The Fake News

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, the Pentagon has canceled work on three sections of Trump's glorified border fence because it costs much.

The Defense Department initially authorized the funding after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers determined that it would likely be able to afford the projects using the counter-drug funds, but the Army Corps said it would not know the full financial situation until later in the fiscal year.

The Army Corps ultimately advised the department that the funds would not cover the project, prompting its withdrawal on Sept. 13, according to a document attached to the court filing.

Meanwhile, the number of lobbyists who've joined the Trump regime in its first 3 years is now greater than the total who served in the full 8 years of the Bush and Obama administrations.

Finally, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) claimed that the school his wife works for was forced to increase security because of harassment by Democrats, but that literally never happened.

The school district that employs Rep. Devin Nunes’ wife has no records that show public employees feared harassment after Democratic activists filed a public records request seeking her emails, according to documents obtained by McClatchy.

The records contradict claims Nunes, R-Tulare, made in two lawsuits in which he said a progressive group had requested his wife’s work emails from her school and “doxxed” her and her coworkers by publishing their emails and personal information online.

Nunes in the lawsuits said that resulted in harassment of the teachers and increased security at the school, as well as thousands of dollars in expenses.

The school says it has no records of teachers reporting harassment or increased security measures, although it spent more than $17,000 in legal fees responding to the document request. The district refused to provide more information on how it spent the money, citing attorney-client privilege.

  • Nefercat

    I guess Nunes never got the unending stream of republican memos whining about frivolous lawsuits.

    Also, if this never happened, what on earth is he planning to show as evidence?

    Didn’t this clown have several lawsuits dismissed/dropped, about people insulting his cows or some such idiocy?

    What a maroon.

  • Aynwrong



    Why is Nunes leaning so hard into this victimhood shtick? Is it a reelection strategy or is he just trying to emulate Trump?

    • Christopher Foxx

      Why is Nunes leaning so hard into this victimhood shtick?

      Because he’s a Republican. “Claim you’re the real victim” is Plank #1 in the GOP Platform.

  • Badgerite

    Can you say boondoogle? Maybe Mexico would pay for it? Naah.