The Libertarian Fantasy Utopia

That judge character with the impossibly low hairline from Fox News Channel was the guest on The Daily Show last night, and he mentioned this bit of nonsense about free market healthcare:

Stewart told Napolitano it was "insane" to trust a corporation more than the government, and seemed downright crestfallen at the Judge's view that, if the government stopped regulating the health care market, "we would be able to go to health care facilities that would be as plentiful and inexpensive as Starbucks."

They already exist. They're called urgent care centers and, if you don't have insurance, it costs $200-$300 to be treated for post-nasal drip -- the medical equivalent of a $5 cup of coffee. If you're earning minimum wage, that's a week's salary.

The world that Napolitano and the others are craving would be an industrial dystopia not unlike the alternate 1985 from Back to the Future II.