Election 2012

The Eyes of a Goat

Ed Kilgore nails the cynicism of the Romney lies, specifically regarding the latest welfare reform lie:

How did the Romney campaign’s response to this rather categorical rejection of the ad’s claims? It just repeated them. I swear, trying to engage these people in any sort of reasoned discourse is like looking into the eyes of a goat: nothing there but the determination to keep on keeping on, truth be damned. Team Mitt has a lot riding on this latest effort to tar (racial allusion intended) the president with the “welfare” meme, which unsubtly links repeated GOP claims that Obama is a wild-eyed socialist “redistributor of wealth” to the least popular and most racially explosive programmatic element of the New Deal/Great Society legacy. The welfare ad is going to be in heavy rotation according to Romney campaign sources, and no number of refutations of its central claims (by Clinton or by “fact-checkers” like PolitiFact, which quickly gave the ad a “Pants on Fire” designation) will stop them.

Right. They'll just keep going because they realize the system favors the lies and buries the corrections. AM talk radio and Fox News will repeat the laws by rote and the rest of the press will hesitate to debunk them because of the liberal media smear. So, then, lie all you want.