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The GOP Tries and Fails to Pander to Hipster Millennials

A few months ago, the GOP had a lot of fun at the expense of an ill-conceived web advertisement featuring a pajamas-clad, irony-embracing, man-child Millennial hipster, smirking and sipping hot cocoa.

I’ll be the first to admit that the “Get Covered” campaign stepped into a fastball on that one and deservingly got beaned in the head. There’s nothing quite as cringe-worthy as trying way too hard to be “cool” by transparently pandering to the most conspicuous trends of the day. And nothing radiates desperation more than when a PR campaign releases an ad that amounts to a modern, insufferably-Millennial edition of “Poochie the Dog” from The Simpsons.


So the Republicans went to town against Pajamas Boy with an onslaught of memes and obnoxious snickering.

Yet here we are in March, with Pajamas Boy memes still circulating in the GOP zeitgeist, and the Republican Party just stepped into the same pitch, pandering to Millennials with a “we’re sooo with the kids” viral video of a doughy, unshaven Millennial wearing hipster glasses and, yes, a leather biker jacket. Evidently, this is a real guy named “Scott Greenberg.”

I’ll give them a sliver of credit for not having the kid turn to the camera and say, “SMH. Making this video is totes boring. #Sigh.”

As for the content of the spot, “Scott” explains that his fellow Millennials can barely afford to put gas in (their parents’) car, and so he supports an “all of the above” energy policy.

Well, Scott, I’m not sure how wind or solar energy will help you to afford a tank of gas tomorrow, and, sorry to say, wind turbines won’t fit on the roof of your Dad’s Buick Enclave.

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