Bob Cesca Show Indie Music Countdown

The Indie Music Countdown, July 2019

Written by Bob Cesca

It's all the indie music we featured on the show from July 2019, each song aired in the same order in which it first appeared. If you like what you hear, please support this show and all of our excellent indie bands. Submit your music here.

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8. Chris Walla - "Everyone Needs A Home" from Field Manual (timecode :40)
7. Cover Two Cover - "Heartbreaker" from The Luckiest (timecode 3:39)
6. Kaz - "Party Track" from Time Passed Anyways (timecode 7:19)
5. Arachnophilia - "Change Myself" from the Weight Of Sound soundtrack (timecode 11:01)
4. The Bitter Elegance - "Calling You Out" from Painting Over Your Ghost (timecode 15:16)
3. Central City - "Synchronicity" (timecode 19:23)
2. ALEX and Megan McDuffee - "Avenger" from Hero (timecode 22:31)
1. Synthetic Chocolate - "I Would Die 4 U" (timecode 26:57)