The NDAA Will Have a Signing Statement

There's no indication of content, but it might clarify how the administration interprets the law.

Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed speculation Wednesday that President Barack Obama would issue a signing statement when he makes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and its controversial detention provisions law.

“We made really substantial progress in moving from something that was really unacceptable to the administration to something with which we still have problems,” Holder said in response to a question from the Wall Street Journal’s Evan Perez. “But I think through these procedures, with these regulations we will be crafting, we can minimize the problems that will actually affect us in an operational way.”

I doubt it will contain the magic words ("the war on terror is over") but it could help to ameliorate some fears about civil liberties.

(Via Ashby. I'm moving at the end of the week, so that's why I've been away from the tubes today.)