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The Most Libertarian Thing Today


Without a doubt, Ron Paul saying that Russia has the law on its side for its invasion of Ukraine is the most libertarian thing today. And there’s a side of conspiracy theory.

via Mediaite

Paul said that the United States and the West have engaged in hypocrisy and alleged that they participated in the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich’s government. He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “some law on his side” in Crimea because Russia held a lease on a naval base in the Crimean city of Sevastopol.

“This whole thing that Putin is the big cause of the trouble, and yet there’s pretty good evidence that the Europeans as well as the American government had to contrive to have the overthrow of a government that most people say had been elected,” Paul asserted.

For context, Russia has blocked critical websites and sacked journalists today and is massing men and equipment on the border of Ukraine proper. They could invade the country at any time, not just the Crimean peninsula.

Will they still have the law on their side if they invade the rest of the country? Maybe not, but I’m sure libertarians will come up with some other way to excuse it.

What does Team Snowdenwald have to say about Russia firing journalists and blocking critical websites?

There’s only so far you can take the “…but Iraq” excuse Greenwald regularly makes.