Republican Party Wingnuts

The IRS Was Doing Its Job

Oh, listen to right wing conservatives tell it, you might believe that Tea Party groups allegedly being “targeted” by the IRS for secondary looks is the greatest affront to their most noblest of anti-government endeavors.

The number of groups filing for this tax-exempt status more than doubled from 2010 to 2012, to more than 3,400.

That’s a direct result of the Citizen’s United decision. A decision that should have never been made. A decision based upon George W. Bush’s Supreme Court appointments. Appointments that should never have happened if democracy were allowed to proceed in 2000. It’s like a Biff Tanner America where an alternate bizarro reality is manipulated by a degenerate gambler with an almanac from the future.

Lois Lerner, the hero whistle blower for terrible people everywhere, is a George W. Bush holdover. Her whole “apology” reads like a Koch brother ring kissing ceremony.

The entire GOP is an established money laundering operation. An operation that has cheated, stolen, lied, bullied, sabotaged, and committed treason from every administration since Nixon to get to a point where Citizen’s United became a rallying cry for right wing scammers everywhere taking advantage of newly created tax exempt status for proven liars and frauds. They’ve incited violence against their government and threatened to crash the global economy if their demands are not met.

Their power is based upon fraud and theft; their grievances are illegitimate.

If the IRS wasn’t looking into right wing political groups seeking tax exempt status, that would have been a dereliction of duty.

They should consider themselves lucky we allow them, and every decision handed down by their illegitimately appointed political operatives on the courts to believe they have any genuine claim to perceived damages and suffering.

The way I see it, the IRS, in trying to centralize the influx of new applications for 501 (c) (4) status due to the Citizen’s United decision, had little choice but to lump the delusional nuts together. I just love the constant victimization complex. Most of these groups are the product of a few billionaires trying to subvert democracy from every possible angle.

They should be singled out for more than an “additional review.”