The National Bar Association is Just As Dismayed As You Are

Because of leaks from the grand jury and the way the initial investigation was handled, or not handled, it was not a total surprise that Office Darren Wilson was not indicted for the killing of Michael Brown.

But just because we could see it coming doesn't mean it wasn't a terrible decision and the National Bar Association apparently agrees.


It's clear as day to me that the grand jury chose not to indict Darren Wilson because District Attorney Robert McCullough did not want them to.

During the press conference last night where the decision was announced, McCullough appeared more like a defense attorney rather than a prosecutor while detailing the various reasons why the grand jury should be commended. McCullough also referred to social media as the "villain," implying that people do not have standing to be dismayed.

It's abundantly clear that no one in the local government was on the side of Michael Brown or his family. Darren Wilson was never going to be indicted and The System is rotten to the core.