War On Women

The Limbaugh Effect

Here's a good example of why Rush Limbaugh and his ilk should be held accountable for poisoning public airwaves.

New Hanover County, North Carolina commissioners voted yesterday to reject a grant that covers family planning services. Services which include, among other things, contraception and preventive screening.

The Chairman of the county commission offered the following explanation for the decision

"If these young women are being responsible and didn’t have the sex to begin with, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with"

Sound familiar?

Would the Hanover County Commission have made this decision if these words weren't first uttered by Rush Limbaugh? Possibly, but given the chairman's "women have too much sex" rationale, it's probably safe to assume that's where he got the idea.

One Democrat on the county commission voted in favor of rejecting the grant but, fortunately, he is receiving push-back from an obviously unexpected -- to him -- source.

"I’m getting a good lesson from my wife right this minute on the error of my vote"

The general welfare of the women in my life would occupy my initial thoughts if I were placed in a position where I had to decide the fate of women's healthcare, but apparently that's not the case for a large portion of men who, without doubt, do have mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, or other female relatives.

(via TPM)