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The Fictional Politics of Grand Theft Auto V

In the multi-billion dollar video gaming enterprise, one name stands out as the most infamous and deliciously notorious: Grand Theft Auto, from Rockstar games.

Just to give you an idea of the enormity and reach of this franchise, look no further than the number 25 million. That’s the number of sales of Grand Theft Auto IV(2008), which sold 6.5 million copies worldwide in its first week of release. That’s roughly $500 million in one week, $310 million in its first day! For a game that cost Rockstar games about $100 million to produce, the naked sales numbers are just scratching the surface of the game’s impact on the culture, technology, politics… social and economic productivity.

The Daily Banter’s Chez Pazienza summed up the feelings of an entire generation of Grand Theft Auto fanatics, young and old, this past Friday:

Beginning September 17th, I will vanish into a very deep hole of armed robberies, moving violations, and hooker beatings and I promise you I won’t crawl out of it for at least six months. We’re now almost one month to the day until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, and Rockstar Games has now launched an official “travelogue” showing you just a few of the places you’re going to want to visit when you, like me, make Los Santos your new home.

I’ve been getting updates about this game for over a year, so when Rockstar released its Grand Theft Auto V Travelogue, what jumped out at me first was the absurd politics of San Andreas and their uncanny resemblance to reality.

Leadership You Can Trust!

You’re arriving at quite an exciting time as our area is in the midst of the current gubernatorial race with Sue Murry running against conservative challenger and famous star of screen and TV, Jock Cranley. The future of San Andreas hangs in the balance so get out and vote!


Take conservative candidate, Jock Cranley, for Governor:

He hates immigrants, the crippled, unions, cops, old ladies… the thing is, you at least know he’s a dick.

Slogan: He’s not about giving you a handout, he’s about giving you the finger!

Jock Cranley: “We’ve cared about people for far too long!”

Something, something art imitating life, or something.

I think the fictional GOP is well represented, here, and the youth of tomorrow seem to be in good hands. Sue Murray might talk down to you, but at least she cares about people. And public radio.

I’ll be sure to drive by the offices of Jock Cranley over and over again for some good old fashion GTA justice. I’m sure my character won’t feel any fictional remorse.

So, if it seems like 30 million people just up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T after September 17th, you’ll know where they’ll be. They’ll be “indisposed.”