Chris Christie Ethics

The Hits Keep Coming

As Bob predicted in this week’s mailbag, Chris Christie may end up getting nailed for something not even related to the George Washington Bridge closure.

According to emails and testimony corroborated by public records, the governor’s office denied Hurricane Sandy relief funds to the city of Hoboken in a series of events that reads like extortion.

Two senior members of Gov. Chris Christie’s administration warned a New Jersey mayor earlier this year that her town would be starved of hurricane relief money unless she approved a lucrative redevelopment plan favored by the governor, according to the mayor and emails and personal notes she shared with msnbc.

The mayor, Dawn Zimmer, hasn’t approved the project, but she did request $127 million in hurricane relief for her city of Hoboken – 80% of which was underwater after Sandy hit in October 2012. What she got was $142,000 to defray the cost of a single back-up generator plus an additional $200,000 in recovery grants.

Ironically, congressional Republicans may have been right about Hurricane Sandy relief, but not in the way they thought. It’s not those immoral liberals, frauds, or welfare queens abusing the system, it’s their Republican Governor Chris Christie. Christie should be held fully responsible for this.

Dawn Zimmer is not the only mayor that has alleged mistreatment related to Hurricane Sandy relief funds.