have been warned not to interact with members of the legislature because they might be creepy stalkers.

Meanwhile, a lawmaker in Georgia says people who don't want to officially recognize General Robert E. Lee's birthday as a state holiday are just like ISIS.

And finally, the state of Missouri has apparently been paying its executioners with piles of cash money.

Missouri Director of Adult Institutions David Dormire has handed out nearly a hundred envelopes filled with cash since November 2013. Over that span of time, Dormire delivered $284,551.84 in cash to the small group of individuals who help the state carry out the death penalty, according to a BuzzFeed News review of receipts, an audit of the payments, a spreadsheet showing cash withdrawals, and memos marked “confidential” in which the payments were discussed.

“It seems very strange to me,” said Sandy Freund, a law professor at Rutgers School of Law-Newark. “How could they possibly be paying in cash? That seems so ridiculous.”

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