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The New Denial


Artist – Time Eagan

In other news, Fox News host and border patrol cosplayer Sean Hannity has issued a challenge to Stephen Colbert for mocking him.

I’m still waiting for Hannity to live up to his own challenge to be waterboarded.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul says he has sympathy for DREAMers but he wishes those illegals would get out of his face.

Explaining his departure Wednesday during a radio interview in Iowa, Paul said, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m not interested in being filmed and berated by people who broke the law and are here illegally to try and convince me about policy. But I’ll tell you I have sympathy for the DREAM Act kids. I’m actually a moderate on immigration.”

Rand Paul stands for everything. And for nothing.

I’m cutting today short with a splitting headache. More babyshittery tomorrow.