The Negotiator

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Adam Zyglis)

In other news, the Officer of Special Council says Kellyanne Conway has violated the Hatch Act on multiple occasions and recommended that she be removed from the White House. Don't hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Twitter says it has deleted thousands of accounts linked to government propaganda operations in Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and the Catalonia region of Spain.

Finally, Trump says he would accept dirt on his opponents from foreign operatives. Again.

Asked in an interview with ABC News if he would accept the information or alert the FBI, Trump said: “I think maybe you do both. I think you might want to listen, there’s nothing wrong with listening.”

“If somebody called from a country, Norway, ‘we have information on your opponent’ - oh, I think I’d want to hear it,” Trump said.


  • mnpollio

    And this is why the approach by Pelosi/Schumer/Hoyer of kicking the can down the road and “letting the voters impeach” him at the ballot box is complete nonsense. Trump and company have in no way remedied or further protected us from attacks on our democracy and, if anything, the efforts to subvert the voting by enemy foreign governments may be more in-depth than before because there was no accountability for what was done. At this point, how can anyone have any faith in the election process when you have a president and one party ostentatiously courting such behavior? And now Trump is openly dog whistling (again!) for said foreign governments to start trolling for dirt on his opponents and once again swing the election to him. And they will – Trump’s (and the Republicans) destruction of the US government from the inside and the erosion of the US’s standing in the world is a dream come true for them. We should not even be having a conversation about “impeaching him at the ballot box in 2020” because we should be right now watching Pelosi/Schumer and company doing their damn jobs – you know, protecting the Constitution and the republic – those things they took an oath of office to do. But they are all so frightened of rocking the boat and possibly diminishing their chances for electoral gains that they have placed their party over their oath. Such a surprise!

  • muselet

    Juan Cole:

    Trump is known to slur his words so that “Russia” came out sounding like “Norway.” But that is all right– we knew what he meant.


  • 1933john

    How about if Trump receives a call
    from non-white “Shihole Country”?