Alex Jones

The Mainstreaming of Alex Jones Continues…

For example, New Hampshire state representative Stella Tremblay (R) thinks the Boston Marathon bombing might’ve been an inside job:

“Then, my first gut reaction seeing the horror of that person that has their legs blown off. You know, the bone sticking out? He was not in shock. I looked and I thought there’s something… I don’t know what’s wrong, but it seems surreal to me. I talked to my sister, who’s not into politics at all, and she said, yes, I saw the same thing. He was not in shock. He was not in pain. If I had had those type of injuries, I’d be screaming in agony.”

Marsha Blackburn has repeated Jones’ conspiracy theory about psych meds, and 2016 Republican presidential candidates Rand Paul and Ted Cruz routinely spout fringe conspiracy theories. I’m half expecting congressional hearings on the veracity of the moon landing.