The National Emergency

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, Trump's lifelong henchman Roger Stone could be headed to prison sooner rather than later after vaguely threatening the judge in his case with a crosshairs picture. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Meanwhile, health inspectors apparently found evidence of mice inside the kitchen (among other things) at Trump's most expensive restaurants in New York City including the Trump Tower Grille.

Mice in the kitchen, filthy food prep areas and broken sewage systems are on the list of recent stomach-turning health code violations at a number of Trump-branded restaurants in the city, the Daily News has learned. [...]

City Department of Health inspectors visited the tower’s cafe and grill on July 11, 2018 and found “evidence of mice or live mice” in and around the kitchen, according to records that haven’t previously been reported. The inspectors categorized the violation as “critical.”

Finally, public records obtained by the Portal Press Herald reveal that former Maine Governor Paul LePage spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private trips to Trump's hotel in DC.

Documents recently obtained by the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram show that the LePage administration paid anywhere from $362 to more than $1,100 a night for rooms at the luxury hotel during trips to meet with President Trump or his inner circle, attend White House events or talk to members of Congress. Receipts from those dozen trips also show the Republican governor or his administration spending hundreds of dollars on filet mignon or other expensive menu items at the restaurant in the Trump hotel.

The spending levels at the Trump hotel were so high that they were flagged by a worker in the state controller’s office, who sought guidance on state regulations for reimbursing such expenditures.

“The reason I am asking is because the Governor and some of his staff are staying in Washington, D.C. pretty frequently at the Trump International Hotel and the room cost is WAY more than the allowed amount,” the worker wrote to Deputy Controller Shirley Browne in June 2017, following a particularly costly month. “He is not attending a conference of any type but is meeting with the President, testifying, meeting with lawmakers and others, etc. so the normal exemptions (to state spending limits) do not apply.”

LePage called for cutting food stamps and health care at a time when he was spending hundreds of taxpayer dollars on shitty, burnt steaks and expensive drinks at Trump's hotel.