The Mob

Contrary to what Fox News may have you believe, The Mob is not average Americans taking time out of their day to go into the street and demand social and economic justice. The Mob is not comprised of those who have benefited the most from the system.

No. The Mob is hate-filled, wingnut listeners, birther enthusiasts, and racists, as one Alabama restaurant owner is now finding out.

A restaurant owner in Birmingham, Alabama knew he had a problem after Alabama’s extreme immigration law went into effect. All nine of Steve Dubrinsky’s kitchen workers at his Jewish deli were legal immigrants, yet several of them have told Dubrinsky that he should hire people to replace them because they’re leaving with undocumented relatives or simply do not feel safe. He spoke to the Birmingham News about his sudden employment issue. “They are scared and I can’t blame them,” he said to the paper about his employees. “It is affecting a lot of restaurants. It’s a mess.”

Then his problems got worse. On the morning the newspaper published his quote, Dubrinsky heard a local radio host talking about if people should boycott his deli because of his sympathetic comments.

After the Wingnutosphere caught wind of Steve Dubrinsky's comments to the local news and the advice he gave to his workers, the hate-mail streamed in, filled with racial slurs and hopes that his "un-american" business will go out of business.

Because nothing screams patriotism like wishing failure on a coveted small-business owner.

Alabama's "Papers Please" law has been a complete disaster, with farmers losing millions of dollars in crops, children being scared away from their schools, and restaurant owners like Steve Dubrinsky possibly losing his business even though his employees were all legal.

This is the result when states take matters into their own hands, as virtually every Republican presidential candidate would suggest they do.

Do Republicans ever grow tired of shooting themselves in the foot? Or is this a fetish?