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Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Clay Bennett)

In other news, the Senate confirmed retired General Lloyd Austin as the next Secretary of Defense. Austin is the first black defense secretary in our history.

Meanwhile, British health officials say it now appears that their variant of the coronavirus is also more deadly, not simply more contagious.

Finally, health experts and officials who spoke to the Associated Press say states are canceling or delaying vaccinations because the Trump regime pressured them to make more people eligible by overpromising on vaccine deliveries.

Public health experts Thursday blamed COVID-19 vaccine shortages around the U.S. in part on the Trump administration’s push to get states to vastly expand their vaccination drives to reach the nation’s estimated 54 million people age 65 and over. [...]

Over the past few days, authorities in California, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida and Hawaii warned that their supplies were running out. New York City began canceling or postponing shots or stopped making new appointments because of the shortages, which President Joe Biden has vowed to turn around.

My laser treatment went relatively well this morning. I mean, it still hurt like hell, but at least I knew what to expect the second time around. They took me in about 10 minutes early and it was all over in about 10 minutes. Now I have to wait a week for the results to start showing up. It took about two weeks for the full results from my first treatment to set in. I have to go back again at the end of February.

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This song goes out to one of my friends who recently 'cracked her egg' and joined the ranks of transgender women. I feel like I'm raising a child.