“the facts were contained”

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

It has been less than a month since Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, appeared on CNBC and said the coronavirus had been contained, but it obviously wasn't contained.

But it's not just obvious now at the end of the month; it was obvious the virus wasn't contained even when Kudlow said that.

Kudlow appeared on ABC News yesterday where he said "the facts were contained" when he said the virus contained, whatever that's suppose to mean.

Look, I’m as good as the facts are. At the time I made that statement, the facts were contained,” Kudlow said. “The President has just put the travel restrictions on China, and a lot of people agreed with me. In fact, at the time, a lot of people thought that the flu was worse than this virus.”

Kudlow then said that “as soon as the facts changed,” the Trump administration changed its “whole posture” and its “whole strategy.”

The "lot of people" that thought the flu is worse than the coronavirus, to the extent that those people even exist, does not included any experts or health care professionals. It was evident to anyone who even paid attention to what happened in China or Italy that this was not a less-deadly version of the flu. You don't shut down entire cities of more than 10 million people to contain the flu.

Talk radio and conservative punditry is no substitute for actual expertise and we have a presidential regime that is immersed in the former and barely cognizant of the latter. Larry Kudlow is one of Trump's top advisers and he merely repeated what he heard. And they all do that.

It's amazing that things aren't worse than they already are now and I firmly believe things would be worse if a Republican nutcase, rather than Democrat Andrew Cuomo, were the governor of New York.

Unfortunately, Republican governors across the south have left their populations vulnerable to the virus by refusing to issue stay-at-home orders until it's too late. You know, to own the libs.