The Golden Door

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Stuart Carlson)

In other news, the British economy moved closer to recession today as inflation increased more than expected and bond yields inverted at the same time their American counterparts did.

Meanwhile, the German economy is also edging toward recession as growth slows to an annualized rate of just 0.4 percent.

Finally, sources say Trump didn't the details of Rod Blagojevich's conviction when he floated the idea of commuting his sentence last week. GOP reps. who called Trump to talk about it discovered that he didn't really know anything about the case.

But during the calls, both Trump and his acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney appeared at least somewhat unfamiliar with some of the details of Blagojevich’s case, sources familiar with the call told CNN.

During a call with Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) Trump said that while he he “saw a sentence that didn’t meet the crime … he did express he wished he had the perspective earlier,” Bost told CNN. “The answer he gave me: He would continue to look at it.”

Rep. Darin LaHood (R-IL) also reportedly spoke to Trump personally about the matter and informed him about the various allegations against the former governor, including his threats to pull millions of dollars from a children’s hospital if its CEO didn’t donate to his campaign and his efforts to sell former President Barack Obama’s senate seat, which he gave up when he was elected president.

It has been reported that Trump floated the idea commuting Blagojevich's sentence because his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, told him it would be good way to reach out to Democrats; because Jared Kushner is an enormous idiot.

Trump's acting immigration chief, Ken Cuccinelli, said the Statue of Liberty only applies to white people.

Also -- the Dow dropped by 800 points today

  • Draxiar

    “…a good way to reach out to Democrats.” They really just don’t know do they? If anything, freeing Bloggy would make it even worse.

    John Fugelsang in his Sanity Cast made a fantastic observation and it’s one that has been ricocheting through my head. He was referring to Bill Clinton and trump being associated with Jeffrey Epstein and if either of them had been found to partake with underage girls. Fugelsang said, “If Bill Clinton was found guilty his base would reject him. If trump was found guilty his base would reject the findings.”

    Republican cultists, it seems, assume that Democrats are with their people no matter what because the Republican cultists are with their people no matter what.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Fugelsang said, “If Bill Clinton was found guilty his base would reject him. If trump was found guilty his base would reject the findings.”

      As has always been the case. Republicans are for “family values” and “fiscal conservatism” and “bringing decency back to the Oval office” only when talking about Democrats.

  • Aynwrong

    England’s fucked. But I say that mostly because it’s being led by the British Trump. Germany is at least led by an intelligent, experienced, rational leader who actually cared about her nation.

    I’m guessing most Democratic voters would have to be reminded of who Rod Blagojevich is and what he did. The idea that elected Democratic officials would care one wit about him is laughable.

    I can hardly call myself an historian, and I cannot speak at length about the Statue itself or Emma Lazarus’s famous poem, but I can say that I was raised to believe that that statue and poem were always meant to be beacons of light for the entire world. People who were fleeing oppression, violence or crushing poverty and simply hoped for the most basic of opportunity to build for themselves and their loved ones a better life. The idea that it our country is in the hands of thugs who believe that a “Whites Only” sign should be dangling from the torch is a desecration of every value I (naively perhaps) thought was the entire fucking point of the United States of America.

    Trump must be defeated. His party must be destroyed. This ideology must be razed. Salt the earth, let nothing grow back. I don’t care if it means voting for a moderate Joe Biden, a liberal Elizabeth Warren or a socialist Bernie Sanders. I’M ALL IN!

    • Yes, we certainly are. I live in the UK, and it’s getting pretty bad. The Brexiters are all people who either have had their hate stoked against foreigners/immigrants by the Tories, or rich people who want to be able to hide their income and/or run roughshod over the serfs who make up the bulk of the populace. The idiots who voted Brexit as a protest against the government’s current policies are no longer Brexiters, too fucking late.

      Once Brexit happens, the NHS will go by the wayside (after all, the private insurance companies can only make multi-millions right now rather than billions), trade with the EU will become prohibitively expensive so food and medicines will double in price, etc., etc., etc.

      But, as the rich people say, it will be worth it since they’ll be able to sock away even more money, and the poor people will either have to work 90 hour weeks to keep their heads above water, or they’ll simply die off and leave more land for the rich people to buy up at pennies on the pound.