The Kids Table

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - David Horsey)

In other news, prosecutors have dropped murder charges against a Georgia woman for taking an abortion pill because what she did isn't actually against the law.

“This morning, I dismissed that malice murder warrant after thorough legal research by myself and my staff led to the conclusion that Georgia law presently does not permit prosecution of Ms. Jones for any alleged acts relating to the end of her pregnancy,” [Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards] said.

Can Jones now sue the state for false arrest and damages? She was arrested and publicly shamed and humiliated for something that isn't actually a crime. She will likely face an unimaginable number of threats now.

Meanwhile, and speaking of lawsuits, this story is so ghastly it's hard to believe.

Theresa Purcell — a rapper who has a neurological disorder named Charcot-Marie-Tooth’s disease that keeps her confined to a wheelchair — said agents told her that they couldn’t set up a ramp shortly before the plane’s departure. With no assistance from airplane staff, she crawled her way onto the plane and into her seat shortly after. [...]

“I [said] I can’t walk up on the stairs, and then she was like, so how you going get on the plane then? And I was like, oh wow,” Purcell told ABC News affiliate KHON-TV. “I crawled up onto the steps. I crawled into the plane. There was no other way for me to get on the plane so I crawled up to the plane. I was humiliated. It was embarrassing to have 50-something people watch you crawl into a plane.”


Purcell has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines.