The Neocon Playbook

“If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will get a nuclear weapon,” he said. “If we elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not.” -Mitt Romney during last night's GOP debate

Nook-uh-lur weapons! Mushrooms clouds! Booga booga!

Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice would be so proud.

The ironic thing is, President Obama is already doing everything the GOP nominees claimed they would do if they were in charge during last night's debate. A wide range of economic sanctions and diplomatic measures have been deployed against Iran in an attempt to dissuade them from pursuing advanced weaponry.

What this administration has not done is openly and irresponsibly call for war. Mitt Romney is ahead of this administration in that department, but I don't think that's something the American people agree with.

We don't want another war, and I'm fairly certain that sentiment is shared across the spectrum, otherwise Ron Paul wouldn't receive wild cheers every single time he declares that we need to bring all the troops home.

Public opinion is effectively galvanized against GOP warmongering. It's a losing issue for them going into the next election. National defense is a losing issue for them going into the next election.