The 'Just Like Bush' Meme is Surging Back

Usually political memes are very popular for very short periods of time, and then we grow tired of them or they're just written off as hyperbolic crapola. I thought the "just like Bush" meme suffered both fates until the past couple of days following the Sebelius decision prevent Plan B from being sold over the counter to underage girls.

Here in The Nation for example. And, disappointingly, here.

The Bush administration was anti-science -- full stop. Whether it was climate science or stem cell research, the Bush team was a nightmare of chicanery and slack-jawed superstitions. But the Obama team, with its considerable pro-science record -- including making contraception affordable and accessible through the healthcare reform bill -- is somehow comparable?

Yes, the Obama HHS made a bad decision here, but it's not because they're anti-science. And they won't be anti-science when, after the election, Sebelius or her successor lifts the block on over-the-counter access to Plan B for underage girls.


Under the Affordable Care Act, women’s preventive health care services – such as mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer, and other services – are already covered with no cost sharing for new health plans. The Affordable Care Act also made recommended preventive services free for people on Medicare. However, the law recognizes and HHS understands the need to take into account the unique health needs of women throughout their lifespan.

On August 1, 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) adopted additional Guidelines for Women’s Preventive Services – including well-woman visits, support for breastfeeding equipment, contraception, and domestic violence screening – that will be covered without cost sharing in new health plans starting in August 2012.

Just like Bush.